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What machine did you bring home today? Post your pictures!

By MiamiRedSkin

5 years ago

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#2964 2 years ago

Every once in awhile, I have a game delivered to my office, particularly for international deliveries (easier logistically). Then, I load the game into my SUV to bring home after work.

Here's a 1974 Kasco Untouchable arcade game, which arrived today. It's essentially a shooter game, in which the player navigates a 3-dimensional police car on a moving belt, in an attempt to catch a 3-dimensional gangster car. The player controls a steering wheel, accelerator pedal and a pistol simultaneously. For those interested, yesterday, I posted pre-shipment photos and video clips of a Kasco Untouchable in action in another thread (the thread entitled: "Show Us Your M & EM Gun & Submarine Games!"). Here's the link:


I love the unusual EM arcade games in pinball cabinets and this one is my Holy Grail.

What's wrong with this lobby? Right, there's too much furniture and too few coin op machines.


3 weeks later
#3138 2 years ago

Here's a 1 minute video clip from earlier this evening, demonstrating the gameplay of my latest vintage arcade acquisition, a 1974 Kasco Untouchable. I still need to add the windshield to the gangster car and polish the coin return chrome to complete this restoration project, which arrived a few weeks ago.


#3143 2 years ago
Quoted from ckcsm:

Nice, never saw on of those and I love the backglass with the simulated shooting and the old cars.

The scenery, according to the game's flyer, is based upon old Chicago. I, too, love that backglass. Kasco and Sega produced the most ingenious EM arcades in the seventies, in my view.

S_Untouchable by Kasco (resized).jpg

20160814_165057 (resized).jpg

3 months later
#3924 2 years ago
Quoted from gentrsa:

Picked this up Saturday, Italian Import Nordomatic Champion!

Please post more photos of this rarely seen wedgehead. I'm not done drooling.

#3959 2 years ago
Quoted from Mopar:

I brought this home coincidentally on my birthday last Monday. This is the most I've paid for a
machine but it was fair, only an hour away, and I've been looking for one for awhile. I had to pull
the trigger.. The hobby didn't pay for this one. I'm going to have to sell a few machines..
It's a pretty nice original..

Congratulations on acquiring a very nice Genco Two Player Basketball. Did that one happen to come from Wisconsin? If so, send me a PM for the game's history, if you wish. The Genco game will fit in well with your EM line-up, no doubt.

The one in my collection is a keeper. Here's a photo of my son showing off his high score. It's among the most popular games in my collection of about 30 vintage pinball and arcade games. Happy birthday, by the way!

20160717_192706 (resized).jpg

#3962 2 years ago
Quoted from AlexF:

There was one in Wisconsin for sale?

Yes. It may still be available. It was restored by Bill Heatherly. Also, there's a decent unrestored one for sale in Ontario. PM me for details.

#3978 2 years ago
Quoted from davej:

Here is what we got a few days ago, not a pinball but fits the look of the diner theme in the basement.

Congratulations. Bowl-o-rama is a terrific acquisition. It's among the most popular coin-op games in my gameroom. The track ball allows for authentic spin, speed and direction control. The taunting animations, for splits, are well-conceived as are the animated accolades for strikes and spares. In my opinion, Namco's Bowl-o-rama is the most successful arcade rendition of bowling. Also, it includes separate trick shot and poker games. The music element is great as well. I am operating mine on its original hard drive, although I have the flash drive as a back-up. The game has security roadblocks designed to protect the proprietary software, impeding the flash drive conversion. All you need now are the spinning ash trays. Namco still sells them and other components for this 2006 arcade on its website (expensive, though). I also like the feature enabling the players to select their ball graphics and weight. Happy new year to fellow Pinsiders!

8 months later
#6530 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Traded "The Hobbit" for this gem today

It's nice to trade up.

1 week later
#6620 1 year ago
Quoted from Mopar:

Does he have anything else for sale?! Title doesn't matter..

It's rumored that he has a 1974 Chicago Coin GIN.

#6630 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Always hard to pass up a Sys 11 at a decent price.

You're on a roll, Colson.

1 week later
#6696 1 year ago
Quoted from dothedoo:

That's an original glass? CPR put the pink/red in the upper left corner around the boat like that. I've never seen that on an original glass before. Even the flyer doesn't have it.

The original Fathom backglass has considerably more definition in the art than does the repro. The repro is nice; however, the line art is blurry by comparison. The original can thus be easily identified. I have had them side-by-side (however, I can't locate a photo of the repro). Here's the original on a Fathom formerly in my line-up.

DSCN4385 (resized).JPG

DSCN4350 (resized).JPG

#6755 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Took my BSD and MSF to ryandimx's wedding today, so I'll be bringing them back home later. Does that count?

Frankenstein and Dracula. . .which one was the bride?

1 month later
#7100 1 year ago
Quoted from Pecos:

I think every collector should have at least one woodrail. But which one? This woodrail came up for sale here in Tucson but was this the one I wanted to add to Pecos' Palatial Pinball Parlour? I asked ryanclaytor and he told me, in no uncertain terms, that, YES, I should buy it. So, I did! Thanks Ryan!

Pecos, You did well. Queen of Hearts is among the very best of woodrails. Neyens himself deemed it his best design. I have a pretty good extra original backglass for Queen of Hearts, if you're unhappy with the degraded one in the photo. PM me, if interested.

#7103 1 year ago
Quoted from Pecos:

PM sent! Thanks ZNET!
You can't tell very well from the pic but the backglass is toast. I'm not complaining though. The rest of the machine is in good shape - everything but the playfield glass. The seller's neighbor broke the playfield glass this very morning. OOPS!
This is my first woodrail, and probably my last, so I am just learning about these. The playfield glass and backglass are thicker that what I am used to. Question - can I put a standard 70s playfield glass in a woodrail? I'm seriously considering putting some mylar on both sides of the cracked area and using it as is. It is only in a small portion of the right upper corner and I really like the thickness.

Thanks Ryan! Playfield and pop bumper caps are exceptional for a pin 65 years old. I am very happy to get this Queen of Hearts and am looking forward to restoring it. I'm sure that lots of surprises await me!

Any standard sized top glass will work on a Gottlieb woodrail, including Queen of Hearts. Chicago Coin's woodrails were longer and not interchangeable, though.

Don't be so sure that this will be your last woodrail. Woodrails are fantastic! There are more avenues to a replay on Queen of Hearts than 3 typical seventies games combined.

Your playfield looks to be excellent. Most have wear in the grid and around the gobble holes. Yours seems to have escaped those high traffic areas. Congrats!

#7129 1 year ago
Quoted from Health:

This is a belated post:
Brought home this El Dorado, a couple weeks ago. Won it on eBay for around $1500. Drove 16-17 hours roundtrip to Tucson, AZ. This was my first pin.
It has issues with the score wheel, worn playfield, and shoddy wiring job, by previous owner. . . But I still love it.
The combination of the yellow & orange playfield with the incandescent bulbs, just look awesome and inviting. Going to slowly put some money into it, and bring it back to it's glory days.
My girlfriend was onboard with this purchase . . . she said our future kids would love playing it.

Congrats on your 1st pinball purchase. You chose a good title.

Many enthusiasts enjoy driving long distances to inspect potential game purchases. Others, like me, do not and typically hire professionals to retrieve and deliver games.

For an eBay purchase, you may wish to consider simply utilizing STI (Michelle Bianchi) to deliver your game door-to-door. The cost is typically $300 - $400, insured, depending upon origin and destination and the existence or absence of staircases on either end. Feel free to private message me for contact information, if interested.

Also, fellow collectors (like Bob Cunningham and Pinballs On The Move) offer delivery services in some states for about $300. Still others utilize U-Ship. Again, feel free to PM me for details.

Considering the cost of fuel, tolls and wear and tear on your vehicle, not to mention the value of your time, attendant to a 16 - 17 hour road trip, you may agree that hiring a delivery service is actually more economical. Sometimes, it is necessary to personally embark on a road trip to secure the right deal for the right game, e.g. where the game is uber rare, requires in-person visual inspection, or the seller requires cash payment. For purchases which do not fall into those categories, consider the above alternatives.

Believe it or not, you will likely own several games before you become a parent and by the time you are ready to bequeath your collection to your kids, you will likely have upgraded to a HUO El Dorado.

2 months later
#7738 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Dothedoo did it with some constructive word play
And the best part is her belt buckle.

Bon Voyage is among the more controversial of Dave Christensen backglasses. Apart from the belt buckle, note that there are two people falling, sans parachutes, from the airplane.

3 months later
#8551 1 year ago

A spectacular, all-original 1971 Bally Expressway accompanied me home from Pinfest this evening. So when I got onto the PA Expressway en route from Allentown to southern New Jersey, an Expressway was on an Expressway. There, I said it.

20180505_220451 (resized).jpg

20180505_162118 (resized).jpg

20180505_170619 (resized).jpg

20180505_163820 (resized).jpg

20180505_183050 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#8691 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Oh contrare my good man.
Not really on my radar, but I’ve seen one or two of them before. Still not a game you see often. Kind of stumbled on it...actually my bud znet (Bruce) gave me the lead, and I didn’t waste time figuring out a deal with the guy. It’s certainly unique.
Thing was absolutely filthy, probably hasn’t been touched in 10 or 15 years. Just got done putting new rubbers on, first round of cleaning, tweaking switches, polishing the mirror. And you know I’m not big on throwing LED’s in an EM, but this pin was screaming for it given the design. Huge improvement IMO, you can actually see the playfield / plastics / art package way better...
Here’s the before and after. Still needs some more cleaning, and I’ll rip it apart fully once I play and enjoy it some.

Colson, Your LEDs look great. . .monumental improvement (and that's coming from an EM purist). Hi Ryan!

2 months later
#9374 11 months ago
Quoted from Coindork:

Very clean machine with supper nice cabinet and play field.
[quoted image]

That's a first. I've seen many clean machines purchased over the years, but never one which included dinner.

1 month later
#9804 10 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

You can also use CP100. Also not water based, and used real lightly with magic eraser you can get up ball swirls half the time.

Gemini CP100 is mostly naphtha, with a more pleasant scent. . .great all-purpose pinball cleaner. With magic erasers, I typically utilize 91% isopropyl alcohol for playfields, followed by CP100 with a clean microfiber cloth, followed by Novus2 and finished with carnauba wax. If using magic erasers for the 1st time, proceed gingerly with generous alcohol saturation in the eraser, because paint removal is a risk.

1 month later
#10071 9 months ago

Added this 1971 Bally Skyrocket to my line-up yesterday. Bally manufactured only 2 games designed by Harry Williams: Firecracker and Skyrocket. Only 545 Skyrockets were produced. Extraordinary cascading illumination playfield feature on this fun Bally title.

20181014_190338 (resized).jpgimg_5715 (resized).jpgimg_5728 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#10428 7 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Damn things keep jumping in my car...
[quoted image]


3 months later
#11371 4 months ago
Quoted from Ballypin:

Early Morning Delight after 3.5 years on my wish list.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Congratulations! Your avatar has finally been fulfilled. The backglass looks to be in good condition on your Skyrocket. . .worth the wait.

1 week later
#11448 3 months ago
Quoted from Scotty_K:

Cool! They actually have one of these in the Silverball Museum in Asbury Park, NJ. My son and I played it for quite some time. It is indeed great fun.

The game at Silverball is one of the copycat games, not Sega's version. The copycats are equally fun. However, the button design on the copycats is inferior. Sega's round control buttons are more user friendly than the rectangular style utilized on the copycats.

2 months later
#12265 40 days ago
Quoted from spinal:

For loading/unloading pins, buy a pool noodle from the dollar store and machines just roll right in and out of your vehicle easily. Learned this trick here on pinside and worked like magic on my last purchase.[quoted image]


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