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*The Next Stern Pin*

By frankmac

3 years ago

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#1024 2 years ago

GB is Premium is beautiful

The toys, features, art, theme... it's a slam dunk!

But it plays like a turd (IMO) & pfffft that red DMD is so aged looking.

Hopefully whatever Stern does next is more like Aerosmith: custom molded toys + fantastic art

#1027 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

The flipper gap and ladder progression are the two things that hurt it most. If the gap were less, I could deal with the progression, but it always feels like a chore to play it well, and the bonuses are way out of balance. Crazy thing is, it's the one people are most drawn to in the locations that have it, even though it's the hardest and least noob-friendly.

I read early on the JT gap was accidentally doubled

Meaning when working in CAD someone made revision after revision & at one point accidentally applied the gap change two times.

Not sure if that's true but I also think I read of some folks measuring other JT games & confirming this rumor of the gap distance being an error (above & beyond the standard JT increased gap)

#1051 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Lonnie makes GOTG a NON no brainer now.
Really like AS but much of the rules are cut and paste from Kiss? Just better integrated and polished?

I'm confused. Not trolling you.

You're saying GOTG was a no brainer until Lonnie became a part of it?

Then you say AS has the same rules as KISS? I've heard that before. Not sure AS is a more polished KISS based on what I've read tho. I can't judge for myself however since I don't own both games.

#1055 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Aerosmith doesn't have the same rules as KISS. It has SOME similarities, but it's not the same. However, KISS is still a more complete experience between two VERY similar layouts for now.

Yeah thats what I hear... "KISS is better balanced, more complete"

(I dig the shit out of my Aerosmith)

2 weeks later
#1107 2 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

They need to upgrade Tron ala Batman '66. LCD with scenes from Legacy as well as custom animation. Lighted ramps as well as all color changing LED's under the inserts. Custom made light cycles. Full arcade machine mod.
Regular VE stay on the same hardware, as Stern has stated, but Batman '66 shows they will upgrade under the right conditions. What conditions are better than Tron?

Good point.

That would be cool.

They can fix the GEM shot too

If Stern gave TSPP the BM66 treatment I would buy it day one before even selling my previous generation TSPP as that is my all time favorite Stern ever. I dont care about the old one losing value. As long as the new one carries over Keefers rules & they add full LCD animations I'd be on board. If they add Marge/Lisa to the audio I'd probably bring a hundred candy bars to the factory tour for the workers & hug everyone.

Or I'd stay home, eat 100 candy bars & play TSPPve2.0

Either is fine

2 months later
#1286 2 years ago

I am very much looking FW to Elvira

Unless they really butcher that game or price it stupid it’s destined to land in my basement ASAP (pending code/QC)

Fingers crossed. I still have my SW money burning a hole in my pocket

1 month later
#1370 2 years ago

He meant 2019 is when it will have sound effects

#1410 2 years ago

Is Elvira the Elwin game?

#1428 2 years ago
Quoted from Azmodeus:

I am getting excited about this movie. Poster looks almost like a backglass...

Black Panther?

It would be awesome if after a drain Forest Gump says "Sorry I ruined your panther party"

4 weeks later
#1551 1 year ago

I get all hyped up about new releases... Then I remember they take years to finish, if ever.

I'm starting to think when the next title is announced I should buy that new minivan my wife says we need. By the time the game is done my wallet will have recovered from the vehicle purchase & I can then buy the game.

Woe is me. Woe is me.

#1603 1 year ago
Quoted from RA77:

I truly hope Keith's Archer is produced, Love the theme and think it looks awesome!
For me Archer has a great deal of merit.
Looking forward to Keith's skill and innovation with IMDN
and Deadpool as well another cool theme ( the callouts are going to be insane, I want to be in stitches please George , wow, i'm gonna have to sell a kidney to get these titles ! mm I will be in stitches, lol

Odds are the Deadpool callouts will be voicework by the BBH/TWD redneck or one of the X-men or GTOTG actors.

It won’t be Ryan Reynolds on the game IMO. Maybe I’m wrong, my wife says I’m wrong all the time, but I dunno.

#1612 1 year ago

I look FW to Iron Maiden but I gotta say...

When I was a pup only the white trash kids who’s parents smoked generic ciggerettes & drove a Ford Tempo were the folks to wear Iron Maiden T-shirts.

It was an indicator of a persons socioeconomic status almost.

Sorta like those weird Indian dream catchers people hang up in their single wide trailer.

Or those wolf shirts... How does one reach a point in life where they buy wolf shirts at a gas station?

The real pièce de résistance is a dream catcher with a wolf on it. Hang it up in a trailer next to a Monte Carlo whilst wearing an Iron Maiden shirt in Nebraska or Missouri & odds are a whitetrash vortex will open up & alter space/time while destroying our planet.

83079A62-27F0-4B0C-9542-F13E9F2278B4 (resized).jpeg

#1620 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Says the guy from Missouri.

Says the guy from unknown

Lol, just having fun. I put Missouri in there for a reason. Plus my experience here in Missouri makes me an expert on hillbilly white trash

#1654 1 year ago

Can we trade Iron Maiden in for Marilyn Manson instead?

Time for cake...

#1660 1 year ago

Lol, they're both terrible.

MM is better tho. If its good enough for Trent Reznor...

I'd consider buying both games for sure tho & just feel MM is more modern & has done cooler ,and weirder, shit (music wise)

#1665 1 year ago
Quoted from MinusWorlds:

Anything you say from here on out is invalid. Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

Ha, I can see why you'd say that.

But this is how ridiculous Iron Maiden is to me.

Some of you "metalheads" think you're way cooler than you are. In all honesty I suspect a lot of posers here think about their umbrella policy more than Iron Maiden.

Insurance does not translate to a pinball theme well tho.

#1669 1 year ago
Quoted from MinusWorlds:

Dude talk about geriatric themes...you own Aerosmith!

I know!

I live a shameful life!

I'm buying a minivan soon too!

Maybe a few wolf shirts as well.

#1729 1 year ago

Iron Maiden is a lot like the Grateful Dead (not in genre)

Awesome T-shirts

Sorta shitty music

Cool choice for a pinball

I can listen to both (IM/GD), I don’t hate em, but after a few songs I’m done AF

Beck or Pink Floyd I can listen to for much longer but their T-shirts suck

I’m sorta serious sorta trolling right now. Can’t decide.

#1739 1 year ago

I want to pick a side but one guy is from Canada & the other guy likes WOZ

1 week later
#1807 1 year ago
Quoted from StylesBitchly:

Pee-wee Herman's 'Big Adventure'

But it's not for sale Frannnnnn Saaassssss

1 week later
#1931 1 year ago


They still haven’t finished my Aerosmith

They somehow made a Star Wars pin I don’t want

They coded the beautiful GOTG so poorly I won’t buy it

They lost rights to Pulp Fiction (rumored)

They lost the rights to Elvira (rumored)

They are making the most white trash dirtbag rock band pin ever (Iron Maiden)

If Munesters is true I bet it’s kapow collab. They like to make expensive old shit.

Why am I even here?

Oh yeah, to see when they update Aerosmith & to follow the CGC unboxing threads/updates.

#1935 1 year ago

Iron Maiden sucks so F'n bad

I might buy one if the art, code & PF are legit tho

But FFS what an absolute terrible catalog of music

Old bastards, white trash & poser metal heads feel free to apply more thumbs down my way

I'm just here to troll you dirtbags anyway lol

#1955 1 year ago
Quoted from thunderking50:

Dawm good for Pinball to have a Dirt bag loser like you running around here pooping on stuff ! Lots of theme i d'ont like at all but i d'ont go pooping around on stuff others like .

Sorry, I thought it was obvious I was embellishing my emotions.

Wolf T-shirts, dream catchers, Ford Tempos... I’m not usually sober or serious here.

#1960 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Great question, why are you here?

Selfish reasons mostly.


#1965 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Because I'm not a selfish douchebag, mostly.

Wait, that's what I meant to say too.

Can I change my answer?

#1979 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Well, I got scolded for not being "Nice". I hope I didn't offend an admitted troll..

Sorry to hear that.

We're just weird pinball forum people blindly praising or bashing a game none has yet to see anyway.

Let me buy you a beer & a wolf shirt to call a truce.

1 week later
#2116 1 year ago

I can't wait to internet argue about the next game.

When is Stern likley to announce Elvira/Munsters/Deadpool?

1 week later
#2133 1 year ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Motorboat would be a fun game to play..


Oh, that's not Stormy Daniels


#2135 1 year ago

Sew crates


1 month later
#2292 1 year ago

1. Who's the designer? The shot geometry is legit AF.

2. Who's coding it?

3. Will Aerosmith be done by the time Deadpool is done so I can justify buying it?

#2307 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

That was my thought also. I posted it kind of to see if it would get pulled. Since it was not pulled, that makes me think it is old design. This does seem very much a mix with john t features.
I like seeing two spinners but pf looks sparse with no depth of shot. The sweeping obrit ramp thing looks fun and the mech over the shooter lane looks cool also.

I feel like pop ups baddies would be cool in that sparse middle area.

Like MM or XM

#2321 1 year ago

Bleh, a DMD dinosaur

I dig ST but we’re in a new era of LCD displays, awesome art, new programmers & new designers.

#2327 1 year ago


They’re talking about Transformers

1 year later
#3471 7 months ago

I heard Stern is working on Bones Brigade

Jimbo Phillips on art

Lyman on code

Elwin on layout


#3555 6 months ago

I buy pinball machines & like Vice City GTA.

There's glowing proof at my basement bar

I also like Star Wars but Stern...

20190701_195308 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#3689 6 months ago

I remember waiting for the Star Wars release

So excited. Had the cash/space ready. Then, finally, the Star Wars reveal... I was not happy. Ordered AS instead.

Here I am again. Awaiting Jurassic & Elvira. Only this time it won't be a Stern if I'm disappointed because I don't really want any of their other titles.

So I hope it's good. I hope they code it fast too. I like cool shit.

#3700 6 months ago

I heard Elwins next game is Howard the Duck

#4079 6 months ago

Only one game could ever disappoint me more than Stern Star Wars

That game appears to be another Stern Star Wars (home edition)


That’s ironic AF.

Skilled trolls there at Stern. Kudos guys. You got me good. Twice lol

#4096 6 months ago

This is the real reason why that one guy started the “I’m leaving Pinside” thread

#4135 6 months ago

Fake Star Wars music lol

#4200 6 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

MSRP of $4,499 NO WAY.
I love to support pinball but this is crazy.. And will probably drive the price of Pros up^^^^ Not good.

Nah, Avengers Pro & Transformers Pro still aint worth shit.

#4286 6 months ago

BILL & M'r F'n TED!

#4303 6 months ago
Quoted from Pinkitten:

How about a 3 Stooges pin???



#4323 5 months ago
EF5DFBFA-2584-4712-BBE9-9A1DDD653667 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#4430 5 months ago
1 month later
#4794 3 months ago

I keep telling y’all

It’s Howard the duck

Stern has worked with Marvel many times

#4858 3 months ago

Karate Kid?

Lol, aight then.

But only if it plays Banarama & has a bash toy of Johnny on the jon getting high AF

Wizard Mode should be the Incubus Karate Kid hidden track

Douchebag LE Coba Kai edition FTW!

Spell Allie, with an I, to start multiball

Also... y'all know Daniel was the bad guy right?

#4944 3 months ago

Scientology pinball

Good biz model right there

Owners will be required to continue sending in new money for courses designed to prepare them for the pending software update that will never happen.

Yacht topper. Ascott LE. Florida dehydration Premium VE to follow. Tom Cruise Oprah wizard mode.

1 week later
#5038 3 months ago

If Stern made a Miami Vice pin...

I'd make a topper out of a bag of powdered sugar

2.2lbs wizard mode

Uzi hurry up

Spell Ferrari to start multiball

Crocodile bash toy under the boat

#5132 3 months ago
Quoted from apinballwiz:

Just a thought from an old timer, I always thought a pin based on National Lampoons Vacation would make a decent fun pin. So much stuff in that film that modes could be created from (haven't thought that far ahead), Holiday Road as theme song, Dancin' across the USA used somewhere. Maybe even get custom speech from the actors, if financially possible. Thoughts?

"Pinball? You think you hate it now... wait until you play it"

I want the LE to have puke green armor & woodgrain vinyl cabinet

3bb8ca743b21143769faaf4b94d4efc4 (resized).jpg
#5194 86 days ago

Will the next Stern pin have clearcoat thick enough to cover the insert & ink lines?

Also. Wtf happened to Bill & Ted. Bogus!

1 week later
#5513 74 days ago
Quoted from Budman:

How about this one?![quoted image]

The sandlot code would prolly take forever to reach 1.0 tho




#5515 74 days ago

Cheech & Chong really would sell... I chant that monthly. Politics of weed are flipped upside down now & it's a theme for hipster dbags, gen x dorks & the "back in my day" boomers.

Ajax 8 ball multiball
"Daves not here man" when ya hit unlit scoops
Shoot the moon hurry up
Follow the Labrador (alternating lit shots)
Rolling paper inserts

I could go on.

#5605 71 days ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

I have IM next to IMDN. The quality difference is absolutely insane. I can touch maiden with my pinky, and the whole machine shakes. I have to use both hands aggressively to do the same to IM. I wish Stern would reverse course on the cost cutting (bring back the older PSU with button in the right place, a knocker etc etc.) as I am sad that I can't support them anymore.
I guess this is a good time to ask: has anyone added weights into the cab of newer sterns?

My AS is the same way

I can see why. The plywood is not the same. It's plain as day. Instead of many wood layers its just a few with a ton of weird filler shit between wood.

Plywood is so weak on some games the PF goes crooked & flexes if the cabinet isn't 100% level. I can tilt my older Stern games sideways a good bit without that happening.

Someone posted in another thread Stern is back to using legit plywood in their cabinets & they're robust again. I would wait & see if its across the board first tho

1 week later
#5756 60 days ago
Quoted from ultimategameroom:

I agree and hope Stern or Spooky release it. It better not be another stripped down the pinball company machine release like the Jetsons ![quoted image][quoted image]

Blotter sheets

The reason behind many of my odd traits

I suspect

#5779 58 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

The McDonalds fiasco proved there's plenty of awareness, and fans with stupid money at their disposal. The screened sauce packets still go for over $100 for a 1oz packet.

Better sell now

CGC is remaking sauce packets

1 week later
#5953 48 days ago

Speaking of game leaks...

Check out the giant leek in this bathroom. Someone call a plumber!

Screenshot_20191204-182457 (resized).jpg
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