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What would you like to see next on Pinside.com?

By robin

13 years ago

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    #51 12 years ago

    Hey B9. I went with the orange LED. It should be here on Friday. I let you know how it is.

    #52 12 years ago

    A real quick suggestion. Show states when listing US location.

    Lakewood, United States doesn't mean much. There are probably 11,000 cities named Lakewood in the US. It would be a lot more useful to show Lakewood CO, USA or Lakewood CA, USA or Lakewood WA, USA or Lakewood OR, USA, as an example

    2 months later
    #53 12 years ago

    I concur with WET on the idea of having a highscore section. I would love to know what kind of scores pinsiders are racking up on their games!!! Maybe there could even be some kind of chart listing the top 5 pinside scores on each specific game?

    #54 12 years ago

    I like the high score idea.

    #55 12 years ago

    VIDEOS! But I think the bandwidth might get expensive...

    #56 12 years ago

    Dedicate a small section for beginners to ask questions and possibly get answers/education from the group that has been involved with pinball machines for some time. If new pinballers are not educated and are not able to locate help for their answers then we could lose valuable memberships. To prevent this we need to support both young and new members to keep pinball alive for future generations. Just a thought....?

    #57 12 years ago

    Isn't that what the forum is about?

    #58 12 years ago


    It would be great to see under the avatar where people come from:

    country, state ?

    And what about a link to profile: collection, karma points .....

    #59 12 years ago

    I would like to see links to multable pages in the same thread.

    Example: Go to page 1,2,3 etc...

    3 months later
    #60 11 years ago

    It would be great if the pinball wishlist alerts could be limited to countries - I'm in the UK so not really fussed if machines on my wishlist appear on eBay USA!

    #61 11 years ago

    Posting tips for the most popular machines would be nice. Imagine if the pinballs in the top 100 had tips on how to play them. It would be great for newcomers, which sites like these should try to attract more. (Like ME!)

    #62 11 years ago

    have a high score area. where the player takes a picture of their high score and posts on the site.

    #63 11 years ago

    oops just read this ....but i agree.

    #64 11 years ago

    i agree with many others in saying that either a mods section or a section dedicated to "where to play" or where arcades/ pins are would be great. the ol college budget makes me awfully careful on what to BUY but i'd love to play any machine i can! i must know where!

    #65 11 years ago

    You know how when your waiting in line at a fast food burger joint and you casually look up and see an 'employee of the month' plaque ?
    The guy/girl in the photo is like looking 1/2 away- not really into the whole thing and knows all too well that for the next 30 days the jokes will head his/her way.......

    Well maybe we should have a "Pinsider of the month" on the front page of the site so everyone will know how the membership feels about a certain member in the community? Of course like at the burger joint - it might not be such a great idea for the one who is picked but for the rest of us.....................

    -Hey just to keep the mood light you know

    #66 11 years ago

    What games have a skillshot and what the highest rated pin is by the lowest amount of rates are.

    #67 11 years ago

    As long as we keep in good humor Autumnfade, it could possibly work!

    #68 11 years ago

    I could be the clubber of the month one day. Woohoo!

    #70 11 years ago

    Robin this site is great, that is why I/we all keep coming back. I think what is important here is how to attract new pin heads, and make them feel comfortable and encourage their participation.
    I really support the chat room idea. I also like loren2333's idea about a section for beginners, ideas, suggestions, help. I really like the "mods" section as well...

    #71 11 years ago

    Being able to do a search for a particular member so you can PM them or whatever. Not sure if we can do that now but I can't figure it out.

    #72 11 years ago

    Like everyone has said - this is a good site and this is my default place to go now.

    features I really like:
    showing our collections and wishlists
    marketplace (thou I wish it was used more

    There have been alot of good ideas but one thing comes to mind. Any way to get access to little pinball video games on the site? Something like visual pinball or something. Might be an interesting way to make use of the credits we get for posting Scores could be displayed. Man I would never get anything done at work...

    #73 11 years ago

    Regarding the idea about showing what country we are from in our avatar pic...There is a site I used to go on that had a lil flag in the corner of your avatar pic - kind of a nice touch. I think it was boardgamegeek.com or something. (no time or much desire for board games anymore)

    1 week later
    #74 11 years ago

    A pinbabe section

    6 months later
    #75 11 years ago

    How about a smiley face section, so we could color up our posts by clicking on different smilies. I've seen this on multiple different sites. This would be for us people who don't know how to do this the hard way.

    #76 11 years ago

    ...more Canadians on the west coast with pins for sale/trade...

    #77 11 years ago

    I would like to see an arrow or something like that on the Top 100 list when a pin goes up or down on the list.

    #78 11 years ago

    I would like to see an arrow or something like that on the Top 100 list when a pin goes up or down on the list.

    Great idea!

    #79 11 years ago

    I agree with Goughs415 that would be cool to see if a pin went up or down in positions.

    #80 11 years ago

    I would like to see an arrow or something like that on the Top 100 list when a pin goes up or down on the list.

    Great idea!


    #81 11 years ago

    I would like to see a delete button for just your own posts. That way when you say something stupid like I do many times you can remove it completely instead of using edit.

    #82 11 years ago

    I mentioned this on another thread, but I'd like the option to have your location shown under your name. It would make it easier to get in contact with people who are close to you.

    #83 11 years ago

    Great site! I also agree with the "Where to play pinball section".

    #84 11 years ago

    I mentioned this on another thread, but I'd like the option to have your location shown under your name. It would make it easier to get in contact with people who are close to you.

    Agree with stangbat on this suggestion!

    #85 11 years ago

    I would like to see a top 10 or top 20 list of "Wide body" pins.

    #86 11 years ago

    Not a change more so an explanation of the top 100 machine list. I find it hard to believe there's a lot of machines with a LOW amount of reviews up there beating out machines that have a lot of reviews.

    How can a machine with only 30 or 40 ratings be considered higher than one with say 190 -200 ? I'd just like to know how the Averages come into play on this with this big of a variance on reviews?

    Here's an example of my question:
    Bally, 1980 – 15 ratings – rate it! 7.698

    Bally, 1981 – 10 ratings – rate it! 7.684

    Williams, 1988 – 90 ratings – rate it! 7.683

    Star Wars Episode I
    Williams, 1999 – 119 ratings – rate it! 7.681

    Jurassic Park
    Data East, 1993 – 126 ratings – rate it! 7.678

    #87 11 years ago

    I am not trying to be a wise guy but an average score doesn't matter how many there are in the sample. Whether it be 3 or 300, a simple average is a simple average. What you are suggesting is the rating scheme use a weighted average. So machines with more ratings should have some sort of bonus to their score.
    1) Not sure how Robin could implement this.
    2) Not sure it should. Pins which were produced more would likely have more people who have played them and hence more ratings. Just because they produced more of a pin doesn't mean it is better. Take F14 Tomcat. They made 14000 of these. Does that mean it is a better pin than MM or Spiderman?

    #88 11 years ago

    Not really saying that SC.. Just find it hard to believe (not picking on any machines) that lets say SPECTRUM With 10 ratings and an avg. score of 7.684 and is ranked #59 .. Then you look at SWE1 with 119 ratings and an avg. score of 7.681 and is ranked #61..

    I'm not sure you're getting what I'm saying SC..

    Let me put it this way (all theory)...
    If a machine had 10 ratings and all 10 of those were 9.8's
    It would bump the #1 machine which was MM with 444 ratings with the avg. machine rating of 8.940 to the #2 spot and the #2 spot with TZ with 444 ratings with an avg. machine rating of 8.900 would drop to #3

    That would put the machine with only 10 ratings in the #1 position.

    Am I making any sense or am I missing something?

    #89 11 years ago

    Ok I would make it like Facebook. be able to tag other pinsiders in your comments and they be notified so you don't have to go back into the thread and see. Also maybe your own pin side page you could upload photos of your machines and people could go see them comment and like.

    #90 11 years ago

    I would like to see a list of high quality suppliers of machines. in other words, who provides the best machines at fair prices. We could post comments on successes or problems with an individual supplier

    also a place to post machines bought and sold by members with pictures and lists of modifications . The price of the machine also

    I also vote for the mod page

    #91 11 years ago

    I understand what you are saying MCO but there is no way around that with a simple average. The only way to compensate is to weight the ratings in favor of pins with more ratings. It is my opinion that this will skew the results.
    The rankings are just a tool. Interpreting the ratings is where the human factor comes in.

    That scenario has happened in the past. There was an old rare pin which finally got it's 6 required ratings to make it on the top 100. Practically everyone gave it a 10 and it was now #1. Robin then made the requirement 8 ratings. Unfortunately the machine will probably hit #1 again when two more people rate it.
    Iron Man also was #1 when it first came out because the first 8 people who rated it gave it a 9+. It quickly moved down the rankings but...

    My question is this, is a game better just because more people have played it?
    Is it better just because more people have decided to rate it?

    #92 11 years ago

    The TOP 10 Top 100 machines doesn't amount to a hill of beans to me. I could care less if the pins I like/have are up near the top. Pinball to me has always been how the game plays!!!!!!! Trends show most of the top games are stop and go machines, however, I'm more into the fast nonstop play.

    The only reason I brought this up was I happened to be scrolling through them to read peoples feedback on certain machines and noticed some rather good players listed below some obscure machines. When I got to looking at them they had a lot less ratings and was just wondering. Wasn't complaining... Just me and my "trade mark" questioning attitude that all... : )

    #93 11 years ago

    You have to remember that if someone is rating a machine, it is because they are very familiar with it (at least they should be). And of course, once you become familiar the intricacies of a particular machine, you often start to enjoy it more. Consequently, it makes complete sense that rarer machines average better scores. Since there aren't enough people who have been exposed to the rarer games, there isn't enough of a sampling for the rating to be accurate. I don't really think there is any way to solve this problem. Perhaps if a pin needed 10 ratings to be on the list, with the two highest and two lowest scores being thrown out? Just an idea.

    #94 11 years ago

    How about an update to the front page, since Avatar is no longer the newest Stern game? Rolling Stones had the debut tournaments in nine locations around the USA last week! The one at Dorky's in Tacoma, WA was pretty effin' awesome!

    #95 11 years ago

    How about an update to the front page

    Hmm, not sure what happened there. The story was already there some time ago but somehow never published. Thanks for letting me know

    I have read all ideas posted here and there are some pretty good ones - just so you know that ideas are actually being read. Now if I only had some more time to build all this stuff

    #96 11 years ago

    How about a section dedicated to how to videos, supplied by or even made by pinsiders? That would be pretty sweet!

    #97 11 years ago

    I'd really digg seeing another 5-10 (15-20 in all) pinsiders up on the Kings of Karma section of the community page

    I remember the 'wow' feeling I got a few years ago when I looked up and saw my avatar , not that it means anything - just kind of cool you know

    #98 11 years ago

    I'd really digg seeing another 5-10 (15-20 in all) pinsiders up on the Kings of Karma section of the community page

    Good idea! Done! That was only 1 minute work!

    #99 11 years ago

    Definately need to see a lot more older EM games. SS machines a great and certainly pushed the envelope but lets not forget . . . EM's where it all started !!

    #100 11 years ago

    OMG !!! look at the Pinside Community page now
    Outstanding robin -

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