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What machine did you bring home today? Post your pictures!

By MiamiRedSkin

7 years ago

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#3154 5 years ago
Quoted from daddyxxx:

Metallicaaaaaaaa...jus a great pin...happy to pick this pin up...

Enjoy, one of the best.

1 month later
#3431 5 years ago

Picked up this nice one last night. been HUO for last 31 years and I got it pretty cheap.

20161018_004814 (resized).jpg

10 months later
#6411 4 years ago

Grab this piece of evil today

20170917_135750 (resized).jpg

1 year later
#12106 2 years ago

Drug home my favorite EM today. Finally caught a local one after missing several over the last few years. Works 100%, just needs a bath, bulbs, and rubbers.

20190528_200530 (resized).jpg
#12115 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead306:

Picked up this guy this morning. Missing the backglass but looks to be in decent shape, pretty pumped to play it.[quoted image][quoted image]

nice, been looking for one

#12116 2 years ago

I got this beauty incoming. You don't get to see many sanctums like this.

shadow sanctum (resized).jpeg
#12165 2 years ago
Quoted from kcZ:

I have room for 5 games... Here comes number 6[quoted image]

Lol. Always room for one more

1 week later
#12260 2 years ago

one of the coolest EMs ever made, crazy part it works 100%. 2 bulbs out that I replaced and wiped down and waxed. Brutal low scoring pin.

Dodge City (resized).jpg
1 week later
#12315 2 years ago

Dragging this hog home

37540 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#12463 2 years ago
Quoted from bluespin:

I’m bringing this Robo War home tonight. I called the estate seller and she agreed to hold it for me so that I could drive down 400 miles from Atlanta. Of course many people tried to buy it out from under me, but she kept her word and sold it to the first caller (me). Game plays well but the playfield is dirty with no wear. Factory Mylar still on the field. Only issue is that the displays are out.
At least two people offered to pay more than her $600 asking price. People that are doing this are usually creating auctions, driving the prices up for all collectors. If you didn’t get the pin, just move on. No need to hurt your fellow collectors pocketbooks.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]


#12488 2 years ago
Quoted from Kingpin22:

Just added this beauty! Had to go all the way to Quantum City Babee but well worth the trip, what a well made machine, great job to the JJP team, this Babee is a masterpiece![quoted image]

Enjoy, DI is great. Miss my LE

1 week later
#12595 2 years ago

Fun EM. Guy had never had the coin door open (no key) and he has 3 28 inch legs and 1 30 inch leg on it so it sits a little crazy. Drilled lock and had it going pretty quickly. Rubber kit on the way and need to clean 1 more score reel. Had to completely tear down ball count stepper and clean but good to go now. Seems to be a possible lighting issue on playfield matrix but I am hoping it is just bulbs.

20190709_080446 (resized).jpg20190709_080603 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#12699 2 years ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Brought home my first project EM yesterday. Not even sure how far I'll be able to get. Better hit up all the EM resources!
[quoted image][quoted image]

piece of cake. I have recently cut my teeth with some EMs and love it. Took lots of forum/internet searches, but i actually enjoy it more than SS/DMDs.

One thing I learned quickly. Clean and lube ALL stepper units if it has been sitting a while. Once I did that 95% of all issues went away.

#12701 2 years ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

It's definitely been sitting a long while. A lot of the plungers and coils are real sticky or seized. I've only worked on 4-player EMs so far, so hopefully this will be a bit easier.

Just finished up a 1 player Hot Line. I enjoyed it.

2 weeks later
#12915 2 years ago

Drug another EM home today. Does not even power up so not sure what I'm working with yet.

20190803_204938 (resized).jpg20190803_204955 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#13033 2 years ago

Free, yes you read that correctly.

38975 (resized).jpeg
#13036 2 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

I'll give you twice what you paid for it.

LOL, she bought it for $500 years ago and has hardly played it. Is sitting in a little office area in her house. She wanted $300 and I had a friend help her with her car and she gave it to me.

#13046 2 years ago
Quoted from fisherdaman:

That's so awesome! How did you find it? Craigslist, facebook, word of mouth?

word of mouth, she was practically in my backyard also. Just shows there are still lots of games out there. Found out one of my neighbors has a T2 in his basement so went over and offered to buy it. He wanted $4500 not working. Win some lose some i guess.

#13087 2 years ago

Love devils dare, should never have sold mine

#13089 2 years ago

Finally got it home, has the diamond plate playfield, cabinet looks great, very little wear on playfield. Needs rubbers and some LEDs. Everything works. This will be flipped for cash to put towards another pin. The lady might have a lead on some other games. Probably will not be free but who cares.

39041 (resized).jpeg
#13149 2 years ago
Quoted from robertmee:

Brought this home today...17 machines, 52 playfields.[quoted image][quoted image]

nice score. I see some good stuff in there. What are your plans for all these?

#13169 2 years ago
Quoted from steve-o:

Glad to have TS back in the gameroom. I've been looking for a nice example for way too long!!
Shadow rocks!
Steveo[quoted image]

It is my favorite. has a colordmd as well.

#13185 2 years ago
Quoted from CollinT:

Picked up this Gottlieb Rock a couple days ago, just got it working. Time to get it all cleaned up!
Thanks robertmee[quoted image]

sweet. i want one of these

#13292 2 years ago
Quoted from jimgravina:

Just got my first (and probably only) Back To The Future pinball machine! Picked in up this weekend and really excited about it! Got it more so to go with my Back To The Future collection, as opposed to a pinball collection. Either way its fun to play![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

looks to be in fantastic shape

1 week later
#13405 2 years ago

SOS - got some work to do but finally got one. Took 3 years to find it.

39616 (resized).jpeg
#13408 2 years ago

Has great ramp shots. I have only seen 2 ever and the second is in my house. Got to play a super nice one a few years ago and have wanted one ever since. With what I paid for it and the $600 in parts I just ordered plus several hundred more when freeplay gets the ramps done I will probably break even on it one day if I sell.

#13411 2 years ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

Been one on the PA/NJ CL for a few weeks.

How much? They usually do not last long

#13414 2 years ago
Quoted from bluespin:

$3,195 and the ad has been up for over a month.
nh.craigslist.org link

he is probably about $400 or so high on this one - post on Pinside for $2800 and it would probably be gone in a day.

1 week later
#13511 2 years ago

Nice pick up today, old guy was going blind and couldn't play anymore. He has had it in his home for many years. Everything is in great shape and after a couple of tweaks had it playing 100%. Still has all paperwork and minty coin box. Does anyone know history on this game? Sure looks like grand prix stole this design.

20190915_133234 (resized).jpg20190915_133259 (resized).jpg
#13529 2 years ago
Quoted from matiou:

This week-end I brought home 320 gigabytes of data [quoted image]

jealous, been wanting one of these

#13553 2 years ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Sorcerer in the house![quoted image][quoted image]

jealous, been looking for one

#13558 2 years ago
Quoted from chaosrooster:

Not today but picked this up over the weekend[quoted image]

one of the best looking playfields ever

#13588 2 years ago
Quoted from ibuypinballs:

All in the last week.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

love some embryon

1 week later
#13643 2 years ago

I think this is like my 8th one. Couldn't pass it up, working board set is worth more than what I paid. Plays great.

20190929_102333 (resized).jpg
#13680 2 years ago

What's a high speed project worth, little playfield wear and musty

20191004_193822 (resized).jpg
#13688 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Another weird alien followed me home. Made it a threesome this time. [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Love some embryon

1 week later
#13773 2 years ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

Already fully LED'd Secret Service, what a light show![quoted image]

DE had some of the best light shows ever. I like Time Machine as well.

#13781 2 years ago
Quoted from Matthew2000tx:

Williams Blackout! SS a Mother’s Day gift to the wife it has been restored to working order by MJM Amusements in San Antonio Texas. It was a long process that started the week after Mother’s Day 2019.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I see room for 2 more in there

1 week later
#13870 1 year ago
Quoted from pinostalgia:

Last time i played or even saw a tx was 1990

Don't see them often, I played one at Replayfx about 4 years ago

4 weeks later
#14172 1 year ago
Quoted from Gornkleschnitzer:

Not quite, but good guess! Special Force has joined our ranks, and we're glad to have it on the squad - at least, once we fix the rusty rails and dead flipper.
Picked it up for dirt cheap, with the seller even suggesting a retheme. I'm not going to do anything quite that extreme - the good parts of the circuitry will remain, as will the playfield - but custom cab art (most likely in a custom cab) is likely in this game's future.
Real bulb sockets, Williams flippers, and Comet sunlight bulbs are also in this game's future.
[quoted image]
At right: the Firepower that I picked up two weeks ago, for even cheaper, and forgot to post in this thread.

That was my guess, should have posted it

1 week later
#14237 1 year ago

Super pumped about this one, got it about 98% working before I even loaded it up. 1 last little issue and then clean it up when I get home. Cabinet is not in the greatest shape but it is solid.

20191129_154936 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#14329 1 year ago

Brought this home last week and finally got it flippin. Kids love it and surprisingly I do to for it being so simple. Thought about trading it towards a slugfest but might have to keep it for a while. Ticket dispenser works so my daughter thinks it's the greatest thing ever. Printed up a new console decal Friday and installed it this morning.

20191208_145120 (resized).jpg20191208_145131 (resized).jpg
#14381 1 year ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Say hello to my little friend![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

WOW. was wondering who grabbed that. enjoy

#14396 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeSinMD:

Picked up a real nice blackwater 100 last weekend.[quoted image][quoted image]


1 week later
#14506 1 year ago
Quoted from dothedoo:

Traded Funhouse back to its previous owner for this. My first game from this decade er.... century!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Enjoy, I miss my MET,

#14534 1 year ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

I'm bumming, dry spell on games this month. bah!

I was in a dry spell as well and grabbed a police force tonight. love snagging a system 11.

#14535 1 year ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

TWD Premium. Ready to get my a$$ kicked![quoted image]

I miss my mine. enjoy

1 week later
#14579 1 year ago
Quoted from dothedoo:

Is CPR doing a one-off Dolly for you? I don’t see it on their site.

must be restoring his, I had NOS Dolly playfield back a few years ago. Wish I would have kept it.

#14591 1 year ago

Got this last week, but it took me that long to find a dang hack that was causing some issues. Found it and fixed it this morning and just finished shopping it out. Love some system 11s.

20200105_002758 (resized).jpg
#14613 1 year ago

It was going to take something really special for me to fork out NIB coin again. Been 3 years.

20200105_223444 (resized).jpg
#14617 1 year ago
Quoted from ThatOneDude:

Kinda hard to see, because it's late and I just shoehorned the bastards into place. But a Baywatch, Black Knight 2000 and a Jokerz! all followed me home tonight.[quoted image]

nice score

#14624 1 year ago
Quoted from Alattig:

First NIB pin.[quoted image]

You picked a good one. It very well could be the best pin ever. The new code update is amazing.

#14663 1 year ago
Quoted from mbaumle:

Thanks! Honestly, there's just been a flurry of too-good-to-resist deals lately, and one of my resolutions (among other things) is to really hone my restoration and repair skills. If I'm gonna do something, I might as well learn how to do it properly. I'm not a sports guy, and I never watch TV, so I might as well really lean into the hobby. Also, my goal is to have a bunch of these projects cleaned up and restored (to the best of my ability), and brought to Allentown and York Show this year. I really want to start supporting the shows with meaningful, well playing games and start paying things forward. I'm starting to feel like a custodian for these games. Finding the left for dead games, giving them new life, enjoying them for a while before passing them on to other's who will hopefully enjoy them as much as I have.

yes, there are all kinds of super deals lately. I even got a NIB for $800 less than retail. I think everyone is making room for all the new game releases. I love it, been grabbing game more at the pinside average or below. Great time to buy.

#14689 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

If I had a nickel for every time I've said that.........

I know, I stopped saying it years ago because they all leave at some point

#14732 1 year ago
Quoted from Boof-Ed:

Brought this beauty home tonight. Been wanting one since release.
Inspectors are giving it the once over!
[quoted image]

I miss my GB, I think its a great machine

1 week later
#14844 1 year ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

Picked up a super nice no fear. It’s surprisingly a pretty fun pin to play. I does have fade on the other side but the playfield super nice and powercoated rails, hinges, legs, bolts and lockdown bar.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

No fear is super fun

#14874 1 year ago
Quoted from stavio:

And basement, front room, garage...
There's always more space[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

sweet row of Sys11's

#14879 1 year ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

I have a few stashed at work, lol.

I used to keep my projects at the office. garage was full as well so had to do something

#14889 1 year ago
Quoted from TinyBlackDog:

Wow - a $20k weekend! Congrats!

I have done that before, fun times

I have also sold everything i had in 1 week and put about $100k in my pocket. Also, fun times.

#14906 1 year ago
Quoted from SkaIsntDead:

Yeah, I think part of the reason it is such a great value pin is because soccer isn't big in the US.

It used to be a great value game but there are 2 for sale for $4k plus right now which is crazy. Dont get me wrong, super fun family friendly pin but I am way out at anywhere near $4k. Might pay close to $3k for a crazy nice one but a player is floating Round $2k.

#14960 1 year ago
Quoted from Flynnyfalcon:

Picked up this AFM a week or two back, but only just squeezed her into my lineup today. Already love it!!
Now just need to find space for the rest of my lineup [quoted image]

Nice 3 pin setup.

#14964 1 year ago
Quoted from ibuypinballs:

4th run this week. Easy removal for once. The home had an elevator in it.[quoted image]

Maverick rocks.

#14973 1 year ago
Quoted from Coz:

Picked up a nice Star Trek pro for the brewery location. I’m gonna keep it a home for a couple weeks- it’s my wife’s favorite pin.
Second one I’ve owned[quoted image]

One of sterns best.

#14994 1 year ago
Quoted from TimBoch:

I didn’t bring it home as much as it was finally delivered. My first NIB.[quoted image][quoted image]

nice gameroom

#15011 1 year ago
Quoted from jake35:

Got a Godzilla the other day after looking for awhile[quoted image]

I want one, hard to find

#15012 1 year ago

Another high speed, the price was right

20200222_095557 (resized).jpg20200222_095627 (resized).jpg
#15016 1 year ago
Quoted from jake35:

Looks like I'll be getting a 2nd in trade soon for my Qbert! One will go.

And you live close to me

#15020 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

You want a NOS topper Ron? I have this sitting around. I’ll hook you up with it for cheap if you want it. Still has the factory plastic on it.[quoted image][quoted image]

Yes sir. PM coming

#15050 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Thought I would add to my new favorite thread.
Off to work so she sits but happy to have her. Wasn’t cheap but imo a game this loaded that we won’t see going forward from jjp
[quoted image]

how long you gonna keep this one?

2 weeks later
#15212 1 year ago

Needed a break from my tornado chaos and went and picked up a classic stern

20200311_114943 (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#15388 1 year ago
Quoted from dc2010:

They're projects, I'm going to fix them, not ready to discuss to be honest

and you shouldn't have to, there are some crazy people on this site. the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

#15421 1 year ago
Quoted from RandyW:

This was a freebie that I picked up today.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

love those spinners

#15455 1 year ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

Got my white whale today:
White Water!!
Looks great next to my FT.
Both were expertly restored to perfection and they are dreamy.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

i had a restored WH2O and they are beautiful. Fresh chrome trim on those new blue decals looks amazing. I sold it and just picked up a players WH2O. Fun game but not worth restored prices, but I missed it enough to get a player back.

#15461 1 year ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

Logically I agree that it's not worth the restored price. But the heart wants what it wants.

I know, I have been there. It is one of the best looking machines once restored in my opinion.

#15501 1 year ago
Quoted from DwightEisenhower:

Just got my first pin. She's a beauty. Been spending a lot of my time at the hospital with the pandemic and this has been a very welcome distraction. Big shout out to ZMeny from Flip N Out Pinball for the quick hook up and awesome service.[quoted image]

enjoy, great pin. go vote for it in the top 4 best of all time. LOTR is somehow beating it by a few votes

#15529 1 year ago
Quoted from HooperTriplett:

First pin! Wonderful shape, good deal, great seller.
Some things I've learned since buying:
1) Good grief these things are heavy!
2) Lots of fun to play at home - can hear and see what's happening so much better.
3) Must have jiggled something loose. DMD flickering. Time to start learning how this works.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

great first pin, Shadow is for sure one of my favorites.

#15538 1 year ago
Quoted from SpaceTimeGuy:

Here is one you don'y see often ... HEAVY METAL MELTDOWN ... 1980's at it's finest !! Just picked this up last weekend ... want to get it going but the MPU is really corroded ... Anyone have a decent MPU ?? PM me (in case I don't see you response on this thread) .... Bally MPU A084-91786-AH06 (6803) looks like same MPU is in Hard Body, Strange Science, Escape from Lost World, Special Forces, Motordome, etc ... PM if you have one ! Thanks ![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I want one of these for the game room. nice pick up. I actually like the old rusty side rails.

#15543 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Out with the old (Big Game) and in with another old game. I Devil's Dare you!! Another catch and release game for a friend. Just need to repair it and do the typical Gottlieb bulletproof upgrades. He'll do the needed playfield work.
[quoted image][quoted image]

fun one, I have never see one that the center plastic was not broke

2 weeks later
#15710 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Love the chrome coindoor!

me too, there are several games chrome looks great on and AFM is one of them.

#15716 1 year ago
Quoted from cconway84:

Package deal for a TAF Police Force and a Cyclone. Bought from a coworker who had them for 20 years and barely played them.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

love these package deals

#15755 1 year ago
Quoted from Crile1:

A 2 for 2 trade! Goodbye Stranger Things and Strikes n Spares. Hello Black Knight and Stellar Wars.
[quoted image]

love that trade for ya

1 month later
#16171 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Thought I’d jump into the party! Just picked it up from a buddy. But getting ready to move, so not sure if it can stay.
Pretty nice & clean example though. Just have to depuke the BG.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

my favorite Bally, how is the playfield?

3 weeks later
#16638 1 year ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

Truer words have not been spoken.
Been dry for weeks, months and then an avalanche of pins in a few weeks.

dry as a bone here now, march/april at the start of covid was goldmine for me

#16694 1 year ago
Quoted from Mikespinball:

An exciting day when a pinball machine is delivered. Even better when it's two! Also didn't do it purposely, but they have been delivered on today, July 8th and it's my birthday!
Can you all guess what machines are they?
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

did you ship those STI on pallets like that? I did that 1 time and it was disaster. I always ship on legs now.

#16769 1 year ago

couple nice additions to the game room

20200712_153726 (resized).jpg
#16784 1 year ago
Quoted from pinostalgia:

that is some serious pinhauler you got there buddy...

sure is, I have about 50,000 miles of pinball pickups and shows in this bad boy.

2 weeks later
#17141 1 year ago

Had to pick up another classic

15963109387237638180763104281796 (resized).jpg
#17159 1 year ago
Quoted from Ballypin:

Not at MY home yet but wanted to share now so I can keep up with Colson.
Been searching for a better condition Bally Flip Flop playfield to drop into my repainted cabinet. Finally found a good donor machine in VA 2 months ago but enlisted the help of a friend in the area and fellow pinsider justagefehler to pickup today and store for another month until I can pickup.
This game hooked me in the summer of '76 and this makes the 5th Flip Flop I have owned in over 31 years of collecting.
Still looking the sample version that has a metal top arch and green colored flip flags.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

love flip flop. I want one with a restored playfield one day

1 week later
#17250 1 year ago
Quoted from Briks-707:

3rd pin added to the collection in as many weeks. Why didn’t somebody warn me the hobby was this addictive!!
[quoted image]

oh yea, you got it bad. better start the new addition on to the house soon.

#17260 1 year ago
Quoted from ToucanF16:

Everyone knows JJP is gonna make a POTC run and they'll be affordable again!

I think so as well. Too much money to be made.

3 weeks later
#17539 1 year ago

Not one you see every day

20200905_155438 (resized).jpg
#17580 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Man...why didn’t Bally and Williams (and every other manufacturer) take lessons from Playmatic or Zaccaria on how to make playfields???
So much great artwork compromised and worn down on B/W, and even GTB titles.
Just a moderate wipe down with Novus 1 on this Fantasy...scuffs and grime come up, ball track gone, shiny and smooth. Nuts.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

all the inserts still look nice and flush also

1 week later
#17766 1 year ago
Quoted from gonzo73:

Brought my first Stern of any era home last night. Apparently it was owned by a prop house for tv/movies, then ended up in an old lady's house. Anyway it's near mint, the last owner replaced all boards, installed led pinscores, and all led lights. All the things I usually do with my solid states. So there's nothing to do but play it.
It's one of the great early solid state pins, simple, fast and fun. Great spinner, mid field slings on the sides, no slings at the flippers, witch is refreshing. It's funny though I got it next to Spectrum and my friends Haunted House, not one of them with traditional slings.
Thanks to my friend Jay for offering the game to me .
Galactic Message from the Freeeek Space Corp.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

that thing is MINT. nice pickup. Classic Sterns are fantastic.

1 week later
#17885 1 year ago
Quoted from DCRand:

Ok two days ago. Took a little to get it playing. And it still only play a two player game. But back glass and playfield are really nice.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

love top score

2 months later
#18669 10 months ago
Quoted from Micky:

I finally got my first NIB pinball. My little dude is absolutely in love with it. Avengers is his absolute favourite theme.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Dude, look at that face. priceless.

#18725 10 months ago
Quoted from EJS:

Never played one before I heard it’s underrated.
[quoted image]

you are in for a treat. lets see that playfield

#18824 10 months ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

Just in time for xmas.
[quoted image]

lucky. enjoy man

1 week later
#18887 9 months ago

I had to get me another. Game is just too damn good. Arguably Sterns best ever and a premium for same price as a new pro.

20210103_183140 (resized).jpg
#18889 9 months ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

How much does a used prem go for now?

I have been shopping around for the last month and anywhere from low $6k to $6500 and most of them are loaded down with mods already. I saw many at the $7k mark but I am not sure the market is willing to pay that much for a 7 year old game.

#18897 9 months ago
Quoted from dar8dar:

Picked up this today
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

super clean playfield.

1 week later
#18998 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinkitten:

“Remember, Rat, when it comes to making out, put on side 1 of Led Zeppelin IV.”
[quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

congrats, I spent some time on it yesterday and it is a great shooter. Had more fun on it than GNR.

#19014 9 months ago
Quoted from Crispin:

can't wait to rip the spinners!

Like butter. I have been through several sterns and BG is my favorite so far

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#19126 8 months ago
Quoted from darkryder:

Wonka LE #98 joins the herd. Killer game!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

nice lineup. I need to spend more time on Wonka.

#19141 8 months ago
Quoted from corvair61:

She has landed.. Exceeds expectations.
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awesome. I think its a great shooter.

#19172 8 months ago
Quoted from krazy53:

It was a great weekend!
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heck yea, nice one. Always a high speed in a good haul.

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#19226 8 months ago
Quoted from Flatroll:

Freshly delivered & set-up to play some ball! Joker Poker is officially my 1st pinball. You’re never too young. lol
The journey begins... Cheers fellow Pinsiders.
[quoted image][quoted image]

awesome. this is too cool.

#19227 8 months ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Got me some Star Wars back into my life! Just can’t seem to quit this game.
[quoted image]

I guess I am going to have to give this game another shot. Seems so many love it.

1 month later
#19791 6 months ago

Deeproot thread is already pushing 20k which is impressive

Quoted from KSUWildcatFan:

Had a bit of an adventure yesterday with my most recent pickup. Decided it was time to finally drag it downstairs, but didn’t want to have to bother anyone to help. So... complete disassembly. I was both able to take it down these awful stairs solo *and* get it hooked back up correctly, so that’s good. Can’t believe just how much had to be unplugged in order to do this, though. Yeesh.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I had to swap playfields on a MET pro one time. The connections on that thing are unreal.

2 weeks later
#19943 6 months ago
Quoted from chad:

Vector looking crisp and sharp!
Off topic: Noticed a lot of avatars grey/black , what is with that? Thanks

was wondering the same

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#20033 6 months ago
Quoted from Ceckitti:

Picked up my first EM today. Was told it “works” but has a few adjustment issues.
Will be a long, fun, learning experience. Any tips or advice? The first thing I’m gonna do is get on Marco and order a set of switch adjustment tools.
Also.... had to show proof that you can actually fit a pinball inside a Kia Soul lol
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Nice, my favorite EM. It is a nudgers game, have fun.

#20041 5 months ago
Quoted from Ballypin:

“Breaker 19, this here’s the Rubber Duck, you got a copy on me Pig Pen, c’mon ?”
Not home yet from Northern Virginia to pickup this very nice 1977 Bally EM Night Rider.
Just need to Cannonball my way back home
[quoted image]

Is this HUO or restored? thing looks sweet.

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#20173 5 months ago
Quoted from Bax1:

Brought this beaut home last night. Looking forward to getting some time on it!
[quoted image][quoted image]

black rose rocks.

#20304 5 months ago
Quoted from Balazs:

Latest pick ups a month ago.
Shadow, Cyclone, Grand prix, Magic castle, Atlantis, Sinbad
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]


#20334 5 months ago
Quoted from Var1AbL3:

Today was a NEW pinball day for us. We grew our little arcade from four to five machines today!!! Added onto our Meteor Goldeneye Breakshot and Rick and Morty (Blood Suckers Edition) we added a beautiful Xenon to our collection. Whoever owned it before us must have been a GIANT because it is on 32 inch legs. We have regular sized legs coming tomorrow and it will be perfect. Very happy with the new addition.
[quoted image]

probably that giant man I used to always see at TPF. I think he played professional basketball in his early years.

#20363 5 months ago
Quoted from Var1AbL3:

You would need to be almost 7 feet to be comfortable playing it. Thankfully the place we bought it from is giving us normal sized legs tomorrow morning.

I think Todd is 7 ft tall

#20426 5 months ago
Quoted from Willathrilla:

Oh, it's much worse than interesting. The previous owner made some unique do-it-yourself design choices.

I like it, we finished out a room in my old house and the drywall guys flaked out on us and did a crap job. We ended up buying a bucket of mud and doing this to the room. Ended up looking great once painted.

3 weeks later
#20670 4 months ago
Quoted from EJS:

Hot day. Hot line.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Hot Line rocks.

#20732 3 months ago
Quoted from embryonjohn:

Not a pinball machine but definitely a machine.
I picked up a 1920s 900lb paper cutter.
Took a full day to disassemble, transport & reassemble.
It cuts through phone books like butter.
[quoted image]

Pretty cool, I have owned several of these over the years. I have replaced them all with newer ones now. A phone book is no match for a commercial paper cutter.

#20734 3 months ago

Here is a couple of oldies that we still use everyday.

20210624_155107 (resized).jpg