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What machine did you bring home today? Post your pictures!

By MiamiRedSkin

5 years ago

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#656 4 years ago

Giving back. For those of you wanting pictures for the Pinside Feature Story:

Brought it home on July 15th. Hope that doesn't disqualify me.


Backglass with most of the red on Spidey flaked away


PCBs look pretty good. MPU with service sticker for work done on 7-95!


No leakage with DataSentry battery


Original playfield - Lots of planking



Original playfield - typical wear at kickout holes for a pinball loved and played a lot


Nice replacement playfield!


Replacement playfield - No obvious wear below kick-out holes.

I can hardly believe I now own a Gottlieb System 80 widebody!

#663 4 years ago
Quoted from mark532011:

Great story Pecos! I think the restoration of an old piece of history is as much fun as playing them (or it will be if I ever finish one)

Thanks Mark. It is fun - perhaps too much fun and certainly rewarding to know that you've brought new life into a piece of history. Problem is, I never seem to get around to playing the games when I've got work (restoration) to do!

#665 4 years ago

Thanks fellow Hoosier - loved Gas City as a kid. I just ordered a logic probe. Of course I read the comments here at Pinside first and bought the Elenco LP-560. I don't know how to use it yet - still working on that but I figure if I can use it without blowing up a board I'll be doing okay.

2 months later
#1219 3 years ago

I finally nabbed one. I got this World Cup from some nice people in Phoenix. This was my first "road trip" to pick up a pinball and my first Williams SS.



#1244 3 years ago

I spent months waiting to find the right pinball machines for my collection and within a few days I find three - one in Phoenix on Saturday and two in Prescott on Wednesday.


The backglasses on both are 9.5/10.


The Black Knight playfield is better than it looks in this picture. There is some white wax on the playfield that should easily clean up. 7.5-8/10


The playfield on this Future Spa is perfect except for a little wear around the inserts. 9.5/10

The cabinets are 8.5-9 for both.

These aren't project machines though I got them at project Machine prices. The Black Knight is not working. The Future Spa is working.


The Black Knight was the only machine on my Wishlist. I am so excited to have this one in my collection.

I have so many people to thank for help in getting these moved:

Steve, my neighbor, who loaned me his van.
Darlene, my neighbor, who loaned me her hand truck.
Dave, my friend, who struggled with me to move them! The Black Knight is one heavy machine!

And finally, a special Thank You! to Ron who sold me these wonderful machines at such a nice price. He was a great guy and the transaction went without a hitch. He told me what needed attention on the machines and the history about them. He also helped move the machines up a wet hill, in the snow!


Look closely and you will see pellet type snow on the blanket covering the playfield!

#1251 3 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

It snowed in Arizona? Weird.

It snowed in Prescott, Arizona, 5400+ ft. elevation. It wasn't sleet or wet snow, it was pellet snow about the size of BBs. I live in Tucson, where, maybe, we will get snow once a year. It was weird. It was early November and even weirder, it snowed the hardest when we were trying to get the Black Knight up a 30 foot hill over wood, mud and flat stepping stones. Snow on the sloped wood made it like a skating rink. I don't know how we all survived without slipping. I am blessed to have such friends.

Quoted from dmbjunky:

I'd like to play one of those someday.

The next time you are in Arizona look me up. It would be fun to share Future Spa with a fellow Pinsider.

1 month later
#1495 3 years ago
Quoted from Grnrzr:

...I found this today and had to bring it home.

I saw that on CL and at a good price too. Congrats on the Black Knight pickup!

1 month later
#1643 3 years ago

I couldn't pass this up. I was looking for another EM project and the price was right. I called an hour after being posted to CL, sight unseen, without even looking it up on IPDB. I was surprised that I was the first to call and that this is such a rare pinball machine.

Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: Double-UP / EM 1 Player
Month/Year: October 1970
Production: 55 Serial # 1003
Cost: $70 + $30 bonus + future help finding and fixing a pinball machine for seller.
Location: Tucson, AZ

Condition: OP: "I have a 1970 Bally Double Up pinball machine, this machine was produced for one year, only 55 were ever produced ( according to the Bally website), I bought this machine in working condition, while transporting it home the top section came loose, fell forward and broke the back glass, I am not a machine repairman, needless to say I no longer have an interest in this machine, the glass pictured is broken, I have not touched it since it was taken off the trailer, $70, that's less than a quarter of what I paid for it, its rough, but a very rare machine, according to the Bally website, there are none for sale anywhere at this time. I have also checked out eBay and all the rubber bands and bumpers are still available, I assume many machines used the same rubbers."





Cabinet work needed. This is why the the backglass is broken. The backbox cabinet came apart at the base during transport.

Cracked backglass


#1644 3 years ago

More pics of Bally 1970 Double-Up:



The two red posts are not original and will be removed. I'm clueless why someone would put them on the playfield in this position.

Two more posts that will be removed.

Thanks to a wonderful seller here in Tucson, I have a new project that I can really sink my teeth into. My plan is to keep this pinball as original as possible due to the low numbers produced. NO paint touch-ups planned on this.

#1648 3 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

Why was the backbox transported upright anyway and not lowered and strapped?

The seller didn't know how to remove the backbox and hadn't read Pinside to learn the "proper" way to move a pin. Needless to say he was sick about it - especially when he found out what it would take to repro the original. It's a lesson to us all. I will try to make lemonade out of lemons and maybe something good will come from it.

2 months later
#2059 3 years ago

Just picked this up. This is my first Gottlieb EM and Wedgehead.





Looks like someone was proud enough of their score to kindly pass it down through the ages.

1 week later
#2128 3 years ago
Quoted from Pindufus:

'turd of the year'

I'd hate to know what you would call the Aztec I just picked up. I call it 'a three month project.'






This is the nicest part of the project pin.


This should be a challenging project.

1 month later
#2423 3 years ago

More pointy people for Pecos' Palatial Pinball Parlour! And this my second bowling theme pinball in just a few short months - Williams 1970 Strike Zone:





These two pointy people guys have a similar exuberance for life! Jump for joy!?

3 weeks later
#2610 3 years ago

Got these from Ramtuathal.


He is a great guy and I was happy to meet my first Pinsider in person. These pins were clean and obviously a lot of TLC had been given to both. What a pleasant surprise to find two project pins that had been so well cared for!

For sale: Honey (Williams, 1972)




Thanks Ramtuathal!

#2622 3 years ago
Quoted from Spitfiren8:

Another nice pickup. Do we need to start calling you the O-din of AZ? Glad these em's are goin to a good home!

Thanks Spitfiren8! As long as I can get these project pins at project pin prices and I still enjoy restoring them I'll be bringing them home. But they are going to have to go into the living room. 13-14 is the max for the family room and it's a maze to walk through!

I knew instantly when I saw how clean they were that I would be taking both. I'll probably be buying a backglass for Honey, used or BGResto. The cabinet is nice and the front door is about as scuff free as you'll ever see for a machine in the wild. After a little playfield touch-up Honey deserves a backglass.

I've only played a few 2" flipper games, Fireball, Hot Line and Ding Dong so it should be interesting to see how well I like them on Moulin Rouge. Who knows, If I do like the 2" flippers I might start collecting games from the 60s. They are getting harder to find though - I think O-din got most of them!

3 weeks later
#2785 3 years ago

I didn't really need another Aztec but this one has a nice playfield with only a few small wear spots, a nice cabinet and clean all around. It was $100 less than Aztec 1 so I couldn't refuse. Aztec 1 now has 5+ coats of clear and carnauba wax and it is a screaming monster! It is so fast that I sometimes find myself LOL when the pinball streaks past the flippers! So, I am looking forward to bringing Aztec 2 into 'screaming monster' status - just like it was when it was new.


Like Aztec 1, the backglass is in badshape. Both the seller and I agreed that it was a real shame for such a nice game to have such a poor backglass. It looks like I will be placing a multiple order with Bgresto in the future.




Another great seller - this one in Phoenix. Thanks!

1 week later
#2838 3 years ago

Just brought this beauty home from Phoenix. This is my second 2" flipper game and the first with inverted flippers and manual ball lift. No project pin here!





I just love the art package on this 1964 Williams pinball - design by Norm Clark and art by Art Stenholm.

Watch out o-din! I have two now... Ha ha! Just kidding. You are the King of 2" flipper pins.

1 month later
#3135 3 years ago

I couldn't pass up my second Strike Zone. It was priced as a project with a little bit of planking on the playfield but it is clean and came with a backbox backdoor, a new piece of playfield glass, manual and schematics. It shouldn't take long to get this restored.

day_1_backglass_close_up (resized).jpg

day_1_full_playfield. (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#3292 2 years ago

My first card-themed game! The playfield is rough and will require a full playfield repaint. The backglass is flaking in multiple areas. It should be a nice challenge to bring this back to the living. Definitely a project pin!

day1_backbox (resized).jpg

day1_playfied_full (resized).jpg

#3301 2 years ago

My first habitrail and only two months from being the newest pin in the collection. The backglass/translite is missing so I will probably buy the alternate translite and pass on the corporate types in the background on the original translite.

I got this and a Gottlieb Royal Flush from some guys who were shutting down their route here in Tucson. Thanks guys for the great prices and machines! Good thing they only had two pins!

day1_full_in_storage (resized).jpg

day1_full_in_pickup (resized).jpg

day1_full_left_on_legs (resized).jpg

day1_playfield_full (resized).jpg

day1_playfield_top (resized).jpg

day1_playfield_bottom (resized).jpg

I am so glad to be adding this SS after a long run of project EMs.

2 weeks later
#3436 2 years ago

Love the 70s Williams EMs. These should clean up nicely. One will eventually be sold after I decide whether it will be restored or sold as is.

I found another great seller and pinball lover in Phoenix. We couldn't help but talk pinball for quite some time.

day1_spanish_eyes_1_backglass (resized).jpg

day1_spanish_eyes_1_playfield (resized).jpg

day1_spanish_eyes_2_playfield (resized).jpg

day1_spanish_eyes_1 and_2 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#3516 2 years ago

I now have a Williams widebody to add to my Bally Future Spa widebody and my Gottlieb The Amazing Spider-Man widebody. It's not Firepower that I have on my wishlist but it's close enough!! Widebodies are .

This is the most I've paid for a pinball in 25 years but I think it is worth it. I've been looking for some early SS pins and this fits the bill perfectly.

day_1_playfield_rear (resized).jpg

day_1_playfield_front (resized).jpg

day_1_boards (resized).jpg

day_1_backglass (resized).jpg

day_1_cabinet_and_backbox_full_machine (resized).jpg

day_1_tucson_phoenix_I-10_rest_stop (resized).jpg

Thanks to the awesome seller for this awesome early Williams Solid State pin.

#3527 2 years ago

I got this fantastic DC powered Williams pin from 1972. The seller told me that they were the original owners - nice people! Except for the front of the cabinet it is in really good shape.

I don't like hauling any EM with the backbox attached but the keys for the front and backdoors were missing. The backbox was on solidly and I had no problem getting it home intact. I'm hoping that the keys will show up or that I have a key that will work because I sure don't want to drill out these old, original locks.

day_1_backglass (resized).jpg

day_1_backglass_lit (resized).jpg

day_1_full_machine_garage (resized).jpg

day_1_full_machine_truck (resized).jpg

1 month later
#3911 2 years ago

I wasn't looking for any project EMs; I have enough already! But this is one EM that is unique and unlike anything I have so I just couldn't turn it down. I'll tally this as an early Christmas present for myself?

The backglass isn't bad but the playfield has quite a bit of planking. I guess this will be my next playfield restore candidate. UGH. Touching up a playfield isn't my idea of fun.

Day1-backglass (resized).jpg

Day1-playfield_upper (resized).jpg

Day1-playfield_lower (resized).jpg

I got a new appliance hand truck from Harbor Freight and this was the inaugural use. I didn't bother to learn how to strap the pin to the hand truck. I would do that when I got home, I thought. I put the hand truck in the bed of the pickup truck, wheels toward the tailgate, and slipped the pinball on top. After a few turns while driving, I heard a loud 'clunk' and this is what I found when I stopped to gander at what damage I had caused. Fortunately, no damage. I did get Travel Time strapped down when I got home but I still haven't figured out what that hand crank thingy is for. It only turns about 300 degrees?? Is this supposed to be for final tightening/locking in place?

My first thoughts are that this pin mover is BIG and HEAVY - maybe a bit of overkill. It takes quite a bit of strength to maneuver it round and about.

Day1_appliance_hand_truck (resized).jpg

#3938 2 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

I'm guessing this is a standard refrigerator cart. The strap goes around and through the buckle. It has to go in the buckle a certain way and then you pull to take the slack out while keeping the item tight against the cart.

Thanks dmbjunky.

Quoted from dmbjunky:

The final tightening is done with a half turn of the crank.

I haven't figured this part out yet, but now that I know how it's supposed to work I can figure it out. I never was 'spacially gifted.'

1 month later
#4191 2 years ago

I wasn't going to post this until I saw the operator's stamp on the bottom of the cabinet. Do you guys/gals want me to keep posting my pin pick-ups or are these same old, same old?

Another Aztec, this one had gotten lots of TLC. Came with original manual and schematics, Williams coin box with lid, backbox backdoor, a piece of thin plywood that goes over the playfield glass and some goodies for shopping the pin. The playfield is a 9+, the backglass typically poor as all Aztecs I have seen are, maybe a little bit better, and the cabinet is good.

operator_stamp (resized).jpg

I have been able to track this much of this machines history - it has been from Houston to New Mexico, to Phoenix and now to Tucson.

DSCF2461 (resized).JPG

DSCF2462 (resized).JPG

DSCF2465 (resized).JPG

DSCF2473 (resized).JPG

Aztec is the fastest EM I have played and that makes it worth owning. That and ripping the spinner for a thousand a crack is a rush!

2 months later
#4868 2 years ago

The supply of Project Pins has seemingly dried up around here and around the U.S. This is one reason that I haven't been updating the Project Pin thread. But, what do they say? When it rains it pours? These four Project Pins have shown up at Pecos' Palatial Pinball Parlour.

I'm not a Chicago Coin fan, to say the least, but this one had the right price and I like the backbox art. Simple play but I might put some small legs on it so that kids can play it. I think kids will love this one - simple and a great theme. My challenge: make a Chicago Coin play like one of it's competitors.

day1_playfield (resized).jpg

day1_playfield_and_backglass (resized).jpg

Liberty Bell is one of the last Williams EMs ever built. The playfield looks suspiciously like Grand Prix. The backglass has bad peeling on the bottom, but the cabinet and playfield look good and it should clean up nicely. Add another backglass to the list of repros that I need! If Liberty Bell plays anything like Aztec, it will be a great player. I am really looking forward to playing it but those flipper have to go first.

Does anyone beside me think that the patriotic lady on the backglass looks like one of the walking dead??

day1_full_playfield (resized).jpg

day1_backglass_front (resized).jpg

day1_upper_playfield (resized).jpg

day1_lower_playfield (resized).jpg

I had a shot at an Old Chicago and missed it. Who cares when you find one in this condition. The cabinet and apron are badly faded but not something I can't live with.

day1_backglass (resized).jpg

day1_upper_playfield (resized).jpg

day1_lower_playfield (resized).jpg

day1_full_machine (resized).jpg

What can I say about this one? I played it when it was new and knew then that it was an instant classic. It was only one of two pins on my wishlist. It will go between Stellar Wars and Black Knight.

My attempts at fixing it has been fraught with problems. I bypassed the blanking signal to see if the displays would work. The displays came on and then something fried. Not good. Parts on the Master Display Board are expensive, if you can find them. I had checked the +5 VDC voltage and it tested good. After the mishap I tested again and got 8+ VDC! YIKES! DOUBLE YIKES!!

Meanwhile, I am in the process of bullet-proofing the boards per Vid's wonderful guide. The MPU board has the Scanbe sockets. I now own a Hakko desoldering tool so replacing those sockets has been easy. I never would do it with one of those el-cheapo solder suckers so having the Hakko is already paying dividends.

This is my friend Dave who helps with my pin pickups.

day1_immaculate_backglass_front (resized).jpg

day1_playfield_immaculate_backglass_back (resized).jpg

Look at that backglass! It can't be original - can it? Can you say "Handle with extreme care?"

It is mirrored and I didn't think anyone doing repros could mirror backglasses.

day1_boards (resized).jpg

day1_playfield_top (resized).jpg

day1_playfield_bottom (resized).jpg

An Old Chicago and a Firepower? I am in pinball heaven! And I am always happy to get EMs in this kind of condition. Both Blue Max, my first Chicago Coin restoration, and Liberty Bell should be fun to work on and are very welcome additions at the PPPP.

1 month later
#5279 2 years ago

Sonic Super Straight:

DSCF2715 (resized).JPG

DSCF2720 (resized).JPG

DSCF2721 (resized).JPG

This machine was obviously stored on a covered patio or an Arizona Room, a covered patio with screens, and has gotten wet. This is fine most of the year but during the monsoon season we get thunderstorms with high winds that blow rain onto these patios and poor unsuspecting but victimized pinball machines. Worse, Sonic used particle board for their cabinets and backboxes. The cabinet on this one is literally falling apart. If anyone knows of a solid cabinet and backbox in Arizona for cheap, please PM me.

DSCF2722 (resized).JPG

Gottlieb Solar City:

DSCF2716 (resized).JPG

day1_upper_playfield (resized).jpg

day1_lower_playfield (resized).jpg

day1_playfield (resized).jpg

Love the Project Pins!

#5285 2 years ago

Two more including Nic's favorite.

There are several firsts with the four pins I picked up here in Tucson from a great seller. Super Straight, posted above, is my first Sonic. Vulcan, with any luck, will be my first working Gottlieb EM at Pecos' Palatial Pinball Parlour. It is stuck on 'Tilt' but that should be an easy fix. I am a Williams pinballer but, hopefully, soon to also be proficient fixing these old Gottlieb Project Pins.

DSCF2702 (resized).JPG

DSCF2704 (resized).JPG

DSCF2713 (resized).JPG

DSCF2714 (resized).JPG

DSCF2709 (resized).JPG

DSCF2711 (resized).JPG

DSCF2712 (resized).JPG

This is also the first time that I have seen black rubber rings on an EM pinball machine before. They don't look as horrible as I would have imagined but they will have to go.

4 weeks later
#5546 2 years ago

I didn't have to bring this home today. It was delivered to Pecos' Palatial Pinball Parlour by an awesome seller, Grnrzr. I am so spoiled!

One pinball leaves and another worthy title arrives - just a little more diversity to add to the lineup. These unique pins have sentimental memories for me since I played several of them when they were new. And, no, I have no clue how I am going to get this one working!

Thanks to Captive_Ball for posting it in the Project Pin thread.

boxed_day1 (resized).jpg

DSCF2780 (resized).JPG

3 weeks later
#5815 2 years ago

My first bingo!

01212_6tmWjQsYnNq_1200x900 (resized).jpg

DSCF2822 (resized).JPG

00202_c9MjQXqnaPT_1200x900 (resized).jpg

Another game that I have no idea how I will get working.

1 month later
#6385 2 years ago

It's been a long hot summer without any new pins. But the drought was broken this afternoon. I really like these late model EMs. They weren't on route for long and the manufacturers were at the top of their EM game when they made them. Many thanks to Leef! Everything about this pin is really nice except for the cabinet - now looking for two pinball cabinets.

66aa5512b3761047ca85327b25deb1f06317f3bf (resized).jpg

01c13ddbfb77f95c8756227bc55a1a78f3e1a21d (resized).jpg

DSCF3046 (resized).JPG

This pin has been from TAC Amusement in New Orleans to Mesa, Arizona and then to Tucson. Welcome home Surf Champ!

#6404 2 years ago

No pins all summer and now two pins in three days. When it rains it pours. I am really curious to see how these slot type reels are integrated into the rule-set. Everyone likes slot machines, right? Some pinball purists won't agree with me but I won't mind waiting for the reels to stop spinning - or do you keep playing while the reels are spinning. Lots to explore with this one.

day1_full_playfield (resized).jpg

day1_backbox (resized).jpg

Love these 70's Williams pins!

#6428 1 year ago
Quoted from Jakers:

It's a lot more fun than I anticipated it to be.

Ro Go gets a ton of grief. I like the artwork and theme. I enjoyed playing it, but it was brand new at the time so that may have something to do with it. That middle horseshoe shot is risky, making that shot is so frustrating when half of the time it ends up going SDTM.

I would buy one in a heartbeat if I could find one under $400 - sentimental value for me!

Enjoy Ro Go it while you have it. Thanks for posting the pics and bringing back fond memories.

#6462 1 year ago

One left but five came in, two last week and three more today. I've got to get faster at restoring these old pins.

DSCF3127 (resized).JPG

I'm looking to add some more early SS pins and I couldn't pass up these early SS Williams Project Pins. Thanks to a great seller, Mark.

DSCF3133 (resized).JPG

DSCF3132 (resized).JPG

DSCF3125 (resized).JPG

DSCF3122 (resized).JPG

DSCF3129 (resized).JPG

I don't see many of these listed for sale even though a lot of them and the four player version, Strato-Flite, were made. The playfield has been cleaned, touched up and clear coated with auto clear, and well done too, but the project was never completed. I hope to remedy that. Too bad the backglass is in such poor shape. This is another pin that I fondly remember playing 'back in the day.'

DSCF3135 (resized).JPG

DSCF3131 (resized).JPG

3 weeks later
#6697 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Just brought this home today. It’s a light project that I found at a garage sale half a mile from my house.

Isn't that how it usually happens? You look for months on Craigslist for a suitable Project Pin and one shows up in your backyard!!

I'm glad that after making 348 posts to the Project Pin thread helping others, you get rewarded with such a great pin. Congrats and enjoy!!

1 week later
#6805 1 year ago

I got this Super-Flite 2 specifically for the backglass from a great seller in San Tan Valley. I will be putting this backglass on Super-Flite 1 to make a nice game and this Super-Flite will be restored as a players game and sold. Super-Flite has the marbleized gear style pop bumper caps, my all-time favorite pop bumper caps. Too bad Williams didn't use these on more of their mid-seventies EMs. This era of Williams EMs is fast when restored to their former glory.

DSCF0033 (resized).JPG

DSCF0034 (resized).JPG

DSCF0031 (resized).JPG

DSCF0035 (resized).JPG

#6819 1 year ago
Quoted from Grayman_EM:

Is it just the sun that makes it look faded a little?

Yes and no. The backglass is badly faded. The playfield looks faded because of the sun and reflections on the playfield glass.

Quoted from Grayman_EM:

Pecos we need more people like you saving these EMs.

Thank you Grayman_EM! I've been toying around with the idea for a while now of making a video documentary of all the work I do to bring one of these Project Pins back to life. I have started to make a list, still incomplete, of all of the steps I am taking to do my current Project Pin, a Williams 1971 Klondike:

Remove rust from legs, wax and replace leg levelers with new leg levelers. Shine up the leg bolts.
Disassemble shooter rod, clean, replace sleeve, replace barrel spring and lightly lubricate with SuperLube. Reassemble and install. These old plastic shooter rod housings are often broken. A new metal one may be needed.
Remove, clean and insert new solenoid sleeves for the pop bumpers, sling shots and flippers.
Disassemble and clean all stepper units - Credit Unit, Player Unit, Match Unit.
Disassemble and clean the slot-type reels on the playfield. (This should be interesting, never done one of these before)
Remove mech board and vacuum cabinet.
Clean and repaint bottom of cabinet due to mouse mess.
Dust off mech board. Due to mouse mess, sand mech board and clear coat.
Clean and adjust all switches on mech board.
Disassemble score motor and clean cam and brackets.
Clean and adjust all switches on score motor.
Clean and adjust all switches under the playfield.
Replace all insert lamps with new #44 lamps.
Clean and wax with Carnauba the playfield.
Clean all playfield parts - flipper bats, posts, plastics, aprons etc.
New rubber rings on playfield.
Replace all playfield GI lamps with new #47 lamps.
Disassemble and clean all parts for each score reel (four total).
Adjust and clean score reel switches.
Clean and adjust all switches in the backbox.
Clean wooden chime box. Parts missing. Will need to order new parts.
Replace all backbox lamps with new #47 lamps.
Coat backglass with Triple Thick to prevent further flaking.
Clean outside of cabinet with blue window cleaner.
New locks on coin door and backbox door.

Feel free to use this list when planning your next Project Pin restoration. You will be need to modify it slightly for each specific game you are restoring.

3 weeks later
#7099 1 year ago

I think every collector should have at least one woodrail. But which one? This woodrail came up for sale here in Tucson but was this the one I wanted to add to Pecos' Palatial Pinball Parlour? I asked ryanclaytor and he told me, in no uncertain terms, that, YES, I should buy it. So, I did! Thanks Ryan!

day1_backglass (resized).jpg

day1_backbox (resized).jpg

day1_playfield_full (resized).jpg

day1_playfield_upper (resized).jpg

day1_playfield_middle (resized).jpg

day1_playfield_lower (resized).jpg

#7102 1 year ago
Quoted from ZNET:

Pecos, You did well. Queen of Hearts is among the very best of woodrails. Neyens himself deemed it his best design. I have a pretty good extra original backglass for Queen of Hearts, if you're unhappy with the degraded one in the photo. PM me, if interested.

PM sent! Thanks ZNET!

You can't tell very well from the pic but the backglass is toast. I'm not complaining though. The rest of the machine is in good shape - everything but the playfield glass. The seller's neighbor broke the playfield glass this very morning. OOPS!

This is my first woodrail, and probably my last, so I am just learning about these. The playfield glass and backglass are thicker that what I am used to. Question - can I put a standard 70s playfield glass in a woodrail? I'm seriously considering putting some mylar on both sides of the cracked area and using it as is. It is only in a small portion of the right upper corner and I really like the thickness.

Quoted from RyanClaytor:

Wow, Pecos , that looks great. Playfield looks quite nice and...

Thanks Ryan! Playfield and pop bumper caps are exceptional for a pin 65 years old. I am very happy to get this Queen of Hearts and am looking forward to restoring it. I'm sure that lots of surprises await me!

3 months later
#8185 1 year ago

Traded a nice Surf Champ for this nice early Bally SS for routing:

day_1_full_view (resized).jpg

day_1_backglass (resized).jpg

day_1_playfield_full (resized).jpg

day_1_playfield_upper (resized).jpg

day_1_playfield_middle (resized).jpg

day_1_playfield_lower (resized).jpg

It's almost too nice to route...

3 weeks later
#8356 1 year ago

I shouldn't have - really, really shouldn't have, but the price was right and I am a sucker for these late 70s Williams EMs. Big Deal is one of the few Williams EMs to have banks of drop targets.

Thanks to jwwhite15, I have a used apron that I can put on Big Deal. It's not white, but it looks a lot better than this one! This Project Pin is going to need a lot of TLC!

day_1_backbox (resized).jpg

day_1_playfield_full (resized).jpg

day_1_playfield_top (resized).jpg

day_1_playfield_middle (resized).jpg

day_1_playfield_borttom (resized).jpg

day_1_in_truck (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#8480 1 year ago

It's a business investment.
It's a business expense.
It's perfect for my business.
The price is right.
It's on my wish list.

Quoted from Pecos:

I have finally figured out what my five would be - today only, may change tomorrow!

Zipper Flippers and Multi-Ball - Bally Nip-It or maybe Capersville Nip-It has sentimental value
Late Williams EM like Rancho, Big Deal, Hot Tip, Lucky Seven, Argosy, Wild Card, Space Mission - DC pops and slings, usually have great play with little playfield wear
Williams Doodle Bug - Sentimental value and, of course, the Doodle Bug feature and Pointy People to add to my Pointy People collection!
Williams Gulfstream - Because I like OXO so much and more Pointy People!
Bally Wizard! Theme, Flip Flags and sentimental value

Honorable Mentions - Big Valley, Joker Poker but prefer the SS version

It is amazing how the brain can rationalize the purchase of a pinball machine that you can't afford!

This 'Wizard!' has an interesting history. It was listed for sale last year on CL. I called and the seller offered to sell it for less than the listed price. I went to my credit union, got the cash and by then the seller changed his mind and wouldn't sell it to me for the reduced price. It sat on CL for another month or two and then disappeared. I thought it had been sold until I sat down to update the Project Pin thread. I always look at Tucson first. Lo and behold, there it was again, this time for less than was agreed upon a year ago.

How could I turn down this 'Wizard!'? I couldn't. It will go to number two in the restoration queue. It will then go out on route so all of those Tucsonans who remember 'Wizard!' can play it again and so new memories can be made. And I have the perfect location for it.

It came with the backbox door, the coin box and the coin door key - essential items for pins that will go out on route. Thank you Mr. Seller! I am really happy to have 'Wizard!' and even happier that it will soon be getting a lot of play.

DSCF3513 (resized).JPG

DSCF3516 (resized).JPG

DSCF3517 (resized).JPG

DSCF3515 (resized).JPG

day_1_full_frontal (resized).jpg

DSCF3529 (resized).JPG

1 month later
#8749 1 year ago

dothedoo, congrats - never seen that one! Lots of drop targets!

It looks like that left flipper is giving you the bird - a parrot no doubt! . Be careful with your new acquisition. You can never trust a pirate.

#8789 1 year ago

There are three Gottlieb pins from the 70s that I would like to keep in my collection. I already have one of them. I picked up another today. My Project Pin guy in San Tan valley traded me this for a very nice King Pin that I had restored the playfield. He is trading the King Pin for a Fast Draw. Everybody will be very happy!

DSCF3597 (resized).JPG

DSCF3598 (resized).JPG

day_1_full_playfield (resized).jpg

I turned down two Jumping Jack pins waiting for a Jack in the box. Why? Jack in the Box is one of the first games I played at Aladdin's Castle at Beechmont Mall in Cincinnati in 1974. It was just a few feet from my beloved OXO - so it has sentimental value to me. I have a love/hate relationship with Jack in the Box. I never seemed to be able to get all ten targets down before the pinball would drain.

DSCF3595 (resized).JPG

But the backglass is iconic and the backglass on this one is in good shape. First a Wizard! and now a Jack in the Box. I am filling my sentimental wish list one pin at a time. Both are fantastic games from the 70s.

1 month later
#9295 1 year ago

I left this morning at 6:45 to pick up two pins in Oro Valley to deliver to my San Tan Valley Project Pin Guy. I came prepared for the heat:

  • Cooler 1/3 full of ice
  • 16 oz. diet 7-Up
  • 64 oz. diet Pepsi

I used my personally designed personal air conditioner, some ice cubes under the 'BUCKMASTERS' cap to keep cool. It worked well, until the ice cubes melted.

I delivered the two pins to my Project Pin Guy and picked one up. It's a 'mix and match Magic Municipalities:'

  • Two playfields
  • Two backglasses
  • One backbox and backbox door
  • One cabinet
  • One mech board

day_1_playfield_full (resized).jpg

day_1_playfield_2_full (resized).jpg

day_1_backglass_magic_city (resized).jpg

day_1_backglass_magic_town (resized).jpg

day_1_backbox_backside (resized).jpg

I have learned much today:

  • I don't ever want to move three pinballs in this heat, never ever again.
  • I am getting too old to be moving three pins in one day. It could be that I am terribly out of shape, but I'm blaming it on my age. I only moved three pins and had leg cramps!
  • The PPPACS (Pecos Pinball Personal Air Conditioning System) worked well until I got home and had to unload the pin. I was pretty toasty by then.
  • My San Tan Valley Project Pin Guy is a very generous person! Thanks Project Pin Guy!
  • This is your brain. This is your brain after moving three pinball machines in the Sonoran Desert July heat:

nicovolta ************Middle-Pop Alert************

This is my 3rd middle-pop pin. 4th if you count two Spanish Eyes as two and not one. It should do well on route. People seem to like having a ball headed straight for the outhole saved by the lone middle-pop bumper.

I forgot to add the most important bit of information. I don't have air conditioning in my 1996 S-10 Chevy pickup truck. More accurately, I DO have air conditioning; it just hasn't worked in twelve years.

#9335 1 year ago
Quoted from DennisDodel:

Bingo! Which one?

Now you are really testing my ‘mental’ capabilities!

Congratulations Dennis! It couldn’t have happened to a more worthy bingo lover. All of your generosity is coming home to roost.

#9337 1 year ago

I’ll take a guess at the game name - Can-Can, Laguna Beach, Shoot-A-Line, Golden Gate or Silver Sails.

#9340 1 year ago

So, I have a 25% chance of getting the right game. I’ll go with Golden Gate.

2 weeks later
#9515 1 year ago

Quick Pinball Quiz: What was the first pinball to use 3" flippers?

From IPDB: "'Hayburners II' is credited with introducing 3-inch flippers to the game of pinball in place of 2-inch flippers that were used since their introduction in 1947. However, Sample games may exist of Gottlieb's 1951 'Happy-Go-Lucky' as shown in its flyer, where the flippers appear to be 3 inches in length or longer."

There are so many firsts for me that I don't know where to start.

  • My first horse racing themed game
  • My first oscillating center ball-shooter
  • My first zipper flipper pin
  • My first rotating target game
  • My first four flipper Williams pin

day_1_3 machines (resized).jpg

DSCF3753 (resized).JPG

Hay Burners II, Williams October 1968: The FIRST pinball machine to have 3" flippers. It is only one of four Williams pinball machines to have zipper flippers. They don't close completely. They open when shooting the ball from the oscillating ball shooter between and below the flippers, then close part way.

DSCF3752 (resized).JPG

hayburners_ii_day_1_playfield_full (resized).jpg

Derby Day, Williams October 1967: It is the ONLY Williams pinball machines with rotating targets I could find on IPDB. There are two of them and after being hit, they rotate 90º to reveal the next horse number. It, too, has an oscillating ball shooter. Unlike a Gottlieb Roto-Target, these rotate horizontally!

DSCF3760 (resized).JPG

DSCF3759 (resized).JPG

derby_day_day_1_playfield_full (resized).jpg

I love the Christian Marche artwork of the galloping horse smack dab in the middle of the playfield racing toward you, the player.

Both games have a really cool mechanical backbox with 6 horses that race to the finish line. When two people play, the first player gets horses 1, 3 and 5 and the second player gets horses 2, 4 and 6. Two player games are definitely the most fun. It's more fun to compete! In this case, that slogan really is true.

I would like to get one of these out on route to see how it does. I think it will do well so I am moving up in the restoration queue. I use more of a LIFO rather than FIFO method of accounting for restorations here at Pecos Pinball!

I can only pick up two pins in my Chevy S10 so I will be going back later to pick up the third. I got these from a great Pinsider and seller in Scottsdale. Thanks DD!

1 month later
#9884 11 months ago

I went up today to visit my Scottsdale Project Pin Guy to pick up the third of three Williams horsie games, a second Williams Hayburners II.

day_1_full_playfield (resized).jpg

DSCF3878 (resized).JPG

day_1_full_playfield_and friend (resized).jpg

I couldn't resist a Bally EM with multi-ball, zipper flippers and skill shot that he had. I always wanted a Fireball EM. I played one in 1975 and still consider it the best EM ever made. But no way was I going to add a Bally Fireball to Pecos' Palatial Pinball Parlour. The price is prohibitive.

Thanks to the Scottsdale Project Pin Guy I was able to bring this one home. It's not Fireball but I am just as happy to be getting it! And it is a real beauty! I'm not sure if this 'very special' game will be going on route. If it does, it will have to be in a secure location where it won't be walking off and with the least amount of abuse. No bars or pubs for Four Million B.C.!

This completes the Bally EMs that I want in my collection - Old Chicago, Wizard!, Double-Up and now Four Million B.C.. What a great line-up! I am so fortunate to have these and I have so many people to thank. Thank you all! I will do my best to bring these classic Bally EMs back to their former glory so today's young pinball players can get a chance to live the joy that some of us older farts have been fortunate enough to experience.

day_1_full_playfield (resized).jpg

day_1_upper_third_playfield (resized).jpg

day_1_middle_third_playfield (resized).jpg

day_1_lower_third_playfield (resized).jpg

DSCF3871 (resized).JPG

DSCF3872 (resized).JPG

DSCF3890 (resized).JPG

DSCF3873 (resized).JPG

DSCF3889 (resized).JPG

1 month later
#10265 10 months ago

A fourfer for Pecos' Palatial Pinball Parlour!

DSCF4055 (resized).JPG

The Evel Knievel is not mine.

DSCF4062 (resized).JPG

DSCF4064 (resized).JPG

Gottlieb Snow Derby - The first game with a bonus ladder

DSCF4077 (resized).JPG

DSCF4075 (resized).JPG

Williams Beat Time

DSCF4081 (resized).JPG

DSCF4089 (resized).JPG

Bally Op-Pop-Pop - Pointy People!

DSCF4069 (resized).JPG

DSCF4074 (resized).JPG

Bally Wizard!

DSCF4082 (resized).JPG

DSCF4087 (resized).JPG

4 weeks later
#10500 9 months ago

I had pinball on my mind this morning. I left Tucson to pick up a Bally classic solid state pin from my San Tan Valley Project Pin Guy. Only a few miles from my house I heard, "The Six Million Dollar Man here", or some such words part of a sales pitch for a Honda car on the radio. I was dumb with astonishment and amazement which bordered upon stupefaction. Did I just hear what I thought I heard?

A few miles out of town and I passed a road called Pinal Air Park Road. Hmm, with a 'b' here and an 'l' there it would be Pinball Air Park Road! Yes, I had pinball on my mind all day today.

And this is the surprise that my San Tan Project Pin Guy had for me today - one of the few six player games made:

day_1_full (resized).jpg

DSCF4137 (resized).JPG

DSCF4129 (resized).JPG

She is a little rough around the edges but I can rebuild her; I have the technology! She still has her original bionic battery, non-leaking. More amazement!

DSCF4136 (resized).JPG

Seriously though, she boots up and it won't be long before she will be gracing another business here in Tucson.

Yes, I had pinball on my mind today, still do as a matter of fact!

1 month later
#11004 7 months ago

When you have your own pinball operator business, you bring home different kinds of machines than the standard ones often seen on this thread:

DSC_0690 (resized).JPG

I drove 12 hours round-trip with a couple of my friends to pick this up near Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The price was right, but I don't know when or if I will be able to get this working.

2 months later
#11885 4 months ago

I forgot to post this when I brought it home from D&D Pinball. Except for maybe OXO, this is the nicest condition EM I have bought. Thanks Robert and Constance!

After only a week of restoration, it went on route at Hotrods Old Vail. The perfect theme for Hotrods, don'tcha think?

DSCF4250 (resized).JPG

first_day_grand_prix (resized).jpg

Hotrods Old Vail is only a mile off of I-10 in Tucson, Arizona. If you are driving through Tucson, why not consider stopping by and playing some really fun vintage pinball?

1 month later
#12509 75 days ago

I picked up the third 'Fantastic Four' early Williams SS pins from a great seller and fellow Pinsider. I already have Firepower and Black Knight. Only Flash has eluded me thus far. I grew up playing these pins and they have a special place in my pinball heart. There were so many 'firsts' during the late 70s at Williams. The designers were busy changing forever how pinball machines would be made.

Gorgar is the first 'talking' pinball machine.

Day_1_backglass (resized).jpg

Day_1_playfield (resized).jpg

The seller suggested that I cover the game so the plastics wouldn't melt. I've never had this problem before but it was a sunny 106º day and took his advice. I was worried about the sheet flying off the machine at 75 MPH on I-10, but we had secured it well. I could just imagine a huge pile-up on I-10 caused by my pinball covering flying into the windshield of a truck behind me.

DSCF4336 (resized).JPG

I plan to route this game just as soon as I can find an MPU and Driver board.

Gorgar has joined the pins at Pecos' Palatial Pinball Parlour!

2 weeks later
#12766 56 days ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

Also just an update, this is gotta be one of the top 10 worst feelings when doing a blind pickup. I opened up space invaders and saw this:

You now have an ‘opportunity’ to spend a lot of somethings on something that cost you nothing.

1 week later
#12895 46 days ago

I picked this up from a great seller and Pinsider, Mesa Pinball Guy. I don't know what to do with myself - this game is supposed to be working! It came with the plastics, not shown, and an overlay. With any luck, this will go out on route next week.

This is the one of three pins that used leftover Bally Rapid Fire backboxes. I own a Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man, so all I need is Centaur II to have the set.

I wasn't really interested in this title, but thought it would do well on route based on the popularity of it here on Pinside.

The nice seller also had some old EM parts that needed a new home.

Thanks Mesa Pinball Guy!!

DSCF4390 (resized).JPG

DSCF4393 (resized).JPG

day_1_playfield (resized).jpg

1 month later
#13452 6 days ago

I've been trying to avoid buying Project Pin EMs. Now that I have a business, I have been focusing on solid state pins. I even posted these on the Project Pin thread, hoping that they would be gone before I could no longer resist the siren call of two inexpensive mid-60's EMs.

Surfers is a Ted Zale designed game with three 2" flippers and some fun art. It has zipper flippers, always a fun feature. The backglass 'Balloon Bonus' and the playfield 'Ring-A-Ding' Bonus are both carried over from ball to ball. It has both a left out-lane kicker and a right out-lane gate to put the pinball back in play. If you have ever played a Bally EM from this era, you know how quickly the outlanes can suck your ball to instant death! With the zipper flipper closed and both outlanes lit, the player is allowed to play on without having the feeling of impending doom.

cl_ad_full (resized).jpg

cl_ad_playfield (resized).jpg

DSCF4450 (resized).JPG

8 Ball has a drop-down cabinet and great art. It was one of only a few Williams EMs that kept track of each of two players pool balls earned using separate stepper units for each player. Player 1 plays balls 1-7. Player 2 plays balls 9-15. The balls have to be earned, in order, then each player shoots for the 8 ball! It's a Norm Clark Middle-Pop pin, my third!

I guess it was just meant to be that these would end up at Pecos' Palatial Pinball Parlour.

cl_ad_full (resized).jpg

DSCF4452 (resized).JPG

DSCF4451 (resized).JPG

#13466 4 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

Now that I have a Beat the Clock, 8-Ball is about the last EM I would still consider buying after having had so many.


Thank o-din! That's high praise, coming from you. Would that be because Pit Stop, one of your favorite pins, is one of the few EMs that have the same ability to track the two players playfield accomplishments separately? From IPDB:

"The carry-over feature is an example of EM playfield "memory" and is accomplished by the Player Relay alternating between two step-up units. An earlier example of this is Williams' 1966 '8 Ball'."

"Two racetracks in center playfield, one for each player, use lights to show the cars racing. The positions of the cars on the tracks carry-over from ball to ball and do not reset until a new game is started."

Quoted from AntennaMan:

It is my birthday, so I had to buy something.

Quoted from gliebig:

Happy birthday. Today is mine as well.

Quoted from Colsond3:

Happy Bday fellas, and congrats on the pin.

My 8 Ball and Surfers purchase was influenced by my upcoming birthday. Did you know that September babies are most likely Christmas babies? Just a theory of mine...

Quoted from stavio:

Is that a slot machine...

Yes, but the reels only move one at a time and only one position at a time based on the features on the playfield that advance a single score reel, unlike a slot machine. Still, a very cool feature and wonderfully engineered to pay off properly. Note that some may have been mis-wired from the factory. From IPDB:

"Reportedly, an unknown quantity of this game left the factory with the wiring incorrect on the right playfield score reel as compared to the schematic. Two wires were crossed which caused incorrect scoring on some score reel combinations."


Quoted from fabsj82:

...and the button between the slings will drop it just when you need it most. Fun game!

Yes, that is so cruel and challenging as the ball is usually headed straight down the middle! Klondike giveth and Klondike taketh, as do most EMs!

#13513 1 day ago
Quoted from woody76:

Does anyone know history on this game? Sure looks like grand prix stole this design.

Liberty Bell stole the design from Grand Prix! Grand Prix came first according to IPDB.

Williams was late to the Bicentennial Party. Just a guess, but they simplified the design with only two players instead of four and only one bonus/unit instead of two to get it to market at a lower price quickly without having to design a new game. Like I said, only my theory and would like to know more about the two pins.

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