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What machine did you bring home today? Post your pictures!

By MiamiRedSkin

5 years ago

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#479 4 years ago

Just picked up one of my wish list pins--a Gottlieb Close Encounters, though I haven't unwraped it quite yet. I really like the artwork on this title

However, the one I picked up had some additional artwork on it that kind of stands out...


1 month later
#576 4 years ago

Just picked up a Middle Earth. It seems like there have been a bunch of Atari games popping up lately. This game plays about 80%. Displays are out, a few switches, bulbs, and one solenoid are out. Backglass isn't great--it was stored in an uninsulated garage for who knows how long.

But with what looks like a working MPU and a decent looking playfield, a restoration probably won't take too long.

I took a couple of quick photos as I was disassembling and packing it up.


#577 4 years ago

Middle Earth ended up having two counters installed for some reason. One on the coin door, and one inside the cabinet.




#581 4 years ago
Quoted from jmountjoy111:

Looks like that playfield cleaned up very nicely

Actually....I haven't touched it yet--I merely took the glass off. The glass was filthy.

The owner had no idea that the glass could come off. It also took a bit of effort to get the lockbar loose since it basically hadn't been removed in ages.

Also, the fuse(s) for the displays blow instantly on power up. Looks like the credit display board needs some attention.


2 weeks later
#649 4 years ago

Williams Big Guns--my first System 11. All the electronics appear to be working from a cursory inspection, though it looks like there is an error for the batteries on startup (which I removed, and thankfully the MPU has no battery damage). The cannons work and the wire ramps are intact. The flippers need to be rebuilt. Some wear around the edge of the hole for the ball saver post. The cabinet needs some touch-ups. The art on the translite has pretty much come off along the top 1/2" of the plastic. A bunch of other minor issues that are typical with a lightly routed machine that need attention, but overall, there doesn't look like there are any major problems, so it should look pretty good when it's done.


#653 4 years ago
Quoted from AZDbacker:

1978 Williams Disco Fever. All in all I'd rate it a 7. Backglass is all there but is juat now starting to deteriorate.

Make sure you seal the backglass with triple thick before it gets any worse


#654 4 years ago
Quoted from aeneas:

Backbox and 10 playfields yesterday. My car (Ford C-Max) was full. I had started loading but noticed it wouldn't fit so in the end unloaded everything and loaded again so drop targets and other assemblies wouldn't block eachother.
The load:
Gameplan Sharpshooter backbox + playfield
3x Zaccaria Robot
Dr dude
Magic Castle
Future Spa
unknown Gottlieb sys1 playfield
DE Secret Service

Quite a load

Sharpshooter is no small game. I had trouble cramming it into my vehicle when I found mine. But--I couldn't take the backbox off all the way since I couldn't separate the connectors--I basically just unbolted it and folded it down.

Post of photo of that unknown playfield. I'm sure we can identify it.

#659 4 years ago
Quoted from aeneas:


Gottlieb Solar Ride


The backglass is notorious for delaminating and flaking apart.

#694 4 years ago

Here's a bit of an unusual find. 1975 Allied Leisure Dyn 'O Mite. At first I thought it was an EM.


However, when you open it up....


Circuit boards everywhere! From what I can tell, each board basically replaces a particular function/section of an EM's innards. It came with a stack of schematics, which look a little daunting (although most everything is just TTL ICs). It needs a few obvious repairs along the primary electrical path. Considering that all the boards look clean and that it also came with a spare set of boards, I'm thinking I might get lucky.

The playfield is pretty nice for its age. The backglass is perfect. I simply couldn't pass up this odd machine since it looked to be in fairly good shape--which is surprising considering that there's 12,570 plays on the meter.


#696 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

It's the only pin with a black Ace Frehley on the backglass.
Cherish it.

Hah, and I thought the backglass was pretty wild earlier when I first saw it. I think you just took it up a notch.

3 weeks later
#826 4 years ago

Just picked up an Atari Atarians. Now I should be able to confirm and add some of the missing pinwiki info about this game, since there's a few differences between this one and later Atari games.

The game coins up and flips, but the displays were out. It very well might be just a fuse!

Not only is this game fairly uncommon, but one interesting thing about this particular game is that the original owl-eye coin door was replaced with a Bally video arcade game coin door--likely because the owl-eye coin door was easy to defeat with the coin-on-a-string trick. Luckily, I already found a spare owl-eye coin door that I can use to replace it.

I now have 4 examples of the 6 Atari themes produced (not counting Hercules). I just need Time 2000 and Space Riders to complete the Atari collection.

Here's a couple photos of it still wrapped up as I was unloading it.


#829 4 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

was the backglass nice?

Yep, just about perfect, except for a few small flakes missing along the bottom black border.

#843 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

You sure do use a lot of wrap ForceFlow.

Yeah, but it's cheap--it works out to about $20 per roll of 18"x1500' and is enought for several pins. It keeps the dings and scratches at bay when moving and transporting, so I figure it's worthwhile.

#853 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

Kind of off topic but has there been any kind of mod to the bottom of a machine so you can slide it in and out of a car and not mess up the bottom of the cab. I'm thinking metal L channel.

I just use large pieces of cardboard on top of each other. I can slide games in and out pretty easily.

[edit]: The large moving boxes that lowe's and home depot carry are sturdy enough to be used several times over--one store or the other tends to have them for about $1.35 each depending on when they shuffle up their pricing.

1 week later
#926 4 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

Congo with white sides!?! I never seen one, is the cabinet made of MDF or Plywood?

All the color has probably faded.

1 week later
#989 4 years ago

I ended up finding a Gottlieb Street Fighter II. It's not one of my rare finds, but one interesting thing about it was that it had a TNT Amusements sticker from 2000. It also looks like it was serviced a second time by another company before finding its way into someone's home, and then into my hands.

Another interesting thing is that the shooter broke and the shooter rod ended up in the shooter lane.

The game boots, minus the display. The display fuse blew, and I don't have one on-hand (a 3/8 Amp Slow-Blow), which I'll have to include on my next parts order. However, the display has burn-in and a scorch mark, so I'll pop in a spare that I have. The DMD board also has a couple of modifications, which I'll have to look into.

It looks like the MPU has one of the barrel-shaped lithium batteries that TNT Amusements was using a while back. 15 years and no leakage. It's probably time to replace it, though...

And yes, the car is busted, as is usually the case



#991 4 years ago
Quoted from jmountjoy111:

Every radio shack I have ever been in had 3/8 amp SB fuses in stock. It's that 1/8 amp that williams displays used that is hard to come by. Nice find btw

I'm in no rush--it's just not a fuse that I had on-hand. I'll probably incluse some on the next batch of parts I order.

#1005 4 years ago

I just picked up an Allied Leisure Roy Clark Super Picker. I can't seem to find any reference photos of it anywhere. IPDB lists it as a 2-player game, but this one clearly has 4 players. I don't think it's a sample or prototype game, since it looks like it has a random high number for the serial number on the outside of the cabinet. However, there is another number on the inside of the cabinet that reads something like M000003 (It doesn't look like I snapped a photo of it before wrapping it up, so I'm going from memory).

The game flips, but the displays are out, the feature lamps are out, and the solenoids (other than the flippers) are out. I'm guessing poor contact on the junky fuse holders and/or bad fuses. One of the fuse holders had an alligator clip on it to hold it together.

I took the photos as I was taking it out of the pin hauler, hence it's still wrapped up.


[edit]: IPDB has now been corrected to show that this is a 4-player game.

[edit 2]: It looks like Allied leisure serial numbers increase through their entire SS line. Each title does not appear to recycle a set of serial numbers (ie, reuse serial numbers 100-5000), unlike with other manufacturers.

[edit 3]: I'm wondering how many of these Super Picker machines were actually made. I can only seem to find one reference to another Super Picker machine, which was posted on RGP in '98, which seems to indicate only a sample run may have been made. The owner I bought this example from had owned it since the early 80s, so there were at least two in existence at some point.


[Edit 4]: It looks like there may be a 4-player version and a 2-player version. The 4-player IPBD entry was based on the info I had.

2 player: http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=2438
4 player: http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=6315

#1008 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

You mean there are two different pins based on Roy Clark THE entertainer? *mind blown*

Heh, looks like it. Although to be fair, there's a cocktail pin and a standard size pin. Additionally, from the tiny nuggets of info I've been able to dig up, it sounds like Super Picker might not have actually gone into full production beyond some samples, but I haven't been able to confirm anything yet.

#1025 4 years ago
Quoted from rstrunks:

Would love to see some pics of the Super Picker. I believe it to be pretty rare.
Also I have a complete coin box in my Allied Rock On That I will post pics of in your other thread.

Hi Richard--I plan on fully documenting it. I'll be sure to let to you know when I have more photos after finishing a couple other projects and make room to work on this one (dyno-mite is one of those current projects).

I'll look forward to the coinbox photos--thanks

#1035 4 years ago
Quoted from MrBellMan:

Picked this up Friday...


Just an FYI...that pin is going to fade mighty quickly sitting in direct sunlight like that.

1 week later
#1069 4 years ago

Just picked up an unusual hybrid game--Gottlieb Caveman. There's a code/rule update for this game, which should improve the gameplay drastically.


Playfield looks good, but the backglass was badly flaking (if anyone has a good spare to sell, let me know ). The battery basically threw up all over the MPU. But, it's a standard 80A board, so that's not a huge hurdle to replace.






#1072 4 years ago
Quoted from SilverUnicorn:

Oh, man. Todd Tuckey had 6 of these in parts one year at the Allentown show. Interesting hybrid for sure.

Yeah, I heard. Wish I was at that show. It sounded like a real shame for all those pins to be parted out after they didn't sell. Oh well

#1076 4 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

The one thing I remember about this machine is that it weighs a ton, and I hated moving it. Finding a new back glass could be a real problem, as there just are not that many left and I am not even sure Mayfair or other older parts sellers stock the glass. It is a part of pinball history like Granny and the Gaters

Yeah, it was a bit on the heavy side, but since I took the backbox off, it wasn't too bad. The monitor really does add some weight to the body cabinet, though.

I already have a baby pacman--I've also been keeping an eye out for a Gators too for the right price. Varkon is another one, but probably too rare to find one out in the wild.

#1087 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

Good Luck. I keep telling myself the same thing.

If I had a nickel for every time I also said that...

#1130 4 years ago
Quoted from pantherpinball:

Just brought home 4 new ones, an Arctic Gun (and 2 heads), added in to the pile.

IMG_1533.jpg IMG_1536.jpg IMG_1534.jpg

Hmm...looks somewhat similar to my storage area. I'm going to have a busy winter...

#1172 4 years ago

I just dragged home a second Stern Lectronamo. I'll probably combine the best of the two to make a good one and okay one. Both were routed, but this one is the better of the two I now have.

At some point, a previous owner replaced the MPU with an alltek.


You know you have a sickness in this hobby when you start buying duplicates....

#1174 4 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

I thought I was the only one loosely looking for one of these
Nice grab, can't hurt having 2

I wasn't actually actively looking for another one, but I'll pick up pretty much anything if the price is right.

#1177 4 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

I'm currently working on a Laser Cue.
It's my 8th duplicate.

Yikes, that's quite a number of duplicates. Not all at once, I hope

#1181 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

I picked up a second City Slicker for parts even though the other one isn't running yet. Have you found a cure for the sickness yet?

More cowbell.

2 weeks later
#1283 4 years ago

Not a rare find like some of the other pins that have followed me home, but I ended up grabbing a High Speed. It seems to be mostly working, but is unfortunately missing the backglass. If anyone has one or knows where I might be able to find one, let me know

The playfield has some minor wear that can be touched up, the boards are clean, and the cabinet is nice. It also looked like it had the topper plastic, but was broken off at some point.


#1288 4 years ago

Thanks...it's not the first time this particular HS popped up...I missed it the first time around a few weeks back.

1 week later
#1339 4 years ago

Wow, I had no idea bowlers were made in that length. You'll need binoculars to see the pins!

#1361 4 years ago

I picked up another Atari game--Space Riders

It has some cosmetic issues, but it will do for now until I can find a nicer example. The big benefit of atari games is that they have very colorful artwork and most of them are wear-free.

Now I only need one more Atari game before I have the whole set. So, if anyone in the northeast happens to see a Time 2000 project or empty cabinet (I have the playfield and electronics), I may be interested.

If I can collect them all and if I can get them all working in time, I was thinking it might be cool to rent a truck and bring the whole line-up to pintastic. If I can coordinate with someone who has a Hercules, that might make an even bigger splash.


#1363 4 years ago

I also brought home a very nice Flight 2000. The cabinet is pristine. The playfield is also very nice. There's a broken plastic, but it looks like CPR sets are still available (whew!)

The backglass has some minor paint loss, but overall, it's in good shape.

I paid a bit more than I usually do for project machines, but I think I'm really going to enjoy this one.



#1370 4 years ago
Quoted from Bbismuth:

Beep Boop Boop Beep...I, myself, welcome the new robot-horse overlord.

The backglass looks really nice. Better make sure to seal it asap...they are notorious for flaking away.

#1372 4 years ago
Quoted from Bbismuth:

It's has some spots that show with the lights on. Nothing major. If I seal now, could I touch up later if I feel ambitious? What should I seal it with?


#1396 4 years ago
Quoted from CastleRockIM:

IJ4 was a close squeeze(Height) in the 2013 Equinox but it made it home.


Pfft, looks like you have a good couple inches to spare. Plenty of room. Wait till you get a game that actually scrapes the roof

#1405 4 years ago
Quoted from Bbismuth:

I have an Equinox. I had done me well until I tried picking up a Stargate. Gottlieb System 3's will not fit in an Equinox. The body is much taller than Bally/Williams and Sterns.

I either have to put the game on its side, unbolt the backbox and slide it down a bit, or just remove the backbox entirely. System 3 and 80B games are monsters.

#1408 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

Are they taller than a 6803? I was trying to figure out what the tallest game was folded up. I had to unbolt the backbox and slide it down on my Bally 6803 in a Durango but the Durango has a sloped hatch which makes the entrance smaller.

No idea. Haven't owned a 6803 game yet.

From what I remember from the last time I moved a system 3 game, I think it was almost 34" high when folded. A WMS system 11 was 30". A system 80A with a thin backbox was something like 26 or 28" from what I recall. A system 80B may have been about 32"-33", but I can't quite remember since I haven't moved one in quite a while.

1 week later
#1426 3 years ago
Quoted from herbertbsharp:

Snagged this one today while I had the chance! Knew it would likely be a few years before I had another opportunity to snag one.


1 week later
#1481 3 years ago

Brought this home last night--Deadly Weapon. Probably paid a little much for it, but considering they only made 803 of these with most going overseas, I figured I might not see another one for a while. The cabinet has some chunks taken out of it along some of the edges and one of the corners (behind one of the legs). Playfield is in pretty good shape, but there is some minor wear on the edges of some inserts, which can probably be touched up without too much trouble. All the plastics are intact. The game needs a shop job, but it booted, coined up, and seemed to be in mostly working order upon a cursory inspection.


1 month later
#1652 3 years ago
Quoted from Kane:

Picked this up from a guy who rents space from me. Said it had been sitting in his basement for years covered by old clothing his wife had put on it. Haven't turned it on yet but he said the last time it was played the left ball save coil kept firing. He bought it from a bar but other than having just 5 leg bolts- rest were stripped out, right side of backbox decal completely missing and having to drill both locks to get it open it seems to be in good shape. Boards are clean and all the major plastics are in 1 piece, filthy but fine. And for free you can't beat the price


Nice find. I've had my eye out for one of these. The playfield looks pretty nice.

1 week later
#1696 3 years ago
Quoted from SunMonkeyAZ:

Only have room for one pin.

Famous last words of every pinball hobbyist

1 week later
#1742 3 years ago
Quoted from ScottinSGFNY:

How much for that mod - I have to have it.

If you have to ask, you can't afford it

#1744 3 years ago
Quoted from ScottinSGFNY:

I can dream...... by the way - when's it going to be 31 - I keep watching.........

Might be a while--I'm over capacity at this point I need to get rid of a few first...

2 weeks later
#1880 3 years ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

I am developing a serious problem. 4 machines in 2 weeks and I was out of room to begin with.


Just wait--you're barely getting started

#1888 3 years ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

Maybe compared to some. But I have 19 machines and only room for 12. They are stacking up in the basement and now the garage. I send out machines to my repair tech for remote storage.
I was supposed to refinish the basement but now have too many machines to make that possible. My storage units are full of cars and parts.
I would vote for the presidential candidate that could solve this problem!

Pff, simple, get rid of the cars

#1905 3 years ago

Picked up two games this week...a BOP and Barb Wire. Both in working order, but need some repairs and shopping.

Someone stuck small jewels to the BOP. Hopefully they will come off without too much trouble. But, not something you see done to a game every day.



#1910 3 years ago
Quoted from Capinball:

I can't remember, was that BOP pic in the CL ad or just a fun surprise when you go there? Either way, good pick ups for the prices!

There was a playfield photo in the ad, but I didn't see the bejeweled additions until I was up close.

#1912 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Nice grabs...that's what your "business" in NJ was??!! LOL. Barb Wire is actually a pretty decent game. I was surprised when I played one two years ago. And BOP is a BOP..bedazzled or not. Fun pin.

Heh, guilty as charged In all fairness, all I said was that I would be in the area, not what I'd be doing there. Didn't want to jinx it.

Although, pretty much any traveling I do these days is usually somehow pinball related in one way or another.

1 month later
#2246 3 years ago

Just picked up a rare cocktail pin--1978 Viza War. I don't normally pay much attention to cocktail games, but this one was particularly interesting because of the 2-player aspect, the overall design, the electronics that were used (all 7400 logic--no MPU/CPU). It seems to have a lot in common with the Allied Leisure games that I've been working on. Apparently, it has both a single and 2-player mode. In two player mode, if someone gets the ball in the center tunnel target, it can disable the other player's flippers for a short period of time.

It came with a spare playfield, which I plan on swapping in. However--the playfields are slightly different. One playfield has kick-out saucer holes, while the other doesn't and instead just has a slingshot.

The artwork came from the famous "The Berzerker" painting: http://www.comicbookbrain.com/large-frank-frazetta-conan-the-berzerker.php

There are no playfield inserts, aside from LED's for the character's eyes. There are scoring lights around the outside of the playfield.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have a manual or schematics, and I don't see that they are readily available, so I may have to do some hunting for that.


#2279 3 years ago
Quoted from blimpey:

Just got my Spidey VE.


Typical....get an expensive toy, and all he wants to do is play in the box

1 week later
#2369 3 years ago

Well, since you picked up a Devil's Dare before I did, the keychain can be yours again since I can't put it to immediate use

Now R911's on the other hand--those I seem to have coming out of my ears

#2371 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

It's all good...I can make another one easily. R911's a cool game...even though the helicopter doesn't work on half of them that you come across.

It is an interesting mechanical design, but it's a shame that it depends upon the right amount of friction for the whole thing to work properly

#2376 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

There's always another one out there somewhere!!! Just have to be at the right place at the right time. Glad I was able to give you a great deal on the first one...and you still have it.

Another one just popped up in Boston on CL 10 minutes ago.

#2378 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Looks pretty decent actually, but $950 with a flaky BG is a bit much. I like the rifles in the background of his 4th photo, and I'm not sure what he "washed down" the playfield with. Hopefully CP-100, and not a bucket and sponge. LMAO

Yeah...you know it's bad news when someone says they "washed" the game.

1 week later
#2427 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

What's that you got in the corner there pinwizkid? That's a stylish looking game!

Looks like Screamo


#2470 3 years ago
Quoted from comment23:

Brought home a really nice Gottlieb Gladiators for $500!

Nice grab...you got a steal

1 week later
#2525 3 years ago
Quoted from wantdataeast:

HA HA HA That is the funniest thing I have seen in a while. Planning is not a part of the Pinball hobby. Pinball machines are like homeless animals, they follow you home.
Then you ask the person who makes the rules... "Can I keep it?"

No matter how much space you have, you will always have overflow.

#2527 3 years ago

Picked up a Gameplan Sharpshooter II from a fellow pinsider this weekend.

No charge for the nest under the pop bumper



#2538 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

A headless Sharpshooter?

I have the backbox...it's just not in that photo when I was unloading the body.

1 week later
#2624 3 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

Prototype Transporter: The Rescue.
A test unused game model bought and sent home directly from the factory floor.
Serial Number #11, x series, all boards and parts match.
Documented HUO in private ownership for 27 years.
No cabinet fade.
Rare game anyway, and unheard of in this condition.
The playfield provides an easy assessment of the entire game, particularly the transporter ramp that is crystal clear, and a dust free lower cabinet interior.

Amazing find

1 week later
#2688 3 years ago
Quoted from SadSack:

Just picked up this gem of an EM - 1966 Williams 8Ball. Doesn't even seem to have a tag on pinside.

It's there: https://pinside.com/pinball/archive/8-ball-williams

4 weeks later
#2846 3 years ago

Picked up a project T2 at Pintastic. Wasn't able to get good pics until I dragged it out today.

It's missing the boards and quite a few other parts, but I've been gathering the missing pieces, and should be able to end up a with a complete game. I'm just hoping the transformer works....fingers crossed


#2851 3 years ago
Quoted from chalkup8:

First B/W DMD Force? Hope it all goes well for you.

Yep, I've serviced a few for other people, but this is the first WPC DMD I've actually owned. It had an attractive price and the playfield was in excellent shape.

Quoted from Number41:

Look forward to seeing progress on this and how it turns out!

I'm planning on starting a restoration thread on this one soon

1 week later
#2901 3 years ago

Just nabbed a Operation Thunder.

Re-import. It works, but the cabinet wiring is a disaster. I'm surprised it even fired up. Someone added extra coin counter stuff, hacked up the coin door wiring,hacked up the power cord wiring, removed the power box (so there's no EMI filter or MOV)...ugh. Other than that, it didn't look too bad.


#2908 3 years ago
Quoted from Jappie:

Nice! When tuned in, OT is a very intense game. There's lots of tweakage possible in the menu settings, if I remember correctly.
Remember to install longer plungers or System 80 coil stops in your flippers. This gives them a shorter stroke. It makes the feel of the System 3 flippers a lot better!

I had a chance to play one at pintastic this year. Intense is right.

1 week later
#2944 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballrockstar:

The pinball amigos now have super mario bros in the line up!
I need another car though,nothing fits in my stupid mercedes

Pretty much nothing other than a van will accommodate a system 3 game....those games are huge.

#2948 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinballgeek:

Could you have taken the head off and that would mean you could have slided the machine further in ?
Well the machine is safe and sound no matter what so thats what matters in the end i guess

That's what I have to do. Kind of a pain, but it doesn't take too long.

#2951 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballrockstar:

i am not going to pull all the connectors from the prints to get the head off, too dicey.

I've done it several times. Everything is labeled, the cables have "memory" so the bends follow where they are supposed to go, and unlike Williams machines, you can't mix up the connectors since none of them are keyed alike.

2 weeks later
#3048 3 years ago
Quoted from bobnatlanta:

This the Drac PF after a quick cleanup. I'm pleased enough with the outcome that I'm seriously considering leaving it as-is. Upper pf wear and some key lines need work. Other than that....I know I'm going to play the heck out of it while I make up my mind.

Be sure to mylar down to protect it. Look at other draculas to find where the usual wear spots are. It's rare to see no wear, so take steps to keep it looking nice.

2 weeks later
#3159 3 years ago
Quoted from dothedoo:

That's some....um.........interesting........dining room decor you have.

Halloween came early this year.

#3174 3 years ago
Quoted from rdbronko73:

Picked this up today.

Got away with a pick-up in your pickup. Nice.

3 weeks later
#3327 3 years ago

It seems like I haven't added anything to this thread in a while.

But yesterday, I picked up a Black Hole. Same owner for about 30 years. It had been stored in a basement for several years after it stopped working, so it was covered in dust and mouse droppings. The keys were missing, so I had to drill both locks.

Cab is rough, MPU has battery damage (and did not boot), but the playfields and backglasses are pretty good.

The giant sticker is actually a decal on the underside of the playfield glass, and not on the apron. (whew)

20160929165245041 (resized).jpg20160929171352955 (resized).jpg20160929165656155 (resized).jpg20160929165645135 (resized).jpg20160929164618874 (resized).jpg20160929171357882 (resized).jpg20160929171413035 (resized).jpg20160929171404702 (resized).jpg20160929191204228 (resized).jpg

#3332 3 years ago
Quoted from dasvis:

Would love to find a decent "project" Black hole, I remember that when it came out on route. Was really different than anything else at the time! Nice find.

I've had my eye out for one for a while. They don't surface very often.

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#3505 3 years ago
Quoted from Otaku:

Went down to take some pictures this morning before breakfast. I moved Super Star over from an old row into this section to start off this new row, and it looked awful all the way on the right for some reason. I have always had it on the left of a row, I guess that's why. So I moved it over and brought Jive Time down, and, perfection...
Super Star's white head rim is incorrect but they did a nice job so I'm going to leave it alone, at least for now. Super Star was at one point reimported from Denmark/Sweden, and now this Jive Time, which started it's life out in Wisconsin and I had it shipped to New Jersey from California. These machines have been places, but sure don't show any wear! I love them.
Up next in my search is either Doodle Bug/Love Bug (I really love the slight art variant enough to consider Love Bug (the AAB), really sweet), Straight Flush, Gulfstream, or Post Time. The Williams single-player "similar look" 1969-1973 collection continues.
I got a lot of games in on my new-old Jive Time. What a fantastic game! I didn't buy this just for the "similar look", I bought it because of the title and the gameplay features rather than at that point just trying to collect the bunch stated above. Really really glad I did, it was so worth it! Playfield is perfect besides the typical Jive Time flipper wear, wasn't expecting that! Blew away my expectations in that department. For once, the pictures didn't lie!

I would cover that window up so the paint doesn't fade...

#3535 3 years ago
Quoted from Elvisinmypants:

More Steve, more better.

That's probably the nicest Flash cab artwork I've ever seen.

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#3835 3 years ago
Quoted from Monarca1091:

The Sopranos pinball is what i got home today

I'm almost more intrigued by the gollum statue/topper

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#3891 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

WTF......I'm trying to downsize......how the hell does this happen??!!!!! I need help.

Oh I know that feeling. I just rescued a DM that I didn't actually have room for. Hard to pass up a bargain.

This one was in a fire many years ago and the backbox got a little cooked. Astonishingly, it still flipped.

But, I neglected to take good photos. It was cold out and I was in a hurry to get inside, lol

20161213141554143 (resized).jpg

20161213141535599 (resized).jpg

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#4039 2 years ago
Quoted from dasvis:

Cabinet colors won't last long in that location if it has the original paint.

Yup, sunlight really does a number on games with reds and oranges.

#4042 2 years ago
Quoted from dmieczko:

The exposure in the room is not bad, so there will never be direct sunlight, just a lot of ambient light shining through. Will that fade the cab? I will prob move this into the darker arcade soon, but love it here.

Yup, it will still fade. Sunlight is still sunlight.

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#4148 2 years ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

is it that bright in person?

Probably a camera phone with smudges on the lens.

#4151 2 years ago
Quoted from PatrickB:

Only thing i'm searching for is a elektrical sheme.Anybody.?

PBResource.com is the primary source for any Gottlieb paperwork.

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#4337 2 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

"Don't try this method to safely bring your new game home."
(Unless you like Mr. Backglass 'sad face')
This actually was not a joke, the owner thought he could somehow make it work.
Who am I to argue?
(More shaking heads and shrugs on my behalf)

Go home, mystic. You're drunk.

#4384 2 years ago

That's an interesting game...haven't seen one before. Nice find

#4391 2 years ago
Quoted from Monk:

Ok, so apparently I don't know how to remove pictures. Can anyone let me know?

When editing the post, hover over the thumbnail, then click the x icon that appears over it.

#4407 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheddar:

On sunday I brought home a nice Viking. The pf and cab are in good shape except for major fade on the cab and a seriously messed up wiring job.
It came with an alltek and 2 -35 boards one of which is bootable.
It also came with this which I am happy to have:

Keep in mind, there are several revisions to that booklet, and the latest one is FO 560-3, which supersedes all previous versions.

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#4757 2 years ago
Quoted from mappy_mouse:

I know they "butchered it" but I have it now and will get it back to It's former glory over time, hoping someone will produce a set of top quality stencils for it, I might actually send Pinball Pimp an email and see if he can produce a set, "Hoping anyway". There is also a piece of the cabinet under the door where the base sits in that is broken and missing, but I have already found a piece of matching plywood and a carpenter friend of mine has cut it to size so we just have to fit it and clean it up to blend in the way it should, but still very happy and excited to own one.

Depending upon what paint was used, you might have luck with Motsenbockers latex paint remover, or alcohol. You may need to be gentle with the alcohol, since there's a risk of removing the original paint if you're not careful. novus 2 is also an option, but since this is an abrasive, you may also need to be careful with it so you also don't remove the original paint.

In summary, I would suggest trying the latex paint remover first, then try a little bit of alcohol to remove most of it, then finish up carefully with novus 2 so as to avoid chemically removing the original paint.

#4768 2 years ago
Quoted from mappy_mouse:

Hi ForceFlow
Thanks for the advice, I will give it a go and be very careful doing it, I would rather not make it any worse than it already is so I will pick a less obvious spot to start and see how it goes from there, any "too much coming off"and I will stop very quickly and leave it.

Just something I wasn't clear about in my original post--if the paint is not latex paint, then the latex paint remover will have no effect. If it is latex paint, it should come off without too much effort.

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#5060 2 years ago

Haven't posted a new acquisition in this thread in a good while...

I bought a dead Hulk (but really nice cosmetically), and I spent all day Friday working on it at Pinfest, got it out on the free play floor where it flipped all day Saturday, and brought it home.

2017-05-08 01_41_59-Clipboard (resized).jpg
20170507214613750 (resized).jpg

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#5810 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

That number supposedly became available and was sold for some ridiculous amount of money a few years ago. Don't know how phone numbers are worth money though...

Why would anyone want that number anyway? I read an article years ago about someone who had that number by chance in a particular area code and they got all sorts of strange phone calls constantly.

[edit]: Then again, it could be a goldmine for a paid adult entertainment phone line

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#6367 2 years ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

Yay, I can finally post my exciting score!
This is my second pin that I've been hunting down for a while now! The first time I saw one of these and watched the gameplay I fell in love. What a perfect combination!
It took me hunting into a stale ad on Facebook many hours and miles away. The pictures were sparse and the price was too high. Luckily it hadn't sold and the gentleman was glad to finally move it out! We settled on a FANTSTIC price and I set out on an all day adventure.
This game also happens to be quite special, as this hails from the legendary FUNSPOT! I'm thrilled to be only the 2nd person to own it.
Yes, FunSpot means heavily routed... but surprisingly this game looks great and there wear is minimal. Playfield needs a good polishing but artwork is fantastic!!
Without further delay, here's my extremely HEAVY new Baby!

That cabinet is in fantastic shape. Wish mine looked like that. Nice score.

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#6415 2 years ago

Ended up with a fairly rare find last week--Gottlieb Star Race. Never thought I'd see one in the wild. I never cease to be amazed at what pops up.

The MPU had battery damage, so it wouldn't boot. A previous owner zip tied the game over relay so the coils would still flip, and they continued playing it in that state. There was a beer bottle cap taped down in the kicker hole so the ball wouldn't get trapped. I'm not sure what they did about getting the ball out of the trough and into the shooter lane since those coils are under the apron and can't be manipulated manually by just reaching in through coin door.

The backglass is flaking, has a small chunk missing, and the playfield has some wear and is flaking above the flippers. I never know what to do with flaking playfields since I don't do clear coating, and I'd rather not throw down mylar since it would only pull up the paint later and cause problems for future restoration. Maybe I'll hunt down someone in the area who can spray it without having to take apart everything on the underside of the playfield.

pasted_image (resized).png

#6416 2 years ago

This weekend, I got a good deal on a TAF. It needs board work and a shop job at the very least, but it doesn't look like it's been heavily routed, so there's very little mansion wear and no magnet burn. A playfield swap is probably not even be necessary, which is a surprise.

Just a few days before I ended up with this, I commented in another thread that I had been looking for a project TAF for a few years in anticipation of the CPR TAF playfield, but didn't think I'd find one because of the scramble there would likely be for project TAFs. Once again, I never cease to be amazed to what pops up.

pasted_image (resized).png

#6418 2 years ago

I probably paid a bit much for it in the state it was in, but I figured I'd probably be hard pressed to find another one. It's an unusual layout and has wildly colorful artwork, almost like the Atari games.

#6422 2 years ago
Quoted from RonSS:

Was that the Craigslist ad? I saw that, went pretty quickly! I was thinking about looking at it but sounds as though it found a much better owner.

Yeah--interestingly enough, I was the third person who reached out to the seller. The first guy (I guess it was yzfguy?) looked at it and decided to pass, and the second guy just wanted to lowball it before even looking at it.

Quoted from yzfguy:

Ya should stopped over..... 5 minutes from my house. I went to look at that..... That's one wiiiide body!

I should start announcing when I go on a game run, lol. Some of them end up being 2-3+ hours each way and I probably do end up near some forum regulars like you without even knowing it.

It's ridiculous how wide this game is. That extra 3" of width from "regular" widebodies made so I almost couldn't fit both the body and the backbox in my vehicle. I had to do a little extra maneuvering. It was a very tight fit.

#6440 2 years ago
Quoted from fisherdaman:

Did anyone from Pinside in the New England area score that free Star Wars that was on cl?

I kind of think that was a fake ad. It's not the first time I've seen a "free" star wars game listed in the Boston area.

#6442 2 years ago
Quoted from fisherdaman:

I had a suspicion it was fake too. But what would the benefit be for someone to post a fake ad like that? Just curious.

To collect real phone numbers to add to a call list sold to telemarketers, I would guess.

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#6558 2 years ago
Quoted from DennisDodel:

Interesting. Apparently only a few of these were made. http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=5092

From what I've read and seen, there were a few more than just 2 or 3 of each title that left the factory like that. I think I can account for at least 4 distinct Rock On's configured for home use.

#6560 2 years ago
Quoted from DennisDodel:

I wonder if the home models had serial numbers.

I would think so--it sound be enough to check.

colsond3, is there a serial number on it? It should be on the back of the game in the upper left corner of the cabinet body near the neck.

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#7094 2 years ago

Last night's pick-up. I saved it before it got tossed in a dumpster by a landlord who was cleaning out stuff that a tenant left behind.

It was one of the most difficult games I've ever cracked open--it took most of the afternoon. The key was missing, the door was rusted shut, the lockbar receiver was rusted shut, and the playfield hooks were rusted to the receiver. Surprisingly, the ball was not rusty at all. The playfield parts were rust free as well. The game was in a garage, and I'm guessing there was a spill that was aggravated by being stored next to some road/sidewalk salt.

Since I already have a Sinbad and plenty of other winter projects, I may pass this along to someone else. I'm pretty sure I have a lockbar receiver, playfield hooks, and apron kicking around. Lockbars and coin doors aren't too hard to find. Once I locate those parts, I'll probably put up an ad in the marketplace.

20171125152519874 (resized).jpg20171125152604929 (resized).jpg20171125152534879 (resized).jpg20171125160829494 (resized).jpg20171125161431003 (resized).jpg20171125162820224 (resized).jpg

#7097 2 years ago

It might amuse you to hear there was a pachinko ball rolling around in the air vents on the top of the backbox.

#7134 2 years ago
Quoted from jmountjoy111:

You need to get out more. That is faaaaaaaar from the rustiest pinball machine ive seen. The playfield on that thing is in pretty nice shape. Most rust damage pins have destroyed playfield machinery underneath. I’m guessing from the state of the metal on the top side of the playfield that the bottom side is in pretty decent shape too.

Yeah, the rust & corrosion was mainly limited to the hardware on the front of the cabinet (coin door, lockbar, lockbar receiver, shooter rod/plate, playfield hooks, apron, metal covers for leg bolt anchors, knocker).

Pretty much everything else was fine.

20171125162843813 (resized).jpg

#7181 2 years ago

The ad was deleted rather than flagged down.

I was convinced it was real. However, he was probably completely overwhelmed with responses, and maybe even got offers for higher than the asking price.

#7208 2 years ago

Last night's pick-up. Nice shape, needs some work.

20171203211159689 (resized).jpg

#7211 2 years ago
Quoted from MinusWorlds:

Nice. I think that’s my old FH. That the one listed yesterday in Western, MA?

Yeah, it came out of MA. The same owner had it for almost 10 years.

#7215 2 years ago

I'm amazed at the prices on JP's these days.

#7218 2 years ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

Its got a bum rap but it seems like a good game when people give it a chance....the ball eating T-rex is one of the coolest pinball features to non pinheads

I never said I didn't want one

#7224 2 years ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

Still need to source the remaining parts as I plan on putting this back together.

I'm not sure if you got this from the same person I'm thinking of, but someone parted one of these a few months back. The thread might turn up in a search.

Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

I’m out of space. Send help!

haha, welcome to the club

#7242 1 year ago

I've been in pursuit of a Time 2000 for a while since it was the last Atari game I didn't have, and now I'm finally bringing one home. My Atari collection is now complete (aside from Hercules ).

I'm only aware of one other person who managed to collect them all. I'd be interested to hear if there is anyone else who has them.

I'm really looking forward to getting them all set up in a line at some point.

20171209141211267 (resized).jpg

20171209160017345 (resized).jpg

#7300 1 year ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

Not a pinny but close to my grail arcade, Super Sprint!
Any boards, manuals or spares out there someone has? let me know.,

A PDF of the manual is available online. Just search for the name of the game and PDF.

2 weeks later
#7446 1 year ago

Nabbed a Stern POTC at an auction in the middle of nowhere. It's in really nice shape--it probably was never routed, so this is probably my first HUO pin.

The hammer price was very far below the going market price for these, and I was dumbfounded that I won it, so I pretty much drove home like I stole it, lol
20171231125018198 (resized).jpg20171231125022169 (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#7679 1 year ago
Quoted from albummydavis:

I'm with you--there's no way that's the same one.
I'll have to check, I think I have a photo of my son playing it.

Wasn't there two of them at that show?

Here's one of them at pintastic 2017. Marked as not for sale.

20170708100052904 (resized).jpg

[edit]: Yep, there were two there.

20170707000052776 (resized).jpg
#7693 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Huo? Looks like ghosted inserts and pf planking. Sad to see a home owner took such bad care of it. Must have left it in cold storage for years?

Inserts on WPC games can ghost. CV is infamous for it, for example.

A single crack line doesn't mean the playfield is planked. It could just be a manufacturing defect. I've seen it on a few games before, and the playfields were fine.

#7713 1 year ago
Quoted from jmountjoy111:

Man I completely agree with this. Jar jar is the absolute worst character that was ever created.

I like the sith lord fan theory--it would have changed the whole character for the better. Oh well.

1 week later
#7809 1 year ago
Quoted from vec-tor:

For whom who like horror pix....

Que the Hitchcock music... Tada!

I see what you did there. It's completely transparent.

3 months later
#8699 1 year ago

Picked up a 1959 United shuffle alley from a fellow pinsider a couple weeks back.

I rented a 5x8 trailer to pick it up, but lo and behold, the lane was an inch too long to fit. the front of the game slants forward at an angle, so that caused it to stick out by that extra inch. Agh!

So, the seller and I ended up propping the lane up inside the trailer, and he had a 2x4 he cut and made a couple of make shift legs to make sure the lane didn't simply drop and get wedged inside the trailer.

I had some rope I also used to secure it from shifting around. It took about 3 hours to get the darn thing disassembled, hauled out of his basement, and loaded up.

I thought it would be an easy move since it was actually one of the smaller shuffle alley's I've seen. Although, I was able to unload it on my own, so that wasn't too bad.

The general idea for this is to hopefully get it up and running and bring it to the Saratoga show I'm organizing in August (https://pinballsaratoga.com) to help bring in other fun games in addition to pins. Considering all the other games I need to prep for Pintastic and the Saratoga show, it's probably going to be tight.
20180512215614029 (resized).jpg20180512215651204 (resized).jpg

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#8786 1 year ago

Picked up an RFM last night. My first pin2k game.

Unfortunately, it stopped booting when I went to pick it up.

So, looks like I'll have to go through it top to bottom. I'm hoping it's one of the simple and/or known issues...

20180529234930207 (resized).jpg

#8788 1 year ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

Picked up an RFM last night. My first pin2k game.
Unfortunately, it stopped booting when I went to pick it up.
So, looks like I'll have to go through it top to bottom. I'm hoping it's one of the simple and/or known issues...

After reseating all the connectors and everything in the PC, it appears to be turning on normally

There's a lot of in interesting routing data still on it. Looks like this game paid for itself and then some.
20180531013626283 (resized).jpg20180531013921627 (resized).jpg

[edit]: Well, looks like I spoke too soon. It will boot 2-3 times, then that will be it for several tries before it finally starts booting again.

I'm guessing this is why the operator got rid of it...

#8794 1 year ago
Quoted from dmieczko:

IIRC, there are a couple of cooling fans in there, and if the PC overheats it will shut down. Make sure both fans are working - I recommend replacing the originals with ball-bearing fans for longer life...

The fans are running. The backbox and PC case are also open, so I don't think it's a heat issue. Once the game actually boots, there doesn't appear to be any stability issues.

I started a troubleshooting thread:


1 month later
#9134 1 year ago

I've had this on my wish list for years.

I'll be bringing it to the Saratoga Pinball & Arcade Show in August. IJ always seems to be a popular game when it appears at shows
20180707214306663 (resized).jpg20180708010219514 (resized).jpg

#9136 1 year ago
Quoted from Coolpinballdino:

Nice find Forceflow looks like the game is in great condition.

The playfield is excellent. The cab was decaled, but the source of the decals looks like they came from a photo, rather than a vector drawing, so they don't hold up to close inspection. But, they look fine from two feet away.

The shots are pretty tight on this game--having recently played Houdini, I'm not sure which is actually harder; IJ or Houdini.

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#9653 1 year ago

Picked up this rare title at an auction. Although, it has a Farfalla backglass instead of Magic Castle for some reason. It also came with $7 in quarters in the coin box. That's the highest amount I've found in a game so far.

20180826093404063 (resized).jpg20180826093418026 (resized).jpg20180826093447329(2) (resized).jpg20180826140843519 (resized).jpg
#9656 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Nice! I’ll take that when you’re done with it!

Hah, I figured I might hear from you about this one

1 week later
#9723 1 year ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

The stickers on that bad boy are amazing. Who in the hell slaps bumper stickers on their machine?!

I'm just lucky they were mindful enough to stick them on the siderail rather than the cabinet itself.

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