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*The Next Stern Pin*

By frankmac

3 years ago

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#371 3 years ago
Quoted from gregh43:

Batman 66 is a pinball I would like to see made. i would plop money down for that.

I think I would buy one as well. The music alone would bring back great memories. But what would they put in that useless spinning canister and how would they relate the crane toy to Batman 66?

5 months later
#528 2 years ago

Isn't SW supposed to be a Richie game? If so, we can make a few guesses, given his history. It'll probably have great speed and flow. Hopefully we won't get a cannon, which we know he's fond of. Probably one good main toy in the center and maybe a minor one as well. Could possibly get a third flipper, so it might possibly have a third ramp. Probably no magnets but likely a physical ball lock. I wouldn't expect the best art package though, given GoT and AC/DC, and probably slightly larger than average inserts. His games usually have good sound packages and light shows. Richie's games usually sell like hot cakes and would probably have extra LEs, ala ST. He also seems to get fairly good code support priority compared to others. All of this IMHO of course, and with zero inside knowledge.

#530 2 years ago
Quoted from GotAQuestion:

It'll be a blaster instead.

Yeah, probably. But will it be a handheld, an X-Fighter, or a Death-star blast?

#554 2 years ago
Quoted from ahdelarge:

Pulp Fiction rumour?

I recall reading a rumor long ago that Pulp Fiction might be DP's next game that follows up the Big Lebowski. I haven't heard anything about it lately though.

3 months later
#679 2 years ago

I suspect that Guardians of the Galaxy would sell like hot cakes if done well. Think about it, great movie soundtrack(s), dancing Baby Groot, plenty of cool villains, a mode on all the derogatory names Rocket Racoon has been called: vermin, fox, triangle nosed monkey, puppy, raccoon, rat, etc. Their prison stay would be great, Rocket fighting the Ravagers, definitely a Sovereign battle mode, and something about the power Stone, just as a few quick thoughts. Lots of comedy for a change.

#685 2 years ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Plz no more hard rock and Marvel.

Well, it's a prescription that works financially, (for now) though with a few small misfires. Stern almost tanked doing the telivision stuff, Family Guy, CSI, 24, etc., so they are creatures of habit now once something works. Expect lots of Disney (Marvel, Lucas, etc), nostalgic rock bands, nostalgic other like GB, BM66, Elvira, etc., only the biggest movies, and some stuff along the lines of TWD, GoT, etc.

I expect some of the following: Iron Maiden, Rush, Jimmy Hendrix, Van Halen, several more Star Wars, GotG, FandF, another Marvel, maybe some DC action like Justice League, Jurassic World Series, maybe a cult offering like Jaws, Goonies, etc.

3 months later
#963 2 years ago

I just watched GotG Vol 2 and loved it. They're great flicks with plenty of pin making material.

Back to the music, I think Looking Glass's Brandy You're a Fine Girl was so featured in the latest movie that it will likely be in the game. After all, Ego said that it was perhaps the greatest musical composition in Earth's history. . Maybe the game will have a Sailor mode.

Starlord's cassette players and music mixes were so much a part of the movies that it will be a huge ball drop if Stern doesn't include quite a bit of the music. In the latest movie, Rocket insisted on playing those music mixes for two battle scenes, the interdimensional monster and retaking Ravenger ship.

The more I think about it, Stern might just make GotG more like a band pin than a movie pin.

4 months later
#1430 2 years ago

I suspect the longer gap between new games is code related, hence AC/DC vault to keep the production lines running. It seems to be taking longer to code in the video for the new displays. Owner reaction to the piss poor release of BM66 and GOTG was not good, as you can see from numerous threads here on Pinside. AS was only better because Stern delayed its release in order to squeeze in BM66. There have also been complaints about reusing code from Kiss and AS.

#1438 2 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Nobody's saying that about Batman '66 anymore....code updates have been trickling out and more video content added.

It totally agree. I own BM66 LE #91. I was very unhappy from the time I unboxed it last January and had to finish putting the game together due to loose hardware, until a few months ago when the deeper code began to hit. Now, the game is progressing very, very well. I'm actually shocked at how much fun the game has become in the last two updates with the inclusion of the six minor villain modes and it becoming the greatest mode stacking game I've ever played. It's definitely a keeper now, but prior to last October, there was a very dark Summer.

3 weeks later
#1501 1 year ago

Well, it worked for Big Lebowski, and I was one of the conspirators willing that one into existence. Now, it seems a bunch of folks have just about willed Iron Maiden into existence. So, hopefully everyone will be happy and shut up about it soon afterwards. Then move on to willing Jaws into existence so that we can get that constant noise out of the way too. Maybe then, without those two taking so much air out of Pinside, we can move on to willing into existence a great game like Scooby Dooby Doo!

1 year later
#5026 3 months ago

I might also be in on a Stranger Things pin, if it was done well.

2 weeks later
#5487 78 days ago
Quoted from mrclean:

IF and when a STRANGER THINGS Pinball comes out :
Should have :
-Iconic creepy score plays at power up / ball launch
-Demogorgon mech opening ball swallowing / spitting out feature.
-LED blinking Christmas lights that WILL communicates with you
-Lower Playfield which represents the "Upside Down" (or entire Playfield becomes grayscale, perhaps flippers are reversed )
-Magnetic levitating ball / save feature that Eleven saves you with her powers
-Waffle / Eggo pop bumpers
-The Clash - Should I stay or should I go needs to play at some point as a music clip
-Spinner which rotates / activates the kids bike tires
-Dustin And Suzie Sing 'The NeverEnding Story' when having a long balltime / wizard mode
-Need to collect items like Steve's Spiked bat to battle
-Scoops Ahoy flavor mode call outs with Erica serving as she puts the ERICA in AMERICA
-Save / Find Barb mode
-Final Battle Mode with The Mind Flayer
-Star Court Mall escalator ramp for the ball to slide down
-Murray Bauman hidden hide out spot on the playfield
-Chief HOPPER call outs
-Billy mode heavily featuring the shaker as he's a pretty intense character
-Gather Friends Lucas, Dustin, Will, Mike, increase multipliers
-Hurry up mode Close the gate
-Joyce Byers cracking her axe as the playfield rumbles from the shaker
-Initials / name "Mad Max" score should be the highest score from factory
-Dr Martin Brenner gather test subject modes
-Bob Newby aka Sean Astin Ball Save
-Chief Hopper SHOOT Again!

Great ideas! Here are a few more.

- The extra ball graphic could be Will throwing up the slug into his sink
- Somehow get the junkyard bus where the kids fought the Demogorgon(s) in as a playfield mech
- The video footage for a mode, such as a multiball, could be where all the Flayed fall at the feet of the Flayer like hamburger meat and are absorbed by him to grow bigger after each successful pinball shot
- Another mode could involve Winona Ryder's character dealing with the static phone calls and electrical shocks
- At least one magnet, or more, to showcase Eleven's powers

There's so much cool material to work with on this one through the first 3 seasons.

#5578 75 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Dr. No
From Russia with love
The spy who loved me/license to kill

Great Bond movies, but don't forget about: Diamonds Are Forever, For Your Eyes Only, and Goldeneye!

#5582 75 days ago
Quoted from Psw757:

My hope for a Bond pin is they cover all eras of Bond, if they have to count one out it can be On Her Majesty’s Secret Service with Lazenby.

Me too. Personally, I'd enjoy a greatest hits mix of their villains or Bond girls more than I care about which Bond they use.

3 weeks later
#5856 53 days ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Instead of a lower playfield, maybe Stern can bring back subways and do something interesting with them?

Good idea. I'm not a fan of lower playfields, but there's got to be some depiction of the "upside down." Maybe they could at least lock balls below the playfield or route a ramp into an apparent solid area and then reappear elsewhere. Ideally, have a subway system with the balls able to emerge from several different places on the playfield.

2 weeks later
#6280 35 days ago

I'm interested so far. I really like the music and callouts. I need to know more about the center underneath shot behind the drops and what happens to the shots on either side of it. Theme immersion sure looks and sounds good from the clip.

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