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What is the most overused phrase by any pinball owner?

By eggbert52

8 years ago

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    #201 8 years ago

    I only paid...

    (Most of the time it's total BS)

    #203 8 years ago

    "I'm not buying a new stern , until they make a certain title " next thing you know you go out and buy a mustang pin

    #204 8 years ago

    Well for me while playing it's "Come On! "

    #205 8 years ago

    It worked perfectly before putting into storage for 10 years ago

    #206 8 years ago

    New lower price

    2 weeks later
    #208 8 years ago

    'someone buy this'

    Okay, give me the money to buy this Ark of the Covenant, and I will.

    2 weeks later
    #209 8 years ago

    "Pretty good condition, considering the age."

    #210 8 years ago

    "Perfect and in working condition. It just needs fuses."

    #211 8 years ago

    So many people say, "That game sucks, it's a wicked side drainer!"
    Translation, it's a good game but I suck at pinball!

    #212 8 years ago

    "Fully Shopped", yeah no...

    #213 8 years ago

    "Light wear" when you can see wood grain.

    #214 8 years ago

    "Coin Mechs"......it keeps appearing in this other thread....

    #215 8 years ago

    Huo price drop

    #216 8 years ago

    Seems I have heard this from pinball owners. Not really over used.

    "OK,... kid you swear you put the quarter in? It ate your money? Ya right! Ok, here is a marked quarter."

    #217 8 years ago

    "It's better than new in the box". I've adjusted several switches, the flippers, the Tilt, replaced some bulbs, waxed the PF yadda-yadda.

    #218 8 years ago

    there will never be a remake of MM

    JJP where is my game!

    I've been waiting (x) years for my WOZ:LE!

    #219 8 years ago

    I swear women like me!

    #220 8 years ago

    What mods are available for.....?
    Who carries the best LEDs?
    Was there ever a topper for.....?

    10 months later
    #222 7 years ago

    Absolutely has to be using Loose instead of Lose. This is not unique to Pinside, dumbasses all over the web do this frequently.

    #223 7 years ago
    Quoted from pinball_erie:

    Absolutely has to be using Loose instead of Lose. This is not unique to Pinside, dumbasses all over the web do this frequently.

    Funny when it happens in pinball too.


    #224 7 years ago

    Don't feed the troll. (my answer, not meant as a warning)

    #225 7 years ago

    "I will never sell this game"

    #226 7 years ago

    Wish I was closer.

    #227 7 years ago

    I will buy it back from you in an instance if you let me

    #228 7 years ago

    Wow, that came from Stern that way?

    #229 7 years ago

    Where does THIS connector go?

    #230 7 years ago

    Its my own phrase I always say when I have to sell one. BTW...I mean it too!

    #231 7 years ago


    #232 7 years ago

    "If I had the room"

    #233 7 years ago

    Dialed in. What a dumbass term

    #234 7 years ago
    Quoted from Chrizg:

    Dialed in. What a dumbass term

    Wasnt that invented by the distros?

    #235 7 years ago

    Guys singing "Ill Tumble For You" when they tumble their bolts and screws

    #237 7 years ago

    collector quality . LOL

    2 months later
    #238 7 years ago

    What will be the next Stern pinball after "____________" ?

    #239 7 years ago

    Back to my place to play with my balls?

    #240 7 years ago

    "Wish I was closer."

    #241 7 years ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    It only needs a rubber or two.

    ... that's what SHE said ....

    3 weeks later
    #242 7 years ago

    I never noticed that wasn't working.

    #243 7 years ago

    I'm Special When Lit

    #244 7 years ago

    Chicks dig me cause I'm a pinball owner!

    #245 7 years ago

    "good luck with your sale" instead of "I'll buy it"

    #246 7 years ago

    Pinside is the pinball world

    #247 7 years ago

    Hmm, "this game is overrated" in the rating section is overused quite a bit. How can one person not liking a game make it overrated?

    #248 7 years ago

    "What LED's should I get?"

    3 years later
    #249 3 years ago

    "Shoots like butter!"

    This description seems to be super popular (especially with every podcaster and their brother) and is consequently becoming annoying to hear.


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