What pinball machines have the best skill shots?

By pinmister

2 months ago


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#1 64 days ago

What pinball machines do you think have the best skill shots?

#2 64 days ago

I really like the skill shot in Congo. It's so good it earned its own mode in the game.

#3 64 days ago

No Good Gophers gets mentioned quite a bit for having a good skill shot and I would tend to agree.

#4 64 days ago

A couple that come to mind are Pinball Magic with small loop, Totan, and Ghostbusters

#6 64 days ago

I like skill shots that offer different options, while still requiring an actual skill shot. (So games like Champion Pub don't really count) LotR and Stargate are two games that come to mind that give different skill shots that offer different rewards, which is really great.

I also love tough skill shots, so Mr. and Mrs. PAC-MAN and Big Guns should get some mention for that.

#7 64 days ago
Quoted from Mfsrc791:


Reminds me of 24 Morgue Skill Shot, need to have just enough oomph to clear the ramp.

» YouTube video

#8 64 days ago

RZ skillshot is near impossible, but awesome when you hit it.

Super skillshot in ACDC is cool.

I always liked the no flip skillshot in TF.

#9 64 days ago

I don't think any are that creative honestly.

#10 64 days ago

^^^C'mon...IM...!!!... ..........Joey

#11 64 days ago

Baywatch for sure. Four unique skillshots that are completely based on skill and not luck.

#12 64 days ago
Quoted from Toasterdog:

I don't think any are that creative honestly.

Totan is pretty cool.

skillshot (resized).jpg

#13 64 days ago

Ripley’s FTW. So satisfying to hit!

#14 64 days ago

Hobbit, 4 different options

#15 64 days ago

I like Mustangs..............Joey

#16 64 days ago

TNA has a great skillshot.

Handsfree allows you to select the top lane you want to go for, it takes major plunging skill to do, and if you are going to miss then you can at the last second attempt to switch. The intensity of having that last second choice between trying to nudge to get the hands-free or switching just to get the regular (but lessor value) is great.

#17 64 days ago

Strange Science - soft plunge into the particle separator ramp then use the lane change button properly and you can light up 2 LAB letters on the same trip.

#18 64 days ago

I like the Tee'd Off mean hole skill shot. Feels good when it falls.

#19 64 days ago

The Hobbit. The game has multiple true skill shots that are all unique. Hit across the 4 lock letter rollover targets, hit top roving drop target, hit left drops, hit left / right inlanes.

#20 64 days ago

I like tz risk/reward skill shot. Complete it and you get send over to the bumpers with possibility of cheap left lane drains.

I also like both fh and taf for the difficulty of plunging just right.

#21 64 days ago

I've always had a fondness for Whirlwind's skillshot. Instead of soft plunging to hit a drop target, it's even better to really soft plunge so the ball doesn't hit any target, is caught in the left flipper, then backhanded straight up through the entire bank to score the "Sweeping Super Skill Shot" for a crazy amount of points.

#22 64 days ago

Congo comes to mind.

#24 64 days ago

Rob zombie is great and very hard

#25 64 days ago

Tommy. Love that skill plunge.

#26 64 days ago

Big Hurt also has a fun skill shot. Plunge the ball, it winds around the wireform, then rolls down a wire spring loaded ramp on to the playfield, gets fed to the left upper flipper and you shoot the lit drop target. Get enough ooomph on the plunge and you can cradle the flipper so the ball rolls up and hits the captive ball and then shoot the lit drop target.

#27 64 days ago

Congo is the best by a mile. I don't particularly like new games that have a whole variety of skill shots. How is an average player on location supposed to know how all the ways to hold flippers and hit certain things? It's kind of cool when you can select rewards and shots but I think it tends to over complicate things.

#30 64 days ago
Quoted from doublestack:

I really like the skill shot in Congo.

Quoted from hassanchop:

Congo comes to mind.

Quoted from jawjaw:

Congo is the best by a mile.

Seems like Congo has a great skill shot. I found a video with Bowen explaining the two skill shots. The skill shot for the left kick out lane is really unique and I did not know about it. I learn something new everyday.

» YouTube video

#31 64 days ago

Pinball magic by far. Satisfying to plunge, and impressive to watch.

#32 64 days ago

Definately Hobbit, selectible and all good hard shots!

Ghostbusters for the runner up, preselected top ones which are tricky, or you can shoot it to the flippers and of course either start modes or if a mode is going even more!

#33 64 days ago

White Water has a good one. Medusa is very hard. You have to time it just right to light the Gorgons. Each one increases spinner value. El Dorado is deceptively hard.

#34 64 days ago

The 1m shot on Comet is a good skill shot.

#35 64 days ago

@pinmister this topic was a great idea, and I'll add Gottlieb Arena as a tough one to get.

#36 64 days ago

Tron. Hold the left flipper, plunge to the top left flipper, up the side ramp, down to the left flipper, right orbit through the pops, to the top left flipper, around the side ramp again to the bottom left flipper into the scoop. Yummy. End of line and the best opening shot in Pinball.

#37 64 days ago

Congo and Domino's (which pays 'homage' to Congo).
I also like The Addams Family.

#38 64 days ago

Pinball Magic, much to my disagreement, won this contest


IN reality it's Fireball, because it's worth so much and super hard.
Congo's is great fun but the fact you most likely get a few wacks at it makes it a little cheap
PM's is fun but easy...and starts MB too quick if it's lit

Quoted from pinballshark:

El Dorado is deceptively hard.

Uff man those game like that and Target Alpha are so damn tough.

#39 64 days ago
Quoted from wtuttle:

Congo and Domino's (which pays 'homage' to Congo).
I also like The Addams Family.

Do you really have a Domino's on location at a Domino's? Lol.
I'll have to make a special trip next time in town to check it out.

#40 64 days ago

Williams Serenade.

If you don't drop the ball into the kickout hole at the top of the playfield and then light the pop bumpers on the kickout, your ball is pretty much screwed.

image-12 (resized).jpg

#41 64 days ago

Trying for the 2001 middle kickout for 300 points is fun.

Taxi has the nice choice of going for passenger pickup vs. higher points (and the possibility of overshooting it all for lower points).

#42 64 days ago

I vote Fireball and Fireball Classic.

#43 64 days ago

Seconding Fireball.

#44 64 days ago

Fireball is great, and required to win.
TSPP has a variety of them.
Creatue is good.

#45 64 days ago

The truth is any shot on pinball that takes skill... is a skill shot.

So I'm going to add any game with short flippers and a swinging target like Magic Clock, that not only takes great skill but also good timing.

#46 64 days ago

I have to give T2 a mention due to it's (and others) progressive difficulty the more skill shots you nail within your game.

#47 64 days ago
Quoted from cait001:

Tommy. Love that skill plunge.

+1 tough too ! And with scoring buffed and the Super Skill Shot Chad added in the 5.0 code being worth 75 mill it can be really worth going for.

Tommy also gives you options ....plunging round to the top flipper to make a right ramp skill shot, or to make a Mirror shot to advance/start multiball.

#48 64 days ago
Quoted from Mfsrc791:

Totan is pretty cool.

piggy backed with the ramp for super skilled shot.

#49 63 days ago

ID4 is easy.......until you get excited and forget about it

#50 63 days ago

Congo is good. NGG hole in one is fun. NGG also has the double/triple skill to the targets where the gophers taunt you. I love that one, it really puts the pressure on you. Only thing is, I don't know how/when/why it pops up. I rarely get it.

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