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What is your dream pinball theme?

By pin2d

2 years ago

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    #101 5 months ago

    Blazing Saddles for sure. Would be my first NIB pin! I'd take a really good James Bond machine though - something that captures the entire (nearly) 60 years of bond. I can think of a perfect use for a shaker motor (not stirred!).

    #102 5 months ago

    Blade Runner wins all my monies

    #103 5 months ago

    I would love a super well done NFL pin

    You chose your team, real rosters (with updates) etc

    #104 5 months ago

    Trying to figure out how a The Office (not Office Space!) could be implemented lol.

    That's What She Said mode
    Prison Mike mode
    Business Ethics mode
    Hate on Toby mode
    Escape from Schrute Farm mode
    Save Scranton From Downsizing mode

    1 week later
    #105 5 months ago

    Prometheus/Alien Covenant

    Blade Runner

    #106 4 months ago

    My taste changes on a weekly basis.
    Tonight while I’m making love to a bottle of Johnny Walker my dream theme is. Kenny Rogers pin that plays smooth as butter and makes me quiver.

    #107 4 months ago

    A brand new Flash Gordon with easter eggs from Ted

    #108 4 months ago

    Escape from New York. Imagine Carpenters soundtrack in a pinball machine!

    #109 4 months ago
    Quoted from sataneatscheese:

    Weird Al Yankovic's Polka Party!

    This would be awesome and funniest game ever!

    #110 4 months ago

    Well, it WAS Heavy Metal...

    #111 4 months ago

    Dungeons and Dragons theme. Maybe one of the established worlds such as Forgotten Realms or Dragonlance. Or, just a generic AD&D adventure. There are some popular ongoing games running on Youtube. For one of them, the players and DM are all professional voice actors! They would be great to bring on board.

    Ok, back to daydreaming...

    #112 4 months ago

    My list of take my money now themes:

    Inception- need a keith Elwin touch for some inverted mechanics

    Princess Bride- make it like MM but with a little more fun whimsical feel and the one liners have to be great.

    Nintendo themed, Zelda/Mario/Metroid heavy with supporting characters.

    Greatest showman-give me a circus theme a bit like Houdini had a love child with funhouse

    Matrix-just dont screw it up

    Top Gun-only with music being spot on and some legitimate metal plane models in there

    Alice in Wonderland (neon colors very trippy with some black light multiball)

    Greek Mythology (i know the Olympus one is coming from a company)

    Justice league comic version-AIQ similar with a K.E and Z.Y touch

    #113 4 months ago

    I would like to see Stern complete the trifecta of pinball themes by releasing a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror theme pin. Sell it around Halloween like they did with EHOH and it would sell like hot cakes.

    Can you imagine all of the cool call outs and clips they could use from over 20 years of the Halloween specials?

    #114 4 months ago

    Get Smart! (original TV series)

    Just think of all the playfield toys (phone booth scoop, cone of silence, shoe phone) and sound bytes (“Sorry about that, Chief,” “Missed it by that much,” “Would you believe...”)

    The ruleset could involve CONTROL vs. KAOS. I’d really like to see that theme.

    #115 4 months ago

    Auto Purchase
    1) Harry Potter
    2) Pulp Fiction
    1) Jaws
    2) Beetlejuice
    3) Mario Kart
    4) Beastie Boys
    5) Blade Runner
    6) Matrix
    7) Tombstone

    #116 4 months ago

    That could actually happen? Judas Priest, Bill and Ted, or a new Back to the Future.

    That would likely never happen beyond a homebrew? Mobile Suit Gundam. Strictly the original 70's series to keep things focused.

    #117 4 months ago

    A space themed pin using assets/ video clips from those old 40’s-50’s sci fi movies. Backglass, playfield and cab artwork from the EM wood rail era. The layout, playfield mechs, and ramps are current / up to date.

    #118 4 months ago

    I’m lucky, mine’s been made, it’s Diner!

    #119 4 months ago
    Quoted from Budman:

    The original Jonny Quest cartoon. Man, that show had a great villain , Dr Zin, cool gadgets like rocket backpacks, laser guns etc. and the music was epic. There wasn’t a kid back then who didn’t want to be Jonny.

    Venture Brothers.....especially now that it sounds like it is gone without the teased closure of a Season 8 finale.

    #120 4 months ago

    Back to the Future Trilogy would be my absolute favorite. Especially if done by JJP.
    It might never get made but I thought that about my holy grail theme (Batman 66) too.

    James Bond and Toy Story are the only other themes likely to interest me. I might be interested in Blazing Saddles but I can’t see that ever made.

    #121 4 months ago

    Traci Lords... I suppose its a long shot to even get made.

    #122 4 months ago

    There’s some rumors that Mark Richie is working on a Pulp Fiction at Chicago Gaming.

    #123 4 months ago

    Would love to see Stern do a "Shaw Brothers" pin. They would have so many awesome clips to pick from. Those 70's-80's kung fu films are so original and the fight scenes NEVER get old. Many of these are on Netflix now too giving these classics a resurgence. I would even settle for a limited retheme.

    il_570xN.1382168439_5qg1 (resized).jpg
    #124 4 months ago

    I think Willie Nelson deserves a pinball machine. But it will have to be a EM.

    #125 4 months ago

    King Kong
    Any Serge Leone classic western with Clint Eastwood

    #126 4 months ago
    613FA58C-69C7-4BF8-838C-A9F21ED42282 (resized).jpeg
    #127 4 months ago
    Quoted from Gorgar666:

    ...if it had to be a rap Pin?...Beastie Boys...Would sale the best...IMO

    Beastie Boys would be insane

    #128 4 months ago

    Dungeons & Dragons 1980s cartoon - done in the fashion of Batman 66 with all the clips from the actual show.

    G.I Joe - same format with all the original clips.

    #129 4 months ago


    #130 4 months ago

    Rush and Van Halen for music pins
    Fantastic Four (based on comics of course, those movies suck)

    #131 4 months ago

    My wife's.

    18851 (resized).jpeg
    #132 4 months ago

    80's stuff, Goonies, Back to the future, Motley Crue, GNR (hopefully soon), JAWS.

    #133 4 months ago

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer (shout out to the homebrew), bonus points if its done with comic art on the cabinet and playfield, and show animations and callouts

    Harry Potter, moving ramps and hidden passageways and magnets abound

    Into the Spiderverse

    Anything Nintendo themed and full sized

    #134 4 months ago
    Quoted from phalcon_2600:

    G.I Joe - same format with all the original clips.

    GI Joe would be amazing. It’s kind of like the new Avengers. Assemble a team, battle Cobra. Plus, it has a huge ‘80s nostalgia factor. I’d definitely be in on a GI Joe pin, but I doubt it will ever be made given the war theme.

    1 month later
    #135 3 months ago


    #136 3 months ago

    1. Matrix
    2. John Wick
    3. Harry Potter

    #137 3 months ago

    Led Zeppelin...Blues Brothers...The Warriors...Saturday Night Live.

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