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What pin callout gets stuck in your head?

By KozMckPinball

4 months ago

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    #51 4 months ago

    Suuuppperr jets !

    #52 4 months ago
    Quoted from Oneangrymo:

    Suuuppperr jets !


    #53 4 months ago

    The Gorby tune in Taxi

    Da, da, da, da, da, HEY

    #54 4 months ago


    #55 4 months ago

    "Feel the power of the wind.... Here it comes!"

    #56 4 months ago


    #57 4 months ago

    “Gomez”, “Super Duper Jackpot”, “Into the crypt in you dare”, “Hit the wall”

    #58 4 months ago

    ”It is here that we must find him and destroy him utterly!”

    #59 4 months ago

    It's gotta be "Hey you with the face"

    #60 4 months ago

    Not sure if this really gets stuck in my head, but I was playing minigolf today, bounced a shot off the wall into the hole, someone said it was a bank shot, and I immediately quoted "That's what we call the bank shot" from Cue Ball Wizard.

    #61 4 months ago

    "Thank you Mr. DNA!"

    #62 4 months ago


    366F6314-CBCE-494D-8C09-9F8C1402EE6E (resized).jpeg
    #63 4 months ago

    Clicked on to add "Hey, you with the face", only to find I'm the third person to mention it, so I'll add my runner up: "Quit talking and start chalking". My bronze medal goes to Gorby: "You give to me ride".

    #64 4 months ago

    Another one: " Not everyone likes it in the backdoor, but you do! "

    #65 4 months ago

    Worst Spear Throwers Ever!

    #66 4 months ago

    Keep the ball I have a bucket full .

    Gas,fumes, toxic waste, It's all ours. :}

    #67 4 months ago

    Even though I’ve heard it a thousand times, “Booooooo!!! You stink!” when you drain on Houdini, I still chuckle a little…

    #68 4 months ago

    “I’m having multiple jackpots” - Elvira in Scared Stiff

    #69 4 months ago

    Q ! We don't have time for your games

    #70 4 months ago

    Give me the fn money.

    #71 4 months ago


    #72 4 months ago

    Hey McFly!

    #73 4 months ago

    There’s a few more games with that speech call. ToM is one of them.

    #74 4 months ago
    Quoted from Timberhusk:

    TAF- Morticia "dumb ass" I know it supposed to be Gomez but now that I put that in your head, you tell me what she says...

    My wife said it the day we bought the pin…. Every game since it’s what I hear

    #75 4 months ago

    play better

    #76 4 months ago

    Arnold saying “shoot here and here”

    #77 4 months ago

    " jack fu%$^ing pot!" From metallica is my fave

    #78 4 months ago

    "Oh boy, a toy!
    "Sea Food! ... Yeah!"
    "Wuts all the racket?!?"
    "Meow-Meow-Meow MEOW!"

    #79 4 months ago

    “You have the MAGIC!”

    #80 4 months ago

    30 Million

    #81 4 months ago
    pasted_image (resized).jpeg
    #82 4 months ago

    "They're having trouble controlling the ball"

    #83 4 months ago

    LW3 ok ok ok.. or the cackle of the Cryptkeeper in TFTC

    #84 4 months ago

    "... and ziss is how we zay guudbye in Germany"... SMACK

    #85 4 months ago

    "What kind of cow pie shot was that?" - Cue Ball Wizard

    #86 4 months ago

    Houdini’s “I will NOW catch a bullET with my TEETH”

    #87 4 months ago

    "I'll be back"

    #88 4 months ago

    Alright, who brought the dog

    Thank god they made it so you don't hear that every single time the last code update.

    #89 4 months ago

    "It's SHOW-time!" -- TAF

    Love that callout. It was one of the first ones I ever heard and it's one that I love hearing each and every time.

    #90 4 months ago

    All Steve Ritchie call outs stick in my head when I hear them. Always.

    #91 4 months ago

    On Scared Stiff, when the game is over, it runs through 4 or 5 different callouts from other games, ToTAN , TZ, a couple others....my favorite is one that just says, "Mother, PLEASE!" and I have no idea what game it's from...

    #92 4 months ago

    Not sure these counts since they’re not official and are a mod:

    “Our lives are in your hands, and you’ve got butTerFIngERs” <Nedry giggle>

    “…check the vending machines”

    #93 4 months ago

    "More like flight of BRICKARUS Muahahaha haha ha"

    #94 4 months ago

    Gone fishin' - leave a message

    #95 4 months ago

    Let's wreck some roads!!!

    #96 4 months ago

    Here are a few from memory:
    "16th President wins" from RFM
    "How big was it?" from FT
    "Super Jets!" on lots of games
    "Well that went well" from Iron man

    A little off topic but here are a few sounds that I really enjoy:
    The Intro to Red Line Mania in Getaway
    The roaming Star 100K chime on Stars
    That damn Taxi bell

    #97 4 months ago

    not a call out .... but the background music (ZZ Top) The Getaway!
    humming it for hours after a game or two !

    #98 4 months ago

    LETS GO..

    #99 4 months ago

    He says we'll blunt the knives.

    #100 4 months ago

    That sing-songy "Number One!" call out from #Diner

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