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What's with all the podcasts ending?

By PismoArcade

4 months ago

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    #163 4 months ago

    I must be missing something i guess but i dont see what the big deal is? If you didn't listen to them before you’re not going to listen to them now either and Kaneda is still going to blow them all away and be the #1 pinball podcast. Im still trying to figure out what they are trying to accomplish here?

    #226 4 months ago
    Quoted from maddog14:

    I think that all of them are at a loss how to be as interesting as the two time Twipy winner.

    Very soon to be a three time twipy winner.

    #241 4 months ago
    Quoted from jandrea95:

    I want to play pinball with anyone and everyone, except Steeler fans.

    You left out Browns fans.

    #256 4 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    I wouldn't even sign up for facebook to find that once hot girl I went to high school with, let alone for that.
    Well, on the bright side, it's will no longer be wasting front page space on pinside.

    Same here, facebook sucks.

    #262 4 months ago

    I like Jack but that's just stupid. He should keep that shit to himself or he may lose some supporters as well, like myself.

    #268 4 months ago
    Quoted from Darscot:

    Man I'm as liberal as the come and this thread is bananas. I can't tell what is sarcasm, what is humor, are people actually offended or is this all just drama. People are taking this way to seriously, diversity in a pinball podcast, this shit can't be real.

    Its beyond stupid for real.

    #330 4 months ago
    Quoted from John_I:

    Something tells me the only change I will see is to go from ten podcasts that I never listened to even once to one pinball channel that I never listen to once. Oh well, good luck with that.


    #342 4 months ago

    The problem with most pinball podcasts is the people doing them just cant hold my attention for very long. You can take the most knowledgeable well respected person on this forum and he might be horrible at doing podcasts. Some people are good at podcasting and some aren't, and unfortunately there arent many good ones when it comes to talking about pinball. They might be great people and fun to talk to in real life but they just cant hold your attention in a podcast.

    #368 4 months ago
    Quoted from screaminr:

    This sums up where this thread has gotten to for me .

    That song is now stuck in my head. Thanks a lot lol

    #433 4 months ago
    Quoted from screaminr:

    have we really got to the point where a group of people can't get together and if they don't have certain minorities in their group they're labelled as sexist or racist but I suppose we have .

    Unfortunately yes we have. Its a stupid stupid STUPID f*cking world that we live in!

    #435 4 months ago
    Quoted from Frax:

    If Kaneda is winning TWIPY awards, or other awards...it's because you people keep voting for him,

    I voted for him and if he’s NOT winning then its definitely rigged because he has the best pinball podcast by a country f*cking mile. Remember you’re not voting on person of the year award you’re voting on best pinball podcast.

    #437 4 months ago
    Quoted from ZMeny:

    Eric, there’s a lot more behind the scenes that no one knows about that is very sad, but to avoid starting any more drama I won’t go into it. But believe me, being slandered as a sexist publicly would upset many people, especially when we are trying to create content from many different providers to celebrate pinball. The disheartening behavior will come out one day, but we are moving forward and excited about what’s to come in pinball for 2020.

    Zach its your pinball show so choose anyone you damn well please! I wont be offended if you hire all women podcasters, all black podcasters, all gay podcasters, all angry old white man podcasters, or even all green podcasters. Pick anybody you want and it is either going to succeed or fail. It would be stupid to fail just because you picked a diverse lineup rather than a all star lineup of who you considered to be the best people. Hire who you want and tell the whiners to F*ck off!

    #439 4 months ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Who’s real outraged, faked outraged, and thinks this whole this is beyond stupid? Hard to keep track anymore.

    The outrage is real trust me. This is the sad and stupid world that we live in now. Its hard to believe that its real but its real as a MF believe me.

    #444 4 months ago
    Quoted from wesman:

    Man, now I wish I had some Taco Bell, AND a beer!!

    What a deadly combination!

    #448 4 months ago
    Quoted from wesman:

    I just listened to her episode from the other day. Had never heard her name, podcast, etc prior. After listening, I still have no reason to know her name, podcast, etc. (And she certainly doesn't need to know or value mine...and I give no shits either way, past this post.)
    I feel we live in this bizarro world presently, where everyone expects, demands to be liked, appreciated, included, valued, heard, represented, etc. For me (past a basic extension of value and care we all should allow one another cordially) that mindset represents the ultimate vision of entitlement.
    I don't care. Don't need to care. As much as you, they, whomever doesn't need to care about me.
    We are not deserved anything. And that entire rant of hers felt like an attitude where something was deserved, and it wasn't given, and an issue seemingly exists exists because it wasn't given. This is a fundamental flaw in daily life. If YOU want to like me, or hate me, or most likely feel indifference, who gives a shit? I try to never ask for anything from anyone, as in the world we truly exist in, you need to earn, survive, and try to thrive on your own. Friends and family can be wonderful gifts, curses, or absent. But the world I live in, versus the fantasy world she and many, seem to live in, are vastly different. You aren't owed anything, and no one needs to care. You receive things via work, and if people appreciate you that's a plus.
    Also, for a culture born on valuing the individual, wow do we ever thrive in the desire to place ourselves and others, into fragmented clubs. Who cares what gender, race, age, etc someone is? If a person bonds first and foremost via such "defining traits" then to me, that feels entirely bigoted and narrow minded. We should look at another and ideally embrace differences, rather than look solely for similarities to bond from.
    Speaking of differences, I remember wayback when, seeing this wacky Who-Dey guy on here. Going on about Munsters, jumping all over the place in many threads, having a peculiar, to me, mascot avatar, and I just scratched my head. A year or so later, I consider him a pretty genuine friend in my weekly life, despite those differences. And even despite the fact that he loves the Bengals!!! That dude is entirely different from me, and I'm happy about it, not put off at all.

    Where’s the link? I gotta hear this SHIT!

    #450 4 months ago
    Quoted from wesman:

    I don't have an issue with her, (and I will definitely give a listen to a different episodes of her podcast to give it a chance) but like I said, never heard of her prior to today. But I definitely can say I don't care about her feeling excluded. She seems to be a member of far more clubs, have far more support, spouses, far more DM's asking about her feelings, and the adoration of Jack Danger. These are all things I don't have, and I'm not wetting a diaper, stomping my feet on the ground, and using the excuse of personal exclusion, intimating gender discrimination or any other babble because I'm not being adorned with praise.
    More than this, believe in Groucho's wisdom. "I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members." Whether he said that or not, being a part of something, and being accepted solely for specific traits, conditions, and qualities, and not for your viability as an individual....is asinine.
    Side note. More Groucho.

    And I'll tell ya, if you don't like Groucho, you're automatically kicked outta my No Club...Club. So hit the bricks, and go kick rocks already!!!

    Well I'm going to be nice and not say how I really feel after listening to that BS but I will just say this. I will not listen to her and I will not support the pinball network either if this is the kind of crap that they believe in and support. That is the most unbelievable bullshit that I've ever heard in my life.

    I dont need any of that crap in my pinball podcasts. Way too much drama for me. I'm done, I'm not even going to say no more.

    #457 4 months ago
    Quoted from wesman:

    For sure! And i definitely want to listen to another episode here, when work settles down a bit. She definitely filled a void in her life, as we all have, with pinball. Ideally....that should be the aspect that brings us all together, versus gender, race, etc. I've played at breweries for fun, and been at tournaments, (don't play or wish too.. I'm awful) and I've always witnessed inclusivity, expressly based on individuals or groups....loving pinball.
    This is a club where everyone seems pretty widely accepted, and genuinely I've seen very mellow, or just intense folks playing at events. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and hang out with people different than themselves. NO person is akin directly to another person. We are all unique, Mr. Rogers fucking knew and preached that. But here, I see her using her race and gender, to actually encourage empathy, pity, and acceptance. And for me, that is entirely contrary to the concept of fairness, exceptionalism, and most of all equality.
    Whether we are male, female, white, black, young, old, we all need to develop skills to encourage the fruits of our labors. Here, from this one very particular incident, I'm hearing the contrary. That because we fall into "blank column" we deserve, demand an immediate pass and invitation. And for me, again for me alone, I feel that mentality allows weakness, not strength or talent or skill to be encouraged.
    Besides, from that one episode alone, I can personally say I do not need to help anyone handle and cope with their insecurities, and for me those very lengthy 12 minutes, felt more akin to a therapy session, than a fun, informative, and engaging application to join a club or warrant a listen from anyone outside her own personal friend circle.
    Just my thoughts, and again, feel free to give or not give a shit. I can, and need to handle it, either way. We all do....

    It's amazing how many of their gags still hold up. Make me smile almost immediately!

    I agree with everything you said except listening to more of her podcast. I would rather run through hell in gasoline shorts than to listen to her again. I seriously just couldn't do it even if i wanted to.

    #462 4 months ago
    Quoted from Jsampel:

    Jesus F’ing Christ, this whole thread is a shit show!!!

    Got that right. Its a shame that Zach and Greg cant do what they want to do without having to deal with the diversity crowd holding their torches and pitchforks up at them. My support stops now for everyone involved in this bullshit. I refuse to support them anymore while they try to shove their weird agenda’s down my throat. Sometimes you are better off to just shut up and keep your politics and political correctness to yourself when you are in the entertainment business because you’re going to piss off half of your audience regardless of which side you are on.

    #464 4 months ago
    Quoted from Darscot:

    she is person of color, I'm confused?!

    #485 4 months ago
    Quoted from wesman:

    I listened to a few of her other casts last night, and they're definitely not in that emotional range, far more balanced.

    But regardless of that, she still showed who she really is in that one podcast. Her podcast also just aren't very good anyways. I have no desire to be around anyone that feels the way that she does. Sorry but theres got to be something mentally wrong with someone who thinks that way. Guess what though, Zach didn't invite me to be part of the team either and im an old angry white guy. Screw you Zach “Meanie”! I think I'm going to get on the internet and just tell everyone that he hates women and old angry white guys. We are people too dammit!

    #545 4 months ago
    Quoted from Globalcop:

    Or you could just stop coming here and reading what’s being posted. Unless of course the issue isn’t you not liking what’s being written here, but you not wanting other people to read what’s written here.
    I agree though, it is a shame that some people decided to drag identity politics into pinball. But this thread gives me hope that there are still plenty of people who see through the fake outrage (and mental illness) called social justice.

    Great post and spot on!

    #554 4 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Levi does his thing with his tourney
    TPN is doing their thing
    Jack Danger does his thing
    Kaneda, etc etc
    People are free to pick and choose what they like without getting lectured by the “unwokes” or anybody else for that matter

    Jack is the one that started this shit. He’s one of the “unwokes” lol. The ring leader of the unwokes!

    #559 4 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Woke” is a joke. All it really means is you ain’t sleeping and you are part of the “I take myself way too serious” club

    Well I wont support people with beliefs like that (and other beliefs that i don't agree with) and thats why i am pulling my Twitch subscription. Sometimes you are better off keeping your beliefs to yourself, especially when you are a small time entertainer and every dollar matters. Not trying to start sh*t, just sayin.

    #575 4 months ago

    That damn Zach Meanie, he's done went and turned the whole pinball world upside down!

    #577 4 months ago
    Quoted from wesman:

    Hey Chuck, apologies for assuming your intent the other day regarding the link you posted. That's on me, and my assumptions.
    On account of your link, and that other fellow's post, I finally listened to the final part, the proposal Jon made on Kaneda's show yesterday in my car, and I can say I genuinely appreciate seeing people getting together via their love for a shared interest, and helping one another move past ugly transgressions, and choosing to push forward in friendship. Feels like a lesson I wish all of us humans, myself certainly included, carried with us daily. Live and let live.
    Congrats to you on joining TPN, and here's hoping overall it brings more comradery than dissension. We all know we could use more of the former, and less of the latter.

    Dont be getting all mushy on me Wesman or I will drive to Shittsburgh and toughen you up!

    3 weeks later
    #640 3 months ago
    Quoted from wesman:

    Consult the magic 8 ball on that one!
    Err, am I the only one that feels these podcasters might be taking themselves just a wee bit too seriously???


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