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What machine did you bring home today? Post your pictures!

By MiamiRedSkin

5 years ago

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#9084 1 year ago

Added this HUO, 2 owner, 150 play Indy 4 today! I know he’s Williams’ Indy’s less popular cousin, but I’m a crazy Indy fan. Excellent overall, needs a couple tweaks and maybe a trough switch fix. Been looking for one for a while. Already have mods and blades ordered!

120E0CC2-F79A-40CB-AB39-86DF0ADF7A44 (resized).jpeg32D9F66A-F11F-422D-9396-8723777F4438 (resized).jpeg8B44B01A-146C-4B69-B233-14EAFBE89C39 (resized).jpeg91427BBB-4FC6-4D54-92C2-37DACA42C7CD (resized).jpeg
2 months later
#9795 10 months ago

Thanks everyone for sharing your pics of your awesome pins you brought home today! I love the Amazing Spider-Man find for $200. Now THAT's amazing. I finally found this gorgeous, full mods Tron pro with all the toys and features. Traded my brand new MET with 113 plays for it, because my wife and I have wanted one for awhile! It was in Texas, tho, so had to wait 5 weeks for it to move to Chicago. Thanks, Eddie! Drove to the Windy City today and dropped off MET and picked up this amazing machine. If only I could keep them both!

IMG_4640 (3) (resized).PNGIMG_4641 (3) (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#9917 10 months ago

Just traded for a NIB Hobbit Smaug...unboxing is a zen like experience. Incredible new, complete code. Happy to add a JJP!

IMG_4817 (1) (resized).jpgIMG_4835 (1) (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#10072 9 months ago

The Dark Knight arrived last night and I'm thrilled to have one with sound package upgrade. Really impressive looking machine! Thanks to Cam for the fantastic trade and Jeff for safe travels and delivery to/from York show! Good people make this hobby great.

And props on that JP AND Baywatch combo score! How did you pull that off? Baywatch very underrated and JP is just a great theme and fun pin. Nice two-fer!

IMG_5059 (1) (resized).jpgIMG_5060 (1) (resized).jpgIMG_5061 (1) (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#10171 8 months ago

Today was one of those special days when the pinball gods smile on you and you pick up a spotless POTC in Wisconsin and then stop in Chicago on the way home and pick up an immaculate, original owner LOTR! Thank you, Jim and Jeff!

8A7A9A94-5720-416E-AFEB-3B2044CC5F12 (resized).jpeg
#10205 8 months ago

Update on two pins added this weekend, LOTR and POTC. Finally unloaded and set up yesterday, thanks, Adam! So excited to get a few mods and upgrades on these two. Can’t believe the clean condition of both.

11AC1237-A695-4ECB-8A27-F77F5266F1F9 (resized).jpeg5DE35E85-4373-4338-8367-E83DA9DECA13 (resized).jpeg781505D8-AA83-4F50-AF22-A22CFA94A450 (resized).jpegBF594869-A9E9-4514-8FBA-F75A1A7CBCFC (resized).jpegC26B26B9-EBB8-4033-A51B-C2BAA0B2A158 (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#10409 7 months ago

Arrived today! I found one of the last of these still NIB...only 250 made. More pics tomorrow when I have help moving and unboxing her!

Can you tell what it is???

55543BC0-D54F-4EB1-B18C-F758580D8F67 (resized).jpeg
#10414 7 months ago

Magneto has arrived! #115 of 250. Unboxed today and placed in basement with help from another Pinsider. Thanks, Adam! A pop bumper was firing over and over randomly, but I discovered the leaf switch gap was way too close on that pop (basically touching) so it kept firing repeatedly. I improved the gap slightly and it works fine now.

I replaced some of the cold red, white and blue LEDs with some softer, color-matching LEDs and it looks great. I also replaced the lamp bulb that shines on Magneto with a regular Titan 6.3v wedge without realizing it's a 13v flasher. When I plugged it in, it was an incredibly bright white light. I was very happy with it. A few minutes later, I smelled that hot smell of electricity and melted plastic. I cooked the bulb, and when I pulled it out with needle nose pliers, it was totally melted and half of it came off. Fortunately, I unplugged it, let it cool, and the rest of the destroyed 6.3v came out. I replaced the original bulb and, although still too dim, it works fine. I didn't fry anything except that bulb I melted. Yikes. I won't forget to match the bulbs carefully next time.

Tomorrow a new DMD and Tilt Graphics blades...then to figure out the Wolverine captive ball mod! Thrilled to have an X-Men finally.

X-Men LE (resized).PNG
#10426 7 months ago

Gorgeous BS Dracula. Great pin. Would love to own one someday, along with Scared Stiff. Congrats!

#10445 7 months ago
Quoted from Adaminski:

Brought home my first pin today. Bought this LOTR Pro from wonderful pinball collector and restorer in the Seattle/Tacoma area.
This machine has a lot of mods installed by the previous owner. From the Craigslist ad:
Pingraffix pinblades, special pinball life flipper coils, ColorDMD, shaker motor installed, shire decal, PDI target decal set, palantir color changing LED, Mind Orbits color changing shooter rod, Path of the Dead figures added, NVram installed, no batteries needed, some LEDs installed. Playfield in good condition, some wear on cabinet. Never been on location, I am the 3rd owner. Has manual and a few extra parts included. Game plays and works great.
While not an LE, it does have a signed card from George Gomez.
So excited!!!!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

You couldn't choose a better first pin, in my opinion. Valuable, sought-after pin is well made, (just look at the team of all-stars who had a hand in making this one!) and has few, if any, flaws. Artwork, code, shot selection, sound, you name it. Fun to mod, and trying to destroy the ring or advance to TABA or the elusive Valinor never gets old. I traded this pin once, and months later found another perfect one. I won't part with this one anytime soon. If I could only own one pin, I would very likely choose LOTR. Congrats to you! Now watch your collection multiply like Gremlins...

1 month later
#10768 6 months ago
Quoted from phoenixpin:

My very first pin!
[quoted image]

Congrats on your purchase! 3 years ago, my wife and I bought our first pin, JJP’s Wizard of Oz. We wanted something special, because we were only going to own one pin. 3 years and 17 machines bought, sold or traded later, we still own WOZ! You made a great choice. Have fun...and make room for more...

#10769 6 months ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

I’ve been neglectful to post my latest haul over the holiday! Finally had the whole weekend off so I got myself a Christmas Eve Eve present and then a New Years present
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]
Here's my rare Last Lap I got myself for New Years
[quoted image]
All are some rough projects that I can’t wait to get started on! And then on New Years Day this guy gets delivered as an early surprise! Very exciting if you’ve been following along on my Orbitor 1 scratch/parts build!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]
Follow along with the build!

Orbitor! What a funky, odd game/experience that is! I’ve played that game on two occasions, and it was really fun and memorable. Such a great experiment by Stern to “think outside the box.” Another good name for that pin, “Gravity?” Nice find!

2 weeks later
#10930 5 months ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

Yes it is.great seller,machine was exaclty as described and had everything ready to pack it up safely.he was also nice enough to let me take the heavy end lol I am twice his size so it made sense to do it that way.

Thanks, Dan. Sad to see it go, but diapers are expensive. I’m just glad it went to a good home and a serious collector who will appreciate it. Back to back with Munsters too! And, it’s only an hour or so away. I may see it again someday! Visitation rights.

#10943 5 months ago
Quoted from CaptainRedEye:

My second pinball.
Monday Night Football
Thanks Steve Bedi.
[quoted image]

Fun pin, underrated!

#10951 5 months ago
Quoted from Deerlakes6:

Viva italia ...great feeling to add sopranos to the lineup..
[quoted image]

Nice addition. I was never very familiar with the show. But I was surprised how much I liked this game. I would like to own one someday. Lots of shots and some good, adult humor. Nice find.

#10952 5 months ago
Quoted from Cloud7:

Love how the code has progressed and had to pick a Hobbit.
[quoted image]

I miss my Hobbit. Such a dazzling game to look at. Very fun and much improved code. I had Dialed In! and The Hobbit, and I miss my Hobbit more. I would love to own that game again someday.

Nice addition!

#10966 5 months ago
Quoted from CJD312:

It’s been a while since I’ve had a pin in the house but really excited I was able to grab this guy pretty local and from an awesome pinsider!!
[quoted image][quoted image]

Congrats on the Slimer addition! I'm a big fan of this difficult, colorful machine. Our 2nd pin ever! We still have ours. Lots of work to get it right, airballs protected, etc. Once it's right, it's really a fun, unique pin! Great mods for this game too. Enjoy!

1 week later
#11055 5 months ago

Joined the WOF owners club today! Unpacking a new pin is such a great feeling.

I love visiting this thread.

IMG_6788 (resized).jpgIMG_6790 (1) (resized).jpgIMG_6792 (resized).jpgIMG_6793 (resized).jpg
#11082 5 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

Well I took a nose dive and brought this home today. I’m sure I’m in the minority and will of course crumble to pinside criticism and ditch it 30 seconds from now but for the time being once I get it unloaded it’s mine[quoted image]

Congratulations on your Houdini acquisition! I also took the plunge a few months ago. I'll even admit to trading a Dialed In LE toward a NIB Houdini plus cash. I believe that Houdini is one of, if not the best looking pinball machine ever made. The art package is just incredible. I often see criticism of the Photoshop/clip art that Stern is often guilty of, and American did such a great job with the cabinet and playfield. The art is original and beautiful. I often enjoyed just looking at that pin when I owned it. Yes, I found it to be very tight and unforgiving, but I also posted a top-10 score (at one time). Looks like I'm still #8 for those scores that are actually posted! Woohoo! You can get in "the zone," on this game, like you can on others. It just takes a bit of patience. This game features some incredible engineering and creative shot placement. Had this pin been a widebody, with just 1/4 inch more devoted to each shot, it may have been a masterpiece. I'm not being critical about your new pin, I think this game brings ALOT to the table. Every collection needs a really challenging pin, and this one happens to be stunning to look at! I love the mods for it too. The planchet, Ouija board and Houdini show poster are fantastic!

I still find myself looking for deals on these. I would own one again, and I miss having it in my collection! Congrats.

1 week later
#11162 4 months ago

Finally achieved my goal today to free possibly the last Hulk from NIB captivity!

Thanks, Adam and Tom.

54036D5E-7022-4333-9EDB-E2BDA96804DA (resized).jpeg75B87A0B-CA66-4B59-886C-DDBDEC9ECAA7 (resized).png496D8F31-46BE-4A11-AFD2-75FCCD5EC529 (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#11372 4 months ago
Quoted from TooFiddyMan:

Added a dream pin for me! Have you ever seen a snake puke!?!?
[quoted image]

Congrats on your MET dream addition! Did you get that beauty from JJ in MN??? If so, I know the original owner...ME! That’s my NIB MET you added, and you just landed an AWESOME pin! I put only 112 plays total on that, added some nice mods, and Jason added even more nice touches, like the spinners!

I recognized it right away because I placed the MET guitar picks there!

Enjoy that fantastic pin. So cool to see he made his way to ND! I loved owning that one, and still miss it!

#11384 4 months ago
Quoted from SonicZone:

Brought this Aerosmith Pro NIB-->show demo pin home last night from the Marco Specialties booth at Arcade Expo 5.0 in Banning, CA. Artwork designer "Dirty Donny" Gillies signed it for me at the show Saturday.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Congrats on the beautiful AS pro! I had one last year and I miss it a lot. The art package is really incredible. Will you add mods? They have some really fun mods for AS. I love the DD blades Stern offers for that pin. Really completes the art around the playfield. Enjoy!

#11408 4 months ago

I was working in the lab late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
When my monster, from its slab, began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise…he did the Bash...

...He did the Monster Bash!

Nice job, CGC. Such a fun, modern classic. This one was "born" 5 days ago...on Monday, 3/18!

Thanks, Jonathan and Adam.

IMG_7758 (resized).jpgIMG_7762 (resized).jpgIMG_7768 (resized).jpgIMG_7777 (resized).jpg

2 months later
#12076 59 days ago

The Dr. made a house-call today...

Dr. Dude 1 (resized).jpgDr. Dude 2 (resized).jpg
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