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What pin do you regret selling?

By tyj

4 months ago

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    #51 4 months ago

    People keep telling me that I should regret selling LOTR and Funhouse, but I think that's only because my machines are in really nice shape. I don't miss either one. Smacking my balls in Rudy's face was getting old, and LOTR caused me to burn a Christmas roast because the freaking game took 45 minutes to complete...and that was with the outlanes wide open. (And if I heard "The path! Of the dead!" one more time, I think I was going to stick forks in my eyeballs.) I do think somebody needs to mod that floppy tower in the back right corner with a dildo, because that would be REALLY funny whenever you get the ball in there. A free beer to anybody who does it and sends me a video.

    It is tougher to sell machines that you spent four months of your life lovingly restoring, but it gets easier every time you do it. So, in short: Nope. No regrets here.

    #52 4 months ago

    Grand Lizard. I only owned it for about a year. But in that year it was in my bedroom, so I played it a LOT (almost every night). A friend of mine was selling his Team One, and the guy wanted more machines to make it worth his drive, so my buddy asked me. I was thinking of selling my X's & O's, so I offered that up and he was going to take it. And then he asked for more, and I added in GL, because I'm dumb. He picked up my friends Team One, and then both of my games. In the years since then I've played GL a few times, and loved it every time.

    The bummer right now is that two of them just came up for sale in Pennsylvania. In "normal" times, I would have driven down there already and bought the better one. But these are not normal times. At some point in the future, I'll own another one.

    #53 4 months ago
    Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

    I regret selling Every Game.....Except Laser Wars

    Hey now!


    56947007ba007828cdb3af13a71b195eb31d45ec (resized).jpg
    #54 4 months ago

    Pin regretted: Met (is back in premium this time), BBB, BSD
    Pin happy I sold: Dialed In, Houdini and stern Star Trek

    #55 4 months ago

    Whirlwind. Sold it 10 years ago to a guy I work with. He bought it sight on seen and immediately put it into storage where it still remains 10 years later. And we won’t sell it back to me!!

    #56 4 months ago

    Taxi, pinbot and ww.

    I have since picked all three up again. Going nowhere.

    As for bad cats, it’s gorgeous but is a snooze fest.

    #57 4 months ago

    Neither. Saw everything they had to offer and wound up not getting played often. If I had to choose between the two I sold, I'd take Congo back.

    #58 4 months ago

    I do not regret the pins I've sold, only those I've yet to sell.

    #60 4 months ago
    Quoted from Hayfarmer:

    Why the regret?

    I did not play it. I want fun pins with more depth. I have limited space and OCD.

    Replaced it with TSPP.

    #61 4 months ago

    Ones that I missed so much I bought back have been:

    Scared Stiff
    Whirl Wind

    The one I'm would get again is STTNG.

    I've toyed with getting FH and RS back, but didn't bite on either of them.

    #62 4 months ago

    I've bought and sold many over the years. Prob the only one that I should have held onto a bit longer was Dungeons and Dragons. Not that it's an amazing game or anything, but it has a cool aesthetic to it, and I dug the crappy chip tunes

    #63 4 months ago

    All 582 games that I sold I should have kept and now I could have really cashed in the way the prices are now. Who would have known?


    #65 4 months ago

    Come to think of it, the 2 Split Seconds, NineBall, Big Game, and 1 of 2 TransPorters.

    #66 4 months ago

    I regret selling Secret Service. I had a High Speed as well (and still do) and I think I should have sold HS instead of Secret Service.

    #67 4 months ago

    My first purchase was a package deal, EK & BW100.

    EK will never be leaving, BW 100 was in great original condition and was sold to buy a nice FT.....

    Should have kept the BW100 as they're hard to find in good condition , but FT was a grail pin for some regret there...

    #68 4 months ago

    Rocky & Bullwinkle for me. Sold it to a good guy (Peter former owner of Luna City Arcade) but man I loved the theme and as a pin it was pretty fun and in really nice condition too. I used the money to buy a NIB pin but I'll always miss Rocky & Bullwinkle.

    #69 4 months ago

    Pop a Card
    King Pin
    Quick Draw

    Don’t sell your drop target games!

    and SkyRocket
    Don’t know why, it was a good example.

    #70 4 months ago

    Addams Family and Haunted House.Love to have those back.

    #71 4 months ago

    First game I sold was my Judge Dredd, and I think about that game not infrequently...I never had a bad time playing it and I always had fun on that machine... but at that time I felt like I had to learn to let go...start on the buy/sell/trade train, and the rest was history...but I still miss it, and have put a "star/favorite" on every JD that has come up on the market day, I'll get one back

    #72 4 months ago

    Strangely enough...Break Shot. Simple, classic fun. HUO. Shoulda kept it.

    #73 4 months ago

    Count-Down, but I bought another one 15 years later.

    #74 4 months ago

    Cactus canyon. I needed room for Alien .... maybe one day...

    #75 4 months ago


    IMDN close just casue it was a bit early, but that's ok

    #76 4 months ago

    AFMLE to raise funds for BM66.

    #77 4 months ago
    Quoted from Budman:

    AFMLE to raise funds for BM66.

    Both awesome games.

    #78 4 months ago

    Stern Spiderman but bought back a huo Red. Favorite pin ever.

    7F879B5E-FC9C-4CB1-906A-2A47AAE2C314 (resized).jpeg
    #79 4 months ago

    I'm gonna regret selling my HUO Tron pro, but it helped to fund a JJPOTC so I'm happy with my choice.

    #80 4 months ago

    In the mid 2000's when the economy tanked and then the no smoking, I had to chose between keeping house or keeping business going, I had to chose business because ultimately that is where food comes from. I miss the nice Safecracker, South Park, Indiana Jones, and Monster Bash, these I particularly miss.

    Now with being closed because of the virus. Which I suspect will now run into July before I can reopen. At the start in mid March I sold the Bill Paxton Pin. That one I really miss.

    I hope the day comes where I can sell a pin because I want to. Not because I need to.

    LTG : )

    #81 4 months ago

    All of them

    #82 4 months ago

    I can't say I regret it as much as I miss it….Strange Science.

    The game play was marginal but I loved the theme and the topper was awesome..

    #83 4 months ago

    I regretted selling LOTR and Whirlwind. I sold my LOTR just to change up the lineup. Missed it immediately, so went on the hunt. Found a HUO machine about 3 weeks later. As for Whirlwind, I just didn’t give it enough time. Sold it before I even shopped it, which is very rare. Realized later that I really liked to play it, so went on the hunt. Took me 5-6 years to find another in great condition that wasn’t astronomically priced. Shopping it now!

    #84 4 months ago
    Quoted from noitbe1:

    Cactus canyon. I needed room for Alien .... maybe one day...

    I love the theme but where is the code? Unfinished.

    #85 4 months ago

    SC, TAF, IJ

    #86 4 months ago

    The one game I regret selling is White Water. Great game in really nice condition, and they've become much more expensive / harder to find since then.

    Of the other machines I've sold I'd also quite like another AC/DC Premium at some point, but I don't regret selling it - I really enjoyed it but at the time it wasn't really getting played much and I was ready to move it on. Now that it's been a while I think I'd enjoy owning one again, but no regrets.

    #87 4 months ago

    Batman 66

    #88 4 months ago

    Bally PARAGON. One of the very first pins I bought. Missing BG, not working
    but got it fully working in short order. Great artwork and liked the inline
    drop targets. Picked up a LOST WORLD last year. Similar artwork but game
    play not as good.

    #89 4 months ago

    Without a doubt, White Water. I didn't want to sell it, and I sold it cheap, but I was moving and needed the cash to pay for the moving truck.

    For arcade games, only one I regret selling. The Sega Sonar that passed through here last year. If I had known how cool and rare it was at the time I would have kept it for myself, but I had already promised to pick it up for a fellow pinsider from a local pawn shop. Not upset in the least though since it went to a good home and is probably already looking a LOT better than I could have ever done with it.


    #90 4 months ago

    AFM. No idea why I sold it, just kinda put a feeler out there and someone jumped on it. It was just before the remakes came out so I got top dollar, but I only paid $2600.00 for it (remember those days), and i'll never pay the going price for one now.

    Also, NGG, Gottlieb Jet Spin, and Stern Stingray. The rest that I've sold, I don't really regret.

    #91 4 months ago

    No "regrets" per se, but of all the games I've sold the only one I miss is my HUO ToM. I love the theme and the overall feel of the game.

    If there's any truth to the remake rumors, I may own one again.

    #92 4 months ago

    Grand Lizard. took it to the NW Pinball and Arcade Show, and it got a lot of attention. had another collector offer up a trade for Pin*bot, which was going for significantly more at the time, and i went with the trade. turns out i like GL a lot more than P*B, and didn't keep the P*B all that long. several GLs have come up for sale over the years since but i'm so out of room it isn't funny; someday when i have more space i might pick up another.

    #93 4 months ago

    I miss the EM chimes of my old Centigrade 37. Knew I was going to miss it when I sold it, but could never really wrap my head around EM repair and maintenance and with limited space, it didn't seem worth the effort to develop it for one machine. Maybe someday I will have the room to keep and time to service one again, but there is plenty of pinball to go around... (or so I keep telling myself)

    #94 4 months ago

    I regret selling my Baywatch because I had an opportunity to buy a Fathom from my buddy. Long story short, that didn't work out, but it freed up space and funds to buy XM Magento, which I would consider my "grail" so it ended up working out.

    3 months later
    #96 50 days ago

    HEP Addams and Tron. Also regret selling my Wheel of Fortune slot.

    3 weeks later
    #97 24 days ago
    Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

    HEP Addams and Tron. Also regret selling my Wheel of Fortune slot.

    Really appreciate the chance to pick up your HEP Addams Family; it's amazing. Still perfect and have put maybe 30 games on it in the past 15 months.

    #98 24 days ago

    I'm already regretting selling the Whirlwind I have for sale right now.
    The game is not in collector shape by any means, but it is just super fun! (and the guest favorite)
    I have to sell it because I bought a Frankenstein project pin.
    Not selling the other games and no room for 6, so I have to buy one again once I have more room

    WhatsApp Image 2020-09-26 at 17.22.05 (1) (resized).jpeg
    #99 24 days ago

    Here's the thing, no need for regret. Every game of my 100 plus i've owned with the exception of Stargazer has come up for sale again. Its just a matter of time, and u can see some people including me have bought the same game 2 3 or even 4 times, probably a few pinsiders have beat that number. If its done u know it so sell and move on.

    #100 22 days ago
    Quoted from Hazoff:

    including me have bought the same game 2 3 or even 4 times

    That's my record. I've bought Harlem Globetrotters 4 times. I currently have 2 of them, and I'm happy with that. I was considering buying a 3rd one last year, but that would be crazy

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