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what to buy next?

By IceHill

11 years ago

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#1 11 years ago

I'm thinking of buying my 3rd pinball for my collection. I already have STTNG and TZ. Here is the list of pins that I can get (and like) here in Europe. Any suggestions? Oh and I like hard games that don't repeat too quickly;

Guns N Roses (not shopped, without the topper but everything working - 1500$)

Johnny Mnemonic (replaced all the rubbers and bulbs, cleaned playfield, working glove but very faded cabinet - no more red colour - everything is yellow - 1300$)

Safe Cracker (very good condition overall, every bulb and rubber changed, working "mirror lights" - 1700$)

Tales Of The Arabian Nights (used quiet a bit, poor cabinet condition, not shopped - needs some work - 1500$)

The Shadow (bad cabinet condition but good playfield with all new rubbers and bulbs - 1300$)

Cirqus Voltaire (cabinet quite good, playfield with some broken plastics but cleaned and rubber/bulbs replaced - 1900$)

Haunted House (like new - 1760$)

#2 11 years ago

Tough choices all great games.

Guns N Roses has one of the best multiballs I have ever played with the magnets it just awesome.

Safe Cracker fun game differnt then any other pin would go good with the pins you already have. Gives verity. Does it come with all the coins? Rare game too, at least in the states.

Cirqus Voltair one of my all time favs, great all around game will add alot of color to your gameroom Couple of differnet multiball mode which are all fun.

Those are the three I would go with if it was goin in my collection. I would consider totan if it wasnt in that bad of shape. I dont see how haunted house is more then the others is a rare pin in europe?

#3 11 years ago

Myself owning a CV and a Haunted House I'd recommend those. Be ready to spend alot of maintained items on the Haunted House though ... It was before it's time and has so much that can need attention.

Take your pick .. a Haunted House is getting rarer .. but a CV is a have to in a collection.

#4 11 years ago

Oh wow. Thats a lot of good games.

Probably between CV and JM.

IMO, Johnny Mnemonic will probably pad out your collection the most since you already have stop & go games in your collection (STTNG & TZ). You don't currently have a pure "flow game". The cabinet fade is extremely common. A shame they decided to use that red color scheme, as it does games no favors (fade also on No Fear).

Cirqus Voltaire is another great pin on your list, and one I would think of adding if I were you. Replacing plastics shouldn't be too expensive. Make sure to check to see if the sound board is working properly.

Guns n Roses is a great pin. The topper is usually missing on most of them out there. No surprise really.

Shadow cabinets aren't always the best in shape. Usually some kind of fade going on. The good news is the head decals are reprod, so you can replace them if they are starting to peel or are ripped. Shadow rings and mongol characters are much harder to replace. Thank god I got an extra ring for my machine, if one goes bad.

I would pass on the TOTAN if its as bad of a shape for the price. Will take quite a bit of work and money to get it looking good, if its as bad as you listed. I don't think a game title is enough, if the game is a real expensive fixer-upper. I have turned down an AFM I could have owned, because of this.

Ditto passing on Safecracker & Haunted House, as most of the games on that list are better.

#5 11 years ago

I agree with you guys TOTAN would be a good choice if it wasnt in $hit condition, Id go with CV because broken plastics arent a big deal and can easily be replaced by the do it your selfer + youll still get a top 10 pin

#6 11 years ago

Get the Cirqus without doubt, highly sought after pin, at that price, you can't go wrong.

#7 11 years ago

Perhaps if your up for a challenge a 1st generation solid state pin?
some collectors nail an older game thats starting to rise in value then a more modern game that will depreciate .
It also adds diversity to the game room

#8 11 years ago

Since all the games on that list are great players and the prices are comparable, I would go with the one which is in the best shape.

#9 11 years ago

I think I'll skip TOTAN,The Shadow and Safe Cracker and go on a second trip to check GnR and CV again.
J. Mnemonic would my first choice but in different condition - its nice that everything works but the yellow cabinet is a bit much for me - not that I want all my pins to be A+ in looks but I still want a better one.

As far as Haunted House goes - Autumnfade is right - I really want one of the 1st generation solid state pins and Haunted House looks great! I LOVE horror themes and I also love the art on this machine.

Thanks for all the opinions guys!

#10 11 years ago

I think Johnny M. is a very underrated pin. My buddy has one and he will never get rid of it. I know I've tried to buy it from him numerous times. : ) We have lots of fun on that one. As far as the cabinet goes slide it between your other two and nobody will ever know!!

I don't think I'd pass up that TOTAN though. Great pin.

#11 11 years ago

You can always put new decals on it.

#12 11 years ago

Do you see many games that were made in France, Spain, or Italy come up for sale?
I would figure Europe must be loaded with them but you never hear much.

#13 11 years ago

Curious to see what condition that CV is IceHill. A really great pin. Friend has one and its a blast to play.

If GNR machines weren't so hard to find, I would already own one. Love that freakin' pin!

#14 11 years ago

I'd go for the Voltaire at that price. My second choice would be the Shadow. Each of these games has great software and depth along with solid gameplay. I owned a GNR for 5 years and played a lot of TOTAN and the software on each of these is extremely lacking and gets old quick. I'm even a huge GNR fan, but the pin still had to go! It's just way too boring to play, and that video mode is horrible! I haven't played a lot of Safe Cracker, but it seems like a bit of a novelty game that might not be suited for a small collection.

#15 11 years ago

hawkeye11 I could do that with the JM SealClubber if that were the case with the new decals - i would probably buy Mnemonic, but I cannot find decals anywhere!!

Autumnfade I only saw Zaccaria pins and that was like 15 years ago. A friend of mine (which also takes care of my machines) has a couple of them but I never got to play them.

drbond the CV is in quite good condition - the problem is that I didn't like it that much after 10 plays - don't get me wrong - its a great looking pinball with amazing lights and effects but I think I would go first with GNR (love the rock theme eventhough i'm not a rocker ) - cheaper then CV and quite hard to come across here.

treveism thanks for your contribution - got me really thinking - if a GNR fan tells me that the pin gets old quick then I must reconsider a bit. And as I said I want depth and challenge in pinball - and it looks like that CV and Shadow are the good ones...hm...
And another good point with Safe Cracker being in a small collection...

Oh another thing - the thing that got my attention with TOTAN and GNR was THE MUSIC - damn I love the rock music in GNR and I also love that arabian melody on TOTAN

I have some pictures of CV, JM, SC and TOTAN but u cannot really see their condition...

IMG_0091.jpg IMG_0092.jpg IMG_0108.jpg IMG_0109.jpg IMG_0111.jpg IMG_0127.jpg

#16 11 years ago

some more...

IMG_0128.jpg IMG_0130.jpg IMG_0131.jpg IMG_0133.jpg IMG_0287.jpg IMG_0289.jpg

#17 11 years ago

If the playfield on the TOTAN is in pretty good shape and all it needs is a shop out I would jump on that for the price no doubt. That is if it is playing pretty well and the mechanics are all there.

#18 11 years ago

But reading your list all those games are pretty solid to be honest. I would go with your personal preference of all of them. The price sure seems right on them!

#19 11 years ago

I would get the cv or gnr both great games i have them both. I love them.

#20 11 years ago

Did you ask if he was willing to part with the MM?

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