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What pins would you pick for a 2 machine keeper set?

By nosro

7 years ago

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    #51 7 years ago

    Not really an answer your question, but if I only had room for 2 machines right now I would be looking at getting a Heighway game and the Multimorphic P3 when it is released. I think that would be an awesome 2 machine set. You could then buy the latest playfields each time a new one was released and build up a collection or swap/trade/sell them as you go.

    #52 7 years ago

    Lotr + MB
    Woz + TWD

    #55 7 years ago

    ACDC and the Hobbit

    #56 7 years ago

    Iron Man
    Game of Thrones


    Attack From Mars
    Monster Bash

    At least those two are what I am thinking today but there are tons of great 2 game combos that would work long-term. There are only a few in this thread that I wouldn't want as the vast majority look like great 2 games lineups.

    #57 7 years ago


    #58 7 years ago

    I would buy a Met and re theme it to Slayer and I think FH. Gottlieb's would be Gladiators and Genesis, or Robowar and TX sector. tough question

    #59 7 years ago

    Surprised no one has put this combo out yet, but I think right now, if minty shape on both, I'd go with...

    TZ and TAF

    #60 7 years ago

    ACDC Prem and TZ.

    #61 7 years ago

    Very tough and lots of good combo's listed in here. I would say IM and Woz for me.

    #62 7 years ago

    Although EMs dominate my collection, Taxi and Funhouse in perfect condition

    #63 7 years ago

    Wh2o BSD
    Or another combination of those with Taxi

    #65 7 years ago

    LotR & MM

    #68 7 years ago

    Congo & Cyclone

    #69 7 years ago

    MMR & LOTR ,only two sucks

    #70 7 years ago

    Met and taf

    #71 7 years ago

    I love my Borg trio of Tron/Met pro/IM but I have to pick Met pro overall as I think it has a lot more rules than both IM and Tron plus IMO Met has better artwork and great music. I think the trio are all valid but pick Met pro as the top dog.

    Next I'd like to have a very deep/complex rule pin so therefore I'd pick either Tspp or AcDc premium.

    Last night I was playing WoZ RR edition and while it's still not my favorite pin, that edition is really boss and I think possibly in time it could grow on me. I dislike the single ramp, but overall think Woz has got a very interesting layout and the rules appear to be very nice now.

    At this point I'm going to lean towards Tspp since it's rules and more interesting layout than AcDc.

    Met pro

    #73 7 years ago

    Nobody but me is taking an EM to the bomb shelter? Really?

    #74 7 years ago

    Can't choose just 2

    #75 7 years ago

    For me they need to serve two different purposes. One needs to be a long deep game, and the other needs to be quick and brutal. From those criteria I would chose something like ST pro and Flash Gordon. Both those pins do their jobs perfectly with great art and sound packages.

    #76 7 years ago

    Lord of the rings and Avatar.
    Love them both an play totally different to each other.

    #77 7 years ago

    Surf Champ and RBION tied with WNBJM

    #78 7 years ago

    WH20 and Timeshock

    #79 7 years ago
    Quoted from oldskool1969:

    Surf Champ and RBION tied with WNBJM

    The award for originality goes to oldskool1969

    #80 7 years ago

    Transformers le

    #81 7 years ago

    TZ and Tron

    #82 7 years ago

    Medieval Madness (with the music replaced by KISS ALIVE)

    Monster Bash

    However, my chosen brides should be nervous about the ominous, dark puff of smoke in the distance that is The Big Lebowski.

    #83 7 years ago

    2 years ago it would have been AFM, TSPP
    A year ago it would have been LOTR, TSPP
    Now I'd have to say GoTpre, TSPP

    But honestly if there's only room for two machines, I'd probably need to have a virtual pin loaded with 75 to 100 games. It's not the real thing, but in a pinch it would have to do.

    #84 7 years ago

    Assuming that excludes a Virtual Reality pin - which would mean access to all pins in theory, I would pick Metallica and Scared Stiff

    #85 7 years ago
    Quoted from nosro:

    The award for originality goes to oldskool1969

    Not to mention for having such an eclectic collection as well (including I believe one of only two Whoa Nellies in Australia.)

    #86 7 years ago
    Quoted from pinsanity:

    Not to mention for having such an eclectic collection as well (including I believe one of only two Whoa Nellies in Australia.)

    one of three, two are in WA. I was going to mention my GI ( best game ever )but I think most people that know me, already know it is part of my DNA now so no need to mention it again.

    #87 7 years ago

    MMR & Spider-Man

    However, there is no reason you cannot change one of the two occasionally. Having the same 2 FOREVER? Might become boring?

    #88 7 years ago

    METLE (speed, light show, rules)

    GOTLE (Strategy, light show, rules)

    #89 7 years ago

    WOZ and Indiana Jones

    #90 7 years ago

    WOZ and MM

    #93 7 years ago

    Highspeed2 and tz

    Eight ball deluxe and embryon

    #94 7 years ago

    For me I would have to have a long ball deep game paired with a fast exciting game so
    SM or LOTR

    #95 7 years ago

    I would have Paragon and Gottliebs Circus

    #96 7 years ago

    TWD Premium & ST Premium.

    #97 7 years ago

    WOZ and TAF

    #98 7 years ago

    When I started collecting 11 years ago, I wanted 2 pins in a room full of video games. Back then, I chose High Speed and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Over the years, I got more into pins, and actually sold off all but one of my vids (Stunt Cycle). Now a few years later, I have sold a few pins, bought some more vids, and I am back to 2 pins in a room full of vids. Metallica and GnR made the cut this time. I can't think of any pair I would rather have.

    #99 7 years ago

    Haunted House and Black Hole

    12417575_10205627389671441_2656263186632166042_n (resized).jpg12417575_10205627389671441_2656263186632166042_n (resized).jpg

    #100 7 years ago


    Downside is I would have to have 30 mins to an hour to really play a game. Upside would be depth/complexity.

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