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What was your first pin ?

By Brokedad

13 years ago

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    #1 13 years ago

    Reading another thread I thought it would be interesting to know what everyone's first pinball purchase was, how much you paid, etc.

    Mine was a Bally Medusa. I paid $80 for it along with trading an old oscilloscope.
    It was in very good condition. Player four was out and also the bonus displays on the playfield. Replacing the old ECL logic driver IC's fixed both of them. It took a while but I did finally get the clear red see-through flippers for it that it originally had. It was one of the first "talkies" and one of the last machines to use "zipper" flippers at the top.

    It is still in my collection. I doubt I will ever sell it.
    (BTW lb45 ... you still haven't met the challenge to find one .. I expect a nice glass of a real vintage french sauterne for both me and the mrs. when we visit Europe)


    #2 13 years ago

    my first pinball machine was a rocky and bullwinkle, i owned it for about a year and really enjoyed it. loved taking the glass off and cleaning things, keeping the whole thing glossy. the cabinet wasn't perfect, but for 1000 it was a good start. the art work was amazing and the mirrored backglass i loved! Lord of the rings was the machine i wanted the most though so i had to let the R+B go to afford it.


    #3 13 years ago

    TZ paid $3,050 and it needed to be shopped.

    #4 13 years ago

    Buck Rogers, and I paid $300 it needed the driver board repaired and a couple of coils. If I knew then what I know now I would have talked the guy down abit on the price.

    #5 13 years ago

    My first machine was a Guns N' Roses, paid $3,000 a couple years ago. Now I am up to 7 machines. Working on filling up the house. May add another pinball to the collection this week.


    #6 13 years ago

    BK2K, spent $1100. Still love that stinking game

    #7 13 years ago

    my first pin was simpsons wish i still had it. It was $2800

    #8 13 years ago

    pic did not work. here it is again. sorry


    #9 13 years ago

    Meteor: Got it for free but it didn't work and the backglass was horrible. All the boards needed to be rebuilt, among the other usual shop out stuff.

    #10 13 years ago

    Sinbad. I paid $1,100 for it and it had a nail sticking out of the playfield. The power supply also went bad after about a month and it took me months to fix. Cool thing is, it became our first real project for our pinball projects website.

    #11 13 years ago

    TZ - $4,800. It was in beautiful condition with a full LED conversion, but I still feel like I overpaid. At this point, I've probably shelled out at least another $500 more on mods and upgrades. Needless to say, my wife isn't a big fan of my new hobby.

    #12 13 years ago

    HSII for $1000. Guy originally listed it for $1700, but thanks to this site I talked it down substantially becuase I had a better idea of what one in good condition sells for and could spot some issues with this machine. Of course, now I know that I should have talked him down another $200 or so based on the stuff I figured out afterwards!

    #13 13 years ago

    The Shadow I paid 1400, I hope to own this one agian

    #14 13 years ago

    Not counting the one that I grew up with, the first one I got after moving out was Jurassic Park. I picked it based on nostalgia and my wife's love of the theme. It really kicked off quite the collecting craze.

    #15 13 years ago

    my 1st pin was pinbot I paid $700 for it and still have it in my collection

    #16 13 years ago

    Addam's Family, full restore, bought for 4000CAN!!! Ouch...haha. Sold it awhile back, don't really miss it either...


    #17 13 years ago

    Evel Knievel, Aus $2,400.00 (pinballs are expensive over here)
    Still have, still love it..

    #18 13 years ago

    Gottlieb Solar Ride. Paid $50.00 for it from a friend that got it for free. GI came on but that was it. When we moved it here, it worked for a little bit and we was amazed! The working part was short lived but all it needed was new connectors and a good cleaning to get it working again. Started the craze!

    #19 13 years ago

    Addams Family - I bought it 3 years ago for $2,000 delivered and set up. Very good condition. Since then I have added Black Rose and Earthshaker. Working on a Congo, but they still want too much.

    #20 13 years ago

    LOTR, paid $4400 CDN. Sold it one month back, don't really miss it either...

    #21 13 years ago

    I bought a 1965 Teacher's Pet for $250.
    It was from an old family friend, and I used to play the machine when I was much younger.

    #22 13 years ago

    My first pin was BOP and I paid 1100.00 for it about 2 years ago. I have 6 now and that BOP has been the most reliable. I have not had to do any work on it besides rubber, and new flippers.

    #23 13 years ago

    My first pinball was a Bally Party Zone, YES!!!!! I paid far too much it at £700 about 6 years ago, and recently sold this puppy for £360. Not only was it my first pin, but it was my learning machine and it was also the key to a MAD hobby or as I call it my pinball obsession.

    CLASS_1812_040.jpgCLASS_1812_040.jpg CLASS_1812_018.jpgCLASS_1812_018.jpg

    #24 13 years ago

    Mine was a 1985 Williams Comet. Paid 3 bills for it! The main Comet Ramp and the Cycle Jump were both in great condition. The Corkscrew was the black repro but also was in good condition. Has the typical wear around the pops, Dunk the Dummy and the Funhouse area but what Comet doesn't? Still waiting for that repro!!!!

    #25 13 years ago

    My first pin was actually three pins in a package deal. Fathom, KISS, and Fireball II. Paid 800 bux for the lot! It was twelve years ago, and I know now it was a great deal. All I was looking for was a nice KISS, and the operator who had these games in storage told me he would sell the KISS for 400, but I had to buy two more to get it for that price. I guess that works out to 200 each for Fathom and Fireball II. Crazy I know!

    #26 13 years ago

    I bought a NIB Family Guy, still have it, not likley to sell it.

    #27 13 years ago

    First one is my Totem , i've never sold it - It's installed in the best part of my "pinballs house" .
    I haven't fix anything - a few lamps are constantly "on" (need to change just a transistor..) , and i haven't been able to find the big decor on left. I just wan't to keep it the original shape when i bought it !

    @BD :
    Your Medusa is beautiful , and for the Sauterne i can help you


    #28 13 years ago


    sympathy for the devil *lol* : my first pin was Devil's Dare, the machine which haunted me for a while !!!

    #29 13 years ago

    My first pin was Street Fighter II, I still have it. In fact it is still the only pin I own. Still waiting to find a good deal on a pin I enjoy to get my second. I have had better luck getting video games.

    #30 13 years ago

    I have a SFII as well vster23 .. welcome to the forum.

    #31 13 years ago

    cool brokedad, I love it. I still play it when I do my laundry downstairs sometimes. I have had it for over 8 years

    #32 13 years ago

    I bought my first pin Back to the Future last year for 1200$. In hindsight I know the woman probably would have taken 1k or even less. no problem, only 1 broken switch. Great first machine for me to learn on. Filled up the playfield with LED's and it looked awesome, fast hard game. Just traded it last month for a Hook +100$. Great Hook with no wear, 100% working. I really enjoy it.

    Now own a Hook and a Dr Who. Dr Who is a lemon, and I'm still trying to squeeze an opto problem out of it >_<.... 99% awesome except for 1 vital OPTO!!

    in fact, i'm going to post the problem right now so I can get some help

    #33 13 years ago

    Hollywood by Chicago Coin (1971). My wife gave it to me this July 4th for a 10th anniversary present. I never even saw that coming, though apparently everyone at the pinball party knew about it. There's even a YouTube video of me standing around stupidly while it sank in that I actually owned a pinball machine.
    It's having a few issues already. Skipping balls and players, and if the S target doesn't go down all the way, the thousands scoring gets disabled.

    1 year later
    #34 12 years ago

    My first (and only, so far) pin is a NIB Spiderman. I've had it since August and I don't think I'll ever let it go!!! My son played the first game and my daughter played the 2nd. I started them young and the pinball bug was caught. They (we) can't get enough. Got to Battle Royale for the first time this week and I thought my son's head was going to explode. He was so happy!!!

    #35 12 years ago

    Wow! you must have taken the way back machine to find this thread.

    #36 12 years ago

    Cool thread..I'll play.

    I bought a Flash for $300 in August. It worked 100%, but had raised inserts and playfield wear around the bonus indicators. It has been my learning machine. I plan on attempting a full restore with CC to bring it back to it's former glory. I've done some touchups that don't look bad (imho), but I'd like to do them over to get them perfect.

    Since then I added a Pinbot in December, and a TSPP last week. I plan on rounding it out to an even 4, or possibly an uneven 5...

    #37 12 years ago

    My first was a DE Simpsons on eBay from Louisiana. It cost 1200 and i sold it to make room for TSPP for 1200.

    #38 12 years ago

    I wasn't on Pinside a year ago...so this is the first time I have seen this thread!! LOL!!
    First pin was Williams Space Shuttle back in 2001, bought it off E-bay, and paid $600.? something for it...Whole family drove to Cleveland to pick it up, family road trip/vacation... first game I restored, still have it and it won't be going anywhere anytime soon and...that was the beginning of that!! LOL!!


    #39 12 years ago

    TOTAN was my first and the pin that really started my addiction.

    #40 12 years ago

    T2 2 years. 1 broken wire in that whole time. Sturdy. Fun. Great starter. NEVER want to play it again! (3000 ish games on it???)

    #41 12 years ago

    Popeye. Paid too much. Can't sell it or my gf will leave me...

    #42 12 years ago

    BSD paid $1200 for it. Still have it too. Thought about selling it plenty of times, but can't get myself to do it. That was the machine that started the obsession.
    Kind of strange posting on a thread started by brokedad. I thought he died. Lol

    #43 12 years ago

    Stern Disco EM at an estate sale a few towns over. Went to bid on some sports memorabilia and went home with the game and the sports stuff. Think I paid $400 for the game. Stopped collecting sports stuff and have never looked back. Great hobby that you can play instead of putting it in a display to look at.


    #44 12 years ago

    Earthshaker (first and only so far) Paid $900, overpaid in my estimation now that I know what to look for and for the money I've put in to to date. But I love it and it started me in this hobby so it can't be all bad.


    #45 12 years ago

    My first pins were Magic City and Beat Time, they were about to be crushed and stuffed into a dumpster and I asked if I could have them and the guy said yes if I could get them out now.
    Both games had been in his storage for 25+ years and were bought together from Hub Music in No. Dak. Dec. '67.
    They were complete with all the paperwork and original receipt.
    Still have the Beat Time, regret selling the Magic City.

    #46 12 years ago

    May 2009, picked up a Black Knight on eBay for $800. Fortunately it was from a seller just a couple hours drive away so I was able to pick up in person. It was in remarkable shape, but ridiculously dirty. It'd been sitting in their rec room for 28 years or so and I doubt they'd ever cleaned it. In fact I think it had the original rubber on it. Did a complete playfield tear down & shop job and it turned out pretty great.

    Sold it a year later to a collector in Canada for $1700. Literally an offer too good to refuse.


    #47 12 years ago

    Bally's Lost World...I know, kinda low and boring but I was young, fresh out of the Navy, and wouldn't ya know it...broke. Got a good deal from some rich folks selling their house and moving onto their yacht. I still can't figure out why that guy didn't find a good place for that Pin on their boat. Disable the tilts and go at it right?

    #48 12 years ago

    Bow and Arrow back in 1987 paid $250.00 I think don't have it anymore but always on the lookout for a nice example.

    #49 12 years ago

    My first was BoP about 14 years ago, paid 500quid (aroung $850) for it, played it for 2 years, got too good/bored of it... sold it for about 450quid, and bought it back after they broke it for about 400quid and still have it... nice to have my first game back!!

    #50 12 years ago

    My first was actually a pair I bought together. It was CP and NGG for $60 delivered about 12 years ago. I wrote a story about it on my page. Still have both.

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