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*The Next Stern Pin*

By frankmac

3 years ago

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#895 2 years ago

Marvel !

Yep , appears GOTG on the cards

so much exciting stuff coming up from this huge franchise !


Pinball bliss, with the right approach

3 months later
#1253 2 years ago

JT almost 2 years worth of work, = drained !
I don't see why it cant be re-hashed under another designer ?

If scrapped a big hit to Stern investing so many man hours, r&d and I guess a lot of the hardware was already manufactured.

Understandable if they have to scrap it, very sad though, especially if it was Maiden.
I've been patiently waiting for over 10 years now.

Hoping after the court case is finalized that Stern will come out with a statement on JT's last game with Stern.
Part of pinball history, albeit the terrible circumstances.

2 months later
#1555 1 year ago
Quoted from DefDumBlindKid:

But Iron Maiden probably wouldn’t sell anywhere near a Met or AcDc. Ok, let the hate begin. Lol
Also, I will note, on my visits to Europe, Germany in particular where they had very impresssive and expensive record shops, Maiden was held in much higher esteem musically.

No Hate,
I think all 500 METLE sold out in 48hrs ?

If executed correctly 700 ? (wild guess ) IMDN LE will sell out in the same period. The demand from Europe and Australia will be massive ! Extremely pumped, have been waiting 10 years for this title

#1557 1 year ago

Shaker, and real Backglass, killer audio system as standard vital for LE success
Would be awesome to have the option for PDI glass ? and of course the LCD will complete the package.

Has to have call outs from Bruce similar style as James in MET, Adult and fun callouts, for adult mode.
Hope Bruce and the band are keen for input on the game.

Don't forget set list request please Gary

The Trooper
Run to the hills
Can I Play with madness
2 Minutes to Midnight
Hallowed be thy name
Wasted years
Fear of the dark
Seventh son of a seventh son
Power slave
+ a couple of tracks from the new albums +a couple of bonus live tracks

Don't want much do I, lol

#1599 1 year ago

I truly hope Keith's Archer is produced, Love the theme and think it looks awesome!
For me Archer has a great deal of merit.

Looking forward to Keith's skill and innovation with IMDN

and Deadpool as well another cool theme ( the callouts are going to be insane, I want to be in stitches please George , wow, i'm gonna have to sell a kidney to get these titles ! mm I will be in stitches, lol

#1623 1 year ago

ZY will put his own awesome twist on original IMDN art

No spelling mistakes Stern

Eddie !

eddie (resized).jpg

#1690 1 year ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Was just thinking, I wonder how many people have already requested #666 LE For IMDN

Around 5 years ago I reserved IMDN #66 with our local distributor

I rang him a few weeks ago about getting a LUCI and asked about IMDN

He said hang on I'll check my diary, this gentlemen is old school, yeah I still have you down for #66

lol, wow ! What a champion

obviously the number is irrelevant to the number of the beast, but at the time LE's were limited to 500, so I thought 666 impossible. lol

Today guessing there will be at least 700 LE's and possible version variations ?

I have said it before, If executed correctly the LE's will sell out in a heartbeat

666 (resized).jpg

#1746 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Can't blame you. I was an instabuy on an LE, but pulled out because of the many issues Stern is facing, including coding.

Maybe we might be surprised and get 1.0 ?

As difficult as it is, I have accepted that complete code will be at least 12 months away

Be so cool if Lyman was in on this, be great to see some new up and comers having a red hot go in the code department.

And yes, engineers, get your shit together with Spike please

#1791 1 year ago

Don't forget Slayer and Megadeth

#1795 1 year ago

When Keith and the team get a chance for breath of air
The Big 4 maybe ?

Oh, and bring on that Archer man

1 week later
#1893 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Batman'66 was DEFINITELY promoted as a boutique pin. It did not have "normal" rollout (no Pro level, Super-LE added).

Yes exactly, Fair enough for Stern to cash in on BM66
The strategy may be some what questionable ? however, huge license, huge effort
I finally got to play BM66 at Rotordaves Pincade and thought it was brilliant.

I'm a Bally/Williams man from way back but have to say the feel,flow and awesomeness of new Sterns 2015-2018 so far have been rather cool..

Glad Kieth and the team are working smart with IMDN to not release prematurely,
Lets see a 1.0 release ? + Rock solid hardware with audio, lights and graphics to blow our minds !!!
Good job team Stern, take the time to get IMDN right out of the box please


#1943 1 year ago

Yep Titanium man

Mmm, software delays

#2013 1 year ago

11 coders at Stern,
What are they doing ?
Still trying to figure out SPIKE ?

Mg (resized).jpg

#2056 1 year ago

Agreed if all Legacy
I'm gonna be pissed and probably out !

#2083 1 year ago


Then Steve's unlicensed

I wish

Deadpool gonna get me big time

Going to have to sell a kidney or something

1 week later
#2134 1 year ago

Could be very fun !

With original callouts and 5 + crazy Modes !

Bodacious !

Khan, Billy, Amadeus, Milf ( Adult mode ), Napoleon, Lincoln, THE REAPER ! and more !

not so Bogus

Put them in the Iron Maiden. lol

BT (resized).jpg
ex (resized).jpg
IM BT (resized).JPG

1 week later
#2161 1 year ago

Perhaps Keith can take this one on ?

Such a amazing theme

Soundtrack is so incredible/immersive

The layout/art/subways/laser lights, hell yeah, am i in a dream, lol

Just killer

Who got the licence ?

WWr (resized).JPG

2 weeks later
#2215 1 year ago
Quoted from chet218:

If Deadpool is up next, any thoughts on who the designer will be?

Team Gomez ?

2 weeks later
#2279 1 year ago

BttF 2020

3 months later
#2431 1 year ago

Hoping "The Kings" game will blow us all away !

SR has to go over the top with his ultimate triumph. ( rumored to be his final ? pièce de résistance )

So much going on in the pinball world right now.

So cool !

If only I had a spare $100k and a bunker with large fridge, aircon, mad sound system, lounge, LED, controlled strip lighting and fully decked out with room for 15 awesome pinball machines.

oh while i'm dreaming a stripper pole & stage with dancers would be a nice touch.


sopr (resized).jpg

5 months later
#2752 11 months ago

I like the code names for the games

relevance is obscure ?

I would love to see a list of the games/code names and hear the stories behind them.

Perhaps George or one of the team might be kind enough to share the story one day.

fun trivia

#2787 11 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

I watched all the Jaws movies on Netflix this weekend (and another shark flick called the shallows)
There are so many elements that could lend themselves to pinball and I love Brian Eddy games so fingers crossed.
Game over = you're gonna need a bigger boat

My only concern with Jaws would be how "Graphic" the art, modes and scenes are. I don't want rated G. If Stern must continue with G rating games I hope they consider ADULT settings Please

#2791 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Iron Maiden has eddie ripping an extra ball out of his bloody chest and splattering the screen. I don't think that will be a problem. You can turn it down in settings on Iron Maiden, as I'm sure you'll be able to on Jaws, too.

I recall reading the original Eddie EB graphic for Maiden was toned down/changed.
I did not see the original so unsure on this.

The concern to me for Jaws would be graphic restrictions. To be a killer title BE has to create the atmosphere. If any one can do it Eddy is the man.
Shark scenes might be considered too graphic, that's all.

The thing is with Jaws there is gonna be some blood.

Wizard mode will be wild !

images (resized).jpgj1 (resized).jpgj3 (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#2840 10 months ago
Quoted from Vpv1rgin:

Any new news going into TPF?

The King will be there and hopefully name and show a sneak peek of his next title.
I can't wait for Steve's thread to fire up over his next title

1 month later
#3154 8 months ago

Okay this is a shout out

Multiple threads on the subject ( I did search first )

So yes,,,,,,,,,,,,, next Stern has to be Queen if they got it ?

Stern will kill hiway half start

I am a Metal Head but still want to see a passionate team from Stern to kill this !

For the record I have not seen the new film yet , But Freddie fucking kills the remake !!

1 month later
#3352 7 months ago

I think Stern could do this justice !

Mustaine is motivated and timing could be good, Grab the licence and run with it Stern Pinball.

Must (resized).JPG

Amazing 4 flipper layout, KME perhaps, High energy soundtrack , Incredible art, thinking ZY here, Coded to perfection by Lyman and cool callouts from Mustaine and Vic Rattlehead would be awesome !

The MOST incredible lightshow, Total Destruction.

Dreaming of the 12 track set list now,So many awesome choices

Megadeth LE, Insta buy for me, Would sit perfect next to AC/DC
20181215_162936 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#3950 6 months ago

Stern does Bill and Ted
Better get the Ticket for this Big Pig track.

Most awesome 80's corny track so perfect for pinball.

Grab the right sound bites and Wow !

Be Excellent to each other !

2 weeks later
#4332 5 months ago

Yes please
Id be down for an LE

1 week later
1 month later
#4539 4 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Pretty big rat below left breast.

I believe it is a Killer Shrew

1 week later
#4553 3 months ago

Is there any confirmation that Brian Eddy is next ?

#4566 3 months ago

After passing on 3lvira, I'm kinda hoping Brian Eddy on an AFM II or AFM 2020
Could it be possible ?
If it does happen no shortcuts please Stern, and I will pay stupid money for an SLE, lol


1 week later
#4683 3 months ago

Any of these could be cool

Unique shots with amazing audio and perfect execution, yes please

Seriously the 80's was THE BEST

So many contenders

Mad Max
Bill & Ted
The Goonies
Top Gun
Die Hard
Big trouble in little china
The Blues brothers
A Nightmare on Elm St
Evil Dead
The Fifth Element
Blade Runner
The lost Boys
Escape from New York
Total Recall (1990)
Friday the 13th

1 week later
#5010 3 months ago
Quoted from jorro:

If 80s movies goonies or:
[quoted image][quoted image]
But i think Dark crystal or back to the future would be better options for stern.

Hey Jorro, I like "LEGENDE" looks cool

But if Stern can get Jack Black on board instead of Tim Curry as the beast the game could be insane !

I know Jack Black is a Pinhead and he would easily be a super choice to be involved in something spectacular.

Anyways, Here's hoping

STERN " The Pick of Destiny " Pinball Haha ....... Adult mode at Full volume !


Check it out

Language warning !!!!!!

#5021 3 months ago

Ha Ha, Don't get me wrong

I love Tim Curry

I thought JB might a a great choice for a pin

But Frank n furter mmmm....... Wild

1 week later
#5163 88 days ago

Big Trouble
Killer Stern Title

With ZY Art

BT 111 (resized).jpgBT Main (resized).jpgBT Raw 2 (resized).jpgBT Yes (resized).jpgBig Trouble RAW (resized).jpg
#5232 83 days ago

Moving away from the 80's then lets look at some 90's gems.

Fifth Element such a beauty, Has classic pinball written all over it.

Character, Charisma ! Callouts , Modes, Lightshows certainly could be Next Level.

FT11 (resized).JPGF1 (resized).jpgF2 (resized).jpgF3 (resized).jpgF5 (resized).jpgFT113 (resized).JPG

The fun stuff !

#5377 79 days ago

When Stern does dive deep as far as online and local link.

The Wifi component should be optional i.e. extra 50 bucks for the add on module. Give people the option would be a good move.

Bluetooth should be mandatory in Spike 3 , There is no reason to jump cost hardware wise.

The extra expense is in development/code.

#5381 79 days ago
Quoted from J85M:

Optional? Extra charge? I think prices are already high enough, they should be able to add Bluetooth and WiFi without another price hike or additional charges.

Yes, I agree, NiB Prices are crazy .

The thought is that there is some backlash against web connectivity. So an easy option would be a simple solution (optional).

Framework, drivers can be on Spike 3 main board , just add on small pcb for web connect, simple, then everyone can be happy

#5383 79 days ago
Quoted from Metengo:

IF there will be a music pin in 2020, maybe Rammstein could be work.
Fans in US and EU.
Try it, Stern.

Rammstein would be amazing !

Hardcore and epic , Pinball emotion and elation at all time high.

I want a game with deep/engaging, immersive vision and audio, no soft baby shit happy happy joy joy,

That's is why Megadeth is another great choice for a music pin.
While we are here lets boycott that ripp off Viagogo shit, Man What a Scam that crap is !

ramm (resized).JPGR1 (resized).jpg
#5504 73 days ago

I have no problem with magnets doing crazy shit. Its part of the fun
Its pinball, " the ball is wild " remember.
To the few tourney players whining about no control , cry elsewhere about the randomness of pinball please.

2 weeks later
#5789 56 days ago

Agree Led Zep deserves a unique pinball concept/layout.

looking on the flipside........... If priced right some Classic Stern pinball would go down really nice for many enthusiasts.

Many of the Stern classics with some simple enhancements would be a cash cow for Stern Pinball

Next 12 months may be Sterns last chance to cash in on reviving a couple of classics ?

Bottom line.................. if the retail price is right 3 to 4k why not ? Hard work been done, BoM would be less than 1/2 that


Perhaps a vote for favorite Stern Classics is in order ?

My 2 favorites


qs (resized).jpgCat yes (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#6261 33 days ago
Quoted from JY64:

LOL Whysnow said nothing of the sort "Actually sounds like they will be finally taking care of our Elvira also.
I will say that if you are reading along, there are quite a few people with all sorts of issues (missing washers, ball sticks, trunk issues, ramp issues, missing ball guides, optos, blown nodes, failed SD cards, etc...) There have been lots of issues on this game.
It is really sad. When the game shoots it is really fun to play.
I hope you can actually take a step back and realize my concerns are justified. I have over 60hours in fixing, diagnosing, and adjusting this game already.
It has been down more than up over the past 2 months. I operate every Stern game made in the past 5? years now. This game is a bad look on Stern and for business as a whole. Frustrating is an understatement." Whysnow

Sorry to hear about your Elvira pain,
Wow 60 hours is a lot of time to burn.

I had to spend about 15 or so hours of my life to fix problems with my IMDN LE and thought that was bad !
There was a run of Maiden LE's here for sale in Australia not too long after release and I am dead set sure this is because owners were frustrated with problems.

There was some talk of action a while ago, from Stern pinball to address these QC issues. It appears that this may have been unsuccessful ?

I appreciate the volume of machines that Stern pumps out, but hey big bucks for a product with issues does not go down too well, It amazes me how the customer has to continually wear (spend time) trying to fix design or build mistakes.

Stern Pinball you have many thousands of loyal customers paying a premium for your products can we kindly ask that 2020 and beyond can be the years that Stern Pinball provides a sound product out of the box please.

I love Stern pins but the lack of QC and some of the design/build shortcuts as well as cheap outs are disappointing.

Lets see if this next decade can bring a more solid product.

#6308 29 days ago
Quoted from HarrieD:

That's too bad. A BTTF themed modern pin would kick ass in my opinion. BTTF is such an iconic movie which everyone knows something about, anyone has seen it. So, for us nerds it would be a great pin for home use and for the more normal people it would do great on location as it is recognisable.

Agree, 100% Killer theme

With the right approach and dedicated team with perfect execution

Easy windfall for whoever gets it

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