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What machine did you bring home today? Post your pictures!

By MiamiRedSkin

5 years ago

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#11145 6 months ago

Picked up a Williams Firepower 2 for myself and a Stern Galaxy for a friend. Pretty jealous that Galaxy didn’t come home with me!

Picked up an Af-Tor a couple weeks ago and an OXO a month or so ago.

8DEF151C-E122-4783-89B8-75712D581D43 (resized).jpegD52E1FE5-DC22-45DF-B68D-8E2CB4116F94 (resized).jpegECE1CA2F-53AC-4BDB-962E-34C75CB1DD79 (resized).jpeg903622A8-2450-40D7-91FA-9454038B3A89 (resized).jpegC89B6923-5C11-4C91-A196-27E0D6D5A491 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#11738 4 months ago

Brought the Meteor home last night. It went from the pick location to my friend’s house.

Had to do some re-soldering in the back box; now I can fix the center drop targets and replace rubber + LED it out. Probably not a long-term keeper, but it’s fun for now. Working fine aside from that center drop target bank.

Black Knight 2K came home the same night and I’m slowly working on that one. Mostly just a few broken plastics, old lighting, and aged plastics there. Need to adjust some sluggish targets (they trigger properly, a few just fall slowly) and rebuild flippers, but otherwise working fine.

8ball Deluxe was promised to a friend and probably won’t ever come to my house. It worked okay but had some glitches because some of the wiring is, uh...melted-ish. I’ll let him have fun dealing with that. Sounds like he’s going to fully restore it, so that’s neat.

7901417B-0909-4F2D-B1A3-B1756E22AF06 (resized).jpegD2DA6103-4C23-4934-8A85-CB4636542C97 (resized).jpegD81C7B6D-6949-4490-9ED3-2F7AB641CEB6 (resized).jpegF25993D1-7788-4B4D-AAD6-65D23D604B15 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#11839 4 months ago

Haha yikes, this was a mistake. PF likely isn’t savable.

3DCC36CC-F342-489B-8AFD-BE12567D7AAA (resized).jpegFCB27008-91A4-4A39-905D-9A2948985428 (resized).jpeg3A1B5324-C1E6-4682-B8DF-D3E30A5CA270 (resized).jpeg8FDC6847-C81A-4D10-91D4-1B6A73A85AB1 (resized).jpeg7824C17B-D1E3-4B58-814C-FA80E3DCA374 (resized).jpeg
#11843 4 months ago

Guy i bought it from said it was a barn find. Definitely parts or a retheme unfortunately.

3 months later
#13001 36 days ago
IMG_20190811_122424 (resized).jpg
#13012 35 days ago

I'm so in love

IMG_20190812_012212 (resized).jpg
#13054 34 days ago
Quoted from LesManley:

This one kind of came out of nowhere. Within the last couple months I bought a World Cup Soccer that I really shouldn't have as it put me over the game room limit for pins. Then this pops up 10 minutes from my house at a steal of a deal. I've wanted an Iron Maiden but honestly didn't think it was going to happen for a while since the prices as so high still, so I couldn't resist the price and pass up this opportunity. WCS is out and Maiden in. Another quick and easy 48 hour buy and sell transaction involving 4 people that didn't require either of us advertising our games for sale anywhere or dealing with tire kickers and low ballers. All transactions should be like that. Love it.
[quoted image]

Good stuff. Where'd WCS go? I'm loving mine. Kid approved!

IMG_20190813_152827 (resized).jpg
#13062 34 days ago
Quoted from LesManley:

It went to another local pinsider so it's in a good home. Actually, it's still in my garage right now since things moved so fast in the deals, but I am helping him move it Friday.
I love WCS too. It has something for novice, casual and advanced players. I was excited to get another one, it's the only game I've ever bought twice, but something had to go for Maiden and it was low man on the totem pole.

I like your summary. It really does offer something for all different skill sets. I will hopefully have mine a very long time.

#13096 30 days ago

Not so much a pickup post as an updated lineup pic but whatever. Dragged Black Knight 2000 upstairs (heading off to West Virginia) and dragged World Cup Soccer downstairs.

Still need to drag Af-Tor upstairs (heading to Louisville) and go pick up the space shuttle I'm buying in Saint Louis so it can come downstairs and finish off my lineup for the foreseeable future (EBD, Meteor, Alien Poker, WSC94, Space Shuttle).

I'm tired. My back hurts. I need better basement stairs. Lmao
IMG_20190817_130937 (resized).jpgMmsCamera_2019-08-17-13-16-02 (resized).jpgreceived_400781633908931 (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#13376 15 days ago

Not bad for $800. Nearly died getting it up her stairs though lol

Wife helped. Lol

IMG_20190901_155817 (resized).jpgIMG_20190901_155843 (resized).jpgIMG_20190901_174139 (resized).jpgIMG_20190901_174647 (resized).jpg

#13378 15 days ago

The last of the pins from the lady who sold me these for $2000. Sadly I didn't get her Pinbot as it was gone before I found her.

3757756991803656367 (resized).JPG
#13383 15 days ago
Quoted from dc2010:

That's a helluva deal!

Not too bed lol. Selling BK2K nearly paid for the other three. I've got some work ahead on all three from her though.

IMG_20190901_221845 (resized).jpgIMG_20190901_221358 (resized).jpg
#13387 15 days ago
Quoted from fabsj82:

Picked up a nice Pinbot exactly 1 mile from home for the nice price of $600. In great shape over all. Game boots but only flippers, pops and slings work. Going to dig into that tomorrow.[quoted image][quoted image]

DAMN! Nice!

#13389 15 days ago

The Tacoma has been great to us, for sure.

I'm not looking forward to fighting this high speed. It's very grumpy lol

#13392 14 days ago

Won't hold settings for some reason. I've tried a slew of different batteries, all of which should be good.

And my P2 and P4 displays won't work no matter what I do.

The good things: it seems to play fine, with the caveats above. One of the pops isn't registering all the way around and needs some adjustment, or maybe just repositioning on the spoon. The glass is minty and the cab is pretty damn nice. The PF is kinda ugly but not atypical for high speed I don't think. It's 'good enough' until the hardtop gets here.

I suppose I'll send all the boards off to be gone through and bulletproofed ($200) and I'll figure out what to do with the displays. Hopefully I can keep it under $1500 with all the work done to it. That'd be nice.

IMG_20190902_014726 (resized).jpg
#13394 14 days ago
Quoted from dothedoo:

Don’t rush off and send your boards out yet. We can probably fix it cheaper. Displays are most likely outgassed.

Fix it bill fix it!

Heh, I don't think it necessarily needs boards rebuilt but it never hurts.

It does let me work through settings and then play fine.. Just won't save them once I turn it off. Bleh.

#13396 14 days ago
Quoted from dothedoo:

Start a new thread and we’ll help you with it.

Will do!

1 week later
#13443 6 days ago

I'm still not home yet (crashing at a friend's house), but picked up this beautiful wishlist item today in Colorado. Drove from Topeka to get it..

My truck might be a bit too long for his garage lol.

Screenshot_20190907-195207 (resized).jpgIMG_20190909_190820 (resized).jpgIMG_20190909_190825 (resized).jpgIMG_20190909_190805 (resized).jpg
#13451 6 days ago

Today was drive-home day with my new space shuttle. First, fog (and light condensation, of course) hit and I freaked. Pulled over and put the tarp down. Proceeded to fight that stupid thing the entire drive home. Then at one point my tonneau cover snapped (POS). Then it started pouring... 15 minutes from home. Somehow it was still bone dry and started up without a hitch in my garage. Glad I'm home now.
Attach12801_20190910_115827 (resized).jpgIMG_20190910_075201 (resized).jpgIMG_20190910_154734 (resized).jpgIMG_20190910_160529 (resized).jpg

#13471 3 days ago

Captain fantastic is the only EM I'd own. Super jealous. Someday.

#13473 3 days ago

I only want it because of the Elton John connection. Hard to eat up that much space just for that... But I would lmao

#13475 3 days ago

Makes sense. It's got an interesting cross-section of potential collectors

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