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*The Next Stern Pin*

By frankmac

3 years ago

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#2614 12 months ago
Quoted from BrewinBombers:

This is more accurate:
The Munsters - 1964-66
The Beatles - 1960-1970
Iron Maiden - 1975-Present
Batman 66 - 1966-68
Metallica - 1981-Present
AC/DC - 1980-Present
Guardians of the Galaxy - 2014-Present
Star Wars - 1977-Present
Aerosmith - 1970-Present
Star Trek (new cast) - 2012-Present
Deadpool - 2016-Present

Sorry man... Iron Maiden might have started in 1975...
But, their studio debut album was 1980. And that was Paul Di'anno singing...
Was 1982 with number of the beast with Bruce Dickinson that really launched them.
And there is no Paul Di'anno in the stern pin.
So your timeline is a bit off. 1982. There is a difference.
And your ac dc timeline is off.
They have bon scott. Bon Scott AC DC was around 1975 to his death 1980.
And they have a lot of Bon Scott songs on the Stern AC-DC pin.
So 1980 for AC-DC is wrong.

#2618 12 months ago
Quoted from BrewinBombers:

diospinball my point was to the poster above me that few of the dates he listed (of which I just mirrored) are relevant in case you include the entire period in which they were actively doing something (new albums, touring, whatever).

It was just weird seeing Iron Maiden starting after ac dc.
When they were still just a pub band and refining their sound at that time. I mean so many groundbreaking and necessary albums weren't even created/released yet that would pave the way for heavy metal.

I know pinball is all about old white dudes. And while I'm not young anymore.
I'm am almost 35. I will say I don't want newer themes. I'm content with the older themes. If they're better playing games so be it.
And while Munsters might be an old theme... Its a monsters themed pin. And lets be honest some of the greatest pins ever are munster... I mean monster themed.

I mean its not like Stern is going to do a Green Acres pin...
Anyone... Green Acres... Anyone... I mean that be silly my Darling.

#2624 12 months ago
Quoted from whitey:

Elvira 3 ? Better be on point, artwork! And please keep true to the theme and don’t bubble gum it !
For you guys that can’t have some T&A
Because says the wife says no oh well !

I don't think they will try to bubble gum it.
It has to have Cassandra's okay to use her license. I do think there will be setting to turn off adult mode.
I know both Nord and stern were upset that Whoa Nellie didn't sell how they were hoping.
But,t I really think its because its just not that great of a pin... And also the artwork while cheeky is a bit tame. Yes, I get the joke. Yes, its good artwork. But, could have been a bit more over the top for my tastes. So I think they just alienated a lot of people with that pin.
But, its been rethemed like 2 times now, so I don't think its a flop anymore.

But, I am really looking forward to Elvira 3. If its a good pinball machine like the first two then the whole series will really be something special.

3 weeks later
#2716 11 months ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

Judas Priest!!!!

Only if they got the metal god himself to make the callouts. And of course he'd have to have more than a few callouts that were just his SCREAM!!!!
It's not a Priest song I know, but Silent Screams is one of my favorite songs Halford sings on. Love it near the end when his scream builds and builds into a powerful crescendo. Epic doesn't begin to describe it, and you'd need callouts like that... Just a scream that builds and erupts and then you know you've done a good job...
The Priest theme would be nice, as they could have cool artwork(even though most of Priests artwork is lame Point of Entry).
I just doubt they would do it, because unlike Maiden which is arguably bigger today than in their heyday. Priest isn't... Sure their albums are charting better(for the first week), but the sales are not better. And their concert attendance is way down.
Be a great theme if done right... But, I also think it be a hard theme to do right.
And at most only 3 songs from British Steel should make the cut. Breaking the Law, Living After Midnight, and Metal Gods. No United... God I hate that song. I saw them live with ripper and they played that instead of you got another thing coming. F--- Off! Really cheesed me off.

1 week later
#2801 11 months ago
Quoted from GrueLurks:

That song and CD rules!

Yes, its a shame that too many fans of both Maiden and Priest, don't track down Bruce's and Rob's solo work. I find Accident, Chem Wed, and Resurrection to be better albums than the ones from their bands.

While I would put 3-5 Maiden albums ahead of Accident of Birth, to me Chemical Wedding is the greatest metal album ever.
As for Resurrection I would only put Stained Class ahead of it, and I think it just barely edges past Screaming for vengeance which are my favorite two Priest albums.
Just boggles the mind that fans don't track them down and they don't get the respect they would have gotten if they had a different name on the cover.

3 weeks later
#2899 10 months ago

I think its looking sharp. And honestly... I'm a bit excited to see or rather hear the music and callouts for this game... This could really be a neat game.

6 months later
#4592 3 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

For us Science Fiction readers, a Dune would be awesome! But I know it will never happen. [quoted image]

A pinball based on a book... Well, that would put most people to sleep.
They'd say if I wanted to read a book I'd go to a library.
But, man... A Dune pin would be AMAZING!

Great theme... Lots of cool toys...

#4600 3 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Yeah, people hate the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dracula, and any other themes that started as books.

Yes, but those movies have for many people transcended the books...
Dune hasn't had that major hit movie that connected with audiences. The book is still the most popular medium for the story.

Dracula... I read that book... The 1930s Universal film is nothing like it. I love Hammer films... But, no hammer came close to being like the book... Stokers Dracula... Pretty faithful... But, I like the hammers better.
And Dracula has transcended the book and is a pop culture figure in and of himself.

Charlie and hte Chocolate Factory is the real name... But, the Pin is based on the WILLY WONKA and the Chocolate factory movie... Not the book... Again... Title change.

Hobbit... Not based on the book. Based on the silly movies.

Again LOTR base on the really dang good movies. But, movies that were in turn based on Ralph Bashki's adaption of the film. Jackson has admitted it himself. He took a lot of cues from the 1970s animated LOTR...
So the pin is based on movie, that was in part inspired by another movie, that was based on a book...

So you see the separation... TO have something based solely on a book. That be cool. But, some people would be off put by it.

Edit... Lastly... I was joking. Maybe not a good joke. But, we all know people who refuse to read at all... Most people don't even read one book in a year... Heck. I'm trying to get back to reading regularly myself and I'm only at 8 books so far for this year. I'd like to get to 13 to 15 for the year.

PPS... The current book I am reading is a short story collection of Lester Del Rey. Amazing sci fi writer and publisher.

4 weeks later
#5264 84 days ago

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...
A blade runner pin would/could be cool, but I fear its a property that will get lost, in the franchise shuffle, like tears in rain.

Love Rutger hauer. He's one of my all time favorite actors. So glad his career had a mini comeback at the end for him.
He is one of the few actors who could make a bad movie watchable.
Not many actors like him around any more.
Peter Cushing, Chris Lee, Vincent Price, Charles Bronson. All actors who could hold your attention just by the power of their presence. Too many pretty boys acting. Not enough people with real character and charisma.

#5272 84 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they don't F*** it up!

Well... It might turn out like the new Terminator film... Sure I cannot really judge the film before I watch it. But, I have no desire to watch it. It looks bad. It looks lame. And it looks to have the worst terminators out of all of the films.

I actually enjoyed Gensys or however it was spelt. No its not a great film. But, it was okay for what it was. But, really with the Terminator films you just gotta stop watching after the 2nd one.

I'd be down for another Snake Plisken adventure. But, bring back Kurt and John. Escape from LA was a hammy good time.

#5300 83 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

OK, I can see you are not a gamer. I was for a PC gamer for decades! ou is that gamers are the cheapest bunch I have ever seen! They bitch about spending $60.00 US on an awesome title. Example, Pinball FX 2VR. The entire package (all 12 tables) costs about $65.00. These are awesome! I have them all. And all you have to do is go read the reviews of gamers. They all piss and moan about how expensive it is, and they won't pay for it! This is why every cool technology that has come along in the last 15 years has died out. Example; nvidia 3d vision, Novint Falcon force feed back controller. The Novint Falcon was the greatest first person perspective controller ever invented. I had one with the pistol grip. Feeling the recoil of automatic weapons is needless to say, immersive! The company went bankrupt because apparently $184.00 was just too much for gamers to spend on their hobby, that mind you, they spend tremendous hours on!
As I type this on my 3d Vision display, nvida has stopped support for this awesome tech. You should have seen pinball in 3d vision! So it's no wonder to me that Stern isn't wasting time on gamers. Do you think these people are going to actually drop THOUSANDS on pinball machines?

You made a great point... Gamers are really bad at wanting to pay for content. People don't get how much time and cost it takes to make their entertainment. And why there needs to be a cost associated with it.
But, its not just that or gamers. You have people who claim they love movies, but will only subscribe to netflix. Now, I only go to like 5-8 movies in the theater per year. But, I own about 3k dvds and blu rays. I love physical media. And the movie industry will die off if people only subscribe to netflix or other subscription sites.
And then some people will then pirate whatever netflix doesn't cover...

Same for music. People all claim they love music. But, they don't buy it anymore. They listen to it on pandora or other streaming sites, or listen to it on youtube. I make it a point to support my bands and buy their music.

Supporting the stuff you like, helps ensure more of it get made... A lot of people don't get that. But, that is the simple truth. Most companies like money. So if you give them more, they will in turn make a sequel of that movie you like... And most often than not... That sequel will SUCK!!!

So the morale of the story is... For the love of god don't go to movies, they'll just make a crappy sequel to that movie you loved!

#5354 81 days ago
Quoted from TheCapn:

I could see TMNT being networked. You have 4 Turtles to choose from, and each one gives you certain perks on your game. You and your friends can team up to take down the foot clan and destroy shreddar! Even if it isn't a networked game they should implement co-op mode - just sayin'.

Not really jazzed about network play. Think that idea is silly and I'd rather my money go to something that I would enjoy. Because, trust me... If they do network a pin, that would come out of the pins production budget. So you'd lose other features if you gained that...

With that being said. Co-op play... That would be amazing. Let the players pick their turtles and like you said, work your way through the game. I'd be very tempted for that feature, and the theme to be honest. And also that way my family doesn't have to complain that I win all the time(I don't... I still lose about 20-30% of the time), but generally when I lose its a garbage game. And when I win, I generally destroy them... But, this way I can convince them to play more often as we're a team... That really would be cool. And would help it stand out more. I know TNA has co-op, but still its not a feature many games have. So that be amazing.

#5360 81 days ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Sranger Things might be a Brian Eddy game, TMNT could be a John Borg one.

Damn... I like Eddy's games. Never seen stranger things and no real desire to go out of my way and watch. One day I might... Still, I guess its always good to have pins made that I have no desire to own. Limited space and all that jazz... So just means if that is true I'll play it on location, which is perfectly fine.

Borg does good work. And I guess that means their will be a bash toy probably where groot or sparky or herman is. LOL. Just teasing. Borg makes really good games.

#5372 81 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

My Alice Cooper has co-op too! And 2 different modes of it. First mode all players team up against the machine. Second mode, player's 1 & 3 battle player's 2 & 4. Fun Fun!

That makes sense. Alice Cooper and TNA are both Spooky. But, I like that they have the option b of players 1,3 vs 2,4. That is smart. I like some of the ideas that Spooky is bringing into pinball. They're not high end like JJP, but they got good ideas and energy. If they ever do make a 2nd run of TNA I might try to snag one. Should have the space and money by the time/if the time ever occurs.

#5385 80 days ago
Quoted from skink91:

I second that notion.

What do you mean I don't play pinball?

I play it every day.

What do you mean I don't play pinball?

Got nothing better to do.

Megadeth as a pinball theme might sell, but whose buying?

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry for the lame Megadeth jokes. May my post rust in peace.

Edit... Thought of another one...

And what do you mean I can't pay my bills?
I bought the Stern Megadeth pinball machine... Why do you think I'm BROKE!

#5393 80 days ago
Quoted from kciaccio:

I would like to see a DIO pin before the other music pins mentioned..And his wife is still very hands on keeping his legacy going and would be a great help to Stern to get it done right...

Did someone say DIO???

It won't happen. Dio was always just a bit less famous than all the other bands. Don't get me wrong he's my favorite singer ever. hence DIOSPINBALL. My house is called Dio'sPlace(or at least my house's wifi is).

I don't see a Dio pin happening. But, it be amazing. And deserving. 3 all time classic albums with 3 different bands. Very important voice in the creation of heavy metal.

The one thing about Wendy Dio is she needs to get off her butt and release the unreleased dio tracks already.
I don't care if its only 3-5 songs... Dig deep into the archives and find maybe other sessions he did, or live tracks to fill it out... Or maybe throw metal will never die on it. Strike a deal with the guy who owns that songs rights.
Get that album out. And get an authorized bio out. And maybe get the hologram tour in North America.

#5396 80 days ago
Quoted from Jackontherocks:

I wish for a Motorhead pin but know it will never happen, even saw in an interview Lemmy wanted one done. I always thought a pin game like the game Brutal Legend would work or Monsters of rock.

Well.. I'm not a fan of Jack Black. But, the cool thing about Brutal Legend it had a great soundtrack. Metal Church and Michael Schenker had songs on it. Two groups that most people are not familiar with.

I'm a huge Schenker fan. I own almost all his 42 studio albums. There are a few thank yous I need to buy. And honestly... Those are good... But, they're acoustic so I'm not in a rush to buy them. I own 3 of the 5. One is the same but with orchestra.

Basically I'd like any music pin, but an Ozzy pin, or a Black Sabbath pin... Because, you know they're only going to do Ozzy Sabbath...

Yeah... Heaven and Hell never happened, and wasn't only one of the most important metal albums ever... People gloss over that era of Sabbath. But, really Mob Rules was just as influential. That was thrash before thrash came out. It predated most of the major thrash bands debut albums. Just by a little bit, but you bet it influenced them.

#5405 80 days ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Maiden has tough shots but also flow. .

Those ramps can be BRUTAL!!!! But, they did force me to become a better player... Some days it does take me a bit to get dialed in on them, and some days it really stinks when I'm playing good and then I lose the spot on my flippers and I can't find it again. But, I think its fair... It made me much better. Not just at learning how to aim, but how to recover from a beefed shot.

Don't want to get all into the hate on ACNC. But, yeah... For me its like I become a teamster and I just can't stop laying bricks. It is a fun game, and it is a very unique layout. but, I don't think it is the best layout. There are flaws to it. In both the rules of the game, and just the flow of the game. But, again... I think warts and all their is something good about the uniqueness of its layout and to me that overcomes the clunki-ness. Hell, if I was rich I'd own an ACNC.

So really for me the biggest issue is... Why am I not RICH?????

#5414 79 days ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Can you share the password too in case any of us happen through the neighborhood?

Yeah. It's eat my butt!!!!!
Not a newb man. I don't share that data. My wifi name is broadcast to all on my street. Nothing private about that.
Anyway. Don't take my response too harshly. I know you were joking and so my response in kind was too.

Any my neighborhood isn't the best... Not the worst... But, a few blocks down it gets pretty bad... But, its all I could afford at the time. When I bought the house I never thought I would also be buying pinball machines... Had a good run of luck lately.

#5422 79 days ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

That's just silly. It was not "thrash," there's a couple of faster songs but nothing on there is anywhere as near thrashy/speedy as the stuff bands like Priest and Motorhead were doing years earlier (or even SABBATH - have you never heard Symptom of the Universe?! It's "thrashier" than anything Dio Sabbath ever did!). Dio Sabbath is solid but it didn't break any new ground, don't see where you got that.
People are always obsessed with thinking something they like is some kind of underappreciated influence on a genre it has little to do with.
"Johnny Cash was the first punk!"
"The Beatles were the first Boy Band!"
"Blondie invented rap!"
No they aren't and no they didn't. Stop being stupid.

The album itself is not Thrash. But, the song Mob Rules is a thrash song.
Geez man. I said influenced. And again. Its there.
If you don't think that the Thrash bands all heard that album and didn't take the pieces that they liked from it you're mistaken.

And sure... Dio wasn't influencial in heavy metal...

That is silly. And STUPID. Let's see... His work in Rainbow.. .Check... His work in Sabbath... CHeck... His work in Dio... Check...

Oh... And also... I've listened to most of the rock and hard rock bands. Dating back to purple... And a few odds and ends before... If you can't track the progression of the heavy metal sound as it evolves and not see Dio's influence.

Purple was not a metal band. Hard Rock... Rainbow was not a metal band... Hard Rock... But, it pushed the Rock Genre closer to heavy metal. And really. A lot of the Heavy Metal sound in the 80s... That started to appear. Around 77-80. Priests first few albums whether crapily produced or not, didn't have the sonic properties of metal as we know it today.

Took Stained Class to really be their sonic breakthrough...
Iron Maiden really didn't hit their stride till 82's Number of the Beast. Sure a lot their sound was already in place... But, still needed to be tweaked.

Heaven and Hell the album kind of set the measuring stick for what a metal album in the 80s should sound like.

And yeah... I love Priest... But, Priest is across the board with their sound. And no doubt influential.. Cos they were always at top 5 metal band....

Jeez man. Same with Dio... But, a lot of people only think Holy Diver is all he's ever done. And people DO TRY TO ERASE his legacy.

Just also want to put a small edit at one of the things that the metal sound and evolution all share...
Martin Birch. Producer/engineer for Machine Head by purple. Producer for Rainbow... Producer for Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules. And Producer for Maiden during their golden age run... So he should get his due as well. He also produced Schenker's best album in the 80s Assault Attack. And actually he did produce Machine Head... Just isn't credited... But, he was there and he did his duties the same as if he was producing it.

So Levi... You believe what you want... But, I have listened to more metal and rock than most even die hard music fans... A few people do put me to shame. Like my old college roommate, but he was crazy about it.
I just love heavy metal. It is your one way ticket to midnight after all.

#5423 79 days ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Just keep guessing Dio songs. Probably "mobrules" or "neonknights"

Well... Those are technically black sabbath songs.

#5426 79 days ago
Quoted from DakotaMike:

Honestly, a "Friends" pin sounds pretty awesome! The idea sounds kinda ridiculous, but kinda brilliant at the same time. I could almost see Friends being a real machine from the 90's, given how many weirdly chosen shows and movies were made into pins in that era. Plus, now that Friends has been off the air for so long, and none of the stars have really been hugely successful, the license and likenesses might be just cheap enough to swing. And I mean everyone knows about Friends, so it has that going for it. You could have modes based on characters or on episodes, I mean the possibilities are almost endless. I want one now!

Well, Stranger Things is on Netflix (which almost everyone has), and the first season is only 10 episodes, so you wouldn't really have to go out of your way to watch it. In fact, you could honestly just watch the first episode and know immediately whether the show was for you or not. One of the best first episodes in recent TV history to be honest.
Plus, as far as a Stranger Things pinball machine goes...could you imagine the backglass/translite on it? The "movie posters" for each season all ready kinda look like backglasses to begin with! Plus, they've all ready licensed the theme for cheap video games, so no reason they wouldn't for a pin. Especially, when you consider that pinball machines are kinda retro to begin with.

Don't have netflix... Don't like sub services. No desire to get it... Its fine... I might watch it eventually. But, as I said no need or desire... But, you know... I won't have a problem ever playing a stranger things pin on location. I hate the show walking dead. But, man that is a fun pinball machine.

#5434 79 days ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

And as far as thrash goes, ever heard “dissident aggressor?”
And did you know I own Dio’s couch?

Dammit... Gotta change my password now. Dammit it hell.

I'm not a fan of Sad Wings, Sin After Sin, Rock a Rolla, or even hell bent for leather.
But, Stained Class is my favorite Priest album and yeah... Dissident Aggressor is good. But, again... Much of that album I don't like. For me its Class, Screaming, Painkiller, Defenders and Firepower. Not a fan of British Steele.. One thing though... All the early stuff on Unleashed on the East album are really, really good... Which means they got screwed by inept producers... Something they admit.

And you own his couch... Nice...

#5465 78 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Is this the new "I dont have cable" brag?

Nope... Its the I am cheap... Like Ebeneezer Scrooge cheap. While I do buy physical media... I do that because i like to support the stuff I like... And I like being able to watch something when I want to. I don't like how movies come and go on streaming platforms... So... I spend money on the movies and shows I want to watch. Some months its cheaper than cable... Some months... Not so much...

And again... Anyone who visits my house knows just how cheap I am, because like Scrooge, I don't believe in heating. Keep my house at around 57-61 degrees in the winter. Don't believe in paying for heat. Just enough heat to where my pipes don't freeze.

And really... I don't watch that much tv anymore. I watch pinball streams... Buffalo and Papa, and I watch glock 9 and capp stream 7 days to die. And I watch about 1-2 movies a week.

Just watched my Creature from the Black Lagoon movie. Never watched it straight start to finish. Really enjoyed it. Amazing film. Planning on watching the sequels soon as well... And working my way through the rest of the classic Universal monsters. Seen Wolfman, Dracula, and Frankenstien, and of course Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstien, which is one of my all time favorite comedies. But, I like to truly watch a film. Not just have it on. That to me doesn't count. When I watch no phone, no internet. Just watch and enjoy the film.

So really a sub service... that's a bit too much content that I'll never watch. So no thank you. Just would be a waste FOR ME to pay for.

FYI. I got the 2nd season of Castlevania coming on thursday. So I do watch some things from netflix from time to time, but they need to interest me. And those are few and far between. So its easier for me to consume them a la carte.

2 weeks later
#5686 64 days ago

I think the only way I'd buy a NIB band pin from stern would be if they made a Judas Priest pin. I'd go super LE all over a Dio pin. But, that will never, ever happen. Even though really Dio's and Priests album sales are around the same. I think Priest because they are still active has a little bit better brand right now.
But, I'd move Heaven And Hell just to get the SLE for a dio... For a Priest. It be a Prem or LE... Whichever has the better art package.
But, I just don't see that happening... Not a shame... I got Iron Maiden and that was amazing. One day I wouldn't mind an AC DC Luci though. And I think the Aerosmith pin is really dang good. Love that ball lock and it has some of the coolest animations in all pinball.

#5691 64 days ago
Quoted from kvan99:

I'd buy my next Stern music pin if they make "The Clash" so we both have about a 1% chance of buying a Stern music pin.

Ohhh... I think the chances are worse than that... More aligned to a snowball in hell if you know what I mean.

#5692 64 days ago
Quoted from noob-a-tron:

Slayer, Sabbath (have heaven and hell with Dio as a tribute) next music pins. Or do horror Friday 13th, Halloween, Evil dead. So many options. Action movie do Rambo.

I'd prefer no black sabbath. Only because if they would include dio it would be some very minor way and trivialize what he accomplished with them.
Look at his output with black sabbath and compare that with Ozzy... Yeah... Short time, but lots of material in that short time, and all of it quality.
And he had 3 era's with them and each was successful... Yes, even Dehumanizer was commercially successful and a good tour for them... Ended badly, thats when Halford had to come in, because Dio refused to open for Ozzy for Ozfest.

Then they got back again under Heaven and Hell and once again. Very successful. Shame Dio died when he did. He had 3 albums in the works. A 2nd Heaven and Hell album and Magica 2 and 3.

They really were a great song writing team. Wish they had more time, but that was the nature of the beast... In fact one of the things that kinda got Dio fired during the mixing of Live Evil(the producer Lilly Munsters Son...Not Butch Patrick... Lied to Tony and Gezer about Dio messing with the mix and bringing his vocals up.), was the record contract he signed with Warner Bros. Geezer and Tony were afraid he was going to cut and run and were not happy about it. You got to remember. The band was in the dumps before Dio joined. Their glory days were over.
He rekindled their popularity. So that record contract rubbed them the wrong way.
Dio claims that he was going to take an approach where he would have lots of guests on the album, kind of like how he guested on Kerry Livgrens Seeds of Change. So the album wasn't really going to be a big deal or priority for him. More for fun... Well, he got fired.

And after assembling a band he went in to record that album. And after a few days in the studio he got a call to meet with one of Warner's executives in the morning. He asked what Dio was doing, and dio told him recording the album that he was under contract for. The guy said cool and then said who the hell scheduled this so damn early in the morning...Any... That album would become Holy Diver... So really no sour grapes for Dio being kicked out. As I wouldn't want a world without Holy Diver.

So... Sorry about the tangent. But, yeah... They'd gloss over Dio, or insult him by having such little content with him. So no thank you to a black sabbath pin. Not worth insulting his legacy.

#5714 63 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

That's the horrible trailer I was referring to when I said they should hire Matthew Lillard. That guy has been Shaggy's voice in every cartoon, game or live action flick for over 20yrs. After Casey Kasem's iconic Shaggy, Matthew Lillard has done a great job with the character. Not casting him in this movie seems like a dick move.

Especially since stunt casting, really doesn't bring anyone to see an animated movie. Animated movies really don't get a boost with "Star" power. Personally I'd rather have a talented voice actor over a celeb doing a quick gig paycheck. Not saying that is the case for scooby. And it probably would have been cheaper to hire Lillard as well.

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#6371 24 days ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Yup, Gottlieb targeted mainstream themes but skirted actually paying for the rights.
Gold Wings= Top Gun
Raven= Rambo
Hollywood Heat= Miami Vice

Don't forget Deadly Weapon. Only needed to change one word for that pinball and it was off to the races.

But, Bally skirted the rights a few time with Attack From Mars, and Medieval Madness. If done right you can make a pinball around a popular theme or concept and make it actually better as its your own IP and you're only hamstrung by your own ideas and the assets that you make.

Don't hate me. But, while I think there is a lot of cool stuff going on in stranger things. I know I will never buy one. At least not anytime within the next 6-10 years. I rather own MM and AFM and possibly a Shadow before I buy a Stranger Things. But, I think the mag bull lock is cool. I like the bash toy, and the projector idea looks to be promising. And I like some of the animations for the game. Mainly the extra ball animation. Yes, I know its just a callback to AFM, but its still awesome.

I work as a computer tech for school districts however. And we have a projector in every classroom, and in offices, auditoriums, and media centers. Bulb life is around 4k-8k hours. But, these bulbs are expensive!!!!
Its also possible to have more than a few dudes. Again we have about 1k projectors. So we get more than a few lemons. Also. With the shaking of the game, the focus and mounting could very well become an issue.
Then lastly heat consumption. These bulbs get very hot. So... Where is it housed. Will it cos plastics to warp if any are near it. What about overheating any boards that are near it.
What about the fan noise for the projector unit.
How easy/hard will the bulb be to replace. If this is a custom projector. How long will stern carry replacement parts for it.

I'm not dumping on there idea. Brian Eddy has forgotten more about pinball design, then I'll EVER know. I'm just saying... Those are things that worry me a little bit. And sure the 1,500 dollar projector that my district uses are not the same that stern will be using...
Sorry about my weird tangents... Its late and I probably should go to bed.

#6401 21 days ago
Quoted from Globalcop:

Was Medieval Madness a knock-off of Monty Python Holy Grail? If not, what was it a knock-off of?

Well... I think the french castle proves that it certainly took bits of inspiration from the movie. But, in a way I think the original themes that are inspired from popular movies are in a way more appealing... Maybe only to me.

But, I mean if I want to watch "insert name of movie here" I can always pop it into my dvd player or stream it. And yeah... I do own a blu ray player still. I own over 3k movies and growing. My collection is better than any streaming service and its filled with movies I "ENJOY" watching(mostly... some films are only good ot be coasters).

I'm not saying you can't build a great pinball machine from good or bad movies. I think the 90s proved that you can turn ho-hum movies into great pins. Its just with the lcd's you're getting more and more of the movie content and less content created for the pinball machine. I'm a fan of dots and animation, and I loved the unique animations for pinball games. So I to me... A game like GOTG just lacks the same pop it would have if it had original animations instead of the source animations. Not saying that video footage can't work. I love Batman 66. I just think its hit or miss is all.
So for me. Yes, I would prefer more non-license games.
But, I do understand why Stern(or any other company) doesn't want to go down that route too often. Yes, its harder to sell non-license games. And bottom line is all that matters in any business.

#6403 21 days ago
Quoted from freeplay3:

I would love an original theme game. I picked up a GoT premium last year for the route. I never saw the show, never played the game, just knew with the new season coming it should do well with the occasional players. It didnt disappoint. I started playing it one day and really liked it. Anytime I am at the location I try to play a few games. The other day I was playing it and thought if it wasn't GoT but a basic clan wars type game, could it be more appealing. You could rip off some off MM ideas and give the clans odd names. Mix a little comedy in to it. Do a much better art package and not be committed to using what is given to you to use.
I dont know if they are afraid to take a chance on original themes. Last ones I can remember them doing is sharky shootout and high roller. Back then the games were...bad. Lisenced or not. If not I will keep my fingers crossed for that Facts of Life pinball I am dreaming about....you take the good, you take the bad

I like Sharky Shootout and one of my pinball friends, that's one of his favorite games. I think sharky has decent art(they do reuse too much of their assets though for my taste) decent dots, and some really nice callouts. Game is fun.

As to your point about would GOT be better if it was an original theme... I think you make very valid points. I don't like the dots in GOT. I do like the game. I think the assets used in the art are a bit bland. And don't really appeal to me too much... I rather have art. But, I know why they didn't go that route. It's cheaper. Hell... I could do the photoshop work required to make that cabinet and my design wouldn't be too far removed in quality from what stern used.
I'm not a great artist, but I do own my own comics company and so I know what I'm doing in photoshop. No disrespect to the artists at Stern. But, again... They went the quick and cheap route to make the game profitable. No harm in doing that. As the game really does play good, and I enjoy it. Even if its just mostly... Get your modes qualified do not start them until you start mb and then watch the points explode... Sure I know their is more to it than that. But, that is what you need to get a replay or impress your none pinball friends.

But, yeah... The idea that you said would inject more character into the game, and also let you build up cool modes around them, rather than being hamstrung to what you can and can't do. I think there is more possibilities with an original IP than an existing one. Not to mention you don't have to worry about a company holding up your topper until you get the shade of blue just right...

And please... I am not bashing stern. I am teasing them. I bought 2 NIB from Stern. I love both of them. No one is perfect(my crap smells) and no company is perfect. So... Since this is the next stern thread. I too can't wait to see what they make next. Turtles... Cowabonga if that is true!

#6405 21 days ago
Quoted from freeplay3:

I had a sharkey shootout a couple years ago. The only reason I bash those games is because they were insanely simple. For a budget game it had appeal. I sold mine under 2k and the fellow who bought it was thrilled to find a game that cheap. When you consider it came out after wms was out of business, and all the wonderful things they did years earlier, sharky and high roller were a huge step back.
My fear on TMNT is which era we get. They have so many different shows/movies it's scary. Does anyone really want to hit the start button and hear vanilla ice....go ninja go ninja go ninja go

Good news is... Joke or not. I doubt they'd want to pay the money for Go Ninja Go. And it needs to be the original cartoon or just a generic classic turtles look with then original animations and voice work recordings. Because, yeah.... The bay movies. Hard pass. But, to be honest. Turtles is a theme that will put a smile on my face. Its not one I'd like to own. The classic arcade game is one of my all time favorite arcade games and I do own the arcade1up. But, I got plenty of space for cheap cabs like that. Limited space for pins. So realistically... It need to be a Judas Priest pin for me to really plunk my money down. But, that theme isn't going to happen.

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#6427 6 days ago
Quoted from frankmac:

About as good as seeing a Rainbow in the Dark..

First... I actually saw a Rainbow in the Dark in real life... Sure half the sky was black and the other side daylight... But, in the middle it was a RAINBOW IN THE FREAKING DARK. And a truly EPIC sight.

How did this thread become a DIO-fest and I wasn't aware of it!

In case you don't know. I LOVE DIO!!!!!!!!!!
If someone did a Dio pin, I'd be all in for the LE... SLE... I'm not rich, so sadly I'd have to pass on that. But, instant buy for a Dio pin.

But, I don't see Stern doing it. His sales are too low in comparison to the artists that they make pins for. (in comparison, but the guy sold millions and was popular and had success in 4 decades... 90s black sabbath charted and made lots of money, and then 00s Heaven and Hell was very successful)
But, as someone said. Spooky maybe... Maybe...

#6428 6 days ago
Quoted from zr11990:

What is the possibility of a Ronny James Dio pin?

Good taste in pin theme my friend. Very, very good taste!

#6449 2 days ago
Quoted from Pwaka1986:

I’d take Judas Priest before Dio. There’s lots of cool album art that could be transferred to a pin.

Boo Urns my friend. Boo Urns!

Truth is. I'd prefer a dio... DUH! But, a priest pin would be an instant buy for me. And they could do custom Rob Halford screams as callouts. That is a plus as Dio is dead, and Rob still alive.

As for the album artwork. Yeah... Gotta love that Rocka Rolla artwork!!!! KK himself hated that albums art. But, to be fair to both parties, both had amazing album covers(just not rocka rolla).

But, a Priest pin will not happen.Be cool. I'd buy it. I'd put it next to my Maiden and see if they get along. Spoiler... They might not. Priest and Maiden never got along too nicely.

#6455 2 days ago
Quoted from J85M:

Could we see a new pin from Stern sooner than expected? From what’s being banged around 2019 wasn’t a great year for Stern, which might explain why Stranger Things was rushed out before the end of the year.
Munsters wasn’t a sales hit, yeah the LEs sold out fast but the colour premium was a shot at trying to boost sales. BK3 wasn’t massive either, Elvira didn’t light a fire under Stern like they probably hoped it would have and Stranger Things threads are unusually quiet!
JP2 seems to be the only real hit Stern had in 2019 and they didn’t build enough to keep up with demand, so if sales are low on 2019 titles could we see a new release sooner? We all know Stern release games to keep the line moving that’s their one and only goal.

I don't know...
I think Elvira was pretty successful for Stern. The LE's sold out quickly. And I think there is a healthy premium sales from it. It wasn't a cornerstone release. So I think they should be very happy with the sales. And I wouldn't be surprised if the break even or profit margin was factored into solely the LE sales. That would be how I would try to budget my pins. Then the sales of the prems and pros would just be added gravy. And yes. I know... No pros for Elvira.

Stranger Things. Is the prem and LE out yet? I think most people might be waiting for that model. Or at least to see how the projector goes. That is a cool idea. Could be S@$@, but its a cool idea, and could really make the game amazing.

#6457 2 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

LEs start shipping next week. Premiums around the end of Feb.

Has there been an LE reveal yet?
I am curious and want to see how it works.

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