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*The Next Stern Pin*

By frankmac

3 years ago

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#3252 8 months ago

I hope they vault avengers but make the centre ramp tighter so they can add a second hulk.

I would also like to see a Tommy remake, except that it’s a game about Tommy Floyd providing exceptional customer service to those that deserve it. The warped pf guy appears in modes etc. like the $2 kid from better off dead.

3 weeks later
#3365 7 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

I am calling it now. The next Stern machine will be Jurassic World. The teaser will be released on 31 July with a reveal video/article with IGN on 2 August. Bryan Eddy will knock it out of the park on code, art will be substandard photoshop and we will all complain, but the game itself will be great. It will be a fast and furious pin with more dinosaurs on the Premium/LE than the standard. It will be a commercial hit for Stern in the same realm as Deadpool, and at the end of the day it will advance the hobby. Stern will release the pin with more complete code than any other pin in recent memory, but the code will still improve with time.

I hope you're right. Never know with Stern. It may be a stripped fan layout, with one bash magnet and LE gets drops targets. Code might come so bare that the machine is unplayable (guardians). Not hating; just telling the truth. When was the last time Stern knocked it out of the park with design, code AND toys? Maybe spider man? Xmen was pretty stacked... To me, it feels like the good old days are gone with Stern. Not saying that I don't like the current offerings - I love playing black Knight SOR and absolutely love IMDN - but them doing Jurrasic World just seems like a setup for disappointment to me. The theme could offer so much...

#3444 7 months ago

Good theme would be Bond the same way they did Dr. Who. Different modes/goals for different bonds.

#3514 7 months ago

Grand theft auto would be a great pin if handled correctly.

#3537 7 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

There are about 50 other video game franchises that deserve a pin more than gta. That's a much narrower demographic than youd think.


"Industry analyst Doug Creutz says Grand Theft Auto 5 has made more money than any other form of media in history, with over 90 million units sold and $6 billion in revenue." - IGN

The game has great possibilities as a pin similar to high speed, but you could also add in heists etc. Semi-adult content would be cool as well. Plus it would be a contemporary theme that is still crazy popular amongst the demographic that plays and would play Pinball.

#3540 7 months ago
Quoted from Pinkitten:

How about a pin for us easy-listening folks? Air Supply, America, Bread, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, REO and Styx! They could be calmer, less violent games. Maybe with a 3.5 degree pitch. The ball just gently, slowly, barely rolls back to your flippers. With a huge center post like a marshmallow. Ahhhhhh.

The only one I would love would be Styx. Mr Roboto should be a pinball machine on its own.

#3547 7 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

And Mustangs are popular cars. Numbers dont make good themes. GTA is not as popular with the pin ball BUYING community as with the younger crowd (that's where the numbers are) and the theme would be alienated by many operator locations with it's over the top violence. Gta is on a lot of parents no play lists. Ive played through several gta games myself (vice city being my favorite) How would this really translate into a pin anyway? Just buy a Getaway and pretend you are killing people along the way.

Mustang also happens to be one of the worst designs in modern pinball. People won't even play the one on location here for free. GTA has a ton to offer, even without the sex and violence. I mentioned some possibilities in my previous post. It would attract a younger crowd, and many on this forum have played the game and likely like the game.

#3577 6 months ago

Gobots for the poor kids!

#3604 6 months ago
Quoted from wlf_:

Aren't there enough other avenues for you to get your rocks off? Buy one of the trillion older pinball games with scantily clad women in the art and have a blast in your weirdo basement. How's about pinball is pinball and you get your "Deep Throat" online?

Full agro on your 9th post. You're going to fit right in around here. Welcome to Pinside!

1 week later
#3707 6 months ago

I heard Keith is doing Fritz the Cat...fritz (resized).jpg

#3882 6 months ago

If the home edition rumour is true, it's likely because Gary hired some marketing hipster that convinced him the company needs to become a "lifestyle brand" and enter the homes of average people. What an awesome idea . . . for all companies that don't sell pinball machines.

I think it's bill and Ted. The artist spilled the beans and had to backtrack (lie).

1 week later
#4273 6 months ago

Personally don't get it. A remake of a pin that was modeled on a film from 1993.... Why?

#4277 6 months ago

I can see Munsters a little more as it hadn't been done and has a great soundtrack. I'm not in the pinball business, but I'd be hitting themes that are for old and young ppl. Maybe ppl still watch that film.

#4280 6 months ago

It has a catchy song like Addams family. What’s not to get??

1 week later
#4324 6 months ago

Since Star Wars seems to be a cursed theme, maybe Spaceballs would work?

2 weeks later
#4379 5 months ago

Original theme...

- sports in x games
- space exploration
- sci Fi
- fantasy

What happened to imagination? Good gameplay and killer art would make it work.

#4435 5 months ago

I find that sewers add a sense of wonderment for new players. When newbs come to my tournaments, they are amazed by the sewer magic of STTNG, even if the game kicks their ass. They also have little trouble learning sewer shots like the piano on tz and the chair on TAF. Disappearing balls via sewers is just plain cool and fun.

Good news to hear there is no ban. Keith, what are the chances of your next machine being an unlicensed theme called Sewer Madness?

2 months later
#5403 84 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

Shot geometry? Don't understand what you mean? Not all games are flow games. Bricked shots are because of inaccurate shooting. Play better! I bought this game exactly because it isn't another flow game like my ST pro. It's one reason why I love this game, it takes practice to get the shots down and when you make them, it's rewarding! It also has the best upper PF in modern pinball IMO! This game gets an unfair rap because people judge it in a public place after a few games. This isn't a pin you'll work out in a few games and why it's a good players pin for home use. And when you get this table rockin, it's awesome! Hiding the ball under the upper playfield and sculpts is actually an objective in one of the modes. The longer the ball stays hidden from view, the more points are awarded. It's cumulative until the mode ends. It starts with an 11 second countdown timer. If you make a shot and the ball stays hidden for say 2.7 seconds, it will count down from 11 sec to 8.3 sec and award points. The longer it's hidden from view, the more pointed are awarded. Unique feature and fun!

I disagree that the geometry just needs to be learned by better players. I play very well, and the game, like Houdini, has geometry issues. They should have removed one of the shots to free up room or go widebody. Maiden has tough shots but also flow. Machines should have both. ACNC played like crap to me.

#5514 78 days ago

We need some new unlicensed themes:

- Space/rocket ship
- Cell phone/internet/hacker
- Horror/killer
- Sexy woman in the jungle
- Magic

I think themes like this lead to far more creativity inside the game...

#5599 75 days ago
Quoted from Extraballz:

Seems likes a perfectly fine thread to express my disappointment in Stern. When Stern was the only one making pins Gary had the bright idea he would just cost cut and at the same time raise prices to improve profits. Not a very nice thing to do to your loyal customers IMO. So now there is other companies to compete for sales and Stern is just continuing on with the same strategy? That’s arrogant man. And why would I want the company currently making the lowest quality pins to make my dream themes. Anyone but them right now.

I have IM next to IMDN. The quality difference is absolutely insane. I can touch maiden with my pinky, and the whole machine shakes. I have to use both hands aggressively to do the same to IM. I wish Stern would reverse course on the cost cutting (bring back the older PSU with button in the right place, a knocker etc etc.) as I am sad that I can't support them anymore.

I guess this is a good time to ask: has anyone added weights into the cab of newer sterns?

3 weeks later
#5982 51 days ago
Quoted from Extraballz:

I might be alone on this but I feel Stern has watered down their pins to the point that I don’t want anything they make. Rick and Morty will have more features, better build quality and more assets than a Stern Stranger Things. Let’s see...Stern took JP and turned it into a generic dinosaur game. Some what is ST going to be? A pin about a mall? At this point in time you don’t want Stern making your dream theme.

I think adding in the JP bash got you all the downvotes.

Stern ripped many pinheads off (including me) with a bad PFs and will not make it right. Their customer service as of now consists of IGNORING customers. If you want to roll the dice on quality with zero support toward serious issues, go with Stern. As much as I despise this company and hope they go out of business, they have improved in adding mechs etc. JP is pretty good value in the way of mechs; it's just that those mechs will likely break prematurely and Stern won't do dick about it.

I'm excited for other choices, and I wish JJP or Chicago or spooky (anybody but Stern) got the license to Stranger Things. That being said, Rick and Morty are sooooo much more fun as characters. The creativity by spooky will be great I'm sure.

#6040 50 days ago
Quoted from guitarded:

Of ALL the choices, this one seems incredibly odd to me.
One good LP. One good EP. And already has a good pinball attached to the brand.
Just don't get it.

I totally agree. There are so many other choices that haven't been done... I didn't want Pirates because it was a worn-out, recycled Disney license. I find GnR to be a love or hate band, and with jjps high price point, I see it as a risky choice. Baffles me too. Maybe slash had a lot to do with it, him being a pinball fan.

#6081 46 days ago

I'm sure there's an Avengers sitting in some distro's basement somewhere. That distro's wishing it was a Transformers...

1 week later
#6341 33 days ago

Instant buys for me:

- Any game that's been done before
- Any game that should have been made in the 90s

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