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*The Next Stern Pin*

By frankmac

3 years ago

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#1214 2 years ago

so what are the currnet rumors for next titles?

Pulp Fiction (Mark Ritchie title but delayed or cancelled due to licensing issues?)
Iron Maiden (John T title canceled? or switched to someone else so delayed?)
Elvira 3 (boutique title to be displayed at TPF?)
Tron or TWD vault? (maybe to fill space as needed on the line)
Stranger Things?
Led Zep?

#1226 2 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Sorry but what means « boutique title »? Thanks

I think that is what they were calling the stuff like WhoaNellie and PBR can crusher.

Stern has said at least 3 BIG games a year, likely a vault, and likely a boutique game.

3 weeks later
#1304 2 years ago

I REALLY hope Stern can do something (ANYTHING really) interesting/different/unique to get my attention.

If we are honest, theme means little to me and is pretty far down the list. Stern seems to be designing/selling 100% based on theme alone and the past few games are pretty boring after the initial excitement of being new wears off.

I hope that they can deliver a fun game with some lasting power that will keep interest for more than 3 months which seems to be the current shelf life.

I hope that Keith brings something new and interesting, I hope Mark Ritchie game comes to light, I hope Steve Ritchie really is doing a non-licensed theme. I long for something new and fresh out of Stern rather than rehashed code foundation and reused layouts and toys all just to fit blockbuster themes that are lackluster after you get beyond the surface.

4 months later
#2282 1 year ago

Here is what has been going around the internet for a while.

Deadpool (resized).JPG

mods feel free to delete if not allowed, but it is out on the internet in other places.

#2287 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Interesting lay out.
How do you hit the upper left ramp?
Is there a 3rd flipper?

It appears to the inner orbit and then it loops to the left ramp and back around. Possibly to an active ball lock over the shooter lane?

#2305 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeS:

There are parts of the Whitewood that seem very Gomez like. Reminds me a bit of Avengers with some LOTR mixed in. But there are other parts that seem like Trudeau in a Robo war/TX sort of way. Wonder if parts of JT's original design were kept or maybe possibly this is a leaked pic from before Gomez took it over. The final game could be completely different from what we see in the picture.

That was my thought also. I posted it kind of to see if it would get pulled. Since it was not pulled, that makes me think it is old design. This does seem very much a mix with john t features.

I like seeing two spinners but pf looks sparse with no depth of shot. The sweeping obrit ramp thing looks fun and the mech over the shooter lane looks cool also.

1 year later
#5781 53 days ago

Whatever happened to the Led Zeppelin realign of quicksilver rumor?

1 week later
#5921 43 days ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Teaser maybe, even propably to stirr up interrest for 2020.
Not full reveal, would make no sense at all with the holidays the day after.

I personally think that it makes perfect sense.

Holiday weeks are great. People have down time to think, drink, and buy!

1 week later
#6126 33 days ago
Quoted from chad:

Kapow, foam core playfield, Warner Brothers ... let's see if Big K can nail this rumor down.

whom really cares TBT. Elvira is such a complete and utter design mess that I dont know how anyone could be interest in another Kapow/Stern mash up.

You can tell EV3 was at one point a well designed game that had a whole other team bean count and engineer it through the finish line with zero passion.
I honestly have never seen a game with as many issues out of the box and just insanely dumb engineering and build quality problems. Real shame because the game is fun to shoot if it ever works correctly. Super cheap switches, new optos that are junk, and just silly design flaws.

Unless Kapow is hired on for the whole process, then I will be specifically avoiding Kapow games.

#6148 32 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

If you are going to bash a game, you should get your facts straight.

Kapow had nothing to do with Elvira. It was designed by Dennis Norman and Greg Ferres with input from Cassandra. When the game was delayed, Greg took over as lead.

my apologies. I thought all of the 1 off games (Beatles, BM66, etc...) were part of the kapow licensing thing.

Either way, the point still stands. The game was obviously 2 separate teams. I find it impossible to believe that Dennis allowed a game like this to go out the door.

Issues about for many and it is largely due to poor design/engineering decisions.

#6152 32 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

Not two separate teams. Same team at Stern. When Dennis left, the rest of the team stayed and Greg took over as lead. You seem to be the only one having major issues with the game. (I thought you weren’t buying any more Sterns until they took care of your playfield issues. Is this perhaps some payback bashing?)

nope, they took care of our Beatles... Hence why we bought.

Actually sounds like they will be finally taking care of our Elvira also.

I will say that if you are reading along, there are quite a few people with all sorts of issues (missing washers, ball sticks, trunk issues, ramp issues, missing ball guides, optos, blown nodes, failed SD cards, etc...) There have been lots of issues on this game.

It is really sad. When the game shoots it is really fun to play.

I hope you can actually take a step back and realize my concerns are justified. I have over 60hours in fixing, diagnosing, and adjusting this game already.
It has been down more than up over the past 2 months. I operate every Stern game made in the past 5? years now. This game is a bad look on Stern and for business as a whole. Frustrating is an understatement.

#6225 30 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

750 games is a teaspoon of water in the ocean for Stern. If Spooky had gone with the LE/Standard model and was selling unlimited Standards still, Stern might have cared to throw a wrench in that, but Spooky self-limited and it was all over same day, so there's nothing really for Stern to do.

what do you think past sales #s are for Stern?
most recent games in the past 2 years?

6.5mil off the table is an impact based on what I see.

I think you are severely over estimating the amount of sales Stern sees.

Best case I think they are doing 13,000 games a year (that would be 50 games every working day of the year without holidays. More likely it is 7-9,000 games is my best guess.

That puts 750 sales at ~10% and that money just left the market days before your end of year/ Q1 launch.
Stern sniping Godzilla shows pretty clearly whom they view as a possible concern.

#6228 30 days ago
Quoted from corvair61:

I would love to come to this thread after 40 new posts and see something other than people bickering about “lost opportunities/sales”. There is enough pie for everyone. The economy is booming and people have money to spend on toys. ..Period..Why does everyone care so much that Stern dropped the ball by not hinting at a new game already?

I dont think anyone really cares?

Just a matter of pinball nerds talking pinball nerd things.

#6231 30 days ago
Quoted from corvair61:

Sell me your Fathom. Lol

could work it in trade for a nice Creech, but zero interest in selling at this time.

#6240 30 days ago

Trades are how it works for the old and desirable titles.

You know where to find me...

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