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What's a good fast shooting, fun short game?

By Rdoyle1978

3 years ago

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    #51 3 years ago

    Of course I'll put my vote in for Cyclone. Fast, fun, but can have longer ball times if you are well practiced.
    Barry Oursler's quote to defend his brutal outlanes, "Play better."

    #52 3 years ago

    Black Knight Swords of Rage. Especially with this new code coming up.

    #53 3 years ago

    I like some of the 90s B/W stuff. Corvette, Dirty Harry, Shadow, BSD, Demo Man

    #54 3 years ago

    Flash Gordon. It will kick you in the nuts in 20- 45 seconds per ball. Once you master it, 2 minutes is a good ball.

    #55 3 years ago

    I'll say I 500 again for sure. BSD is always there as well for this topic!

    #56 3 years ago
    Quoted from Coz:

    Iron man is my favorite modern stern that’s fast and has shorter ball times. I keep coming back for more.

    Mine too. IM is in my top 5 favs of all time. Brutal, fun, fast, crazy exciting, pulse pounding adrenaline rush

    #57 3 years ago

    Flash Gordon.

    #58 3 years ago


    #59 3 years ago

    Acdc is very fast, lots of sdtm

    #60 3 years ago

    Many syst 11s -original, fun to shoot, and no ball save

    #61 3 years ago

    Waxed BK Pro is the fastest pin ever, and good fun if you have some skill. If you have no skill run away!

    Iron Man is better though.

    #62 3 years ago

    Creature is a fast game,I’m not saying Steve Ritchie fast I mean lose the ball fast!Push start and do it again Jack

    #63 3 years ago

    I will toss in another vote for Funhouse. I did a big restore on mine (rebuilt flippers with new coils, resleeved the other coils, new white rubbers, new cable ribbons, replaced some damaged plastics, carnuba wax and new balls) with the intent of selling this game. Not going to happen: fast, fun, call outs from Mr. Rudy, and I keep going back for more.

    #64 3 years ago

    Another vote for TNA. Punishing. Fun.

    #65 3 years ago

    A fast KISS pro!

    #66 3 years ago

    The original High Speed. 2nd most played game in my collection. (MB is first.)

    #67 3 years ago


    #68 3 years ago

    hardest/fastest: F-14 and Flash Gordon

    ALMOST hardest/fastest/most fun to play: Tron/Iron Man/TNA/Shadow/BSD/Fish Tales

    #69 3 years ago

    Pinbot man?!

    #70 3 years ago

    My vote is for fish tales as well . I also have a hobbit for a long playing deep game but my FT with super bands is the fastest game I have played , and I don't even have lightning flippers . It is a very underrated game and great value , it's very fast and easy to understand rules . No mucking around with skillshots just press the button on the Shooter Rod and you're away . Like the Hobbit a lot of people don't like it but I've had mine for 19 years and it's never leaving , can't recommend it highly enough .

    #71 3 years ago

    IRON MAN, just brutal

    #72 3 years ago

    +1, this game whips my a$$ while the dog is outside doing his business... LOL

    #73 3 years ago

    Data east Simpsons is my fast brutal game, I even set it to 5 ball when it’s on location. removing any outline post on any game will also speed things up.

    #74 3 years ago

    If you like fast, you really cant go wrong with anything by Steve Ritchie HS, HS2, all the black knights, F14, stern ST, GOT, etc.. Good luck buddy!

    #75 3 years ago
    Quoted from sataneatscheese:

    Most people already know this but I'll jump back in as I learned this embarrassingly late. You can make your games much faster and tougher... tonight. When I first got my Whirlwind I was playing 30 minute games on it... and racking up around 50 million points. to be honest it kind of ... sucked. But it's my favorite game now. In order to make it my favorite I opened up the outlanes, increased the pitch, rebuilt the flippers, and switched out the rubbers. Now I play 5 minute games and am lucky to get 10 million points. It's awesome.
    My main recommendation on getting a game that plays well in a shorter amount of time is to find a game that doesn't require a ton of steps to rack up the big points. ST:TNG requires you to complete 8 modes to get wizard mode (which I've never gotten). You have to work hard to set up and get those big points. Whirlwind isn't like that...
    Other games that fit the not alot of setup to have a good game include the early Pat Lawlors like Earthshaker, Whirlwind, and Funhouse, some of the earlier Steve Ritchie's like FirePower, Gettaway (I've never played it), and High Speed. If you want a more modern game look into "Munsters".
    No matter what you end up with... it will be pinball and it will be fun.
    It's on the other side of DC, but if you've never been there check out the High Speed, F-14, Firepower, Munsters, and Taxi at Mom's Organic Market in College Park https://pinside.com/pinball/map/where-to-play/11547-mom-s-organic-market-college-park-md... They've got like 40 games.
    Good luck!

    Thanks! I’ve only been to Mom’s once, as itis pretty far from me - but they had a great lineup!

    #76 3 years ago

    A good SS pinball set up well with a polished PF to add the “fast” to your question. Love those. Every game is set up and plays different due to condition of PF and mechs though and steepness, so hard to recommend a specific title.

    IM. I bought one NIB when I was just getting going in pinball and it crushed me with it’s toughness. I had anxiety that it was even down in my basement game room. IM was likely sitting there laughing at me, mocking me. I stuck with it and it made me a lot better player all round. When I sold it thousands of plays and years later I was relieved it was gone. It was love hate for IM and myself.

    Now I don’t really like playing IM anymore. My training is done. I don’t want to go back and play IM like I don’t really feel the need to go back and visit my intense High School coach who worked his players really hard, but made us better players.

    I like Beatles more and more. I think like is turning to love?? Kicks my ass but the theme and music is so harmless it doesn’t make me mad at all and I keep hitting start again and again. I can’t walk away from it. I don’t love the up-charge on the game to purchase though.

    #77 3 years ago

    Modern: IMVE, BSD
    Classic: Stars, Flash Gordon, Paragon

    #78 3 years ago

    Iron Man then BK3000 (or whatever it is now called)

    #79 3 years ago
    drac (resized).jpegdrac (resized).jpeg
    #80 3 years ago

    Iron Man for sure!

    #81 3 years ago

    I cant believe nobody has said Sorcerer......


    #82 3 years ago

    Iron Man, mine is bolted to the floor.

    #83 3 years ago

    The Walking Dead

    #84 3 years ago

    OP...I am a fellow Whirlwind owner that’s a big fan of the play. if you are looking for the same thrill of multiball that WW offers in a modern DMD, you should strongly consider Indy 500. It’s a fast, fun, quick game shooter. Constantly going in and out of 2- and 3-ball multiballs. Tons of modes, including a secret one. Fast orbits. Not the most common game around. I500 would be this guy’s recommendation.

    #85 3 years ago

    F14 Tomcat is the first game that comes to mind.

    I think Taxi is a pretty good example as well.

    #86 3 years ago

    Black Rose.. Quick short games, great art ,lots of great shots

    #87 3 years ago

    Safecracker is definately the shortest game I can think of

    #88 3 years ago
    Quoted from ita47:

    Modern: IMVE, BSD
    Classic: Stars, Flash Gordon, Paragon

    This is spot on. I would add The Shadow and F14 into the mix as well.

    #89 3 years ago

    Very interested in the results here...

    The unscientific results so far are:

    1. Iron Man (by more than double the runners up)
    2. BSD, TNA, F-14, and Beatles
    3. Indy 500, BKSOR, Fish Tales, Flash Gordon, High Speed, Stars, Shadow

    I need to get a few games on Iron Man Now

    #90 3 years ago

    My fast players are Iron Man, Paragon, Flash Gordon, Atlantis EM and STTNG.

    All can kick your butt in the time some games give you for a ball saver or repeatedly failing to short plunge.

    #91 3 years ago

    Another vote for Iron Man, brutal but great!

    #92 3 years ago

    I found T3 is a good fast and fun shooting game. It has three metal ramps and Arnold indicated you where to shoot at the beginning of the game. Plus it is a relatively new pinball machine and not very expensive as well. You could make the game harder by setting the game with 0 to 1 extra ball and remove the out lane pole on the right as well as disabled the kick back on the left.

    C368E127-54FD-43CA-8279-4CDEC6024D83 (resized).jpegC368E127-54FD-43CA-8279-4CDEC6024D83 (resized).jpeg
    #94 3 years ago

    Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper

    #95 3 years ago

    I think people are forgetting the "short" aspect of it.
    There's nothing aboot Shadow, I500, Maiden, DH etc etc that are short.

    #96 3 years ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    I think people are forgetting the "short" aspect of it.
    There's nothing aboot Shadow, I500, Maiden, DH etc etc that are short.

    I guess relative to the long games he listed Maiden is fast (also skill level).
    I firmly stand behind Alice Cooper being a short brutal game though.

    #97 3 years ago

    Try an EM like Cross Town. The location of the pops and the slingshots make this pretty fast. My game time is never longer than 5 minutes, maybe less. The challenge keeps me coming back for more.
    BE4D23CB-4940-4FFD-8B0A-595C1E0EC566 (resized).jpegBE4D23CB-4940-4FFD-8B0A-595C1E0EC566 (resized).jpeg

    9705A132-E47B-456A-B872-18CDB372597A (resized).jpeg9705A132-E47B-456A-B872-18CDB372597A (resized).jpeg
    #98 3 years ago

    Most of my machines are fast shooting, with short game times.
    My favorite is BSD with mist multi, and great 30 million call outs when you are lighting it up.

    #99 3 years ago

    We have LOTR, Wonka, Stern SWLE, and Beatles. So, 2 longer playing games, and 2 shorter playing games. SWLE is a fast shooting game, and can be over quickly, but once you get good, a 3-ball game with some extra balls can get quite long (10-15 minutes?) if you advance a lot of the modes and quests.

    I'd vote for Beatles as a "a good fast shooting, fun short game." With its single level, it looks like the old SS that it's based upon (I've played Seawitch), but the geometry is tweaked just a little bit. Between trying to string together multiple clockwise loops, the strong pop bumpers, and the magnetic spinning record disk, the ball can really zoom around.

    I put some data together for a post in the Beatles club...

    The average complete game time on our Beatles pinball for 3 ball games is 4 minutes, 17 seconds

    We use default settings: 3 ball games, a max of 3 extra balls per game, and new modes start by knocking down FAB-FOUR and hitting a loop. We do have outlanes set easy (closed down as much as posts allow), and the data below only includes complete games, not restarts, so reduce our average a bit for true "default" settings.

    Most games have been played by me, probably ~70%. I'm good, but not great. I can get to Hard Day's night multiball once every ~5-8 games (hard to quantify). I've been able to get to Taxman multiball ~5 times.

    Beatles Pinball stat table (resized).pngBeatles Pinball stat table (resized).pngBeatles Pinball bar chart (resized).pngBeatles Pinball bar chart (resized).png
    #100 3 years ago

    Cleopatra, EM or SS, was Gottlieb’s first with DC in the slings, pops, and flippers. It’s fast and the games are quick. I would also propose my favorite EM, Williams Hot Tip (also with a SS version) as fast with quick games.

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