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Favorite childhood toys and youthful memories

By Mr68

5 years ago

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#9 5 years ago



#14 5 years ago

My brother had that James Bond car. It was badass

#16 5 years ago

I built a lot of plastic models when I was a kid. Most of them I blew up with m-80s.



#21 5 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Thumbs up on the M-80's. What didn't we blow up?

The neighbors cat.

#27 5 years ago

When I was in third grade two kids brought these to school one day. The next day almost everone had them. The day after that they were banned.



#30 5 years ago
Quoted from pinworthy:

I'm sure I built that same 1/2 track .. wasn't it something about Rommel?



#33 5 years ago

What ever happened to Tyco? That stuff was cool!

#34 5 years ago


#37 5 years ago
Quoted from Wolfanoz:

Anything Hot Wheels and Hot Wheels race track wise other than the ass whooping parents would instill with them.

Stung didn't it?

#40 5 years ago

That Star Wars stuff was just a cheap copy.


#43 5 years ago
Quoted from jhanley:

My brother got a Cox Stuka for his birthday in the sixties.My dad tried to fly it for him but it didn't even go around once before he smashed it into the pavement.

Standard procedure. How many sets of wings did he go thru?

#50 5 years ago
Quoted from jhanley:

There was nothing left but the engine.

Too bad. Once my brother took over it finally flew. And the bomb dropped.

This one definitely had wing issues.


#57 5 years ago


#59 5 years ago

Not mine, but...


#70 5 years ago



#73 5 years ago

Oh we could go on and on...


#80 5 years ago


#82 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinball-is-great:

Lost a fingernail one day when the teenagers were playing smash up derby pushing us little kids around in our steel pedal cars.

That sounds like more fun than getting inside a truck tire and rolling down the hill. I only did that once.

#87 5 years ago
Quoted from CactusJack:

Least we not forget Wacky Packages?

I still have mine and some Odd Rods.

#88 5 years ago

Nimblepin says he was there the day the Superball factory blew up in Fullerton. What a glorious day that must have been.


"i met this kid with a huge box of superballs."

That would be Nimblepin...

#96 5 years ago
Quoted from pinworthy:

some model cement

Still to this day one of my favorites.


#103 5 years ago


#108 5 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

so many damn skateboards.

And Frisbees

#115 5 years ago

Back in the day when they said go fly a kite, we actually did. The best ones came from the Green Giant food co. They would have a new one every year and we would send in our boxtops for it.

#121 5 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

It's right up there with turning the key and hitting the button on a rocket launcher and nothing happening.

Perhaps you should have stuck with water rockets.


#129 5 years ago

It was always nice to have one of these around.


#138 5 years ago
Quoted from AlexF:

Plastic army men



#142 5 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Yeah I remember having some of the boxed army men sets.

That one above had cannons that shot plastic bullets. Great fun when you are playing with your brother.

#156 5 years ago
Quoted from AlexF:

Oh dude! That is the exact set (Battleground Playset) I had. It kept me entertained for hours.

Some time in the mid 70s they neutered the cannons so they would no longer shoot projectiles.

#158 5 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Never had one but my friends did. Man do you guys remember the pure racing excitement of these things?

Frog , Blackfoot, and the one I had was a tricked out Super Blackfoot. Lots of fun in the 90s.

#160 5 years ago

We all started somewhere...


#178 5 years ago

The fun factor of this one didn't last very long.


#181 5 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I flew more kites than got that shit to work more than 2 steps.

Indeed. I don't know how they got it to work on TV.

#183 5 years ago

My friend had one of these. It was pretty fun.


#189 5 years ago
Quoted from Electrocute:

the "rich kids" all had Schwinn Krates.

Us not so rich kids were left to mod out our Sting Rays however we saw fit.


#195 5 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

What happened to your walkie-talkie ?

My brother had the green GI Joe ones in the 60s. I think the standard black ones worked better.

#200 5 years ago

Kids today wouldn't know what to do with a walkie talkie. Oh, wait a minute...

#208 5 years ago


#230 5 years ago





#231 5 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Nobody played with M-80's and wrist rockets ?

M-80s are why I don't have any of my childhood toys anymore. And some of us still play with wrist rockets.

Quoted from Pinballerchef:

Damn some of you guys are OLD......toys I never heard of on here!

But we've heard of yours. And ours were better!

#233 5 years ago

Is that a cap dart? Classic!

#236 5 years ago
Quoted from MES:

Cap BOMB. Paper caps. Not the plastic kind.

I had one just like it, but it's been so long ago.

In the 60s we didn't need cell phones and computers to keep us busy. I'm the runt in the front.


#303 5 years ago


#364 5 years ago


#367 5 years ago


#371 5 years ago


#379 5 years ago


#380 5 years ago


#383 5 years ago
Quoted from girloveswaffles:

Prius, Insite, Volt? Hah! Here's a V-8 that runs on a battery!

The piston engine goes boing, boing, boing, but the Mazda goes mmmmmmmm....


#384 5 years ago


#386 5 years ago

This was all set up and waiting for my brother one x-mas morning.
Great slot car set.


#391 5 years ago



#394 5 years ago


#396 5 years ago

Who didn't have a Whee-lo!

#402 5 years ago



#405 5 years ago


#413 5 years ago


#423 5 years ago


#425 5 years ago
Quoted from jhanley:

Where do you get these pictures?

Google. Except for the old pics I had.

#427 5 years ago

I am The Lone Ranger.


#428 5 years ago


#433 5 years ago


#444 5 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

That is too awesome. What's the name?

I don't remember what it was called but it was a wind up working roller coaster. I think we might have got it by trading in some green stamps. Not sure though. I forgot all about it until I saw a pic online today. It did fall apart after a while.

Edit- found a vid.

#451 5 years ago

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.

#453 5 years ago
Quoted from pinball_faz:

My pet rock died

Not enough love...

#473 5 years ago

Not mine but...


#475 5 years ago
Quoted from electricsquirrel:

My Mom was anti gun.

So was mine after she found me with my dad's Winchester when I was three.

#477 5 years ago
Quoted from electricsquirrel:

Never saw one of those before.

I saw the ad when I was young and that was it. It had a catchy song. Sort of...

#480 5 years ago

Kids today would get shot if they had that toy in public. Where have all the good times gone?

#484 5 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Yep!! .and HOLY CRAP!!!! ....
ebay.com link » James Bond Attache Case Multiple 1965

The Whee-lo is cheaper!

#490 5 years ago
Quoted from pinworthy:

I was reminiscing with my brother and he reminded me about this

I'm not sure how that idea would fly today.

#496 5 years ago
Quoted from girloveswaffles:

Who had these as a kid?

Major Matt Mason! Where do you think they got the idea for Star Wars!


#504 5 years ago

A game of skill.


#507 5 years ago

Looks like Romper Room.

#511 5 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Big Jim wasn't a soldier. He lived in a van down by the river - a vinyl van.

Sure he didn't design pinball machines that would never be finished?

#518 5 years ago

I wonder how many kids drowned in that thing.

#531 5 years ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

Sadly how many of us will be diagnosed with skin cancer?

I had a melanoma on the back of my leg a few years back. What I have learned is a lot of it is genetic as some get it where the sun doesn't shine. But years of laying on my surfboard and the beach letting myself get burned to a crisp probably didn't help. But I still spend plenty of time in the sun.

#535 5 years ago

Interesting ad I just came across on craigslist. Do any of these look familier? I know we had we had a few.

lasvegas.craigslist.org link

#537 5 years ago

I had the American Logs . They were the flat version of Lincoln Logs. We had that coaster and maybe that bowling set.

#538 5 years ago

One of my favorite toys when I was a small child was that spiral race track with two cars that would start when you released them, and raced to the bottom. I was surprised they still make that (a little different now) so I got one for my daughter when she was young.

#539 5 years ago

Here is the newer version, but I can't for the life of me find pics of the one I played with. I think the cars may have had a marble that snapped in them to roll on , but not really sure.


#541 5 years ago

That's it! Maybe..

#544 5 years ago
Quoted from electricsquirrel:

The cars had a steel ball that snapped into them.

Yep. Mine might have been a little older version circa mid 60s. But it was fun!

#548 5 years ago


#550 5 years ago

You ever play warball in school? It's like dodgeball but with about 50 of those smaller rubber balls.

#552 5 years ago

Coach lines up 50 balls midway on the tennis court. Two teams, on on the back of each side. When the whistle blows, it's game on!

#555 5 years ago

I had PE early in the morning in Jr. High. First time I played warball was one of the coldest foggiest winter days around here. One of the better baseball players in school took aim and nailed me in the nads with a fastball. I'll never forget that. First time I ever thought I should "play better". And soon after that I did.

#557 5 years ago

!962. Our PE coach was a sadist and I wasn't sure he didn't make this game up himself, but I guess it must have been in the school manual.

#559 5 years ago

Don't ever send them to military school then. My venture there made warball seem like a walk in the park.

#561 5 years ago

Every 5th grader wants to go to military school, doesn't he?

#563 5 years ago

I didn't care for it either but it was either shower or stink the rest of the day. And in Jr. high it's time to start impressing the ladies.

#566 5 years ago

Say hello to my little friend.


#569 5 years ago
Quoted from jhanley:

You went to military school in the 5th grade?Are you serious?Why?

I was a bad boy. I could get into details, but combine a recent divorce, my brother and me fighting, my mom pulling her hair out, and me not doing my schoolwork, then you get the picture. 2 years of hell for me was my reward. But I came out of that place knowing how to fight and take care of myself. After that I answered to nobody but myself.

On the plus side it taught me self dicipline, how to stay healthy, and be productive throughout the day. But I don't wish the experience on any kid today. Although they probably no longer physically torture and punish kids like they did back then.

#571 5 years ago

I was stronger coming out than I went in. You have to understand that most of the kids there were there for a reason. Some with way bigger issues than I had. Throw them all together and you have quite a crew. You had to know who your friends were because they were few. But we had a great football team and they served fish sticks on Friday.

#573 5 years ago

It was rough when I went back to regular school , but soon I adapted. There were no toys in military school, but when the weekend came and mom picked me up, it was party time so to speak. Until Sunday evening when it came time to go back. I rebeled. I escaped that prison 4 times which may be a record, but there was no where else to go but back. I'm starting to think it was a good overall experience in preparation for life.

#574 5 years ago

Now I'm going to go make some fish sticks.


#578 5 years ago

Looking back I guess we weren't without toys.


#614 5 years ago

I wonder what it was like when the factory exploded and thousands of Super Balls were found for blocks away. Nimblepin?

#616 5 years ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

but all we had was a little portable (mono) record player,
and my mom thought we would ruin the needle if we played that "stereo" LP on it

I think she had it backwards.

We had a Packard Bell console with 15 inch woofers. The lady next door hated us when I started getting into 70s metal.

#618 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinball-is-great:

the bicycle was still the no. 1 item to have/use/play with, so that we could go places around town and hang out with friends.

Bikes were freedom indeed. Even as young as six or seven we could take off and ride around town till all hours of the night. Or we could ride them down to the firework stands and they didn't have a problem selling them to us little kids who had saved up for the occasion.

Fourth of July toys.


#622 5 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

I think O-din was raised in a toy factory by Willy Wonka.

It wasn't like I was raised in Charlie Bucket's house. But we weren't wealthy to say the least. Come x-mas time and birthdays we got some toys, but everthing else was earned by me doing paper routes, digging aluminum cans out of trash cans, or whatever else I could do to scrape up some cash. It made me appreciate them all the more.

#626 5 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Actually O-din, I was being complementary of your memory in my silly little posting way.

Thanks! I do remember a lot. It's the short term memory that is going by the wayside lately. Like in the mornings I can't always remember if it's a work day or not

#627 5 years ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

Funny, I was actually at the end of my paper route when I stumbled upon some Superballs in the street. I followed the trail down Raymond Ave across the tracks, found the mother lode amidst the rubble; loaded my Sunday Register bags to the brim (before they tore) and rode (slowly) back home.

In this town you took what you could get! Great story!

#629 5 years ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

With FTT members roaming the back streets you had to be quick on your bike/board/feet especially with a wad of cash.

Oh yeah. The only run in I had was a coconut thrown at me as I rode my bike thru FTT. I tried to stay cool with them.

#633 5 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

All of this Fullerton talk keeps me walking around singing Mr. Automatic by 3 day weekend. YouTube it if you're not a sports fan. A couple guys wrote a song about a call screener on the Jim Rome show back in mid 00s. He's the best contestant Blind Date ever had!

I'll check it out. I once heard an Axl Rose interview where he got lost in Fullerton. He said " I didn't realize how big that town was" lol. It's not a bad place, but it's certainly not the beach.

1 week later
#693 5 years ago

I had that Realtone!

#699 5 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

It is a shame we don't have more ladies on here posting about their favorite childhood toys. I am sure some additional iconic toys would be posted.

Not that we didn't all try them..


#701 5 years ago

I couldn't make it work...

#703 5 years ago

A friend of mine's little brother had all girls toys. There must have been some allure...

#728 5 years ago

I had the brown paper bag. The cool kids had the rusty lunch boxes.


#737 5 years ago
Quoted from jorro:

you dudes are old!

That's OK as long as we get the girls that are your age.

#739 5 years ago

At 54 I'm still physically younger than most of these whippersnappers! I think...

2 weeks later
#767 5 years ago


#770 5 years ago

Nothing wrong with clowns! They are great salesmen too. Look no further than the pinball community...

3 weeks later
#800 5 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

Picked this up today at a yard sale for only $10. Although new, brings me back to kicking ass when we were kids.

OK, now you've got me! I bought this set new back in the 90s, when I was in my 30s.


3 months later
#817 5 years ago
Quoted from Bohdi:

They are worth a lot. Too bad I never kept them like most kids did at that age.

I kept my Tonka truck. In the back yard.

Krusty (resized).jpg

3 months later
#886 4 years ago


#922 4 years ago
Quoted from Travish:

We even had a cox flying saucer.

I remember chasing one of those all around the neighborhood.

1 year later
#1309 3 years ago
Quoted from mac622:

A couple of good ones not mentioned yet:

Those rubber drum covers on our Bing Bang Boing didn't last very long.

Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Theres even a Homestead Mushroom Growing Kit from the 70s!

I can confirm that kit worked very well!

5 months later
#1333 3 years ago

Yeah, those are fun. but nowhere near as fun as playing with Blue Chip stamps.
7d9f33274108e59613c5408452fd5d21 (resized).jpg

#1335 3 years ago
Quoted from bob_e:

E.T.s Finger
I don't have a picture..so you put it on/over your finger, press it against a surface, and it lights up.

That reminds me of this one, and I'm guessing 27 pages into this thread and it's the first time mentioned.

Put the bulb in your mouth and it magically lights up!

569e55bb424027198542f40b79adb51c-2 (resized).jpg
#1338 3 years ago

I wonder if any kids ever choked on that metal ring it took to light up the Fester Bulb. I'm guessing none. We ate our iron like men.

2 years later
#2285 1 year ago
Quoted from zombywoof:

Do you remember DC’s GI Combat? It had the stories of the Haunted Tank.

GI Combat with the haunted tank was one of my favorites.
s-l1600 (1) (resized).jpg

#2290 1 year ago
Quoted from zombywoof:

Too bad the Fireball gets lost in the centerfold.

It didn't get lost in the shuffle though. That article probably helped sell 1000s of Fireballs, and may be responsible for starting the home pinball collector hobby.

#2296 1 year ago

You guys and your electronics labs. I'd rather play with uranium.

science5 (resized).jpg
#2300 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Danm, o-din, that's quite a price. That kit has to be uber rare, I would think.
[quoted image]

That's nothing compared to what I got for my 8th birthday that cost maybe $1 or $2 at the time if I remember correctly.

At least shipping is free.

ebay.com link: Mattel 1970 hot wheels Club kit REDLINE DCA AFA 80 WOW VERY RARE

#2307 1 year ago

That beats chewing on an electrical cord, for sure.

#2309 1 year ago

I knew a kid that chomped on a power cord when he was an infant, and he had a big old scar to prove it. That's how I learned.

#2314 1 year ago
Quoted from vec-tor:

I did not have access to Playboy Magazine...
But TG&Y had puzzles...

TG&Y was next door to Boys market where the Playboys and Penthouses were on the bottom shelf of the magazine rack. They didn't call it Boys market for nothing.

#2316 1 year ago

Oh yeah.

unnamed (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2431 11 months ago
xray (resized).jpg
#2433 11 months ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

who remembers clackers? whatever they were called, should have been renamed knuckle breakers!

Real early in this thread I posted those and how they got banned at school.

#2435 11 months ago

Wasn't that Charles Atlas deal one of these?

I had one back in high school and a few hours a night while watching TV along with a bunch of sit ups and I could wear my painter's overalls at school with no shirt, no problem.

images (resized).jpeg
#2437 11 months ago

I don't remember where I got mine. I didn't buy it. Maybe my brother did or someone gave it to me. But I used it. And you don't even have to know how to talk to girls after a few weeks with that thing.

#2441 11 months ago
Quoted from vec-tor:

Goonies! The older brother was working out with that springy thing.

Yeah well, I did it 10 years before the goonies. While watching Starsky and Hutch.

#2446 11 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

This thread reminded me of cast iron horse drawn toys.

And that just reminded me of the cast iron rocking horse. Best toy ever.

iron (resized).jpg
#2448 11 months ago

Even the name screams play with me.
Z0049036-800x617 (resized).jpg

#2450 11 months ago
Quoted from vec-tor:

Will Rogers toy, a stuffed bear/cow on wheels that was pulled through the living room
with guests riding on it and or practicing their roping technique.

Yeah man, it had wheels.

#2451 11 months ago

Who's got a Sixfinger! Any toy that shoots dangerous projectiles is alright by me!

#2452 11 months ago

Sixfinger? Pfffft.

I've got a Johnny Seven One Man Army!

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