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What machine did you bring home today? Post your pictures!

By MiamiRedSkin

5 years ago

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#162 4 years ago

Right after the York Pa show Oct and November were a very good months. Picked up three DMD's, two clean working Gottlieb solid state machine and one Gottlieb EM. All from different home owners. It's amazing how much still out there.

001.JPG 017.JPG 026.JPG 003-998.JPG 002.JPG
#165 4 years ago

Just sold a LCA at York. Under rate pin. Sold fast.

#171 4 years ago

Fresh off the truck tonight. Bally Escape from the Lost World.

003-437.JPG 004.JPG
#190 4 years ago

Two more fresh off the truck last night. This makes 9 machines in two months. Amazing how many machines are still out there.

#193 4 years ago

An other one in NJ, fresh out of a basement.

013.JPG 015.JPG
#197 4 years ago

Hard to follow (z28dan) post with his MM. These two came home tonight. Still in the trailer.

043.JPG 044.JPG
#201 4 years ago

With only 470 unit produced nice find.

2 months later
#264 4 years ago

Feeling luck?

026.JPG 038.JPG
7 months later
#1038 4 years ago
Quoted from yfz450:

Last weekend, first woodrail.

This looks like the one that was at the Andreas PA auction?

#1044 4 years ago
Quoted from yfz450:

Yup, that's the one. You bought the criss cross?

Yes sir, it will be at York.

4 weeks later
#1234 4 years ago
3 months later
#1853 3 years ago

Colsond, can't believe how long it was on Craig's list. It was price to sell. Nice acquisition to your collection. If it was a Fire Queen it would be in my barn.

2 weeks later
#1966 3 years ago

Nice score on the Joke, rare title with only 110 produced.

2 weeks later
#2078 3 years ago

Otaku, the machines look great set up. Happy you were able to save the airport. Be sure to stop by my inside flea market spots in Allentown.

2 months later
#2627 3 years ago
Quoted from Ralph67:

Whats the name of The Golfing game? , looks great fun , just your style Andy...

Bromley Little Pro.

3 weeks later
#2777 3 years ago

Last week estate sale purchase, true HUO with 3400 plays. Paid more than I wanted but is was only 20 minutes away.


4 months later
#3837 2 years ago

Haven't posted here in a couple of months. So here we go. In the last four months Addams Family, Baywatch ,Hurricane, LAH and book ends (2) HUO LOTR.

019 (resized).JPG

026 (resized).JPG

024 (resized).JPG

025 (resized).JPG

008 (resized).JPG

#3840 2 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

2 taf?? I want one. Don't make me beg

I already had an Addams prior to picking up the other. I hooked up a friend with the second one.

2 weeks later
#3956 2 years ago

Scored a pair of Bally's late last night. This make the 4th Centaur in six years. Why can't I find a Fathom??? The Kiss has a repainted cabinet but the nos playfield installed makes up for it.

IMG_7726 (resized).JPG

5 months later
#5303 2 years ago

Two weeks ago picked this classic up. This was in the same home for 48 years.

Hiscore (resized).JPG

Hiscore3 (resized).JPG

Hiscore2 (resized).JPG

Hiscore4 (resized).JPG

Hiscore1 (resized).JPG

#5304 2 years ago

Two days later got a call on this one. This make the third WCS in three years, finally one with out faded cabinet.

015 (resized).JPG

016 (resized).JPG

017 (resized).JPG

#5305 2 years ago

Scored a screaming deal on this true HUO yesterday.

046 (resized).JPG

048 (resized).JPG

051 (resized).JPG

049 (resized).JPG

052 (resized).JPG

053 (resized).JPG

3 months later
#6412 2 years ago

Scored these two from the same home yesterday.

IMG_9595 (resized).JPG

IMG_9598 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#6479 2 years ago

I scored two true HUO Batman Dark Knights in two months. The one I picked up this weekend has only 88 plays on her. If that's not crazy enough the serial numbers are one after the other and built the same day. They both came from home owners and one was purchased from a magazine and the other from an dealer.

IMG_9686 (resized).JPG

IMG_9687 (resized).JPG

IMG_9688 (resized).JPG

IMG_9689 (resized).JPG

IMG_9692 (resized).JPG

#6482 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Now what are you going to do with TWO??

The one with 88 plays is on the trailer for the York show.

2 weeks later
#6635 2 years ago

HUO Elvis Gold last night.

BDFFCF6C-C109-4630-9571-112983EC09B0 (resized).jpeg

BF813492-A393-4696-A536-197BACCC7E8A (resized).jpeg

4FEA6939-1711-4096-A67A-7B752FECEE63 (resized).jpeg

A1088115-1554-4146-91E8-F8F865270355 (resized).jpeg

#6686 2 years ago

Nice score corvair61 on the Fathom. I found four Centuar's in 5 years but never a Fathom. Not yet.

1 week later
#6850 2 years ago

Been on a hot streak picking up newer Sterns. Came home with an old school woody. In the same home from 1962 until last night.

088 (resized).JPG

090 (resized).JPG

091 (resized).JPG

092 (resized).JPG

093 (resized).JPG

#6851 2 years ago

Was also asked it I purchase bowling machines, replied yes until I saw it. Don't think the escalera could handle it.

082 (resized).JPG

083 (resized).JPG

079 (resized).JPG

080 (resized).JPG

081 (resized).JPG

078 (resized).JPG

#6899 2 years ago

Nice AMI Continental jukebox in the back ground!

1 month later
#7257 1 year ago

Three em's in this week.

057 (resized).JPG

065 (resized).JPG

056 (resized).JPG

064 (resized).JPG

060 (resized).JPG

058 (resized).JPG

062 (resized).JPG

063 (resized).JPG

061 (resized).JPG

3 weeks later
#7474 1 year ago

Took this in on trade tonight.

1D38D4B7-BA9F-40F7-9F3B-1FAF5EB60266 (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#7724 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Picked up a very nice example of a single player today. Thanks Pete!

Always a pleasure Colsond. Enjoy the machine and make room for more. Still have 40+ project machines coming in the next two months. Pete.

2 weeks later
#7905 1 year ago

Packed the mini van to the gills last night. 2x Flash. Lost World and just the head to a Magic. Love the glass!

0B50A596-8452-40C7-AE90-81EC37C768F3 (resized).jpeg

E3962AF1-9F47-4E57-8B06-4418CCEE2438 (resized).jpeg

BFB367C2-5483-425F-8151-7C294CA90CFF (resized).jpeg

#7906 1 year ago

1241BBB4-366B-427E-A4AF-C2DAB10B07CD (resized).jpeg

AA679CEA-6657-4A93-B50F-EA0EB09A2396 (resized).jpeg

DC36A169-FEAF-4619-8B83-228F0E4E1B45 (resized).jpeg

#7953 1 year ago

One more project for Allentown I will have a full two spaces in the inside flea market as always.

firepower2 (resized).JPG

1 month later
#8289 1 year ago

Couple more em's came in this week.

029 (resized).JPG

016 (resized).JPG

017 (resized).JPG

4 months later
#9402 1 year ago

I was always told I have a lot of balls but now I have 13 more.

20180730_185313 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#9574 1 year ago

Nice score 15 minutes from home.

20180819_105628 (resized).jpg
#9576 1 year ago
Quoted from fast_in_muskoka:

I can only give one thumbs up, LOL !
Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks! Had a chance to get it out of the car and look her over better. Knew it was a reimport when I made the deal. Over all very nice and it even had a few modes on her. One broken sling and bad batteries. She's a keeper!

20180819_152607 (resized).jpg20180819_152643 (resized).jpg
#9636 1 year ago

John, I would say Quick Silver my man! Congrats!!! Now find me a Star Gazer.

2 weeks later
#9772 1 year ago

Here is one for the woodie guys.

20180908_085032 (resized).jpg
#9808 1 year ago

Nice score this week. Same home for 25 years and looks to have very low miles on her. Amazing example of this title.

20180910_183514 (resized).jpg
#9812 1 year ago

Quoted from radium:
Does it say “$$$ PAID FOR PINBALL MACHINES” on your back window?

It does, I have advertised on my vehicles for 20 years now. Every now and then I will get a traffic summons for not having commercial plates.

Quoted from Colsond3:

It certainly does. How else do you think he hogs all those games up? Pete’s a great guy…I’ve dealt with him several times. Although he is still holding out on that Playmatic Magic on me.

Colsond, I will be back in Staten Island tomorrow for an other load. I will look for the body.

#9818 1 year ago

Nice score on the Wurlitzer 2100, nice it has the roto pages. One of the most desirable 1950's jukeboxes. Congrats!

2 weeks later
#9936 1 year ago

Friday night a nice Chexx Bubble hockey 10 houses away and today a two hour ride for these two in above average condition.

20180928_191443 (resized).jpg20180929_180218 (resized).jpg20180929_182016 (resized).jpg
#9941 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

The roadside Skylab has changed hands...
[quoted image][quoted image]

Colsond. If I knew you were in Jersey you could have helped unload the mini van.

4 weeks later
#10131 1 year ago

Early this week scored this one. Gota love the ZZ Top music.

20181028_174243 (resized).jpg
#10155 1 year ago

Just pulled this in tonight. Over size topper included.

20181101_191409 (resized).jpg
#10193 1 year ago

Who's out of control. 14 game pick up today. Plus tons of parts. Trailer door almost didn't close.

20181103_194216 (resized).jpg

#10197 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Nice Pete...is my Magic cab in there so I can pick up the game finally?

This was a Delaware road trip not staten Island. I should just sell you the head.

#10214 1 year ago

Nice score Don. Have her ready for Allentown.

3 weeks later
#10434 11 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Damn things keep jumping in my car...
[quoted image]

Colsond, was this the on in West Deptford?

#10439 11 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Technically, it was in Jersey.

It was. He said he got quite a few PM’s trying to start a bidding war, but luckily I know Bill and he doesn’t partake in such reindeer games.

Wish I knew you were looking for one. I just acquired a pair of Electra's still in the trailer from the Delaware deal last month. Will unload her this month and post pictures.

#10443 11 months ago

Did you get that Magic cabinet yet? I’ll swing up and grab the head.

Going to start up with the Staten Island runs early next year, still plenty there maybe I over looked the body. Have one more run to Delaware also. I believe there are some nos lower playfields for the Elektras there.

1 week later
#10497 11 months ago

Not a pinball but 4 popluated Fire Power playfields, 1 Power Play and 1 Gottlieb Rack A Ball.

20181215_150832 (resized).jpg20181215_151222 (resized).jpg
4 weeks later
#10730 10 months ago
Quoted from MRudowsky:

Happy to be making my third post in this thread! Works well and a decent player. [quoted image][quoted image]

Was this the Lazer Ball at the Douglassville, PA auction today?

#10752 10 months ago

Fresh off the truck. Try a tube shot.

20190114_190321 (resized).jpg
2 months later
#11368 8 months ago

Centaur #5 in 7 years. Hooking up a very good friend with this one.

20190317_085556 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#11419 8 months ago

Good weekend.

20190323_122113 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#11756 7 months ago

This title doesn't pop up to often. Just pulled her off the truck tonight.

20190425_201552 (resized).jpg20190425_201621 (resized).jpg20190425_201608 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#11878 6 months ago

Picked these up in my way back home from Pinfest. Only a 15 minute detour. Wizards is killer nice original. Medusa very clean example of this title.

20190505_103119 (resized).jpg20190505_103140 (resized).jpg20190505_103147 (resized).jpg20190505_103605 (resized).jpg20190505_103617 (resized).jpg20190505_103626 (resized).jpg
2 months later
#12601 4 months ago
Quoted from lowbeau67:

Crazy 23 hour roundtrip to new jersey and back with 4 hours of sleep in the middle to get a sweet black knight from an awesome pinsider rvalkenburg. My pops 75 years old was my wingman and kept me laughing and alert the entire way. Great zany memory for me and him. Black knight is an iconic pin for me and was definitely worth the trip.[quoted image][quoted image]

My father would ride along on many pin purchases, he passed two years ago and now I use his mini van for picking up pinball's. Kinda feels like he riding along. Enjoy every moment to can with him.

2 weeks later
#12907 3 months ago

Allentown cleaned out my inventory. First machine going on the trailer for York. Have 2 1/2 months to fill it.

20190802_211431 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#12963 3 months ago

More in from Staten Island for the York show. Heading to Delaware tomorrow. See what comes home. Back to Staten Island next week for an other load.

20190809_172400 (resized).jpg20190809_171903 (resized).jpg20190809_171512 (resized).jpg20190809_171139 (resized).jpg20190809_171143 (resized).jpg
#12987 3 months ago

New load home from Delaware. Trailer in one week is half filled for York. More coming next week.

20190810_180317 (resized).jpg20190810_182845 (resized).jpg20190810_190531 (resized).jpg
#13078 3 months ago

3 more home tonight. To late to unload. Will take pictures tomorrow.

20190815_203644 (resized).jpg
#13081 3 months ago
Quoted from topkat:

What model
Is that ?

Dodge Caravan with stow and go seats. The four back seats fold into the floor. I have gotten up to four machines in her as long as the heads are removed. When it comes to DMD only two.

20190815_231000 (resized).jpg
#13085 3 months ago

Unloaded today. Parts machines coming in at the end of the month. Sorry no hot titles or DMD's

20190816_174336 (resized).jpg20190816_174858 (resized).jpg20190816_175432 (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#13456 71 days ago

Just acquired this tonight. Gotta love the 10 minute away pick ups. Very clean example.

20190911_200710 (resized).jpg
#13492 68 days ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Let me guess... Gilligans Island and Pinbot in Lafayette? $1400 for a pinbot with playfield wear and acid damage didn’t scream BUY ME. Owner seemed nice enough and they played OK. But yeah I passed as well.

Was on the fence to take the ride, guess not going was the right choice. What was the Popeye priced at?

1 week later
#13582 62 days ago

All in the last week.

20190921_124452 (resized).jpg20190921_133329 (resized).jpg20190921_134233 (resized).jpg20190921_134624 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#13952 21 days ago

Nice when you score a game that is working, helps there was a new Altek MPU in it. A good friend is hooking me up with a nice populated playfield.

20191020_124102 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#14021 14 days ago

Caught one today.

20191107_180155 (resized).jpg
#14045 12 days ago
Quoted from gac:

How early did you have to get to the sale to pick her up?

They estate sale company contacted me the day before the sale to purchase it.

#14082 7 days ago
Quoted from Murphdom:

I am so jealous. I am an EM guy at heart but that game is probably one of the exceptions.

Here you go, posted today!

Asteroid Annie and The Aliens, 1980 Gottlieb: 1700
The game is sold in as-is condition, backglass in good condition, cabinet is fair, head needs work in below average condition, playfield in decent condition, game has not been tested, does not start, all components are in the game but maybe some connectors loose, some wires loose or severed. Not really sure what is wrong with it, needs a tech to go over it to have it working.
dondap82@aol.com, Westwood, New Jersey

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