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What is the shallowest game that you simply cannot stop playing?

By chuckwurt

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

I have a small collection, and all my games are pretty shallow (early SS). My question is what is the shallowest game you own or have played that you cannot get enough of? For me I think EBD fits the bill. Really only one goal to the game, but for some reason, I cannot stop playing it.

#2 9 years ago

Flash Gordon. Simple, fast, brutal. Doesn't even have multiball.

Mystic. Even simpler, not as fast and brutal, and yet I still love playing it.

#3 9 years ago

Card Whiz

My first owned EM

#4 9 years ago

I installed the Pinball Arcade from an "arrgh matey" exchange, thinking that before I drop a 4-figure wad on a machine, I'd better have an idea what I like to look for. Every table they had up to November 2014: tried 'em all, found some favs, found some duds, found some to build a short wishlist. But the one I kept playing time after time after infuriating muthaf-----you-stupid-gardd**--game-I'll-get-you-NEXT-time is...

Fire! POWER!

Love it so damn much I picked up a $300 wreck to resurrect, which I'm in the midst of, probably over my head at that.

Don't care. Compared to so many other tables both real and virtual, I have to EARN that damn multiball. And a constant early-SS diesel-drone revving to a fever pitch, to where the machine *literally sounds like it's crying in pain* when you hit the 1000-point spinner? LUST!

Such a simple ruleset, but I just keep coming back. Prolly helps that I suck...

#5 9 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

For me I think EBD fits the bill.

Yep, me too. My wife actually told me the other day that out of all my pins, 10 of them, that's the only one she sneaks off to play when I'm not home. Definitely full of the "one more time" factor. Taxi is a very close second but its a little deeper then EBD.

#6 9 years ago

Cow-poke. I give it a pretty good amount of plays whenever I go to Superelectric, Very simple rules but incredibly addictive and satisfying to play.

#7 9 years ago

Street fighter 2 I think for me.

#8 9 years ago


The sound the machine makes when you get a super jackpot is like a hit of crack. Can't get enough.

#9 9 years ago

I never seem to get tired of Cyclone.

#10 9 years ago

SMDM, cup, rince & repeat, 10K cup lit - maximum satisfaction.
Meteor, knock M-E-T-E-O-R down - full bonus multiplier lit up - ohlala!

Braindead, I love it.

For DMD, DW, Sonic Boom - best combo shot in pinball, takes more whit but I love it!

I just got an F-14, same melody, spell TOMCAT and right orbit, rince & repeat.

#12 9 years ago

Gilligan's Island and WNBJM

#14 9 years ago

+1 for Fire Power

#15 9 years ago

Pinball Circus

#16 9 years ago

Beat the Clock (SS)

#17 9 years ago
#18 9 years ago

All of mine are shallow and much loved. Taxi and EBD are my favorites, but Seawitch is great too, thanks in large part to the ability to score the bonus repeatly mid ball by knocking down DTs in the proper way. Meteor is my least favorite of the five I own, but only because I've played the most games on it since it was my first pin; it's still fun. Galaxy, set up HARD, is hard to walk away from. Early SS happiness.

#19 9 years ago

And +1 for Firepower as well.

#21 9 years ago

Unfair since the game is new... But WNBJM.

4 top lanes affect number and rollover scoring. 3 positions worth 50 or 200 depending on if lot.

Nothing else you need to know. Guests figure it out quickly, makes a fun casual game.

#23 9 years ago
Quoted from Evets:

Seawitch is great too

I would love to have a seawitch sitting next to my big game. If only I could find one.

#24 9 years ago

Flight 2000 for me.

#26 9 years ago

Fast Draw

All ya gotta do is....

#27 9 years ago


#28 9 years ago

Any of a number of EMs. Target Alpha, Quick Draw, Volley, Centigrade 37, and the shallowest of them all is College Queens. There basically are no rules in that game, but it is very fun.

#29 9 years ago

Taxi for me!

#30 9 years ago

+1 Seawitch

#31 9 years ago

Lately a toss up between Bally Monte Carlo and Williams Super Star.

#32 9 years ago

Transporter and Lectronamo for me.

#34 9 years ago

Let me know if you decide to sell your Solar Fire.

#35 9 years ago

I only have Mystic right now and it keep me coming back. I've thought about selling it, but i still enjoy it.

I'm not a super star player. I haven't rolled over the score yet, I'd imagine once I get to that level of skill I'd be less into this game.

#36 9 years ago

hearing some interesting ones, especially Lectronamo and Bally Monte Carlo. I see these come up for sale around me from time to time. Maybe I should take a closer look at them.

#37 9 years ago
Quoted from pinballcorpse:

Fast Draw
All ya gotta do is....

Draw fast?

#38 9 years ago

Another one that is super simple but satisfying is Aztec (Mine is busted, but I have played a nice one on location a lot). Really the only thing to do is lite the spinner and rip it all day. But, it is not the easiest thing to repeat over and over again, so that alone keeps me coming back to this one.

#39 9 years ago

Firepower for me too!

Of the DMD era, it has to be T2. Very satisfying to hit alternating ramp shots.

#40 9 years ago

T3 gets a lot of love here.

#41 9 years ago

Devil Riders.

Looks like there are 4 shots, and looks were extremely deceiving.

#42 9 years ago

Not sure how shallow it is, but I played Whoa Nellie at Sountern Fried last night and couldn't walk away. What a fun game! Fantastic artwork and fun callouts!

#43 9 years ago

I liked Tee'd off a lot. It's so easy, but so satisfying.
Twister can also be fun.

#44 9 years ago

Buck Rogers

#45 9 years ago

That game has about 4 rules but I love it.

#46 9 years ago

I came in to say EBD but the OP already has good taste!

#47 9 years ago

Add me to the firepower list.

#48 9 years ago

Sounds like FP is a huge one with this thread. Not surprising. Might be at the top of the mountain of the "Just one more" games.

#49 9 years ago

Well i have a firepower and BSD so i guess +2 for me

and i just got a skateball which to me seems like it could fit the bill but i haven't got it running yet

#50 9 years ago

I noticed a couple DMD games mentioned. What are the shallowest DMD games that you love to play over and over? T2 is the first that comes to mind for me. You can go for CPU or MBs, and that is it. However, I can play that game all day long.

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