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What was your first pinball machine purchase?

By Radrog

3 years ago

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    #51 3 years ago

    Lost world Jurassic Park Sega.

    #52 3 years ago
    #54 3 years ago

    Pinbot in Oct 2012

    #55 3 years ago

    F2K of course (2008). Then Xenon, Seawitch, Black Hole, High Speed, Meteor, Nine Ball, EBD, Centaur 2, Alien Poker, Silverball Mania, Star Trek, Flash Gordon, Pistol Poker, Spy Hunter, 2 more F2K's and 3 more EBD's. It's a disease!!

    #56 3 years ago

    I purchased an Evil Knievel in 1979, it was the pin that started the madness!

    #57 3 years ago

    Getaway: HS2 via a Usenet group for the local university, back in 2001 or something. Traded it away in 2007, and still feel a slight seller's remorse once in a while.

    #58 3 years ago

    Theatre of Magic in 1999. Still have it, and it still earns well!

    #59 3 years ago

    A non working gottlieb Monte Carlo. Leaning your first pin repairs on a shitty system 80 makes every other system look easy. I still have a no sysytem 80 policy now.

    #60 3 years ago

    F14 in 2008.

    #61 3 years ago

    The beloved Stern Stars.

    I didn't look very close before paying the guy. It was missing every board but the lamp driver board. Luckily it was only $150.

    #62 3 years ago

    doctor who month ago

    and collection grows

    #64 3 years ago

    My first purchase was $20 worth of raffle tickets at a pinball expo, I won a Seawitch. The guy helping me load it into the car said "be careful, they have a tendency to multiply". My reply was "this thing is huge, how can you have more than one?" Well, we all know how that turns out.......
    2 months later I bought a Goldeneye so I could have something to play while I worked on the Seawitch and the rest is history.

    #66 3 years ago

    Super Mario bros for 600 about 4 years ago ..... which got my interest in this crazy hobby. I/everyone thought i was crazy buying a pin for that kind of money but come to find out it was a good deal and a drop in the bucket compared to where i am now with 9-10 restored A list games. Crazy how things start..... wldnt change a thing tho as ive meant some of my better friends on this hobby.

    #67 3 years ago

    1st time around in the hobby back in 1998: Twilight Zone for $1300...also the last one I sold when I got out of the hobby in 2007

    2nd time around getting back into pins last month: NIB MMr Standard

    #68 3 years ago

    Dungeons and kids still wish I had it...

    #69 3 years ago

    EBD in 2008 I think? Gone, but have another. This one is bolted to the floor..

    #70 3 years ago

    I bought an Apollo 13 off Ebay from an operator in April 2004 for $1126. I remember that I got it home and was disappointed that one of the flippers didn't work (a wire broke off) as well as the moon magnet didn't grab the ball (another broken wire). I didn't know a thing about repairing machines but somehow got the wires soldered back on using a soldering gun and plumbers solder and was in business! A short time after that I found Clay's guides which really gave me the confidence to work on machines and start looking for a 2nd machine.

    #71 3 years ago

    My first purchase was two at once, Johnny Mnemonic and X Files, almost 1 year ago..

    #72 3 years ago

    17 years ago I bought a williams gorgar for $900 couldn't get enough this began my horrible addiction 13 pins later tht made my keeper list and still going.....

    #73 3 years ago

    Dipsy Doodle
    I got a Honey first but didnt pay anything for it...

    #74 3 years ago

    Back to the Future, 2004 I think...maybe 2005. $300!

    1 week later
    #75 3 years ago

    Just getting started. My younger brother purchased a mint Medieval Madness for 4k. Which lead me to start looking. I just bought a Creature of the black lagoon minty. Awaiting delivery now. The addiction is real though as I am already looking for another pin.

    #76 3 years ago

    I arrived somewhat late to the pinball party (this year) My first and current machine is a Metallica Pro, such a great game! But on the prowl for number 2

    #77 3 years ago

    White Water in 2011. It was the first to arrive and will be the last to leave!

    #78 3 years ago

    My addiction started with Jurassic Park. I returned home from a trip to the Pinball Hall of Fame and told my wife, "I think I'd like a pinball machine." We set a budget of $1,000 and I began my search. It actually didn't take long and I found a guy a few hours away who was moving and needed to get rid of his Jurassic Park, X-Men (Arcade), and Street Fighter EX (Arcade). I ended up renting a trailer and taking all three.

    #79 3 years ago

    Stern Magic

    #80 3 years ago

    In 1994 I purchased CFTBL for $1895 (built in March 1993). Then I looked through the manual and ordered various game-specific spare parts (which I still have) such as an OEM hologram and extra lagoon plastic windows. In the good old days I liked to buy B/W games when they were only two to three years old and just coming off route for the first time. Games that cleaned up very well and were still in great shape. And you could go through the manual and order a plastic set and whatever other unique spare parts you wanted to stockpile. I have had things for years such as new OEM ramps and ruins plastics for IJ and two new OEM center ramps for W?D and lots of other spare parts saved for whenever my games need them. Does anyone still do this (immediately place an order for unique spare parts) after purchasing one of the new Stern or JJP machines?

    #81 3 years ago


    #82 3 years ago

    Right after my separation, bought me a theatre of magic.

    #83 3 years ago
    Quoted from Azmodeus:

    Right after my separation, bought me a theatre of magic.

    Be careful there's a TOM remake in the works. Not sure what life event that means for you...

    #84 3 years ago

    overpaid for a CV ....... it was supposed to be just one really nice pinball for the gameroom ....... now 14 pinball machines later & all arcade games are gone

    #85 3 years ago

    Wizard 1979 Still have it.

    #86 3 years ago

    Chicago Coin Casino

    #87 3 years ago

    Space Invaders,around 2002, I think. From a true pinhead who became a friend. He called it a pinball kit, as he'd pretty much stripped everything from the PF to do a complete shop job. I finished the job, and kept it for 7 years. 15 years later, it's the longest I've kept a pin, but that record will soon be passed by TAF, which will never leave. I've owned nearly 50 in 15 years, never fewer than 2 or more than 8 at a time.

    #90 3 years ago

    Fathom August 1994 Working condition but worn playfield. $200

    Found a better one years later and combined the 2 to make one really nice one and sold the other off. =)

    #91 3 years ago

    My Dad got me the original World Cup Soccer by Williams when I was in high school but my first purchase was TFTC.

    #92 3 years ago

    I didnt buy my first pinball, i got it in trade, got a Grand Lizard for my broken Hang-On (the red bike one) arcade game.

    I payed about...50 bucks for the Hang-On a couple of years prior, at the local themepark that closed down, so it was a cheap, working Grand Lizard in ok condition for me.

    #93 3 years ago

    YR 2000 Got our first house. And first pinball Judge Dredd...Then Funhouse a month later.... Have them both and TONS more.

    #94 3 years ago

    Cosmic gunfight in 1995

    #95 3 years ago

    Twilight Zone back in 1997, and I still have it.

    #96 3 years ago

    Bought the shadow at the end of 2012, and received early 2013. Wanted that game badly. It is never leaving!

    #97 3 years ago

    Comet was the first and still have it
    ST was first NIB

    #98 3 years ago

    My first unofficial game purchase was actually done by my mom in 2002. It was a Gottlieb '2001' purchased at a garage sale for $50 for my dad as a gift. Since it didn't work, she thought it would be a fun little project for him, as he likes to tinker. He opened up the playfield, looked at the inside, and said "nope." Closed it back up, and it sat in our garage for years after.

    Fast forward to 2005, and it was the summer of me going into my freshman year of high school. Too young to legally work, but too old for summer camps, I decided to tackle the game. I stumbled over Clay's guides when researching repair guides, and somehow managed to fudge my way through it.

    After I fixed it, the following summer I got a job at an amusement park. Saved up, and bought myself a William's Suspense project on eBay for $150, and the rest is history.

    #99 3 years ago

    Purchased from a dealer online from Florida. I had no idea what I was doing but caught the silverball bug after visit a friend that had a pin. Wanted one that my family could have some fun with. That was many years ago and many pins have come and gone - still my daughters favorite pin so I might own it again should I come across one.

    #100 3 years ago

    Roadshow was the first and I believe Twilight Zone came very soon after.

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