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What issues have you had with your NASCAR pinball

By tasman

10 years ago

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#51 7 years ago

Not a solution to your problem, but until you figure it out you can still play it by disabling the racetrack in the settings.

If people are having probs with the magnets and the test car, it may be a transistor, Q15 or 5 I think? Its the Upper left one on the board. I had an issue on another machine where I got weird behavior from the mags, car, and auto plunger. They are all on the same column and the transistor was shot, replaced it everything good.

#52 7 years ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

Check magnet fuses

I checked the fuse in the backbox f20 and all the rest in the backbox as well for good measure and all were good. Is there other fuses associated with those magnets elsewhere?

#53 7 years ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

If people are having probs with the magnets and the test car, it may be a transistor, Q15 or 5 I think? Its the Upper left one on the board. I had an issue on another machine where I got weird behavior from the mags, car, and auto plunger. They are all on the same column and the transistor was shot, replaced it everything good.

The manual says it Q25 and Q26 and says aux after that. I do not know what I am looking at in the schematics. The auto plunger works fine and all the coils except the 2 lower magnets and the car does not register hits but was working fine until the magnets stopped working so the 2 problems must be related. I tested all the transistors on the power driver board and got similar readings on all in their groups. Any other ideas?

3 months later
#54 7 years ago

Just got a Stern Nascar and need to replace one of the microswitches (#180-5201-00) and I can't seem to find it at Marco or anywhere else. Does anyone know of a place to order it from or do you know if I can use a different switch and just adjust the wire on it to fit in?

3 years later
#55 3 years ago

I got a project Nascar a few weeks ago. After a lot of work so far, New Rotten dog driver board, flipper mecs, but at this point my 3 amp flipper fuse blows as soon as the high power button is pushed. If I disconnect the wires from the coil it doesn't blow. Now the game did this exact same thing with the old board. The new board fixed my other coil issues, but the flippers are still the same. I have a crazy switch issues I think was caused by me shorting the through opto board, but at this time I just want the damn flippers to work. They are both completely new. I am down to thinking ill start cutting wire ties and tracing the damn wires all the way to the board. I cant belive the new board would be bad on the exact same issues as the old one. Also I have the dual disconnect switch for the coin door. If I push in and let off of the bottom switch the machine will do the high power off thing, but that goes away after a couple min. Im thinking both the switches need replaced.

2 months later
#56 3 years ago
Quoted from pascal-pinball:

the car won't go down
I bought a new (stronger) coil bracket by marco's

So was it just a bracket? Got a link?

1 week later
#57 3 years ago

New issue: the game won’t enter the garage mode ( it just kicks the ball out of the garage with some form of spare change scoring). Any idea why it might not be initiating garage mode?

1 month later
#58 3 years ago

Left 3 Flashers won’t work. Is that a fuse?

Semi cars that spin sometimes but then stops spinning but the motor is still running

1 year later
#59 2 years ago
Quoted from Lamboo27:

currently having the same problem right now

I also have the same problem.
The main problem is that the deflector at the end of the ramp has broken off from the ramp.
The deflector is a protector for the plastic ramp that will send the ball to the right side ramp.
If the deflector is gone, the ball will shoot against the plastic ramp and break it eventualy.
Also the ball will stay too far to the back and will not land on the switch for the left ball kicker to send it to the right ramp.
That will lead to a ball search, which does'n help, because to ball is too far back to be kicked out.
With the deflector in place the ball will land in front of the ball kicker and on the switch.

There is no way to attach the metal part back to the ramp.
Here are some pictures from the manual.
The deflector is part #3.
There is another view in the second image.
I've colored the deflector yellow in the second image.

Please help me to find a way to attach the metal deflector.


Nascar_left_ramp_1 (resized).jpgNascar_left_ramp_1 (resized).jpgNascar_left_ramp_2 (resized).jpgNascar_left_ramp_2 (resized).jpg

10 months later
#60 1 year ago

Anyone have an issue with nascar where the truck pinwheel target always keeps turning?

I checked the opto and it is working correctly, however in the diagnostic test, the car will never hide or show, it just keeps running in running mode.

Optos work and motor works, what gives? Manual doest really say much more than that and doesnt point out what controls the pinwheel logic. Both lights on the little aux board that controls the optos seems to be working fine as well.

#61 1 year ago
Quoted from Alaskanzen:

So was it just a bracket? Got a link?

The side bracket binds on the plunger where it goes square to round.
I would grease mine during my cleanings.

5 months later
#62 9 months ago
Quoted from Mrjamma:

The garage bracket ends up giving trouble. The lock plunger wears and won't hold the garage in the up position. Stern has an improved part for this listed in the service bulletins. I have installed in 3 different Nascars and a Dale Jr. Works like a charm.

Where is this service bulletin??

1 month later
#63 7 months ago

Hello everyone, new to the world of pinball ownership. Has anyone ever had an “L0 blocked” error when checking the optos? I called stern and they don’t know what that means. I am pretty sure one of the left coil springs number 27 is burned out but in addition the ball won’t go around the track anymore.

I’m guessing L0 has something to do with the optos so I have replacement ones on the way as well as a new coil. Sometimes it does go around the track. I also cleaned the existing optos and board for any debris. Any help would be appreciated!

3 months later
#64 4 months ago

My Nascar had some acid damage on the cpu board. Changed out bad components and shopped it. When I dropped the balls in it a Slam Tilt Error came up!
I cannot get slam tilt to go away!


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