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*The Next Stern Pin*

By frankmac

3 years ago

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#146 3 years ago

The problem with video game themes isn't the audience. Gaming BLOWS AWAY both the movie and music industry by a long shot.

Issue is pins and games are both vessels for interpretation of a theme. You can make a game of Tron, and a pin of Tron. But a pin of a game is just weird. It's like crossing some weird boundary and creates a confusing product.

Take Uncharted. I can't go out and find treasure and fight bad guys, so I can simulate that through a game.

A fan of AC/DC can buy the pin and experience the feeling of a concert using the machine in their home.

Now why would a Zelda or Mario fan want to play a pin of the game they like? It's not providing a better experience, just a different one. Is that worth it $6000 instead of $60?

1 year later
#930 2 years ago

A Stern GOTG - very likely.

A full soundtrack with 10 licensed songs - never gonna happen. Unless they're covers like TBL.

The conversation to have is what 3 songs would HAVE to be in a GOTG pin?

3 months later
#1248 1 year ago

In 2018 I think we'll see Iron Maiden and Elvira 3.

2 months later
#1496 1 year ago

It's Iron Maiden.

Stern and other companies CLAIM to not listen to Pinside, but that's to keep you guys from realizing you can basically WILL game into existence.

#1520 1 year ago

Along with willing themes into existence another thing you can do is be a Stern competitor and just start talking to a license. This ensures Stern will swoop in and grab it before you do, even if they have no intention of making it.

I guess that's an advantage of making old person themes, you can sit on the license for years and not worry about it becoming stale.

#1526 1 year ago
Quoted from ASOA:

Whatever title they do next Lets make sure they acquire the whole license. This half ass stuff where we have voice actors or no scenes from the movie or no original music has to stop. This is not directed towards Stern this is ALL manufactures. Get the whole license or PASS!!!!!!

If you get a license you basically get the name ("Aliens" for instance and a pre-approved art package / style guide. A great example is Avengers where all the art was composed using the same 2 stock shots of each character.

EVERYTHING ELSE is extra and that's where it gets painful. The HD LCD has only made things worse as it demands footage from movie/show which is not cheap. Often the actors aren't available, and some contracts prevent the use of sound-a-likes even. Your best bet is to find a pinhead like Seth McFarlane or Karl Urban.

This is a big reason band games are so popular (with manufacturers) You basically just license the band and their songs, then have a lot of free reign as to how this is applied to a pin.

#1529 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Whatever happened to Scooby Doo? Did Stern swoop in and grab the license benheck ?

I don't think Stern has it. But it's HB, controlled by WB, and if it had the same restrictions as Jetsons it's not worth pursuing.

#1592 1 year ago

It's definitely IM with ZY artwork.

As for playfield, I'm not so sure they're using Archer. Heard Keith is "un-trudeauing" the existing IM layout (remember it was announced long ago JT and ZY were doing another game so that makes sense)

And let's be honest - Modern Stern would not produce a PF like Archer had.

#1634 1 year ago
Quoted from SilveredBalls:

Guess everyones hearing the same thing? Iron Maiden being designed by Keith Elwin, artwork by ZY... a rethemed Archer supposedly.

Heard a bit different - IM was a Trudeau game, Keith is "un-Trudeauing" it, and it's not based off Archer.

1 month later
#2105 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

My distro just called and asked if I was sure that we want to pass on Iron Maiden LE. I was first on the list for an Iron Maiden LE when I found out that Stern bought the licence 3 years ago. With all my strength I said yes.. pass on Iron Maiden LE. First pass since Kiss LE in 2015. What a hard decision!..

It's coming. It's one of those licenses that poked around at other pin companies but then as soon as Stern heard about it they snapped it up. Stern has more licenses than they can possibly make.

#2108 1 year ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Was thinking not sure Deadpool would be next-too close in timing to release of GOTG
Also thinking it can't be Munsters if Beatles is in line as well-both are Kapow
May get a surprise with Fast and Furious or Jurassic World?
I would love a Jurassic World pin!

I'm shocked they didn't do Jurassic World.

Fast Furious would be dumb for same reasons as WWE - fanbase isn't rich 50 year old white men.

1 month later
#2239 1 year ago

Call me crazy but I kind of think a Beatles pin could be a major misstep for whoever makes it. A license so expensive and constricting it makes Disney look friendly. Imagine the insane hoops billionaires and their widows would make you jump through? You'd have to honor even their craziest request.

1 year later
#5041 23 days ago

Stern would be stupid not to make Stranger Things.

They've done far too many old man themes this past year. It's time to look forward.

#5081 22 days ago

Chris Franchi is 100% right.

There are a lot of pinball themes that would SLAY on location like Power Rangers, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Spongebob... but they'll never get made because 70 year old men don't wanna make them and 50 year old men won't buy then.

1 week later
#5263 15 days ago

I know many of you refuse to listen to the "Batman 66 Is The Best Pinball Machine Ever Made" podcast, but anyway in the last episode Chris Franchi spelled out in no uncertain terms why a Jaws pin wouldn't work.

Stranger Things on the other hand would be a smash hit. And you'd probably, you know, get *some* assets to work with.

#5351 12 days ago

Stranger Things is a better pin to make than BTTF.

#5466 8 days ago

A pinhead likes pinball. Therefore they are going to want to see themes they enjoy translated into the interactive world of pinball. Basically boils down to "I like X and I like pinball, therefore I would buy an X pinball machine". Watching BTTF movie isn't interactive, but a pinball machine lets you "play" in that world. The pinball machine increases the interactivity of that static world.

Problem with translating a video game to pinball is that it's ALREADY an interactive medium. You're not increasing the interactivity as you would by adapting a movie, rather you're DECREASING the interactivity because no pin - not even P3 - can have the depth potential of even classic games let alone modern hyper-budget stuff like Breath of the Wild, Red Dead Redemption or Skyrim.

Your best bet would be anything Nintendo because people would be attracted to it because of the IP, the characters, the music not so much the games themselves. How well the game translates wouldn't be that important as long as the art, sound FX, voices gave it the right feel. A Pokemon pinball plunked in a hipster bar would suck in so much money it would make the IRS blush.

Another gold mine would be classic 2D Disney. Stern shouldn't have wasted time with Star Wars and instead gone for Lion King, Aladdin, Lilo & Stitch. Those would be easy "wallet approvals" for middle-aged men's wives and also do gangbusters on location. GANG-FUCKING-BUSTERS.

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