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*The Next Stern Pin*

By frankmac

3 years ago

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#1301 2 years ago

I hope it's not Jurassic world bc I really don't feel like buying a NIB pin but I love JP.

1 year later
#2769 11 months ago

Latest podcast from special K says he's been told the next three are

Black Knight 3k / Steve Richie next game

Jurassic World

JAWS (BE as the designer)

All I know is if the last two are true, I'm very excited. Coupled with GnR from jjp and this could a fantastic year for Pinball.

#2775 11 months ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

Would love a Jurassic theme in my collection.

I agree. I love JP but it's just too simple and feels.... well....like a DE game. I just hope they make it more JP than JW if you know what I mean.

Jaws with Brian E is my pin of the year if true. I can only imagine how sick that game will be. Brian gets how to make a game fun, not too simple but not overly complex but best of yet....could he be the first to give new Stern games the one thing their missing.....the "it" factor that so many of his had in the 90s.

It might be my first LE....

4 months later
#3917 6 months ago
Quoted from Morhaus:

This sounds so reasonable, but I don't want to believe it. I am curious that nothing has leaked about a new theme, so it just adds to that logic.

here's what you should believe.

it's jurassic

Question is......

park or world?
I hope park. Day 1 if so. DAY 1

#4036 6 months ago
Quoted from adamross:

It's confirmed SW Home edition.

So it is? Did I miss it? Also no chance of Jurassic so just this stupid home pin?

#4090 6 months ago

I will not overly bitch UNTIL we know for sure a second is not being announced.

Could Stern really tease us for a bullshit home edition of a terrible game (pro) to begin with? They couldn't right?

#4233 6 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

From TWIP:
Countdown to Jurassic Park
For everyone that was expecting a cornerstone Stern game instead of the Home Edition, it is time to calm down and get hyped! (Editor’s Note: that oxymoron really makes no sense)
What do we know about this game, or what do we think we know at least? First, it is believed that it is a Keith Elwin design, it likely has at least one upper flipper, and has toys that change states. Based on the recent information we’ve been hearing, the game will be based on Jurassic Park, not Jurassic World. This was further supported by the Head2Head Pinball Podcast, which has a good track record of reporting correct information, sharing last week that it was Jurassic Park. Also worth noting, Keith Elwin changing his Facebook profile to a picture of his father playing the original Data East Jurassic Park.
When can we expect to see the game?? We’re hearing rumors that distributors will be shown the new machine on Tuesday this week. So when will it be revealed publicly? Stay tuned!!

Seriously - if it's Keith and JP, stern - here is my money. Just take it.

#4243 6 months ago
Quoted from MonsieurCS:

No one would say Jurassic World (and it's absolutely terrible sequel), are better than Jurassic Park!
Fingers crossed for a Chris Pratt-free game above all else.

Seriously - i don't buy the argument of people complaining if it's JP. No one. Well at least no one dumb enough to say it publicly.

2 weeks later
#4340 5 months ago

Elvira then turtles in December. I'm hearing a lot of noise to support this people in the know!

#4343 5 months ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Can’t be December. It would be ces aka 1st week of Jan for a stern game

Yes December
I'm hearing distributors have been told by Stern to expect another big release December timeframe. Who knows if true...

#4346 5 months ago
Quoted from northvibe:

We will see then. I think for the last 5 yrs or more they’ve done a CES release. Maybe it is a branded game, like supreme? Otherwise they aren’t tied to a date but that is just the history

I heard it's a full release.

Again - all rumor but FYI

1 month later
#4642 3 months ago

They're vaulting star wars? What a complete waste. Although art does look much better

Sorry guys it's clear Tron is not happening

#4646 3 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

The problem with a Tron Vault might be less to do with Stern and more to do with Disney, I think Stern are well aware they could easily produce a Tron Vault and sell them at current NIB prices, it’s more likely not happened because Disney don't care all that much about TRON.

I agree no question they're tied up due to Disney

#4726 3 months ago

Remind me why could it not be bttf

#4770 3 months ago

Sign me up for top gun. love LOVE that movie.

I'm not close to 50, but goonies not appealing to them? interesting.

I'm sick of old old themes like munsters (snooze) elivra (snooze), etc. 80s is where it's at.

#4810 3 months ago

beetlejuice would be great

#4818 3 months ago

Goonies was the background of Kineda's Podcast that talked about the next title. I'm going Goonies too.

#4872 3 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

You may like Goonies, but it was a small potatoes movie. It would make a horrible pin and snooze fest theme. There would be less interest in this pin than Munsters.[quoted image][quoted image]

Goonies vs Munsters in theme and you're picking Munsters? I guess you're on the older side but still, munsters?

I would think Goonies cleans up, but maybe I'm just as biased as you - just younger

#4931 3 months ago

Speaking of new Stern's, I just played Elvira and literally walked away from it after I paid bc it was so boring

Similar boring been there done that feeling of munsters.

1 week later
#5134 3 months ago
Quoted from KLR2014:

Just seen on FB, pinball paparazzi[quoted image]

What is Pinball paparazzi?

#5136 3 months ago

I just googled fb and Pinball paparazzi and I found the image but I'm not a member of that toxic shithole so I can't see the comments. What's the deal?

#5193 89 days ago

The buzz I'm hearing now is stranger things is next. Here's the order I'm predicting:

Stranger things


Led Zep

I personally would be all over the first two.

#5200 89 days ago
Quoted from J85M:

Stranger Things by Brian Eddy would get my attention, although I think Brian would be perfect for TMNT too.

I believe it's Borg on TMNT. I would think Eddy on ST, which would be awesome

#5203 89 days ago
Quoted from Pinstein:

Please no stranger things. Its an ok show but far from pin worthy.

yeah b/c we need more elvira, black knight and other snoozers geared toward 50+ older men.

Stranger things is exactly what we need. Time for stern to shake it up.

1 week later
#5473 81 days ago

Any thoughts on timing of reveal? Late this month to early December with sipping on Jan?

2 weeks later
#5727 65 days ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Played Alien a fair bit.
Don't get the hype as it plays slow and clunky.
Sound and visuals are superb though.

Plays different then others. More time on it and you'll get it. Combine that with the excellent doing and video and it's one of the best.

Just don't put pinstadiums on it.... And I love pinstadiums.

1 week later
#5876 54 days ago
Quoted from wlf_:

I still like a TMNT as a possibility, at some point...[quoted image]

If the tmnt are not 90s and look like that I'm out. Stern don't let me down.

#5911 53 days ago

glad to see it's not stern to be honest. I've never seen that show so can't really comment but just based on what I've seen of it (before this trailer) just no interest at all.

#5975 52 days ago
Quoted from Sako-TRG:

I’m sorry, really not feeling the love for Stranger Things.
I think 99% of the actors were just terrible, couldn’t act for toffee.
One big cliche..... 1st season had me slightly entertained then went down hill rapidly. Kept watching, hoping it would get better, ......... it didn’t - just ridiculously awful.
Kept falling asleep....
I’m sure Stern will hit a home run with the cabinet artwork. A young girl with a skinhead and a nosebleed all over the cabinet and a big fat fcuker cop on the playfield eating doughnuts...... the goofy looking kid on the translite...........hold on they are all goofy I’m sure it will be awesome...
Off for a few games of MET....

And this is why...... Well I'm going to stop before I get modded.

I'll just simply downvote the ___ out of this.

#6023 50 days ago
Quoted from guitarded:

They haven't made any relevant music since 1991-2 or so...
if it was an Apetite for Destruction Machine, I'd be down.

yes that's also called a GnR machine so you'll be set.

#6082 45 days ago

..... And people were saying JPLE were sold out. So much Pinball hype around low stock. Reality is, you'll be able to get one. Chill.

#6119 43 days ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Run of Stranger Things before Christmas.

pro i'm assuming? wish they would do premium

#6122 43 days ago
Quoted from J85M:

Running out of time for an announcement aren’t we? Although there was a rumour the new stern (Stranger things) went on the line this Monday, so until Stern leaks something or makes an official announcement who knows....

this would prob be the tightest I've seen considering even if they announced monday, that's basically a week or so! if anyone can do it, Stern can though.

With JP prem being their absolute best, I'm hyped for this.

#6171 40 days ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Instant win.
No, srsly. I don't know until when retailers work in the US but small retailers here wrap up on friday december 20th until the new year.
How the heck deliver a game until then if it's not at least announced today?

I don't think the rumor is international just domestic US by 23rd.

#6263 38 days ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

So... who still believes that thing will be delivered to homes till December 23rd?
Maybe if it's Bill & Ted. I mean,... they DO HAVE a time machine!

Haha it's still possible if they're shipping now but it doesn't really make a lot of sense.

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