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What pin do you regret selling?

By AloneMordakai

8 years ago

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#101 8 years ago

TOTAN.....made worse because they never come up for sale.

#102 8 years ago

Just about all of them, except RBION.

Really regret selling my Taxi though. It was beat up cab wise, and pf wise, but man, it was fun.
Also regret TFTC. Just a damn fun pin.
Oh, and can't forget pinbot. Spent a long time rehabbing that one. Love the pin.

#103 8 years ago

JP, but just got it back. Also had to sell my IJ almost two years ago and boy do I miss it

#104 8 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

TOTAN.....made worse because they never come up for sale.

That's about the one I least regret selling...except the crazy prices for one these days and the profit I could have had.

#106 8 years ago

LOTR today and everyday a thread like this is created. The ironic thing is, if I had LOTR back in my small lineup, I'd sell it to make room for a new pin

#107 8 years ago

Miss my POTC.

#109 8 years ago

IJ and LOTR...

#110 8 years ago

I made the mistake of selling DM early the first time. Got another, had my fun, sold again, but only after the new rule that once I feel a game has reached it's pinnacle in my home, I still keep it for another month, and only sell if that's still the consensus through regular play at the end of the month.

Given this new way of sending games on, I have zero regrets.

#111 8 years ago

My first pinball purchase

Harlem Globe Trotters on Tour

#112 8 years ago

I have traded my mint Potc for a CV + TOM + 1500 one day, till today I am not sure if that was a good deal, considdering both CV and TOM were not in great condition. I miss my Potc

#113 8 years ago

I would say you got a good deal. I'd take that in half a second.

#114 8 years ago

the 1500 was what I payed extra, lol

#115 8 years ago

I'm a hoarder...I don't sell.

#116 8 years ago

Im looking for a bigger place, I never want to sell nor trade any ever again.

#117 8 years ago

Yeah, I ll end up in the hoarder's catagory. But, no regrets whatsoever or whenever

#118 8 years ago

RBION and TAF both games I have bought again

#119 8 years ago

Whitewater. Oh, man....

#121 8 years ago

To be honest, I wanted to say goodbye to my Potc because my friend and not me held the highscore of 1.7 billion. I never could beat it, mine was 1.3 or so. He played it for 3 hours straight or so. Now, I don't care so much about scores anymore, its more about the feeling. CV is still here, which I overhauled and very happy with it. TOM is gone, which I also regret now. But a TOM is still affordable, I will get one later
Still miss my Potc.

#122 8 years ago

Ive got a couple regrets, and a few that did return

RBION, I sold it to a guy locally that plays it everyday and will never sell it back, havent found another (at a price i will pay)

Class of 1812, They just dont come around much, had 2 of them and was offered enough to sell thinking ill get another, that hasnt happened yet

Joust, head to head. Sold for big money at the time, which actually is still about what they are going for, just like the uniqueness of it.

But a good story of the one that got away. Sold my GnR that i bought for 500 about 12 years ago, sold it for 1500.00 Had to sell due to a divorce situation. About 5 years ago i was in the town of the person i sold it to, went and knocked on their door and asked if I could buy it back. 2100.00 later, it was in my suburban. Never plan on letting it go again

#124 8 years ago

F-14 Tomcat. Loved everything about that game. Was a victim of space

#125 8 years ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

I'm a hoarder...I don't sell.

Of course you are when you're living in Monsterbash Is Next, USA...

#126 8 years ago

I regret selling Bally Spectrum long ago
found another better specimen years later.

Recently sold a BLY Baby Pacman, that i wish i had kept.

#127 8 years ago

I wouldn't say "regret" but there are certainly pins I miss and might even get again some day.

I miss: WCS, JD and JM the most.

Surprisingly....to most of you anyway; I don't really miss LOTR....at least so far. Games just got too long and I had it for eight years and played the crap out of it.

#128 8 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Surprisingly....to most of you anyway; I don't really miss LOTR....at least so far. Games just got too long

I agree.

Sold my LOTR well over a year now. Don't miss it a bit.

I always felt the ball flow was too "clunky".

#130 8 years ago

There have been several that I regret letting go of. The big ones would be:

1. BSD - An absolutely gorgeous example, and it was my first game. I sold it to help fund my Io Moon import.

2. Mephisto- A very rare game and it had an almost perfect cabinet. I traded it to a friend for TAF. At least I can still visit it.

3. CP- This was a sample game from Switzerland and it was in pretty nice shape. I sold it way too cheap.... even by 2007 standards.

4. RBION - A super low play HUO example. Looked like it came right out of the box. I lost my butt selling this many years ago when everyone thought the game was a dog. No one wanted a RBION back in those days! Sold it to pay some bills.

#131 8 years ago


The game itself is far cooler than the cash it fetches. How so? Well my life did not improve because I had my Baywatch money back. Ya just can't buy shit with Batwatch money other than a game that sucks or a Baywatch lol.

That lifeguard chick on the giant DMD getting cornholed when you lose the ball was priceless. Yeah, she is a freaky dirty... Oh hey guys, didn't see ya there

Sound effects at the pops are grade A. That mini shark flipper, the guard tower, the 25lbs of wire forms... My god, what did I do?

One day I will own one again. Oh yes, she will be mine

#132 8 years ago

My beautiful Theatre of Magic. I have no idea what was going through my head when I sold that one.

#133 8 years ago
Quoted from WesleyCowan:

Fish Tales--sold it way too soon and missed the video mode, humor and gameplay. I also have room for only 4 pins, so sell occasionally after owning most my pins for 2-3 years but often wish I could keep some and just add more. I also miss Shadow, RBION, and CFBTL because I really liked the gameplay of all of them and especially the depth of the first two and the drive in movie and tie in with the Creature.

I want a Fishtails at some point. I always put it off because it is a shallow game that isn't as cheap as it should be. That is what holds me back. It isn't more. But I always have a blast playing it. It is kind of a guilty pleasure. Sometimes, I think less is more.

#134 8 years ago
Quoted from mwong168:

Fortunately every pin I have sold and regretted I have gotten back such as:
Johnny Mnemonic
The Shadow
Judge Dredd
The only other games I regret selling and hope to own again would be:
White Water
Lord of the Rings
Star Trek The Next Generation
Cirqus Voltaire (would be a maybe)

Good taste. I have WPT, Shadow, JD, and BSD. All great games. I thought I would get tired of WPT sooner but haven't. I was planning on holding it until I found something else. You should try WPT. We have similar taste and it is a blast once you get the rules.

#135 8 years ago

STTNG and LOTR, got out of the hobby years ago and sold what I had, miss these two. Btw, got back in the hobby last year and still struggle with sticker shock. lol

#136 8 years ago

I regret selling my STTNG. I sold it to buy a new Stern Star Trek and I really regretted it. STTNG is a much better game then the Stern one IMO.

#137 8 years ago

Future Spa. Nice cab and backglass but the PF was kind of beat. The following week a perfect NOS PF popped up on ebay. I miss not having a early 80's Bally pin in the collection.

#138 8 years ago


#139 8 years ago

Sometimes regret letting Rocky go. It was such an unusual pin, but it did take up a lot of precious room.

#140 8 years ago

TSPP... sold it in July to help with my MMR payment to JJP.

Lesson learned...

#141 8 years ago

Sold Avatar Pro. Got an Avatar LE now. Sold Flintstones over a year ago. Just picked another one up.

#142 8 years ago

Creature. It's still one of the most beautiful pins of all time and was a nice player.

#143 8 years ago

My kids want me to get jungle lord back...

#144 8 years ago
Quoted from Blenderhead:

The Medieval Madness at the Hall of Fame in Vegas used to be mine, so I'll say, that one. Last I saw, it still had the custom instruction cards I put in it.

Just played it on Sunday--nice game (although the castle is not working--bummer)!

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