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*The Next Stern Pin*

By frankmac

3 years ago

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#308 3 years ago

I am still wondering if Stern will do a Fast and Furious pinball. I heard that they had obtained the license-not sure if it was a rumor? They may have put it on hold or cancelled plans due to Paul Walkers death? Who knows now that they are moving forward with a Fast and Furious 8?

10 months later
#693 2 years ago

Stern just released epic theme...


3 months later
#1038 2 years ago

What ever happened with the rumor of Angry Birds? I still think Angry Birds would be awesome if done right. Very colorful and it would appeal to the younger generations. With the new LCD, it could be a winner?

2 months later
#1228 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

I think Deadpool, Elvira 3 and Iron Maiden will all happen - just no idea of the order.

Yes and throw a vault in there as well, maybe a run of Walking Dead's with comic art?

Stern will do well with these titles, hopefully they can play catch up and avoid future growing pains, fingers crossed. 2017 felt like they rushed product out prematurely to follow deadlines.

1 month later
#1412 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

They have publicly said more than once "no more Luci".

One thing I have learned is to not listen to anyone at Stern about potential future vaults. We will not re-run Iron Man-BS, we will not re-run Tron-BS, we will not re-run AC/DC Luci-BS. Any game can and will be re-run if Stern needs to fill a gap or they think they can sell out a run for a particular title. Money talks and they need to try and keep up with forecasted sales projections and growth. Gary once said an average title cost a million dollars to develop and get in the pipeline. Now if that particular title does not sell well (GOTG cough) then to absorb the loss in sales they need to push other titles (LUCI re-run cough) to maintain their profit margins. Back in the dog days of Stern before they got bailed out by investor group, they had multiple titles with poor sales and it put them in a slump. One or two titles per year with poor sales can really put pressure on the company to do what they have to do-that means vault editions will become the norm. Now that Stern has considerable competition, it is important to try and sell as many units as possible to maintain profitability.

#1416 2 years ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Does anyone know the sales #of GOTG? Pros or LE? there was only a run of 600 LE..

Stern does not release sales figures, but you can usually make a correlation in how many units they sell with number of people on Pinside purchasing them. I know Mustang did not sell well, I know WWE did not sell well, etc. Also the secondary market is also a good indicator of poor sales as you watch the tiles depreciate significantly. Metallica and Ghostbusters did very well in sales for Stern.

#1417 2 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

That Luci shit is ridiculous, didn’t get the artwork then and don’t get it now.

You have been very avid about your dislike of LUCI. I think the art is amazing, and I would rather look at a hot chic instead of sweaty old dudes. To me LUCI is art and it is one of the games I purchased NIB from Stern and I was very impressed with the overall build quality. The only other game that impressed me more than LUCI NIB was Star Trek LE. I did not have to do one thing to LUCI, and did not have one issue( that is rare with today's titles, especially with Spike and node boards failure rate). If anyone is on the fence with considering purchasing a LUCI, I can just say she is well worth it. Different strokes for different folks.

4 weeks later
#1480 1 year ago

Not sure if Iron Maiden will be for me or not, I know like one song-"Run for the Hills". I also was not keen on Metallica when it got announced but the layout sold me and I actually remember all of the Metallica songs growing up. Now Metallica is in my top five machines for my collection. This game will have to have a solid layout and polished code for me to even consider, definitely would be a pro model as well if I did like it. Hope it sells well and is a good title for Stern.

#1488 1 year ago
Quoted from flipper73:

Check your ratings: Metallica pro Number 29; the premium is even worse rated bei you. probably you have to update

I did my ratings years ago, they are way off! I have been lazy when it comes to updating my ratings. I think everyone's opinions change over the years, time to update.

My current top 5:

X-Men LE
Star Wars LE
Ghostbusters LE
Metallica Pro

#1489 1 year ago

So Iron Maiden up next then what.... Did Deadpool get put on the back burner because of Trudeau? What ever happened to Jurassic World-tons of potential? Not sure I am keen on an overpriced Munster's or Beatles from Kapow. Will we see Elvira in 2018? Deep thoughts

#1494 1 year ago

Was thinking why would Stern do two music pins so close together for release-AC/DC Luci Vault and Iron Maiden. Even with a month or so apart you would think they overlap a little. What if Iron Maiden is Stern's code word for King Kong or Jurassic World or something else? Stern is great at throwing curve balls. Same goes for Deadpool with the recent release of GOTG, I can see Deadpool in late 2018. Usually Music pin, Super Hero Pin, Movie Pin, rinse and repeat.

#1498 1 year ago
Quoted from benheck:

you can basically WILL game into existence.

Nimblepin told me years ago he was willing Iron Maiden into existence. I chuckled but now if it comes into fruition I will be eating my hat.

1 week later
#1657 1 year ago

I never was able to get into Iron Maiden music. Tried to listen to some tracks recently on Youtube and it was agonizing. If this game has fantastic art, great layout and decent code, I WILL have to use pinball browser to change out the music. Trying to think what music would make a good alternative...System of a Down, etc. Any other suggestions?

Also people calling Iron Maiden IM for short-sorry but IM is Iron Man. May try IMDN for short?

#1661 1 year ago

Was just thinking, I wonder how many people have already requested #666 LE For IMDN



#1663 1 year ago
Quoted from pinmister:

I wonder how many people have already requested #666 LE For IMDN

Rumor is that #666 LE will require an upcharge of $666 and you will have to sign over your soul to-not the Devil, but to Gary.

-Oh and by the way, you have to make a video of you performing a demeaning task and send it into to Stern to become a candidate. Hurry only 100 candidates will be considered

#1694 1 year ago
Quoted from Azmodeus:

I agree on the L E Sellout Speed.

I do not think the LE's will sell out. There are plenty of Iron Maiden fans, but they do not spend $8000+ on a pinball machine. Everyone thought the Kiss Army would step up and buy machines, we all know that did not happen. The days of LE's selling out are over. Only LE I see selling out is the super duper limited LE for Beatles from Kapow, because of the hype train.

2 weeks later
#1934 1 year ago

Luci Vault-current
Iron Maiden
Kapow Beatles



1 week later
#2107 1 year ago

Was thinking not sure Deadpool would be next-too close in timing to release of GOTG

Also thinking it can't be Munsters if Beatles is in line as well-both are Kapow

May get a surprise with Fast and Furious or Jurassic World?

I would love a Jurassic World pin!

1 week later
#2149 1 year ago
Quoted from Frippertron:

I the only one who noticed she has yellow teeth surrounded by white teeth.

Haha Do you really think people looked at her teeth? So classic, it's like one of those Meme's with hot chick...

Did you notice.png

2 weeks later
#2174 1 year ago

C'mon Stern make me a Jurassic World Pinball already-sheesh

8 months later
#2607 1 year ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

Mine would be that the absolute LAST thing we need in pinball right now is another pin based on an old rock band or comic book. Enough!

I disagree-bring on Superman 78', bring on another good music title!

Personally I am over the whole Monster/Zombie/Ghost themes-ENOUGH!

1 week later
#2641 11 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Vaults have to have LCD screen to make me buy.
Dots are dead..

Dots to me are classic and I actually like them. The LCD in today's machines are usually overkill-like the giant TV screen that JJP uses or lacking with the sub-par animation that Stern is attempting. Maybe the LCD will eventually get balanced and add significantly to game-play but right now it is still lacking imo. Best LCD integration since inception is the Star Wars video mode with Asteroid field challenge-even that feels elementary to me. Imagine if Stern had re-created a speeder bike chase through the woods-controlling the bike with the flippers, using 4k video game technology instead of basic asteroid scene using a basic programming platform. Time and Technology will hopefully tell but so far the LCD is only good for re-hashing video clips to tie into the theme of the game. While I hope programming catches up with the LCD-I also hope it does not slow down programming for code for actual gameplay on the playfield. I would rather have polished code instead of fancy video clips-but if I can get polished code and fantastic LCD integration that is a win win.

#2643 11 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

But stern moving forward needs to integrate LCD into vaults

Yea I am not sure about that. I like the older games the way they are now-I have grown to appreciate the originality of some of the classics including Tron. Not sure if adding a LCD would really add much to the game. If you wanted video clips of the movie to distract the player or slow down the flow then you could add the LCD but to me I would prefer the vaults be left 'original'. Sometimes less is more and I would hate to ruin something that is already great-if it isn't broke-don't fix it.

2 weeks later
#2724 11 months ago


#2776 11 months ago
Quoted from Coz:

Steve Ritchie’s last game with stern? Is he retiring, going to another company or staying with Stern?

I do not think Steve will be retiring anytime soon-pinball is in his blood. I also think he will stick with Stern even with certain constraints. People keep saying it is his 'last one' and it will be his 'masterpiece'. I have heard this for Star Trek, Star Wars, and now BK3000. His 'masterpiece' is STTNG and it likely will never be de-throned. He is my favorite designer and I am in the SRP club. Looking forward to many future titles from Steve.

1 month later
#2979 9 months ago

Looking forward to SPM 78'

Superman 78.jpg
1 week later
#3102 9 months ago

Stern release schedule: Music Pin....Movie/TV Pin.....Superhero Pin....Music Pin....Movie/TV Pin.....Superhero Pin...

2 weeks later
#3137 9 months ago
Quoted from Netzley_Crunch:

So where does Superman 78 fall on the release schedule?

I am hoping it comes up as the next title-mid summer?

1 month later
#3314 7 months ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

he said the collectors market is perfect for it but the location market isn't.

Was he talking about Black Knight Sword of Fury or Back to the Future? All joking aside I think BTTF would do well for the collectors market and the location market. One of the most recognizable franchises in existence.

Make it so Stern-I would be a buyer for sure.

3 weeks later
#3544 7 months ago

I do think that Stern should consider some kind of video game cross over. The new Halo game by Raw Thrills is very entertaining. I had to pull my wife away from playing it for over 20 minutes.

Bring on TMNT, HALO, World of Warcraft, Super Smash Bros. or any hybrid video-pinball machine. If done right and with the proper LCD integration-it could be cool and also could attract tons of non- pinheads?

3 months later
#4672 3 months ago

I want some classic 80's Rock and Roll

Stern needs to consider doing Def Leppard-screw Bon Jovi

#4674 3 months ago
Quoted from fisherdaman:

An 80s hair band pin would rule! I know it would be impossible license wise, but a combination of top hair bands would be awesome.

80's hairband pin would be an instant buy-would have to come stock with JBL audio.

80s hair.jpgHairbands.gifkids today.jpg
1 month later
#5569 75 days ago
Quoted from screaminr:

Led Zeppelin deserves its own unique play field like ACDC and Iron Maiden

I totally agree, Stern shot themselves in the foot with Beatles-when it comes to potential sales if it had been a modern machine with Pro, Premium, and LE models. Led Zeppelin is an epic theme-and again Stern will waste it on a re-hashed single level game. Flipping snooze fest-I would prefer a newly designed modern table or even a re-theme using Iron Maiden layout. At least my wallet is safe for now. If you want to bring back some classic titles-then just bring them back as all original-no need to waste good themes.

2 weeks later
#5790 60 days ago

I am not into re-skinning these classic Sterns. I have said it before and I will say it again, Stern please do not waste anymore good themes on re-skins. If people want a Quicksilver-then just re-introduce the classics. No need to re-theme, just remake them and it should make everyone happy. There are not a lot of good themes left(imo) and to capitalize on a good theme with a new innovative design is going to carry them into the next decade. I have zero interest in a Quicksilver Zeppelin.

-I am still waiting for Stern to make me a Mission Impossible pin with tons of hurry-ups and risk vs reward shots. -Make it so Stern!

3 weeks later
#6160 39 days ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

there‘ll be nothing in homes december 23rd.

I really do not understand the timing? Why announce a game a week or so before Christmas? By now most people are done with shopping, especially for big ticket items. Has to be probably the worse time to try and sell a game, especially on secondary market. Why not wait until January 2nd and have it be a 2020 title? Only thing I can think of is having x amount of games(cornerstones) per calendar year, or the license is for 2019-2021 and they want to capitalize on time frame? If people can get one under the tree-great but I do not believe they are trying to capitalize on going after last minute sporadic Christmas shoppers.

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