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What Stern Pinball Would You Choose??

By dangermouse007

13 years ago

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#1 13 years ago

Hi, Im saving for a brand new pinball and would love some other Pinball fans to give there choice of game to own new....Batman,Spiderman,Simpsons Party???

#2 13 years ago

I would say Spiderman! It's a great game, fast and fun. But do note that it ain't that deep so if you want more complex rules it may not be the game for you. However, in our gameroom, the Spiderman is very popular and you can often see people playing three or four games in a row (something that rarely happens in a gameroom with around 20 games).

#3 13 years ago

I really like FAMILY GUY, a very exciting game!

#4 13 years ago

I was in your shoes this past fall. I ended up getting the 2008 Batman pin and it's been an amazing choice!

It will be a hard decision as all the new Stern tables have their ups and downs. I would suggest travelling if need be to a Playdium arcade etc that holds the new games so you can test each one out.

I can give you a couple up sides of a few new machines from my opinion.

Batman: Lots of close range target shots. It feels like a shorter play field when compared to Spiderman or Indy. The multiballs are nicely spread out with 3 different ways to obtain them. The artwork is fantasic both on the playfield and on the box itself. I've had mine for a few months now and certainly no complaints. The replay factor is very high!

Spiderman: I really liked this pin it's a faster play than the batman. It almost feels like they used a super wax finish on the playfield. The moving targets and lighting are second to none. I also liked the fact that they did not use voiceovers, either that or i could not tell. If you can afford the extra i'd strongly recommend the special edition. I played them both side by side for a few hours and the crome package and rumble pack really add to the value of the machine both visually and playing.

Pirates: This game has lots of nice distractions, ramps and etc. The boat that sinks iteself is a very nice addition. I found there to be a lot of replay value to this machine if you are a fan of the Pirates theme. The lighting and replay value is also fantastic.

Family Guy: A great theme, i am a fan of the movie series. This game has a lot packed into it. Almost crowded similar to the simpsons game. If you liked the Simpsons Pinball Party you will like this pin. The sound and voice in this pin really stand out.

Indy: This pin got a lot of flack i found. I find this pin to be a lot of fun. It's a lot of open holes to sink and a main target that drops a ton of pinballs once you hit the multiball. The sound and voice is amazing as is the fit and finish on the machine. This machine was actually my second choice. I am a fan of the series though.

I cannot recommend strongly enough to go out and play them. I travellled 4 hours from my home city so i could spend some time with these machines. It's a signifigant purchase so you want to make sure it's one that suites you!

Good luck!

#5 13 years ago

I agree with you on most points, Tarno! However, I would like to throw in my 2 cents regarding the "Black" Spiderman because In my opinion, the "regular" is way cooler than the "black" edition:

- First of all I just don't like the black "ink-stain" that is supposed to be Spidey. Look at a Black Edition from a distance and you'll know what I mean. Spiderman is just not Spiderman when not in his red/blue suit.
- Secondly, the chrome siderails -although very nice with their spiderweb cutouts- is very, very prone to fingerprints. It looks messy after someone has played it. Be prepared to be wiping off nasty fingerprints from your game for the rest of your life or it'll look awfull. Also, I like the black siderails and lockdown bar better as it looks nicer on the game.
- The shaker motor (rumble pack) can also be bought separately from Stern and installed in a regular game for around 150 USD.
- The Black edition is much more expensive and doesn't offer any better gameplay whatsoever.

Obviously, these are just my 2 cents, but something I wanted to point out. Of course, you should check them both out and make your own decision should you decide to go for a Spiderman (which I HIGHLY recommend)!

#6 13 years ago

Hey thanks heaps for the feedback guys!
I have just spend a couple of hours playing both Spiderman and Batman side by side and dam it still cant decide on one!!!!
They both look so very good,the cabinet and backglass artwork on both are fantastic.(i do agree that Spidey looks much better in his red/blue costume,he seems to just jump outta the backglass and grab your attention)The Batman artwork is just as fantastic if not better than Spidey..so seriously stylish in the black.
I absolutely love the swinging yellow crane..i hate the Joker figure.The game play i found flowed well and was very smooth and enjoyable.
Spiderman has the coolest looking and moving figures(love Doc Oc)with gameplay alot faster than Batman but didnt seem to flow as smooth.
The only certain choice i have made as yet is that it my Brand New machine will be either Spiderman or Batman..but which one deserves to be sat next too my 1993 Williams Indiana Jones??????
Thanks again for the feedback,will let you know which way i finally go!

#7 13 years ago

It´s really a hard decision - Spiderman or Batman.

Both are good games. The aims of the games are to reach the super hero mode (Spiderman) or the wizard mode (Batman). The super hero mode is very exciting, all lights slow down and something good is awaiting you...
Unfortunately in Batman, version 2.2, such a final battle is not implemented yet. In it´s place you get a points award of 100 million. If this will be completed in an upcoming software revision, I don´t know...

On the other side there is the fantastic yellow swinging crane... The decision is yours, good luck!

#8 13 years ago

And? Any decision yet?
[whispers: Spidey! Spidey!]

#9 13 years ago

Haha...yes am leaning toward the Spiderman Machine Although i have some what been thrown temptation towards a Terminator 2 machine for sale in my home land for $1200 u.s With the New Zealand dollar doing so bad against the U.S $4000 bucks is taking an age to save!

I have never played a Terminator 2 but am a big fan of the movies and Arnold,the machine looks fantastic i think(especially the back glass)

What ya reckon? keep on saving or could i be well pleased with Terminator 2 in my collection?

#10 13 years ago

I would go for the Family Guy or the Simpsons.

#11 13 years ago

I would go for the Family Guy or the Simpsons.

#11 13 years ago

It depends on the current state of your collection
Which games do you currently have and which ones have you owned in the past?

Terminator 2 is a nice game, no worries about that. Okay, it's no Spiderman but it's a good pinball. I love its dark and industrial feel. The quotes are cool (if you're into the Schwarzenegger films) and it has that Steve Ritchie flow, that's for sure. I have always enjoyed playing it and was sad to finally see it leave our gameroom after two years of pinball fun.

As for your (luxury) dilemma: I would say you can always buy the T2, play the heck out of it, then sell it and but something for $2000. After that go for a $3000 machine and finally... Go for the highest ranking games! It's better to scale up (and constantly have new games in the gameroom) than to wait forever until you saved enough dough. Haha that's just my 2 cents.

On a side note: where in NZ are you from (I was in NZ a couple of years ago)?

#12 13 years ago

Robin i gotta say that sounds an absolutely fantastic way to go!

After reading your post i AM buying the Terminator 2 Pinball,i have watched heaps of videos on youtube and i love what i see..your right on with that industrial feel,i like the almost simplicity about it and its awesome Arnie sounds.Not to mention that cool looking canon

I bought my first and only Pinball about 7 months ago but the hunger for more machines is growing by the day!

I already have my DREAM list of machines which included..Monster Bash,Attack From Mars,Circus Voltaire,Spiderman,Lord Of The Rings and Twilight Zone.

My only Pinball so far is the 1993 Indiana Jones...i have played on a heap of machines and i gotta say in my opinion theres not many better than Indy..its the complete package.

Hey thats awesome you were out here in New Zealand,im from Auckland in the North Island..where did you stay?were you on holiday?

3 months later
#13 12 years ago

The Best Stern game long term is The Simpsons Pinball Party hands down.

I own nearly all of Stern's pins and TSPP is the deepest, hardest to master and by far the most collectable.

If you only plan on owning one game (Stern) be wise, make it a TSPP....

#14 12 years ago


I think "Lord of the rings" is really a good game ^^

#15 12 years ago

Hey Dangermouse, you won't go wrong with Termi 2, it is a good solid machine that does not give any dramas. Seems like you got it for a good price.
I recently had all the ball runners on mine re chromed and it has come up a treat.
A good polish and boy, its not the fastest, but it rocks.
Well done on a good purchase.

#16 12 years ago

Now we are talking about WILLIAMS games here! T2?? ME CONFUSED?!?!
When I play a stern game,
- I get bored really damned quick with it
- its the only game to play in the bar or pub I am in
- the only new PRODUCTION machines that you HAVE to try
- maybe I lost a bet
- need my LICENSE fix
- [last item removed by forum admin - no swearing or insults on the Pinside Forums please]

NO! I wouldn't choose ANY stern pinball.

Well I guess there are a couple good ones out of the bunch of sterns. Damn I hate working out of town! LOL!!

#17 12 years ago

JBScar please tone it down just a little, please. There are many people on these forums no need to insult anyone.

As for the Terminator, I think Leigh is talking about Terminator 3?

#18 12 years ago

I'm thinking maybe instead of a NIB Stern, one can buy a used but nice LOTR. Isn't that a better option?

In my opinion, its better to wait a couple years, so you know what the value will be. At the beginning they are the same price, and if you invest so much money in one that will not be so popular, you just waste some of your cash... I don't know if its clear what I'm trying to say

#19 12 years ago

No Robin, i was talking about Terminator 2.
I know this thread is about Stern machines, but Dangermouse has said that he has actually purchased the Termi 2. I was just congratulating him on his purchase.
I will try to stick to the actual forum thread next time.

#20 12 years ago

Oops, you're right, I forgot about the T2, since that post from DangerMouse was already 3 months old. I assumed that he was talking about T3 because this was a Stern thread. Anyway, no need for you to apologise, my bad for not re-reading the thread before posting

And to answer DangerMouse's question -asked over three months ago- I was in New Zealand for a three month holiday (or escape from working life as some people may call it). I stayed all over the two Islands and even played some pinball (LOTR and MM) in an arcade on Queen Street and in National Park Village (there was an Indy 500 there if I remember correctly). But this this so not relevant to this topic

#21 12 years ago

I would probably go for a Lord of the Rings or Simpsons Pinball Party. Both are deep, rewarding, and very challenging to complete.

#22 12 years ago

I've played pretty much every Stern, and also owned a Simpsons and currently own a Pirates. I'm a huge fan of the Simpsons TV show, but I found the machine to be incredibly tedious. Pirates, on the other hand, I find to be very exciting and fun. Of all the Sterns, I'd say it's my favorite. I don't understand people don't care for it, but I am glad as it has helped drive the price down somewhat.


#23 12 years ago

Sure stern is the only one still making pins, but just because they can, doesn't mean they should. Bad licencing, cheap gimmicks, toys. Havent we gone through this before? NBA really? 24 and CSI come on. Jonny Dep LOL. SHRECK seriously. Aren't you whipping a dead mule. My opinion, if your gonna make something make it imaginative/creative, that 10 or even 5 years later people will say wow. Not what show/ movie/ year was that thing from. Buy a classic, restore it, play it. Just because its new doesn't make it good.

#24 12 years ago

@Dangermouse007 If you own your T2 you might wanna turn it into a "Special Edition T2". Mirror plated sides, metal sling shots, backlit apron etc. Search on google for Terminator Special Edition.

#25 12 years ago

erak...that sounds like typical Bally/Williams snobbery. Sorry, but several of the Stern machines are really great games. Of just what you named, NBA is getting good impressions and reviews from pinball players (myself included) and both 24 and CSI are good games. Shrek is a re-branded Family Guy, which has been pegged as one of the best pinball games for some time.

Stern makes some great games, and like any other company, they've made some real downers. I think people dismiss ALL of their games as downers before they even try them, which is a shame because Stern has really helped the hobby stay alive. I'd say that LOTR, CSI, 24, Shrek/Family Guy, and Spider-Man are all really fun games. In fact, Lord of the Rings is often tossed around by collectors as a contender for best game of all time.

#26 12 years ago

Im not saying they are all bad. But the only reason I didn't mention LOTR or Spiderman/Family guy, Simpsons, is that they have a large fan base and of course they are very collectable. But be honest 20 years from now you will be saying wow that CSI or 24 or NBA are really outdated licences. NBA rehash of space jam, in the future some teams might or might not even exist. Shreck and family guy same playfield different art/software (how original). And I think everyone would have to admit lord of the rings would be a lot cooler if it had original art and didn't have the movie characters on the backglass.(and, yes... I know it was because its a movie tie in.) But if LOTR was released 10 years ago, before the movies, it probably would be the best game of all time. My personal opinion is STERN needs designs that are (one of a kind) machines that everyone just has to play. I think that the days of T.V. and MOVIE tie in's should be put to rest. Their "creative designs" aren't very creative. Otherwise why not just make a machine about every new show and movie that comes along." If we build it they will pay." attitude. This hobby deserves better. Hopefully STERN comes through.

#27 12 years ago

I know what you mean about the licenses. Stern has had some good ones (Lord of the Rings, The Simpsons, The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones), but they've also had some real head scratchers (CSI, 24, and the upcoming Big Buck Hunter). I understand why they have to use popular licenses, but it would be nice to see some original themes developed too.

#28 12 years ago

I just added a LOTR to my game room and I love it! Everyone that comes over seems to love it as well. Sterns best, when it comes to game play, in my opinion. If your going on looks I would give it to Spider-Man Black.

#29 12 years ago

OK, I promise I wont swear this time! ;-P
I am just sick of everyone praising Stern for their great games! Do you people know that the only good games that we like from Stern had people from Williams that got fired work on them??
LOTR - designed by George Gomez (one of best WILLIAMS pinball designers ever!) most dedicated to the biz as well.
- sound by Chris Granner (best Williams sound guy EVER)
Spiderman - designed by Steve Ritchie (another Williams best)
- programmed by Lyman Sheats (Williams best, kinda a weird guy, but still)
Simpsons Pinball Party - Chris Granner was on that one
Batman - George Gomez, Lyman Sheats

And probably the most pinball designer/most involved in the biz/pinball for life guy is Pat Lawlor (Williams). He sells designs, ideas, and software to Stern for their games.

I don't hate Stern, when Williams shut down, all these well talented people were out of work, and instead of going to work at 7-11 they work for Stern now. I like SOME of the games, but basically what I am saying here is the games that we like, look who worked on them. It's always going to be a Williams crew!
Too bad it is ALWAYS about money with big companies. As soon as they take a loss they 'SHUT ER DOWN' . <sniff>


#30 12 years ago

I was going to buy a NIB Spiderman, but then heard rumors of a Lord of The Rings Limited Edition machine that was going to be made. Anyone have any info on this ?

#31 12 years ago

Hi ChrisJK,
Yes, I heard that as well. Check out this website (Jack is a good guy to do business with by the way, I ordered a Family Guy pin from him last christmas and it was delivered and set up within one week of my order, and I live across the country from him): http://www.pinballsales.com/asp/default.asp (go to the bottom of the page, he says NIB LOTR LE will start manufacture in August!!!!!!

3 years later
#33 8 years ago

This pin has been made way longer after this forum topic, but I'd choose AC/DC (Premium/LE.

#34 8 years ago

holy thread necromancy!

#35 8 years ago

i'd rather have a nib sm myself. acdc premium still being made. can't be many nib sm left.

#36 8 years ago

Tron LE

Nuf said.

#37 8 years ago

Ok guys, Vid has spoken....Tron LE is it

#38 8 years ago
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