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What's your 2022 collection stats?

By marioparty34

1 year ago

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    #51 1 year ago

    Out: TOM, NGG, TF, Houdini
    …so I’m still losing.

    #52 1 year ago

    2 out Met pro & Indy 500, sorry to see them go but owned each for 6 and 8 years.

    1 added Toy Story.

    #53 1 year ago

    15 out... 12 in. I guess I made some room, as was the plan. Lol.

    #54 1 year ago

    2 out, 2 in. Net gain 0.

    #55 1 year ago

    Out - CV, TZ, RBION, Met Prem
    In- Godzilla, Star Trek pro, JP pro, TWD Prem.

    #56 1 year ago

    I think 2 in and 0 out.

    Buying has really slowed down.

    My friend talked me out of selling something yesterday too. Thanks Jeff

    #57 1 year ago

    •Fish Tales right in the beginning of the year. Great start!
    Nothing for 6 months till...
    •Shaq Attaq and
    •Truck Stop project bundle buy
    Then 2 weeks later was gifted a •Buccaneer for the Saratoga Silverball Show. (Thanks @gmanrulz46!)
    Then 2 more weeks later did 1 for 3 trade
    WCS out for, •Party Animal, •Lady Luck, and •Fun-Fest
    Then went to Pintastic a few weeks later and picked up a •Rapid Transit pre-war project and, •Big Hit (less a machine, more like just a playfield)
    Then I picked up •Old Coney Island doing a pickup for a friend. Also got a head for my Mini Pool so added another complete game to the collection.

    That was all within a 2 month timespan, then I cooled down for another 5 months, until last week, just got a •Silverball Mania for free, my first “free” game from a non-pinhead. (I bought a ton of stuff from them, so it was more like a bargain thrown in than a random free game. But still counts!)

    Tl;dr final stats:
    In: 11
    Out: 1 (WCS)
    Locations opened: 3
    Locations closed: 1
    Pins on location increase year over year: 6 (150% increase!)

    #58 1 year ago

    3 in 1 out

    2 playfield swaps and 1 complete restore to fill the time.

    #59 1 year ago

    Another year of sore backs and eye rolling from the wife

    1. Walking Dead Pro
    2. Seawitch
    3. Tron Pro
    4. Rush Premium
    5. Halloween
    6. Deadpool Premium
    7. Godzilla premium
    8. Black Knight SOR LE
    9. Weird Al
    10. Heist
    11. Cosmic Cart Racing
    12. Big Game
    13. Whirlwind
    14. Flash Gordon
    15. Dialed In
    16. Bond 007 Pro
    17. Alien SV
    18. Jurassic Park premium
    19. Elvira HOH Premium

    1. Beatles
    2. Stranger Things Premium
    3. Elvira's HOH Premium
    4. Mandalorian Premium
    5. Rick and Morty
    6. Walking Dead Pro
    7. Deadpool Pro
    8. Ripley's
    9. Star Wars LE
    10. Led Zeppelin Premium
    11. TMNT pro
    12. Godzilla Premium
    13. Halloween
    14. Black Knight SOR LE
    15. Attack From Mars
    16. GNR LE
    17. Sopranos

    #60 1 year ago

    Added a Jurassic Park premium, Bond LE, Lebowski and a Bally Vector and Mystic.. Sold a few EM's and solid states. My collection is always changing. Still waiting on Cactus Canyon LE.
    If the rumors of Stern are true of Venom and Foo Fighters (both turds) in 2023 looks like this will be a first year in many that I won't be buying a Stern which is fine by me. I put my name down on a 2024 Dark Horse. Still have a few I want to sell as well as a ball bowler.
    Only thing thus far interesting to me is Pulp Fiction coming in 2023.

    #61 1 year ago

    First time in many years 0 in 0 out.

    There still are 11 days left and I wouldn’t mind adding a game but with prices the way they are, it is not as easy to jump on in on a game without playing it.

    I did that last year on AIQ premium and can see myself moving on from it in the near future.

    #62 1 year ago

    STTNG, Gottlieb Strikes and Spares

    STTNG, JP Pro, Mando Pro

    Hoping to sell Shadow and add TNA or DP Pro at some point. Maybe by year end!

    #63 1 year ago

    My collection was pretty much set at 12 pins since 2016 and then I joined a local (South of Denver metro area) pinball group and low and behold I added the following 4 new pins this year.

    Willy Wonka LE
    Munsters LE
    EHOH Premium
    Bond 007 LE


    #64 1 year ago

    Cool thread topic.

    In: TFTC, D&D, Beat Time, Sky Lab, EATPM, Combat, Funhouse, Lucky Ace, Black Knight, Flash Gordon

    Out: Stars, Sharkey's Shootout, Super Flite, Big Game, Demolition Man, Pin*Bot, Beat Time, Sky Lab, EATPM, Combat, Black Knight

    10 in, 11 out.. Why do I still not have space? I have a few $ tho... ready to pounce.

    1 week later
    #65 1 year ago

    Nothing all year until the last two weeks. My Rush Premium order from January suddenly got filled so I reluctantly let go of Funhouse in order to raise the funds. So long, Rudy, it's been a real 14 years but you just got too easy for me. You'll get played more than twice a year in your new home!

    #66 1 year ago

    Wild Fyre
    Firepower II

    Grand Lizard
    Arch Rivals arcade

    #67 1 year ago

    Surprisingly, no change in 2022. Held to the same 3. One might be replaced in 2023.

    #68 1 year ago

    Pretty busy on the pinball and arcade side. I have a bunch of arcade game projects waiting for good weather. No wonder my back hurts!

    Pinball Out: Sorceror, Comet, LaserWar, Hyperball (2)

    Pinball In: WipeOut, BK2000, Comet

    Arcade Out: Multi-games (2), Bad Dudes

    Arcade In: Tetris, Kicker, Red Alert, Looping, Space Invaders, Space Invaders Delux, Phoenix, Asteroids, Thief, Galaxian, Carnival,

    #69 1 year ago

    In 2021 I chose to liquidate half of my collection in order to list my house and have fewer games to deal with. The games I kept got moved to friends' collections for the better part of the year. Our house sold in May and we broke ground on building a new home in June which was completed after Thanksgiving. Once in our new home I have been able to build up my collection again to where I want it to be. With prices being where they are at (especially NIB) I don't see myself buying or selling much in 2023.

    2021 Out:
    ACDC Premium
    The Games
    Diamond Lady
    Eight Ball Champ
    Custom Virtual Pinball

    2022 In:
    Chexx Bubble Hockey
    Godzilla Pro
    GNR LE
    Star Wars Pro

    #70 1 year ago

    3 new in the box games in. 3 older games left.

    #71 1 year ago

    Pretty slow year for me movement wise, but 2 in and 1 out

    In - NIB Alice Cooper, BK2k

    Out -Dirty Harry

    #72 1 year ago

    Ultraman CE

    Dr. Who

    We’ll see what 2023 brings - I might sell some without getting anything, just to arrange my gameroom in a more open way. We’ll see!

    #73 1 year ago

    3 in 3 out

    In: Gottlieb Pleasure Isle, Gottlieb Team One, United Bonus Baseball
    Out: Team One, Bonus Baseball, Williams Kickoff

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