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Favorite childhood toys and youthful memories

By Mr68

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

EDIT: As this thread has evolved, I've changed the title and tweaked the content a bit. - Duplicate postings are welcome. Everyone should enjoy this thread as it flows and not have to worry about researching it before posting something. Share whatever pops into your head and go for it.

Here are some of my favorite toys: Stingray bike, SixFinger, BB Rifle, Secret Agent gun and badge.


#17 5 years ago
Quoted from CactusJack:

Of course, I still have my Sizzlers and Fat Trac:

Hey that video was cool. Really took me back.

#18 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Most of them I blew up with m-80s.

Thumbs up on the M-80's. What didn't we blow up?

#28 5 years ago

Yeah, with the Kung Fu grip! - Why does Joe looks so guilty?


#60 5 years ago

Did anyone mention Yo-Yo's yet? There was a real fad there for a while and I bet I could still, Walk the dog, sleep it, rock the cradle...


#69 5 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

I forgot this one - many wasted hours:


Oh my god, the horrible squeaking sounds that thing made. I loved it.

#94 5 years ago
Quoted from Rabbit:

Lawn darts. How did we ever survive?

I designated my little brother as catcher.

#166 5 years ago

The Sea Monkeys in the catalog reminded me. - I wanted these so bad.



#182 5 years ago

This was my Rubiks Cube.


#198 5 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

What happened to your walkie-talkie ?
LTG : )

Thats an on going inside joke with Lloyd and I.
In the original RGP thread I referred to, I posted: "When I was 12 my mother bought me a *single* Walkie-Talkie"

That was 2007, Lloyd.

#216 5 years ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

It never ceases to amaze me now as a parent how my parents would just send a 9 year old kid out into the woods on a motorcycle for hours on end but they did and I made it .

It may have been a subliminal message. When I was 12 my mother was still trying to get an abortion.

#238 5 years ago
Quoted from MES:

Cap BOMB. Paper caps. Not the plastic kind.

I would play with those right now!

#241 5 years ago

Hey its cool. No worries.

Tell us some of the toys popular in Canada. I was hoping some of our friends in Europe or down under would contribute to this thread.

#265 5 years ago
Quoted from Fairground:

all I wanted was............Barbie

I had the "Divorce Barbie". - It came with all of Ken's stuff.

#272 5 years ago

I remember my parents playing Twister one night and thinking how stupid they were. Now I am my parents.


#280 5 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Does anyone remember these little Wee Gee squirt guns? They didn't hold a lot of water, but they shot very far and accurate little blasts ...


The problem with those was refilling under combat. You'd be stuck at the sink, water on full blast filling it mostly with air, while your opponent would empty his gun into your ear.

#315 5 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Who the hell wears underwear...what is this the 80s?!?


#334 5 years ago

#346 5 years ago

Not really a toy but during my experimental years this provided some entertainment.


#354 5 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Hey, look at all these toys in the basement - just like I remember!

Good one, John.

Someone topside complained to the moderators and they move my thread here. This is my first time ever in the basement. I've never once clicked on the link... I thought the basement was designed more towards controversial topics or squabbles.

No matter, maybe I've found a new home.

#357 5 years ago

Can we say the word "Booger" down here?


#359 5 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

There are important pinball discussions happening upstairs. Like "Is pinball a sport?". The outcome of that debate will have profound consequences. Lol.

Go to page 5 of that thread, Post # 207. I made an off comment, comment, that is now bearing fruit.

#429 5 years ago
Quoted from jhanley:

Where do you get these pictures?

First picture is a normal Google search. If you look across the top you will see categories: All - Shopping - Images - Videos - News - and More with a drop down menu. "All" in this case is highlighted.

Second image is what your search will look like after clicking on the "Image" category. I use Chrome and this is what my screen looks like. Yours may differ slightly.

Edit: Wow, some serious glitches going with this posting pictures.

#430 5 years ago


#431 5 years ago

I'm giving up on posting the second screenshot. Not sure whats going on but I hope that helps.

#440 5 years ago

Oh man, I am laughing my ass off at this one. Fun reminder from childhood I was a natural born skeptic.


#456 5 years ago
Quoted from pinball_faz:

My pet rock died

Mine also. They don't flush like fish.

#469 5 years ago
Quoted from pinworthy:

One day I ask about it and turns out he took it out to the sand box to play and then left of out in the rain and it is ruined I guess what goes around comes around

Circle of life. Fun story.
I hope you were able to share it with your father.

#497 5 years ago


#503 5 years ago
Quoted from nman:

Ive been told that when i was really young i used to play on my sit'n'spin until i would literally get sick. Now that i think about it, perhaps this was foreshadowing of my current relationship with alcohol

I use a bar stool.

#521 5 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

It relates to my childhood collection of wooden mazes, and the early Japanese Puzzle Boxes.
(Sorry its off topic by age, but I am loving playing with it, and had no where else to share)

Share away, Art, I love it and would enjoy seeing more. Don't worry about going off topic here. Moderators won't care and I certainly don't.

#528 5 years ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

It seemed that back in the day
we forever played outside shirtless for hours.
Sadly how many of us will be diagnosed with skin cancer?

Wiped the dirt and worms off and drank water directly from the hose. I'm OK.

#529 5 years ago



#583 5 years ago

I use to watch Combat and Rat Patrol.


#607 5 years ago
Quoted from pinworthy:

At $10 it seems cheap but at the time it could have taken the whole family out to eat and I realize what a spoiled, ungrateful little prick I must have been.

Its funny, I've had the same thought about being spoiled while reading this thread. But at a young age I was also taught the importance of work and the value of a dollar.

That television commercial I posted of The Great Garloo (Page 7) shows a price at the end of the video of $17.98..... $17.98 in 1961?!!!! Yikes!!

I would have been Ted's best friend.

#608 5 years ago

""I know you told me to be home by 9 o'clock. But mom, I thought that meant I could leave my friends house by 9 O'clock".

#617 5 years ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

"Things our mothers would tell us to dissuade us from having fun"

If your friends on Pinside told you to jump off a bridge, would you?


#620 5 years ago

I know I'm really scrapping the barrel with this one. But its tough to keep up with some of the people here.

I think O-din was raised in a toy factory by Willy Wonka.


#623 5 years ago

Actually O-din, I was being complementary of your memory in my silly little posting way. You and some others have blown me away with your remembrance of toys that I hadn't thought of in decades. And they most likely would have remained lost to me if you guys hadn't of posted them. - Fun stuff.

#654 5 years ago

Oh man, that Siren Whistle... I loved mine.

#667 5 years ago

That reminds me. My favorite game was playing Doctor.

#675 5 years ago


1 week later
#726 5 years ago

I only had brown paper bags but I saw a few kids that had some variation of these. Cowboys and Indian ones?? Astronauts? I remember the girls had pink ones but cant remember who was on them.


#727 5 years ago

This looks more like mine.


#732 5 years ago

I'm reminded of a kid that brought ice cream in a thermos one day. I'm re-living my shock and jealousy of that moment right now.

#738 5 years ago
Quoted from jorro:

you dudes are old!

Enjoy it while you can my friend.


#752 5 years ago

I have no memory of riding these. But I remember setting my daughter on a few. I wonder how much money the operators made?



#753 5 years ago

I use to go as hard and as high as I could before releasing. Kids today are weak.

#755 5 years ago



1 week later
#761 5 years ago

I remember my first bumper car drive. I was puttering along avoiding people when out of nowhere an older kid blindsided me at warp speed. I learned quickly and after that.



#762 5 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

wow kim, you must have come from a pretty rich family if they bought you not one, but two putt-putt golf courses!

I was raised by wealthy carnival people. ... - OK, I lied about the wealthy part.

1 week later
#784 5 years ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Your bumper car is modeled after a '58,'59, and '60 Corvette! I have never seen one like that. I think I have seen everything modeled after the old Vettes, but never a bumper car. It is cool.

It's for sale on eBay. I wish I had room for it.


#786 5 years ago

A cheap inner tube was year round fun in Minnesota. (And Colorado)


3 months later
#822 5 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

-Honda XR80-My first motorcycle
-G. I. Joe Aircraft carrier with Jets
-Nintendo Deluxe Set

Nice, George!!!

5 months later
#1017 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Glad to see this thread is back on track cuz I really don't care about bike restoration.

I'm enjoying it and have no problem with it blending in. And its not going to last forever or take over the thread. And besides, it pleases me whenever I see my thread get bumped and hopefully gain new people here.

And thanks to all for participating and enjoying this thread.

1 month later
#1117 4 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

It's a pic of his nanny.....lucky guy. And his folks could never figure out why he didn't want to play with the neighborhood kids.......

Mrs. Robinson?

pasted_image (resized).png

1 week later
#1144 4 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Always fun cause it invited the girls to come over to play.

And we'd pray for a bikini top to get snagged somehow.

#1161 4 years ago
Quoted from TimBoch:

Legos. Made a lego pinball machine to try and get my partents to buy me a pinball machine when I was about 13. It worked and I still have it. Still like legos too

That is a great pinball story. You made my day.

8 months later
#1285 3 years ago

Seems to me there was a rare matchbox car that sold for really stupid money several years ago. Like 10 or 20 thousand. ...Maybe it wasn't matchbox but I remember it being really expensive.

1 year later
#1414 2 years ago

I got grounded a few times for playing with these.
zzzz1234 Final (resized).png

#1447 2 years ago

It pleases me that this thread is still bouncing along after three plus years and I thank everyone for contributing to it. Fun memories for certain.

Slightly off topic but not too much, is a memory I have of a kid in the 7th grade who shaved his eyebrows off. Last I saw him at the end of the school year, it still had only partially grown back.
Picture stolen from the internet so I guess he wasn't the only one. LOL

zzzzmaxresdefault (resized).jpg
#1448 2 years ago

We also had a neighbor kid that would swallow anything.

zzzz1 SMALL Untitled (resized).png
1 month later
#1491 2 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

1. Players my cowboys and Indians with the neighborhood kids and cap guns. So politically incorrect nowadays. Only arguments were if a shot “got you” or not

Your comment reminded me of how much I use to love playing Army with my friends. Also politically incorrect these days.
My shrugging off a pretend flesh wound and continuing to advance is still legendary.

FYI: Playing Army only caused two of us to become serial killers.

#1493 2 years ago
Quoted from jorro:

You, and...?

Ask my parole officer.

#1510 2 years ago

I had a Steelie

#1513 2 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Marbles are getting crazy collectible these days. Guys are paying big bucks at auctions I attend for a small bag or pail of marbles. The new ones look like the old ones so not sure what makes them valuable?
Funny story. When I was 4 or 5 I stuck 2 steelies in my nose and couldn't get them out. My mom freaked and took me to emergency. They went thru my mouth with a little tool of some kind and pushed one out of my nose from behind. Once one was out i shot the other one out

My brother stuck a bobby pin into an electrical wall socket.

1 month later
#1535 2 years ago
Quoted from VectorGamer:

Aware me on another pinball forum besides Pinside

Rec Games Pinball or more commonly known as, RGP.

It's pretty much dead these days but once upon a time it was the Pinside of its day. It remains a great archive for searchable tech information especially for the older games of the 70's, 80's, 90's and early 2000's.

Ask Lloyd LTG as he was a King there along with a volunteer group of, "Cheap Ass Bastards" and many others. (Only a dwindling few on Pinside will understand that)

Kudos to Robin for building a better mousetrap.

1 month later
#1611 1 year ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Has anyone checked out The Toys That Made Us on Netflix? Pretty interesting look into the making of toys for historic franchises. Star Trek pinball anyone?[quoted image]

It does look interesting. Here's a preview. https://www.netflix.com/title/80161497

1 week later
#1628 1 year ago

I stumbled on this and took the picture in a thrift store over the weekend. I had no idea...

thumbnail_20191121_105436 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#1680 1 year ago

"We couldn't afford tinsel so we'd wait till grandpa sneezed"

Rodney Dangerfield

#1707 1 year ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

Who here is old enough to have had the old metal Tonka trucks?[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I can still mimic heavy construction noise while pushing those around.

#1708 1 year ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

I loved taking apart toys to see how they worked.

...I took everything apart as a kid and rarely reassembled anything. I still owe my father a couple of watches.

#1714 1 year ago

Good times.

! plumbing-mistakes-05-0413-lgn1 (resized).jpg
#1715 1 year ago

In high school we use to put the tail of the tissue roll into the bowl, flush, and watch the dispenser roll spin.

#1720 1 year ago
Quoted from pacmanretro:

I remember my buddy always tying string to lego figures and flushing....called them all diver dans.
Pretty disgusting to be pulling back out now that I think about it. Lol.

I found this on the internet

gi_joe (resized).jpg
#1738 1 year ago

Neighborhood kid where I grew up in Minneapolis had an upside down bike that I use to borrow whenever I could. The bike frame is flipped as you can see in the pictures and it really got a kid high up off the street. You had to jump off when completely stopped and caused a lot of attention from onlookers as you rode by.

Plenty of information on the internet on how to build one from an old abandoned bike if you have interest.
8437a284d6291fe4b0630a10d205fdb1 (resized).jpgemlbcywq4a321 (resized).jpg

#1740 1 year ago
Quoted from jaytrem:

Tall bikes are great for jousting...

Alcohol may have been involved.

3 weeks later
#1762 1 year ago
Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:

When Dad got me the trampoline, it was bigger, like 8x16? and had pads.

Oh my. I originated this thread more than three years ago and completely overlooked our family trampoline until just now. It was my favorite also. My friends and I spent a lot of days over the summer taking turns on it and we learned to "send" one another to extreme heights. Thank you for the reminder.

Sounds like you had one similar to ours. 8 x 16 (?) Same size as they use in the Olympics with foam pads around the top side of frame but not extended into covering the bungee cords as modern ones do. I'm attaching a couple of internet pictures that I found similar to the one we had.

Man, now I want to bounce again and dream about being an astronaut.

dan-slide-023_12 11 (resized).jpgdan-slide-023_12 12 (resized).jpg
2 months later
#1793 1 year ago
Quoted from Atari_Daze:

Anyone else have a cat that would eat the stuff, it would get stuck half way out and the cat would chase its own ass around the house trying to get it loose? Funny but sad at the same time.
Our trees would have tinsel only half way down to keep her from getting it, finally we gave up putting that crap on, no tinsel looked better than a tree only half done!

As I let my cat in from outdoors, I saw he had 4 or 5 feathers sticking out of his mouth. Pissed for catching and eating a bird, I reached down to smack him when suddenly he opened his mouth and a bird flew out right at me. Had to open every window and door in my house before chasing that bird out.

2 weeks later
#1818 1 year ago

We had pop bottle rocket and roman candle fights. It was stupid but that's what being a kid is.

3 weeks later
#1838 1 year ago

My most used toy these days is my face mask.

3 weeks later
#1845 1 year ago

I have my pants tailored to the left.

2 months later
#2103 1 year ago
Quoted from RCA1:

same thing with the ditto mater sheets and duplicating fluid.
What was in that fluid anyway?

Most likely classified as a carcinogen but if they made it into a perfume I'd buy some for my lady. - I'd huff some now if I could.

2 weeks later
#2137 1 year ago
Quoted from Atari_Daze:

Unfortunately, I cannot post a photo of my most favorite child hood toy, I never left home without it.

Pocket Pool

#2159 1 year ago

I use to pop those Fizzies directly into my mouth. Loved em.

#2172 1 year ago

Reminded me about candy cigarettes' and bubble gum chew.

1 week later
#2198 1 year ago

For some reason the talk about blankets reminded me about plastic covered couches.

plastic-covered-couch (resized).jpg
#2212 1 year ago

My parents told me my cat went to a cat farm to live with others. Probably ended up as guitar strings.

#2222 1 year ago
Quoted from mooch:

I once had one of these cheap crystal radio kits. Basically just some coiled wire, a diode and an earpiece to listen. I was amazed that I could hear radio stations with no power source.
[quoted image]

Ha ha. Reminds me of the BIG rumor that all of the kids believed. Someone's older sister got braces on her teeth and she began picking up radio stations in her head. - Such drama for pre-teens. LOL

#2275 1 year ago


I love it but I'd have speech anxiety asking for it in a store.

#2287 1 year ago

I remember a friends father shaming me because I "still" read comic books. I was thirteen.

Fuck him, I stole a bunch of his Playboys'.

#2306 1 year ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I'd say they are a great way to introduce electronics to kids.

z8754829_640x640 (resized).jpg
#2386 12 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Not toy related: It has been a few years ago that the local paper printed about the woman who was smoking a cigarette while applying her hair spray and caught her hair on fire. She did not live to tell the story.
Back on the toy topic: It is amazing, in hind site, about how dangerous many of the toys were. That Silly String video was an eye opener. Well, that and also those Uranium/chemical kits.

I remember playing with liquid mercury in my bare hands. yikes

And on another topic, we had a kid in our neighborhood that would swallow anything on a dare. Small toys, coins, bugs, anything small enough for his mouth.

#2426 11 months ago
#2455 11 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

Who's got a Sixfinger!

Ha! Check out post number one in this thread where it all began 4 years ago. (And please give me an upvote while you are there if you haven't yet)



#2462 11 months ago

BTW. There is nothing wrong with posting duplicate toys or thoughts in this thread. There is way too much information here to track and its bound to happen. I just saw an opportunity to bust on my friend O-din about Six-Finger.

Let her rip guys.

#2464 11 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

I know a guy who got one of these for Christmas. But only one.
LTG : )
[quoted image]

Yeah, that was me. When I was twelve years old my mother was still trying to get an abortion.

3 weeks later
#2641 11 months ago
Quoted from jorro:

Used to spend hours sniffing glue

I drank a whole bottle of Robitussin and then watched TV with my unsuspecting grandmother.

zzs-l640 (resized).jpg

#2648 11 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

You put up an imposter. Where's the codine?

I threw the original bottle away 50 years ago and it was a close enough picture that I found on the internet. Try to roll with it.

#2717 11 months ago
Quoted from DCP:

I found this photo from 1963 where I'm jumping off a swing wearing my Steve Canyon helmet. I was 6 years old - I jumped off so many times, eventually I sprained my arm and had to wear a sling for weeks...
I do like the rare photos of the actual toys we had being used. I have a few more around somewhere...
[quoted image]

Oh man.... Swinging as hard as I could and bailing off at its peak was my favorite.
Your Steve Canyon helmet with the visor up must of had all the neighborhood girls swooning. LOL

That's a great picture and memory. Thanks for posting.

#2735 10 months ago
Quoted from mbeardsley:

I still have all of my Hot Wheels track from the 60s/70s. Enough track to run dual lanes for an entire block. Plus loops, jumps, bridges, kickers, etc. Most of my original cars are gone, but we have about 150 new-ish cars.
Until recently, once or twice a year we would get it out and make a massive track, attracting all of the kids in the neighborhood. Most of the kids (including mine) are now too old to care, but someday there will be grandchildren...

Screw the kids and grandkids. If I was your neighbor and saw you setting up, I'd hand you a beer and ask how I could help.

#2767 10 months ago

I always liked the catch phrase commercial ending, "By Wham-o!"

#2812 10 months ago

Best drink of water ever.

zzzdrinking-hose (resized).png
#2876 10 months ago
Quoted from mooch:

Also, there was a row of Metal Typer machines in the hallway outside a big room called the Safari Room, where all the school kids ate lunch. I loved getting the little round metal tokens from these machines. I remember carefully spinning that dial pointer around to choose each letter and then pulling the lever down repeatedly to punch out my message. Ka-CHUNK! Ka-CHUNK!

There's one of those Metal Typer machines for sale right now on the Denver Craigslist.
denver.craigslist.org link

zzzz01313_vq3ciDOSUG_0t20lM_1200x900 (resized).jpg
#2886 10 months ago

Peanut butter cookies

zzzzz6a00e553a80e1088340168ebf08eee970c-800wi (resized).jpg
#2932 10 months ago
Quoted from onemoresean:

I enjoyed making a robot or alien voice from behind a fan.
I found this vintage blue blade today in a clean-up pile, and had to do a few voices.
Still fun.

Reading that brought a huge smile to my face.

#2989 10 months ago

If you guys still like puzzles then I highly, HIGHLY recommend following Chris Ramsy on Youtube or Facebook. He solves some of the most unique puzzles I ever seen and many I couldn't even imagine. He's also a magician and does some interesting magic videos in the mix.

He puts himself on a timer and you get to follow along as he solves new and old puzzles as best he can. Very well edited episodes, funny and interesting commentary. I really like the guy and he makes me laugh at times. Other times I'm frustrated along with him.
Many of his videos are in the 7 to 12 minute range so it's not a total time suck. And some are up to 20 minutes but I get so intrigued watching I don't care.

I fast forwarded past the intro on these two videos to get you right to the meat of it. I hope guys like him as much as I do.

Peace, Rock!

#3004 10 months ago

I remember attending my very first professional baseball game. Minnesota Twins and Harmon Killebrew was the star player then.
Sitting in the bleachers with my foster grandfather, I had my first stadium hog dog. Mustard, ketchup, relish and onions.
I've snice attended multiple hundreds of professional sporting events over the years and I always get that same hot dog at each event. Mustard, ketchup, relish and onions.

#3016 10 months ago

Not long ago I saw a grade school kid walking to school backwards. Backpack and all. Reminded me of me.
Anybody see how far they could walk with their eyes closed before chickening out? I bet all of us did. I'm gonna do it tomorrow at some point now that I'm reminded.

#3035 10 months ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Anybody see how far they could walk with their eyes closed before chickening out? I'm gonna do it tomorrow at some point now that I'm reminded.

I did this today in the mall parking lot while heading back to my car. I chickened out pretty quickly. Not even close to my record.

#3047 10 months ago

Only a minute and a half to watch, this is one of my favorite scenes from Napoleon Dynamite.

#3074 10 months ago
Quoted from mooch:

Did you have a purple Crown Royal bag as a kid?

You can now repurpose them as a facemask.

zzzzzEVve6C5X0AYTlUG (resized).jpg
#3100 10 months ago

Tang, the drink of Astronauts!

#3110 10 months ago

My first cologne and this was all the rage with young teenagers in Minneapolis.

zzzzzzil_1588xN.2472602513_crff (resized).jpg
#3114 10 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

what is this Tang that is being sold in a 12 oz. tin in 1952?

Does anyone have any idea at all?

Not sure but it looks like it also came in Pint and Quart sizes. I also found a supermarket ad for, Tang, Chopped Pork. (Second ad under Food Bargains)

Ya kinda have to squint to read them but that's my interpretation.

0_0_7528_5353 (1) (resized).jpgTang chopped pork (resized).jpg
#3129 10 months ago
Quoted from mooch:

That’s Don Adams on the box!

On my Secret Service game, one of the multiball modes plays the theme song from Get Smart. Cracks me up and if I drain too quickly I'll mutter to myself, "Missed it by that much".

#3134 10 months ago
Quoted from mooch:

Have you ever stuck the end of a plastic straw into the flame of a Venetian candle at a restaurant? It makes a funny little sound as it melts. I’d sometimes do this for cheap thrills while my family waited endlessly for a pizza. Unfortunately, a larger portion of the straw would typically catch fire, making me panic and drop the hot mess of charred plastic crud down into the candle, snuffing out its flame. This was my Dad’s cue to get super pissed off, followed by his several angry attempts to relight the now-FUBAR candle.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

LOL. You and I must be related by blood some how.

#3170 10 months ago

The bigger the chain around your room, the more badass you were.

I don't remember the Coors can but found it during my image search. Interesting.

zzzzzz1Open-Bottle (resized).jpgzzzzzz2a0df8a02dfc8863a565cee0c2c456344 (resized).jpgzzzzzz3coors-can-copy (resized).jpg
#3188 10 months ago
Quoted from onemoresean:

Here’s my mini mini bike.
It’s 11” to the top of the bars.
[quoted image]

Ha ha. I love the magic marker written, Honda

#3208 9 months ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Here's my 5 lb!

With the girl on the slingshot plastic looking up and screaming it reminded me of the movie, The Blob with Steve McQueen.

zzzzzzzSxJFUmRYI29BBqY4Im7uNTWIYo2pJi_large (resized).jpg

#3211 9 months ago

Christmas is tomorrow and thought I'd post this. Me second from the right and I still have my stocking hanging in the background.

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Quoted from mooch:

Mine was a Beatles 45: “All You Need Is Love.” (1967)

Yeah but what was on the "B" side? LOL

"Turn Turn Turn" by the Byrds for me.

#3268 9 months ago

Any creative punishments as a child? My parents once shaved my head for playing with matches. I wore an upside down sailors hat for the summer I was so embarrassed. Which is ironic as I now shave my head and have done so since 1990.

I also got grounded a million times. I used to sneak out late at night to meet a friend at a local baseball field and we drink the beer he had stolen from his father. Totally lost track of that guy 50 years ago and wished I hadn't.

#3274 9 months ago

I have to be completely naked to count to 21.

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Quoted from mooch:

But at my Dad’s office, they had IBM Selectric typewriters. Instead of using individual skinny little hammers to type characters when you pressed the keys, the Selectrics used a way-cool electrified futuristic silver ball. It was fascinating to watch it in action.

Hell ya! You could hold a single key down and have it fire off like a machine gun!

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I kinda miss watching a quick handed vendor give out change. Thought it would be cool to have one too.

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#3320 9 months ago

I always went for the van with no windows that had free candy.

#3322 9 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

We made toys of all sorts of things. Like chasing the mosquito spray truck with our bicycles. It is a wonder I am still alive.

LMAO! Me too.

#3336 9 months ago

Oh my god. Do you guys remember getting unwanted erections in class? We must of looked stupid carrying our books in the front as cover.

#3340 9 months ago

I must of misunderstood when my parents told me I needed to study hard.

#3342 9 months ago

8th grade math with Mrs. Bucannon....

#3366 9 months ago
Quoted from mooch:

I remember that Elmer the Bull on Elmer’s Glue was the fictional cartoon boyfriend of Elsie the Cow on Borden milk cartons.

I guess that's how they made those baby cartons.

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Quoted from mooch:

I remember being wildly curious about a new toothpaste in the 60s called Stripe that had colored stripes in it, years before Aquafresh. I persuaded my loyal Crest-buying parents to buy me some Stripe just so I could figure out how the heck stripes came out of it.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Beginning around age 10 or so, I'll bet I had 50 questions a day, every day, about everything in my world. Stripe toothpaste was also one of my curiosities. And because my questions were so obscure, and pre-internet, 99.9% of them went unanswered.
For decades now I've told friends how I wished I had grown up with Google. I'm still asking questions and I thank you for reminding me about that one.

Stripe toothpaste solved:

And if you want a more scientific explantion:

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BTW. I was that pain in the ass kid that always had questions and adult answers only caused more questions. I hate those kids.

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Quoted from mooch:

Here’s you and me the first day with a Rubik’s Cube.

Agreed and afterward I'd be saying, Hey Mooch, you still got those firecracker?

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Quoted from LTG:

Still doesn't. I think sliced bread is the cats meow !
LTG : )

Well aren't you the bees knees.

#3414 9 months ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Well aren't you the bees knees.

As I mentioned before, I always have questions.

Bees Knees:
"The origin of this expression is largely unknown, although there are a number of theories. Some people believe that it is a reference to the fact that bees carry pollen in sacks on their knees, and that the expression therefore alludes to this concentrated goodness. Others maintain that the saying is just a corruption of the word 'business'.

Another suggestion is that the 'bee' in question was actually Bee Jackson, a world champion Charleston dancer who was very popular in New York in the 1920's!"


#3423 9 months ago

Here's a record called Gougar Speaks from Williams when they made the pinball machine Gougar in 1979.
I had a copy of it once many years ago that I found in a game and gifted it to a worthy collector.

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#3428 9 months ago

I thought it had a nice beat, easy to dance to. I'd give it a 9.

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#3429 9 months ago
Quoted from mooch:

Anybody remember seeing one of these stuck on top of a car antenna?

Ha ha. Even car antenna's have mostly disappeared.

#3482 9 months ago
Quoted from bingopodcast:

but many things I've remembered have already been identified

As far as I'm concerned, duplicate postings are welcome. Everyone should enjoy this thread as it flows and not have to worry about researching it before posting something.

And for the record, I just recently realized that I've duplicate posted my own stuff. - The mind is the first thing to go, right?

#3535 9 months ago

I could never get the rim of my glass to make that high pitched sound like my friends could. Determined one day to make it work, I kept trying and trying. I still couldn't hear any sound from the glass but suddenly my mother completely lost her shit, grabbed my wrist and went off on me yelling, STOP IT! JUST STOP IT!

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#3543 9 months ago

Years of fuzzy Playboy channel followed by Dial Up internet. Oh the humanity.

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2 weeks later
#3698 8 months ago

Don't forget Divorce Barbie. Her doll came with all of Ken's stuff.

#3705 8 months ago
Quoted from mooch:

Ever decorate your wall with a traffic sign? Not one you bought, but one you “found.” My Dad had a STOP sign from his younger years hung in our basement. No clue how he got it. I once found a city bus stop sign lying in the grass near its damaged pole. That ended up in the basement, too. To throw off the traffic sign detectives, both signs were given away to neighbors when we moved.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Ironic how a sign that says STOP, still gets stolen.

#3719 8 months ago

How many of you remember this book?

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#3731 8 months ago

Silly Puddy

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