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*The Next Stern Pin*

By frankmac

3 years ago

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#840 2 years ago
Quoted from rammstein99:

How about Live PD?

Great theme, I would buy one. Perps' images to be licensed on backglass for authenticity. Wouldn't mind swimming around that environment to administer justice!

#856 2 years ago
Quoted from Strummy:

Yeah you are right. But Stern seems to have slightly more issues. Maybe I should get a b/w classic or just wait. That dialed in looks pretty dam fun and I have yet to have a jjp! From what I have read about their support, it sounds good if necessary. Please correct me if I'm wrong

Strummy, you've come to the best thread for asking advice for a JJP pin.

2 weeks later
#881 2 years ago

If there is any truth to the adage - you should want to f@ck a pinball machine because of theme, but you'll marry a pinball machine because of the rules - then selecting the correct license is a critical step. I could screw a pin based on one of these nine (9) themes:

Harry Potter (by JJP)
Guardians of Galaxy
Jimi Hendrix
Iron Maiden
Alien (by Heighway)
Big Lebowski (by Dutch Pinball)
Live PD

Gameplay would still need to be amazing, but when a pinball machine is based on a license you enjoy, that is a formula for sex appeal. Fortunately, some of these are titles are coming soon from a manufacturer near you!!

3 months later
#1220 2 years ago
Quoted from chad:

There will have to be a new abbreviated name for Iron Maiden. . Being Iron Man uses IM.

FeM ???

2 months later
#1507 1 year ago

Is Frampton the one that got away? Ignored for too long. .... Doobie Wah ...

2 weeks later
#1851 1 year ago
Quoted from Azmodeus:

I love iron maiden, but after iron maiden and what is currently out there. That's a lot of music pin choices now. There are many Good choices.

With that attitude we'll never see the Beatles, Hendrix, Ozzy, Zeppelin, Doors or Pink Floyd.

1 week later
#1959 1 year ago

Lots of industry hires over past six months. Now Brian Eddy. Love it!

#2004 1 year ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

Question from the audience was: Could future vaults possible have a release with an lcd instead of dmd.
Answer was: "take for example a LOTR vault -like some of you would like-, it would be too difficult to link lcd animations/vids to the existing software"..
That's the only thing that was said, nothing more.

chance1 (resized).jpg

#2015 1 year ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Uh, wrong again.
When sales are stated to be up year over year, they are not decreasing "due to poor quality" as you stated.
You never did get back to us on how you came up with your findings.

so that would mean Stern lowered quality and their revenue increased. Looking forward to further lowering of quality, coupled with greater years ahead for Stern.

#2062 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

We are beyond that now. What is the next game? Looks to be Deadpool.

I'm beyond that one too. What's next?

#2104 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

My distro just called and asked if I was sure that we want to pass on Iron Maiden LE. I was first on the list for an Iron Maiden LE when I found out that Stern bought the licence 3 years ago. With all my strength I said yes.. pass on Iron Maiden LE. First pass since Kiss LE in 2015. What a hard decision!..

What was your reason? Guessing you are bumping up against space limits maybe?

Only future music themes I am interested in seeing Stern make are Jimi Hendrix or Black Sabbath. No Beiber, Rinanna or Backstreet Boys for me.

1 month later
#2319 1 year ago

Anybody remember if it took a year or so for distributors to sell their STLE supply? Mostly because of the big run size afaik.

3 months later
#2400 1 year ago

a closeup of Empire State building...


1 week later
#2418 1 year ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Best I can piece together, this should be the order of Stern games through the end of 2019.
Fall 2018 - Munsters. This is currently the worst kept secret in Pinball
Winter 2019 - Beatles. Not 100%, but the rumors are strong on this one.
Summer 2019 - Steve Ritchie's unlicensed game. Ritchie has said on more than one occasion that his next game is unlicensed, and that he's having a blast making it. Summer 2019 would be two years since Star Wars, and approximately Ritchie's turnaround time.
Fall 2019 - Elvira 3. Cassandra Peterson and Dennis Nordman revealed this game was in the works at TPF 2017, and Gomez confirmed it at TPF 2018. A fall release makes sense for this theme (ala Munsters this year) and Cassandra has also mentioned this date recently. Set phasers to kill, I think this one is a lock for next fall.
Of course, there will be a VE next year, and always the chance of a home or boutique pin as well.
What do you guys think? Solid guesses, or malarkey?

I like your picks and would insert Eddy’s game in Spring 2019 and a ve at end of 2019. That’s one heck of a lineup — Stern is bringing their A-game. Things look interesting when you start guessing which game and when. My guesses for all manufacturers with timing ...

Stern has -
—- calendar year 2018 ——
Fall 2018 - Munsters
—- calendar year 2019 —-
Winter 2018 - Beatles
Spring 2019 - Jaws by Eddy
Summer 2019 - Steve Ritchie non-license
Fall 2019 - Elvira 3
—- calendar year 2020 —-
Winter 2019 - TronVE

JJP has -
Summer 2018 - JJP POTC
Fall 2019 - Willy Wonka
Winter 2020 - Toy Story

AP has -
Summer 2018 - Houdini
Summer 2019 - Oktoberfest

CGC has -
Winter 2017 - AFM
Fall 2018 - MBr
Fall 2019 - CV or TOM or CV or BBB

Spooky has -
Winter 2018 - TNA
Fall 2019 - ACNC
Winter 2020 - Denisi’s licensed

DR may have -
Summer 2019 - Fire and Brimstone and Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland
Fall 2019 - MG, Alice in Wonderland and Nordman nonlicensed.

#2421 1 year ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

With Munsters it would be 3 Titles this year, so we're done.
"Beatles" is set for January 2019 (CES) if everything runs smooth. (Source: Kaminkow)
Only possibility that Eddys, Steve Ritchies game and Elvira will ship in 2019 is if Stern doesn't define Beatles as a cornerstone title.
... Could happen.

... well Winter of 2018 mostly occurs in 2019 or what people might refer to as 1st quarter 2019. To get it straight in your mind, add three months to when you were currently thinking of each season.
67BC4822-E741-413E-B0FD-FBD099636499 (resized).png

So Munsters would end licensed games released in 2018. 2019 would have 3 licensed plus 1 non licensed games. 2020 shows the first game being a VE.

#2423 1 year ago

The only downside to having so many big titles planned for release in the next 18 - 24 months is that we expect the software for each game to be complete at release. That is a big assumption and still a risk in buying before you play. Buckle your seatbelts, Stern is firing on all cylinders, baby.

Steve Ritchie non-license
Elvira 3

#2450 1 year ago
Quoted from ausretrogamer:

Saving my pretty pennies for Brian Eddy’s JAWS**!
** or any Brian Eddy designed Stern machine.

everybody likes jaws.

7DB0300C-7EB4-4E6B-812D-B7AC0E2878C5 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#2517 1 year ago

If you are a pinball manufacturer and you have a game in top 10, you need to be creating more of them to sell more. These are the best of the best titles. 8 of these titles are available new in box currently, and that makes perfect business sense.

My hopes are high that Munsters will be a big success.

62BD08EB-9142-47E9-93CA-F620E79D2DB7 (resized).png

#2519 1 year ago
Quoted from Marcdaddy:

Those ratings are fine and all but i sold my Medieval and Attack From Mars out of boredom, im a sucker fir tge new Sterns and deep rulesets.

Easy to lose track of the 12 current Stern titles available nib.

3EC6BFC3-A543-4626-8C02-427F5FF6AD75 (resized).png73535BE2-1501-44B4-B290-6BD035D9FAF9 (resized).png
#2525 1 year ago
4EA0BCB8-E439-408B-9744-A4F4BFC72C8B (resized).jpeg4F760769-3650-4004-A870-A22CEC3206A0 (resized).jpeg
#2530 1 year ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

Initial first 1000 run Beatles finishing currently.
Primus (limited) contract game on the line next week.
Munsters Pros after that I assume.

Got any pics of Munsters pins to hold us over for 40 days?

#2536 1 year ago

If Stern built a game that was ranked 305th and where the bulk of that score is based on game’s design, why in God’s name would you retheme and release it without first improving the design?

FFA0D3D1-61C4-4DA6-8661-0B3AF8F7C488 (resized).jpeg

21B2673D-77D2-44CD-8488-403653B422BA (resized).jpeg

4 weeks later
#2562 1 year ago

Beautiful day for an announcement and reveal.

3 weeks later
#2597 1 year ago
Quoted from foureyedcharlie:

Yeah really, music pins suck. They never make any money selling those.
[quoted image]

cool! ... but missing the Stones is not cool.

2 weeks later
#2658 11 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

TSPP & LOTR both have some of the best dots in pinball, the biggest improvement they could give to both of those games with a Vault Edition is modern quality sound and modern hi res art!

Yes if they wanted to improve on them and provide added value. I’d suggest the color dmd and shaker motor too. But another option is to keep things the same.

Quoted from iceman44:

I just bought a HUO perfect TSPP for $5100.
What are they gonna sell the vault for? Colored dots? I'm getting the color dmd.
I don't know how they make these VE's work. SM was a disaster.

They could bring them back in the same condition and at the SAME price they were. TSPP was $3.5k when I bought mine in 2004. If Stern would bring back TSPPv and sell them for $4.8k, they could sell thousands. Vaults could be reissued for the purpose of selling more units to generate profit and suck money out of the market from those considering nib games.

The game costs Stern $2.5k on average to produce, per recently disclosed podcast speculation. Design of TSPP is 100% done so all that is needed is for Stern to renew license and order parts. Every TSPP made would add $2.3k to Stern’s bank account. How much do they want? Let’s say they decided to generate $2M profit. That’s as easy as making and selling 800 TSPPv. Who wouldn’t consider a Stern vault of their best titles, when remakes of the best B/W games are being offered by CGC? Consider it a license to print money.
5D0A1A38-48CE-4BE1-A361-A9C367A87120 (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#2778 11 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Latest podcast from special K says he's been told the next three are
Black Knight 3k / Steve Richie next game
Jurassic World
JAWS (BE as the designer)
All I know is if the last two are true, I'm very excited. Coupled with GnR from jjp and this could a fantastic year for Pinball.

The latter two need to feature a ball eating head - Dino, Jaws. Wonder if Ritchie’s BK3M will feature a jousting mode that incorporates a ball eating black knight helmet? Stern would be 3-baller in 2019.

3-baller is defined - when a pinball manufacturer releases three games that incorporate a ball eating head mechanism in one calendar year. Stern will be attempting to become the industry’s first 3-baller in 2019.... plus it is always nice to be recognized as a bmf. First leg of the race is MGC - stay tuned.

3 weeks later
#2855 10 months ago

Black Knight on the back of a black mare during a black night with 100% blackout conditions.

892C4D4A-D060-449F-B6A7-C15034617274 (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#2931 10 months ago
Quoted from Wotto:

Still driving a 90s car ?
They have also changed 10 fold and consumers happily accept and in fact EXPECT it.
There is no way anyone would go to a dealership now and ask if they had any vehicles for sale with 90s technology, they would be laughed off the lot I think.
They also use a lot of cheaper parts in many areas compared to 90s cars.

It is a shame that you can no longer add an eight track player as an option.

#2934 10 months ago

While Munsters has been out a few weeks, majority of people haven’t found one to play. Same with Oktoberfest. JJPOTC didn’t start being cranked out until Jan, nor did ACNC. Sword of Rage should start appearing in a few weeks. So that is 5 pins in first 3 months of 2019 that most haven’t flipped and more game releases are on the horizon. Can we expect a game a month this year? Probably as there will be close to 24 games titles available new in box.

A great way to play all the newest pins is to attend a pinball show near you. While this has always been an option, it may become a necessity for keeping up, now that cadence of games has picked up. So check your calendar and target a show or two to attend in 2019 and get your ball on.

3 weeks later
#3126 9 months ago

Stern’s manufacturing backlog - tons of BKSoR and Munsters plus more BM66, DP and Maiden. Having five cornerstone titles in production at once is why Stern is King of Pinball. I would be tempted by another premium version of BM66.

The only old title I see Stern making a vault of is Tron, and if they made a premium version with fiber on ramps but WITHOUT the lcd screen upgrade, they could sell 1000 games. Because they can spend less effort and still capture most remaining sales, Stern won’t be making the lcd version some Tron fans crave.

2 weeks later
#3165 8 months ago
Quoted from cletus:

I’ve heard that Steve Ritchie is a big Queen fan.

Did he follow Lady Chablee?

340B3004-186C-456C-85F3-BF1A5F0DDA59 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#3672 6 months ago

Loop this gif and call it a day, the vid is covered.

#3673 6 months ago

But the early years (40’s - 50’s) were a better look.

1 week later
#3893 6 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Keep you topper tears in the designated areas please, this is a thread aboot a new game that won't get a topper.

Don’t talk aboot BKSoR here either! Can’t afford to jinx the topper into pulling a SW.

#3966 6 months ago

Got GOTv? Prepare to learn the GOT is being vaulted with one important upgrade. After learning about the physical enhancement for BKSoR could we expect less? No -> so Gary has instructed the factory to move the power button off the head of Spike and Spike2 games and to redirect them to the prior location on the bottom of the cabinet. Said Gary Stern,"We've lost sales to people unable to turn on our machines for the past four years ... friggin idiots!. Now that our engineers have solved the mystery of the sphinx, they can move the power switch back to it's rightful spot. I'm hoping this adds 20% to Stern's bottom line and last night at the bar I figured it will surge worldwide power demand by 1/2%. And for those waiting to learn aboot the new title at Comic-Con ... prepare to be disappointed."

#3970 6 months ago

on figuring things out 22 hours early satan. Now double or nothing on what will be removed.

#4032 6 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

May I sue you if my machine has no power switch under the cab?

Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

...And for those waiting to learn aboot the new title at Comic-Con ... prepare to be disappointed."

no, but the last line is guaranteed.

Would you describe your reaction as disappointed?

#4040 6 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

What the hell does rapey mean?

Quoted from epthegeek:

It's how people describe the stuff that used to be acceptable in entertainment but due to changes in social acceptance are now terrible.
Like how in the end of Sixteen Candles the nerd trades a passed out drunk girl for some underwear and has sex with her and she doesn't remember.
Or in revenge of the nerds when they plant cameras in a sorority house to observe them naked, or wear a costume and pose as someone else to have sex with the hot chick without her consent -- it's fine, she liked it.
Or in Grease's case ... "tell me more, tell me more did she put up a fight"

... and in Pinball it applies to shots that are repeatable. When hit enough, a high score will result or a match win. I hate all casual references to or uses of the term.

#4047 6 months ago
Quoted from adamross:

Announcement coming soon for SW, sadly no Jurassic

A weak “excuse me” is heard from back of room. Man walks forward with his hand in the air as he continues to speak with a quivering voice, “what about a topper? SW home model costs $4k, does it come with a topper? You see, no topper is a deal breaker. Star Wars has tons of toys to use” He stamps his feet and shouts - I’M OUT! as he tears out of the room with the middle finger raised on both hands aka the double bird. ~ fin

#4075 6 months ago
Quoted from cait001:

If you'll all permit the quick tangent, when I joined the local league they asked how they can get more women to attend. My first response was to stop saying stuff like "raping the spinner" and "raping the backbox for parts".

did it help?

2 months later
#4534 4 months ago

That mech video is one of the best promo vids I’ve seen. It makes me want the game, when I don’t want the game. Nothing earth shattering, but what this didn’t get into were other game features that are great.

Not shown was stuff like game play and video are tightly integrated and seamless, there will be an expansive custom dialog package (no hillbilly announcer, we get The Queen of Macabre), custom Elvira video is being created and previous Elvira broadcast video is used. In addition to all this fluff, the playfield indicates there is a stiff o meter type fryer that is part of the ruleset. Oh boy, this game is going to be impressive when it is completed.

1 week later
#4603 3 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

For us Science Fiction readers, a Dune would be awesome! But I know it will never happen. [quoted image]

Dune the book - yes Stern do it!

Dune the movie - sux Do Not Do.

#4626 3 months ago

John Wick would make for one of the bloodiest and most dangerous pins ever made. Think I will like it a lot.

1 week later
#4743 3 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

TMNT is coming, but not next.

TMNT is the final cornerstone this year. Next year's first cornerstone pin should ship in Jan and as to what that theme it is ??? Stern hinted it was an 80's theme.

80's theme's already done -> Star Wars, Ghostbusters, IJ, BTTF, Terminator and Transformers. Stern won't do horror themes like Friday 13, Nightmare on Elm, Halloween, Gremlins or Chuckie. This leaves possible themes after TMNT -> another BTTF, Die Hard, Blade Runner, Beetlejuice or James Bond. That pretty much is the whole universe from that decade, excluding ongoing rock band acts.

#4754 3 months ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

mnpinball...any hints?

Little China - no way. Goonies - no 50 year old male is going to buy one - disqualified. Bond - removed.

We’ll make it easy for mnpinball , pick a letter ...


B) Die Hard

C) Blade Runner

D) Beetlejuice

Kman may be revealing theme on Monday ...

#4758 3 months ago

BTTF and Beetlejuice removed. Godzilla added under protest - TOHO wasn’t made in 80s. Jaws was 70’s.

We’ll make it easier for mnpinball to pick a letter ... it has to be right in front of his face below.

B) Die Hard
C) Blade Runner
E) Top Gun
F) Godzilla TOHO

#4764 3 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

I want to also add that there was no music pin this year yet.
What most of you may not knwo is that, to aquire the Beatles license, Stern also had to assure they'll release a "Plastic Ono Band" machine.

Haha. If it is a music pin then there would be many to choose among, but with rumored hype that this theme will blow your mind, I am sure bands can be ignored from consideration. If Beatles didn’t make everybody wet their pants, then what would? Spinal Tap would be a cute theme but not strong enough.

#4805 3 months ago

Good movie. Made a gajillion dollars. Good pinball theme. = Top Gun

Bad Movie. On cable often and made little money. Bad pinball theme. = Goonies

Starting to feel the need for speed, and some Top Gun. With new movie coming out, would Stern base the pin on the first movie or new release? Hoping for the old one.

#4869 3 months ago

You may like Goonies, but it was a small potatoes movie. It would make a horrible pin and snooze fest theme. There would be less interest in this pin than Munsters.

A7CFD186-144E-48E6-9FBE-D942DC403BE1 (resized).jpegABA15E4E-5C19-48AC-B0AB-0A22A801AE0C (resized).jpeg
#4879 3 months ago
Quoted from Capn12:

Because a movie's box office, is all that matters, right?[quoted image]

Quoted from Graysonsdad:

I feel like you are over looking the amount of overlap between cult movie fans and pinball fans.
Even kids still know and watch Goonies. My kid and his friends like it and they are 6. He has a tshirt we got at Walmart of all places.
I more excited about a tmnt pin. I told my son they might be making a tmnt pin and his response was "yuck"

You are probably right that it can come down to the cult following. TBL has a huge one so maybe if it doesn’t bring in a lot at the box office, it can have a following and still be pertinent.

I could list my nine favorite lines from the TBL, can Goonies fans list their favorite three lines or two unforgettable things that happened? I ask because this seems an easy way to gauge the commitment of a theme’s fans. Cult films have vocal fans with lots of favorite things to say about it. I don’t think that exists here, but will shut up now and allow the critics to prove me uninformed and outdated. What is so great about Goonies and would you want to relive those moments over and over in a pinball machine?

Top Gun will attract way more people to a pinball machine because of the size of the franchise. Stern could add a Goonies dvd with every Top Gun machine, for the best of all worlds.

#4900 3 months ago
Quoted from mrclean:

Heyyyyyy You Guyyyyyyyys Goonies would be amazing!!!
Background music Goonies R Good Enough must play, call outs from Sean Astin / Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman.... Truffle shuffle chunk shaker mode, causing diverters to open up via a rube goldberg type scene on the LCD. Spell S-L-OT-H to reveal the IT. Baby Ruth line...Chestor copper pot never made it this far!!! Wishing well mode, Top of playfield has booty traps...I mean booby traps. Gigantic boulders that come down causing the balls path to be block by certain ramps / targets. 50 dolla bill mode... animated moving pipes, The Fratelli chase mode, playfield gets dark & Data's blinding LED lights that shine at your face through the back box mode...one problem batteries not last so long. One eyed willy gotta play the bones to lower the draw bridge, diverter allows ball to travel down the ramps / water slides (playing that music score). You get to the bottom of the lower playfield revealing one eyed willy's ship. You gotta hit the targets to have the ship sail away for multi ball... Don't take willy's treasure, that's HIS! ... And remember GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE! The Goonies are looking at pinballs!
[quoted image]

Ha just read your post. You are describing the idealized version of the theme. This is Stern we are talking about. If Stern made the Goonies, it might not include movie clips or sounds. Would you still want Goonies then? Sheesh be careful what you wish for. If you think Stern’s version of Goonies would be a good pin, then I think you are a die hard Goonies fan. Fortunately Stern isn’t stupid enough to proceed on a Goonies. Die Hard on the other hand, would be golden.

#4911 3 months ago

Kman’s rumor is Karate Kid. I’ve brought that one up before, but it didn’t get much love from anybody. It could make for an interesting theme and a good pin, but I don’t think Stern will actually be doing it. Quality rumors are hard to find.


1 week later
#5029 3 months ago
Quoted from Morhaus:

My 15 year-old daughter has all the modes imagined. Wish she worked for Stern!!

Have her list it out. I can’t imagine how this theme could be brought to life.

#5174 3 months ago

Some Distributors encourage HUO and high end trade-ins. That is an easy way to replace a newish pin with a newer pin. Trade values offered are usually fair.

48C5EE3B-803A-40BB-809E-C40065A46EBC (resized).png
#5277 89 days ago
Quoted from J85M:

Technically Tron is as much a Daft Punk pin as it is a Tron pin, love the music on my TRON one of the best soundtracks on a pin!

Just make the Blue Man Group No assets needed. Pics of guys painted blue and dressed in blue. License Danesi tracks. RGB lighting is a must. Done and roll it out the door. Then start working on Jaws-like pin called Sharkee’s Revenge.

#5284 88 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

I know Mr Gary Stern said no more back to the future, but please, just do it man. There will be so many buyers, I need it.. think Gary, think!

I've read you gotta have passion for making a title, otherwise it will end an abysmal failure.... If only Stern had the cohones to make Beetlejuice with a half-motivated team. Come on Stern, that excuse is a crock of sh*t.

1 month later
#5851 55 days ago

In a twist of irony, Stern may be using Zeppelin as the code name for the Rush pin. That way they can sell twice as many games.

#5905 54 days ago

What kind of music will a Stranger Things pinball machine have? What kind of video will a Rush pinball machine have? Wham! Maybe Stern wanted Rush music for the Stranger Things pin. Wouldn't that be sweet?

#5912 54 days ago

What I found interesting about Rick and Morty.

#5978 53 days ago
Quoted from PW79:

Speaking of game leaks...
Check out the giant leek in this bathroom. Someone call a plumber![quoted image]

Hint for next time ... aim for the bowl.

2 weeks later
#6310 35 days ago

Gary talks and sometimes he fibs. I remember when WWE was released and it was on the line. Gary was asked in an interview what his favorite game was and he answered WWE. No way that was true.

When TWD was revealed, Gary was asked about the missing premium model. He said there would not be one and if you want full features, buy a LE. A year later TWD premium was announced. Had it been planned from the beginning?

So Gary can change his mind and there is no harm asking for a BTTF.

1 month later
#6482 4 days ago

Using a show’s popularity isn’t a good basis for picking a theme. Take Breaking Bad for instance. Huge following and it has reached cult status. Stern will not do a pin based on Meth Chefs or Drug Kingpins. The show was good but nothing lends itself towards being half-way exciting enough for pinball. Sure you can make rules based on events but that would not be enjoyable. I am surprised Stern picked such a snoozer title as STh, although I enjoy it in spite of theme. Remember popularity alone does not equal a good theme. Now back to your regular scheduled programming.

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