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What was your first pinball machine purchase?

By Radrog

3 years ago

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    #101 3 years ago

    Aztec bought it in 1990

    #102 3 years ago

    Data east Star Wars in 2002. Still have the game, it was a Christmas gift from my parents.
    Than got first NIB in 2008, IJ4 and that is when the hobby really took off for me. I didn't even know you could buy new game until than.

    #103 3 years ago

    first pinball machine was Williams Indiana Jones in 1999 for $1500 .....that was super expensive back then

    #104 3 years ago

    Haunted House in 1985 for $250 bucks. Worked great. Wish I still had it.

    #105 3 years ago

    It wasn't until a few years ago that I realized that you could even own pinball machine and put it your house. It just never occurred to me. Once that mental block was hurdled, it was the "I only need one", "I can only spend $1,500" and my wife thinks I'm insane stage.

    Despite reading and watching all the videos I could, I was still such a newb. Power switch? Hmm, I wonder where that is? The top part folds down?

    Fortunately, I found a good deal on Pinside for my grail theme, Doctor Who, and took a road trip to Michigan grab it. Idiot that I was, I could have been easily scammed and would have been none the wiser, but I was fortunate to find an honest Pinsider that showed me the basics and sold me a great game.

    As other have said, first game to arrive and last to leave.

    #106 3 years ago

    The Amazing Spider-Man in 2014. Still have it and it gets the most play in my collection.

    #107 3 years ago

    TWDLE. Wish I had the ability to keep it at the time. One of the most fun and challenging games I've ever laid hands on. Lyman scored BIG on the code!!!

    #108 3 years ago

    Space Shuttle in 2001 first game hubby and I played when we were dating (1984)...first game we bought, first game I restored...still here and not leaving!
    First NIB Metallica in 2013 I got it for hubby for his birthday that year...still here not leaving...


    #109 3 years ago

    My first game was Nascar. I thought by buying a newer game, that parts would be more readily available. Little did I know that in 2012, Stern was finished with the game and had moved on to bigger and better things. I fixed the game and managed to find the missing parts and a new ramp from some pinsiders. After about 8 months, I found a nice deal on a Fish Tales, which made me realize how bad of a game Nascar was. I sold Nascar the following week for a decent profit and bought a Walking Dead Pro. Now I own 6 machines and have fixed, enjoyed, and sold 2 others.

    #110 3 years ago

    An extremely nice Road Show for $950 from a local operator in 2007.

    #111 3 years ago

    2 months ago I bought an Evel Knievel & a BW 100 at an estate sale. Went from 0 to 2 in one day!

    #112 3 years ago

    Eight Ball in 1990. Paid $400.

    #113 3 years ago

    JP about two years ago. Still amazed my fiance (now wife) let me do that.

    #114 3 years ago

    Haunted House. 3 years ago.

    #115 3 years ago

    Black Knight, April 1991. Gorgar soon after.

    That was it until my wife got me a FunHouse for Xmas 2008.

    Then Stargate, then WH2O, then after her fatal accident the floodgates really opened...

    1 week later
    #116 3 years ago

    My first was a SF2 purchased May 31st, 2017.

    #117 3 years ago

    GTB Time Line in '09. I stared at it every time I came home from work SMH that there was an actual arcade pinball machine sitting in my basement. It looked lonely so I added a few other Pinball pals to keep it company. It ended up in the buy/sell rotation shuffle a year and a half later but you never forget your first pin.

    #118 3 years ago

    Gottlieb's Texan (4-player 1960) bought in 1976, never got it working.
    Gave it away in 1980, after that....a lot of other machines mostly e.m.

    #119 3 years ago
    Quoted from zacaj:

    Time Line and Hot Hand project combo deal

    I sold those to you.

    #120 3 years ago

    My wife and I moved from a small condo to a house with over double the square footage. I hunted for about 3 months for a "good" machine. In reality i knew nothing! I came across a TSSP on pinside locally from a great seller and was very happy my first purchase was of a great condition machine!! I love the deep rules!!

    #121 3 years ago

    Living in a 1 bedroom apartment, I never thought of owning my own pinball machine. I discovered cocktail pinballs, which I never knew existed. Saw a Roy Clark on Craig's List, and wanted to buy it. The guy said he would deliver it to me, but then kept backpedaling on the delivery, so I decided to forget about it.

    Then one came up on eBay and I was able to arrange delivery. I got that in September 2016. I bought 2 more cocktails, Vegas and Night Moves and managed to fit all three in my bedroom.

    But that wasn't enough! Bought a Silverball Mania, and then a Xenon, and I've managed to fit those in as well!

    Now that I have the SBM and Xenon, the Roy Clark is a joke, but it was my first, so will stay put.

    #123 3 years ago

    Bally Hi Deal. Fun game.

    #125 3 years ago

    Raven. I quickly outgrew the game and moved onto a Gilligan ..traded a bunch etc etc and now i have a tspp and a tron.

    #126 3 years ago

    Judge dredd 550 euro. In the coming months sttng and tz for 1100 and 1250. Oh man those where the days....

    #127 3 years ago

    Stern Galaxy that I paid $350 for in working condition

    #128 3 years ago

    Mine was a 1972 Gottlieb Pop a card. I bought it when I was 8 years old for $230 and regretfully sold it a few years ago for $600

    #129 3 years ago

    My first machine was a Williams Liberty Bell for $200, which is pretty good for the California central valley. Someone had cut all of the wiring harnesses at the access hole between the backbox and the cabinet. It took some serious schematic scrutiny, but it works great today!

    #130 3 years ago

    Tee'd off. Seller was shady as hell but I was so excited to have one. Spent way to much time and money on it, especially since he said it was 100% working!

    Oh well, that's how I also learned how to fix them, so I guess it worked out ok.

    Included it in a trade for Spiderman. Should have kept it.

    #131 3 years ago

    CV. Figured i may as well go big because i was only going to get just one....


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