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What Pins are 2-ball Multiball Only??

By Jags

7 years ago

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#51 7 years ago
Quoted from Jags:

I've done a few threads exploring the world of non-multiball pins, but now I would like to look at Pins that do have multi-ball, but only 2-ball multiball. Most pins I have seen have 3 or more multiball and I have seen some pins with 2 or 3 multiball like the Data East Secret Service. The only 2-ball only multiball that I can think of is a Williams Road Kings. There must be a at least a few others.
Please help by sharing with us any pins that you know of that have just a 2-ball multiball mode.

Bad Girls

#52 7 years ago
Quoted from Jags:

Doing some more research on all these great pins!! Another one I'm really liking is Robo-War. Does anyone have a rule sheet for this pin?
Great "Old School" feel with drop targets, spinner, upper role over lanes with flipper lane change. The sound is great too!! Mars from Holst's "Planets" is great music and the robotic call outs are perfect match for the theme.

Robo-war is a great game! Awesome sounds & tough to keep multiball going. It is on my wishlist & I'm just waiting for my friend to sell me his when he's ready!

#54 7 years ago

I was here to say mystery castle, but Matt elder beat me to it.

#55 7 years ago
Quoted from tjsynkral:

Probably because BH is a 3 ball multiball.

Thanks for updating my knowledge dude! Even though I have this game, I didn't realise this was a 3 ball multiball!! Even more looking forward to getting this one set up now!!

#56 7 years ago

OK I found another one that no one has mentioned and it really fits that "old school" feel with the "new school" features I'm looking for. Gottliebs 1991 Cactus Jack's! It has plunger shot leading to flipper lane change roll over lanes that increase the bonus multiplier. These drop to 3 pop bumpers. A great ramp loop shot from either flipper that is returned to the left inlane. Two return shots to the upper roll overs. No spinners though. 2 ball multiball. 8 drop targets! A VUK that launches the locked ball to a habitrail going to the left inlane. A under the table feature. A fun musical theme that's not too obnoxious. And some amusing artwork.


I'm trying to find the manual online so that I can check out the ruleset but I haven't had any luck. Anyone have the ruleset from the manual? Anyone have any insights on this pin? Any info, stories, or whatever regarding Cactus Jack's would be appreciated. And of course any other suggestions would be great!


#57 7 years ago

Just added Game Plan's Cyclopes

#58 7 years ago

scrippy mentioned Cactus Jacks. Would be another game that I would like to own again, Cajun/country type music that switches to Polka at muliball. Simple fun system 3 Gottlieb. Hit that left ramp 5 times in a row and it goes to a million points each time you make it after that and the Cajun guy says " that's a million bucko ", actually sounds like he's saying " That's a million f_ cker. Made me laugh every time. Great game and like the art and colors on the playfield. Dancing cactus in the back of the machine are pretty cool, too. 48 lights in the center of the banjo puts on a real nice light show. Making me miss it more, now that I'm writing about it.

#59 7 years ago
Quoted from beepnutz:

scrippy mentioned Cactus Jacks. Would be another game that I would like to own again

Yes, sorry I missed that. I still haven't been able to find the rule sheet from the manual anywhere. Bob, since you have played the game can you elaborate on some of the game play rules and strategy? I think I have figured most of it out but do you remember how the Banjo Bonus and Catch-up works?

Let me know. Thanks!

#60 7 years ago

I don't remember what the banjo bonus points were and I believe some Gottliebs had catch-up when playing multiple players, catches you up to the highest scored player. There is a skill shot, I think it was the second from left hole on the clear upper playfield (200,000 points). Light all the rollovers to add to multiplier. Banjo bonus was the second from the right rollover, straight up the banjo neck. Big bonus left loop shot to top right corner once it's lit (not sure what you hit to light it). Can't remember it all, have owned 67 machines and sold that in '07. Like I said, simple fun game to play with friends and a couple beers, the light show stands out and the Cajun guys call outs and when the music went from Cajun to Polka was was just kooky fun. Used to buy the rubber cactus guys on ebay, I bought one and put it on my car antenna till it fell apart. I don't have a manual or rule sheet. Anybody out there that owns one that can chime in here and elaborate?

#61 7 years ago

Thanks for the rundown beepnutz!! Don't know if I will ever be able to find one at a decent price and then get it shipped to me here in Hawaii. What kind of price would you put on a decent working but non-shopped Cactus Jack's?? I see a couple up on ebay but, like most pins I see there, they seem to be priced at double what they should be.

And yes, anyone with a rulesheet that they can send me it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

#62 7 years ago

Drops were for the multiplier, maybe the rollovers were for the left loop to top right bonus target. Paid $650 for mine in '04, sold in '07 for $950.00 shopped, about an 8 on 10 scale. Used to see them all the time for sale, not so much anymore. Maybe start another post asking for Cactus Jacks rules?

#63 7 years ago
Quoted from beepnutz:

Maybe start another post asking for Cactus Jacks rules?

Yes already did that a few days ago. Also have a WTB post up.

Quoted from beepnutz:

Drops were for the multiplier, maybe the rollovers were for the left loop to top right bonus target.

Drops advance the "Fruit Bonus" and the roll overs advances the multiplier. I've been playing the PinMAME version on my computer and have figured most of it out. I understand the "Catch-Up" now as working with multi player only giving you a shot that will get your score up to whatever the high score is in that game. I see the "Banjo Bonus" as being that shot straight up the banjo neck, through the pops, and hitting the 3rd roll over. A really cool shot!

I really like the way they incorporated a lot of new school features and play along with the old school features of roll over lanes, integrated pops, and the drop targets. Hopefully one of these will come my way one way or another!

#64 7 years ago

The one on ebay for $1299 or make offer in Nevada, looks pretty nice. I would avoid the other. My buddy has a virtual pin and I will have him load this game and can get back to you about rules in a few days.

#65 7 years ago
Quoted from beepnutz:

The one on ebay for $1299 or make offer in Nevada, looks pretty nice.

That gentleman also has the pin up for sale here on pinside. I have already corresponded with him on the pin. It does have a damaged playfield section that would need to be replaced for it to play correctly. Also some missing stickers. Nothing too bad but still things that would need to be addressed. I try to keep my budget at no more than $1,000 per pin. But of course with about $400 shipping cost here to Hawaii that cuts into that $1,000 considerably. I'll give him a chance to sell it at the price he wants and maybe in couple of weeks if it doesn't sell we may still be able to work something out.

If someone wants to pick up that pin for me I will trade you two weeks free stay here in Hawaii at my vacation rental. Go to www.halemalu.com to check out my place. The two weeks stay is worth about $1,500 so it could work out as a pretty good deal for everyone!

Let me know!!

4 months later
#66 6 years ago


#67 6 years ago
Quoted from viperrwk:

For example, PZ only has a two ball multiball but you load three balls into the machine.

And Spectrum only has a "1-ball multiball" (so to speak ), but you load 3 balls...

2-ball multiball on Embryon is hard to reach. OK, not that hard, but I tend to avoid shooting the central captive ball shot which is dangerous - I reach multi ball often without looking for it... and it generally lasts 5 seconds with no special reward in the end... (*)

(*) Is there any? Assuming I could keep the balls on the PF long enough?

#68 6 years ago

This thread should have been listed as this -->

What Pins are NOT 2-ball Multiball Only?? It might have been a shorter list...

#69 6 years ago

I think my Gottlieb Gladiators was, there were 3 in the trough but I don't see how the third one could get locked

#70 6 years ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

How come no-one has mentioned the mighty Black Hole yet??

Black Hole does have a three ball multi-ball. One lock on the lower pf, one upper.

#71 6 years ago

Force II



Diamond lady ?

#72 6 years ago

Pinbot.... I can see you now....

#73 6 years ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

That has a three ball multiball doesn't it? (2 eyes plus one in play = 3 when the eyes release...)

BoP's revised version by Dutch has a 3-ball multiball.

#74 6 years ago

Game Show and Cactus Jacks are both two ball multi-balls

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