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What machine did you bring home today? Post your pictures!

By MiamiRedSkin

5 years ago

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#1347 4 years ago

This one came up and what I found appealing was a Kruzman playfield in it. Done back in 09 and still like glass. Beautiful.

#1364 4 years ago
Quoted from Ballypin:

??? What is with the color DMD ??? YOU working on this ?

No it's from Dr Pinball in the UK. I was wondering myself when I first saw pictures. Has 4 colours 1 being black and 1 being white. You can set it how you like but I was pretty happy with previous owners choice.

#1365 4 years ago
Quoted from Dayhuff:

I sold Ron that TZ playfield to restore, it came out very nice and glad to hear its still in really nice shape.
John P. Dayhuff
Battle Creek, Mi.

I wonder how it came to end up in Australia? Love how these things get around. If only pinballs could talk....what a story.

3 months later
#1940 3 years ago

And this just in. Fitted the ColorDMD today and speaker panel decal.



6 months later
#3364 3 years ago
Quoted from erico201:

I brought this one home on Saturday after it was chilling in a guys basement for 25+ years!! Great score!

Wow awesome score. We don't get finds like that too much here.

2 months later
#4000 2 years ago

This finally arrived a few weeks ago. Turned into a 12 month resto. Worth the wait.

2016-11-23 14.24.04 (resized).jpg

2016-11-25 11.58.13 HDR (resized).jpg

2016-11-29 16.05.40 (resized).jpg

2017-01-04 08.03.20 (resized).jpg

2017-01-04 08.03.49 (resized).jpg

2 months later
#4559 2 years ago

And another BSD

Led DMD new decals. Nice playing game.

File 14-3-17, 8 52 46 am (resized).jpeg

File 14-3-17, 8 53 38 am (resized).jpeg

1 month later
#4992 2 years ago

19 hr round trip bit sooo worth it. Running original code super low plays so much so it hasn't had a chance to dimple yet Had to get the topper. Awesome. Shaker and sub now fitted.

2017-04-25 16.20.23 (resized).jpg

2017-04-25 16.13.56 (resized).jpg

File 5-5-17, 9 36 33 am (resized).jpeg

#5001 2 years ago
Quoted from Micky:

Nice pick up Scott.
One of the best interactive toppers ever!

Thanks mate. It really is a great game. 3.4billion tonight.

#5002 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

Found these two at a garage sale today $500 each The Sonic (Sega) Mars Trek is in HUO condition! Bought it from the original owners The Stern Stars just had a few small scratches Tommorrow I get to clean em up and shop em out! Cant Wait!

That is such a great find. Wish we could find those types of mint games here.
Well done. More pix when you have them up to your liking please. That Mars Trek looks amazing.

3 weeks later
#5274 2 years ago

And this HUO beauty. LE in black.

2017-05-23 12.15.49 (resized).jpg

#5311 2 years ago
Quoted from ibuypinballs:

Scored a screaming deal on this true HUO yesterday.

Man that is clean. Great score.

1 week later
#5392 2 years ago

Hey we're here to help.

1 week later
#5506 2 years ago

Secret Service with one serious coin door lock on it. Good game.

#5535 2 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

Bansai Tree Definitely, trim , trim, trim...
Then ride motorcycles through them...

and the fucken huge backbox is a giveaway

1 week later
#5632 2 years ago

HUO Pinball Magic. That's awesome.

3 weeks later
#6031 2 years ago

STLE back in the family. Sold it regretted it. Bought it back. Tons of mods

Scott's Junk 223 (resized).JPG

2017-04-03 15.56.15 (resized).jpg

2017-04-03 15.56.41 (resized).jpg

2017-04-03 15.57.00 (resized).jpg

#6036 2 years ago
Quoted from Micky:

Nice looking ST Scott! How did you sell something so beautiful?!

A momentary weakness episode. I will have to up my meds
Its nice to have it back Micky

#6037 2 years ago
Quoted from ribbo835:

Did u sell your GOTLE Scott ?

Oh no it's not going anywhere Michael. Just ordered some more Mezelmods
Probably should have kept your old Tron too. Almost had a nice LE but missed out by minutes.

#6038 2 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I wanted to share the shots on the upper playfield of blackwater, in case one hasnt had a lot of time on it!
There are 14 upper playfield shots including 3 targets on the right, circled, that are tricky and on a steep bank. There is a short u shape ramp above the saucer, plus the hidden one, and the ramp shot on the left curls all the way around and comes to the Apron, where there is another flipper, and targets above the drain next to the glass!
Fun and tough!

Thanks for that. I'd never really had a good look at one of these. Looks quite difficult. Would be a good one to have in the home. I would imagine then you wouldn't get bored too quick. Challenging games are the ones to keep eh.

#6071 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Facial hair is for those that can no longer grow any on top of their head.

I'm in that club.

#6106 2 years ago
Quoted from Oilrat:

Was a great weekend. Picked up Indiana jones and Monster Bash

Now that is a score my friend, hats off to you. Enjoy.

1 month later
#6433 2 years ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Picked up my MMR today to go with my AFMR.. Thanks automated services !!
And CGC for some great product!!

Wow that AFMr topper only just fits. Great games, extremely good quality control at CGC

3 weeks later
#6636 2 years ago

Now that is gold. Nice pick up.

1 month later
#7110 2 years ago
Quoted from Micky:

Brought home a rough container pin BSD that will get the full restore treatment next year. I have wanted one for a few years now, I'm so happy i finally got one that i can carry out a full rebuild on.

Nice pickup micky. I just sold mine to Hashman in Melbourne. He loves it. Fully restored with colourDMD. Awesome game.

#7169 2 years ago

Finally got another one of these. Missed it when I sold around 2 years ago. HUO and 478 plays. Hardly a dimple

534B178D-B4A2-44B3-B830-604560DB9480 (resized).jpeg

Let the modding begin. Found a speakerlightkit I had lying aroundfrom before. Some nice Tilt Graphics speaker panel and side blades from Jose. Really lifts that boring black speaker panel. Shooter rod from mikeincali great stuff. I will get around to the undercab lighting from rock914. Thanks again Chris. Lastly some very nice stuff from Robert hooked that it is the air as we speak.
Oh and managed to track down a 3D Laseriffic topper. One of Joes best. Hope you are going ok Joe. laseriffic

27198AF1-DD64-4EC4-97C2-1C33F6DC5D23 (resized).jpeg
40A66D93-050D-4700-814A-07C1567BC04B (resized).jpeg

#7170 2 years ago
Quoted from NightMutilator:

We finally have Freddy at Bloodshed Deathbath Arcade!

That is one awesome looking Freddy. Great pickup.

1 week later
#7260 2 years ago
Quoted from Nevus:

Picking this up from restoration.

So nice more pix required

#7264 2 years ago
Quoted from twinmice:

Not pinball but great haul!!

Fantastic haul there. That large cab was an awesome game with huge sound. Wish we could find that stuff here.

#7268 2 years ago

Thanks, that EBD is a beauty.

1 month later
#7695 1 year ago

I come on this thread to be excited by other people’s excitement of their new/old machine. Let’s just ignore the critic.
Love some of the stuff you guys come across. Some really great finds.

6 months later
#9629 1 year ago

So not today but about 4 weeks ago I bought back my X-men Magneto LE. Still mint and only 200 odd games added to it. So naturally I had to mod it some more.

14D32D0A-EBA4-46A8-9D6B-966C1AC7B2F0 (resized).jpeg5CCC58EC-DA1D-4B2B-9F65-3F363AC54676 (resized).jpeg80DA33D4-B722-4B73-8103-A659D85ED307 (resized).jpeg8523DACC-9572-43E2-8E96-67A2C66E13AB (resized).jpegA7D31025-FB15-43DA-868A-F0666A417A0B (resized).jpegD9F7388F-7715-435B-B929-A2B48E9FCE43 (resized).jpegE1EF5DCC-9F75-433A-B595-913A8CEE66B6 (resized).jpeg

#9630 1 year ago

Aaaaaaand I must be a sucker for boomerang games. 20 hours round trip to get this IMVE beauty back. Traded STLE (lol which I had also bought twice) I seem to be developing a Marvel theme which I hadn’t realised. I just love the variation in game play.

1D65669E-9604-4C9A-B511-B685F164ABB7 (resized).jpeg7BF1CA91-0CD9-44A3-AB51-5FF647C945E7 (resized).jpegC1F5099D-249C-4669-A4FB-F988FBAFBE09 (resized).jpegFE05D20D-1D03-4088-A64A-59D1E3FD8A82 (resized).jpeg
#9644 1 year ago
Quoted from Vino:

Worth the dedication, excellent game.
Don’t usually add toppers but who made that one? Looks great!

Joe at Laseriffic did IMVE and Hulk LE. Pinheadpuckguy did the Magneto LE (think he gave the rights to Tilttoppers?)
That Stern one for Game of Thrones LE is ridiculously expensive but I love it. But as you can see I do love a good topper.

4 months later
#10664 11 months ago

Finally found one of these after a long search. 8hrs round trip. Ahh gotta love a road trip!!

1B59F0FF-8A83-48DB-8730-40F10722C678 (resized).jpeg

BDD24CA6-CE37-4F7E-ADC0-3CC0333563CD (resized).jpegBF6B8409-485C-4DD5-8A62-E73287078ADA (resized).jpeg
#10673 11 months ago
Quoted from Micky:

Nice pick up Scott.....she must be a nice machine for you to put her in your collection!

Thanks mate.

It’s nice but I have a set of decals that came with it so might as well do a full cab resto. Then I will see if ramps and other stuff get done. Really nice playing machine though.

3 months later
#11602 8 months ago

30 Million. Love that call out on BSD.

2 weeks later
#11739 7 months ago

Wasn’t looking for one cause no one seems to sell here. Wasn’t going to pass this one up. HUO and modded to the hilt.
And yet I’ve already been onto Mezelmods for more lol. This game is insane, I’m loving how brutal it can be but always keeps me coming back for more.

4858D744-2A1C-4FEE-8D5C-00FECEB5FB62 (resized).jpeg7E6837B6-4B35-4C1E-B210-10598829D128 (resized).jpeg21542425-1D20-4366-B1DE-62AECE9A517E (resized).jpeg2660AA0F-763C-49D2-90D1-8900EEBC9B38 (resized).jpeg6A0917C4-47DB-4366-8F02-E22D3C19AF6E (resized).jpeg37C0799E-7F67-4308-AD3E-4426F0040CFB (resized).jpegA6A6B1CF-A5F0-41AA-B685-770D4A0FA5A4 (resized).jpeg
#11749 7 months ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Some of the mods look good, I do think the upper left corner is too crowded. I would remove the barn so you can see Motorhome, and the large figurine that does not fit scale with other figurines. Sometimes less is more-looks good.

Have to agree, that was the area I will look at and see what I can do to improve it.

2 months later
#12614 5 months ago

Got this a few weeks ago but too busy to post. 9 games on original code. My distributor had to get me a new game card as game would not upload via USB. Loving it. Just finished fitting Titans and a few gold accents. Had the topper before the game arrived

DE3B2470-2F08-4B07-A0B8-7E12E77C623F (resized).jpegEB4F0705-841B-423C-A87A-AC26C5B55323 (resized).jpeg7016247F-792F-40A3-8829-EF815B5D5FB4 (resized).jpeg20203DC9-B617-48AE-B4D6-9F00DD3E9A13 (resized).jpeg189644A2-A6A1-45EA-A15B-87245FC0A258 (resized).jpegE6FA0BFE-443F-4A11-8866-656047D4313E (resized).jpeg
#12749 4 months ago

Get a colordmd in that Hulk. Awesome graphics in LCD

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