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What is the best toy in pinball?

By pinmister

7 years ago

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    #1 7 years ago

    I have heard this conversation come up in several threads so I thought I would see what people think about the best toy in pinball. I think some of the obvious choices are...

    -Crane on BDK
    -Bell on AC/DC
    -LED Spinning Wheel/Bobble heads on Wheel Of Fortune
    -Sparky on Metallica
    -Spinning Tessarac on Avengers-with Z Door Mod of course
    -Arcade Mod 3.1 for Tron
    Not sure if that is considered a Toy or just stationary mod-(best mod of all time for sure).
    -Ships on new Star Trek
    -Iron Monger popping up on Iron Man
    -Ship sinking on POTC
    -Castle gate on MM
    -Alien Ships on AFM
    -Glove on JM
    -Hand or THING on Adams Family
    -Cannons on STTNG
    -Clown on CV
    -Spinning House on WOZ
    -Strippers on pole/Talking Fish on Sopranos
    -Cannon on AC/DC
    -Moving Buck on BBH
    -I love Lamp- TOTAN Lamp
    -Trunk for TOM
    -T-Rex on JP
    -Rudy on FH
    -Hulk on Avengers
    -Supercharger on HS2
    - Fighter on CP
    -Gumball on TZ
    -Wolverine and Magneto on X-MEN
    -Bonehead on NF
    -Magnet Ring on LOTR
    -Mist on BSD
    -Arc on Stern IJ
    -Blinders on Tommy
    -Sinking Building on ES
    -Frankenstein on MB
    -Red and Ted on RS
    -Spinning Head on Pinbot
    -Engine on Corvette
    -Elevated Ball/Wand on PM
    -Cannon on BR
    -Cant forget about Mick on a Stick-TRS

    These are just a few that come to my mind. I personally think that the crane on BDK is the overall best toy because of the interaction with the player. A moving target is difficult and fun trying to line up shots. There is actually some strategy involved as not to drain the ball when crane is positioned in the center. It is about timing and I wait until the crane is not in drain position. What is your favorite toy and why? If I missed any big ones let me know.

    Crane_PF.jpg Crane.jpg

    #2 7 years ago

    Sparky with Z Door Mod


    #3 7 years ago

    RS Heads & TZ Magnets

    #4 7 years ago


    #5 7 years ago

    I Love Lamp! I am addicting to spinning the lamp on TOTAN

    #6 7 years ago

    I accidently put this topic under technical help can a Moderator please change to all pinball. Thanks

    #7 7 years ago

    Sparky is pretty cool but Rudy in funhouse the way he interacts is a great one also

    #8 7 years ago

    Rudy (much better than Red & Ted).

    #9 7 years ago

    Either the castle in MM or the ship in POTC.

    #10 7 years ago

    I always thought the trunk on TOM was very cool. Infact all of the magnets on that game are very cool.

    #11 7 years ago

    Here's what I think are the best toys (features) in pinball. It's not just the toy itself but how it is integrated into the game (in no particular order):

    - JP T-Rex (swallows ball!)
    - LOTR Ring magnet (catches ball in ball and you have to hit it)
    - FH Rudy (talks, taunts you)
    - Dracula (walking ball, is that a toy?)
    - Family Guy/Shrek (mini pinball game)
    - Shadow (mini playfield)

    #12 7 years ago

    I consider interesting physical ball locks to be toys. CSI with the skull ball lock is pretty awesome. Also it's hard to beat Judge Dredd (with Deadworld mod) with locked balls orbiting a planet and unloaded by a magnet crane. Cool stuff.

    The Magneto spinner/magnet combo in X-Men is a heck of a toy, if you consider it a toy.

    The BDK crane is definitely one of the best.

    But really...the ball gobbling T-Rex has to take the cake...

    #13 7 years ago

    Moved to All Pinball.

    I have to agree with the T-Rex being super cool. Also, the gofers on NGG being bash toys, ball locks, and ramps all while interacting is pretty special too.

    #14 7 years ago

    The T-Rex on Jurassic Park.

    Runner up: The flopping fish topper on Fish Tales. I guess technically not a toy since it is not on the playfield but mentioning it anyway.

    #15 7 years ago
    Quoted from PinsRfun:

    Here's what I think are the best toys (features) in pinball. It's not just the toy itself but how it is integrated into the game (in no particular order):
    - JP T-Rex (swallows ball)


    #16 7 years ago

    I like Bigfoot on WH20 alot, funny diverter and cool looking toy. Magneto spinning disc with magnet in the middle is pretty nifty too, also the fan on top of whirlwind giving you a breeze...

    #17 7 years ago

    Rudy, Ringmaster & The Vengeance.

    #18 7 years ago

    Mist multiball (if that counts)
    otherwise Rudy

    honorable mention: ship in POTC

    #19 7 years ago

    The powerball in TZ. Changed the feel of the whole game.

    #20 7 years ago

    My vote is also for the trunk in TOM: it spins, it's a bash toy, a cellar hole, and has a ball grabbing magnet.

    #21 7 years ago

    Going wit
    TZ power
    And any sort of talking head!

    #22 7 years ago

    My vote is for the blinders in Tommy. It affects every aspect, when activated! You cant see the ball at the flippers!!

    #23 7 years ago

    The trunk on TOM. Love it and I never even owned one

    #24 7 years ago

    The crane in Demolition Man is fun, allowing you to pick up the ball and choose one of 5 modes.

    Bashing Kenny in South Park, and/or the toilet.

    Crane in LAH.

    The crate in Scared Stiff.

    These aren't the best ever: just some more fun ones not mentioned.

    #25 7 years ago


    #26 7 years ago

    And let's not forget the sinking building in Earthshaker (Prototype version or mod).

    Picking up my new ES today. Nice.

    #27 7 years ago

    HSII Getaway's Supercharger!

    #28 7 years ago

    Wrecking ball in Junkyard
    Bell in ACDC (just for the sound effect)

    But my favourite 2 are definitely
    Crane in BDK &
    Mist Multiball in BSD

    #29 7 years ago

    POTC drop sails/sinking ship.

    #31 7 years ago

    Rudy and Balrog

    #32 7 years ago


    #33 7 years ago

    Don't forget the boxer on Champion Pub. Yes CP is a different game but still fun at times and built in the classic 90's area so it must be good. Also the train and bad guy villian in CC which I like better.

    #34 7 years ago
    Quoted from Jackontherocks:

    Don't forget the boxer on Champion Pub. Yes CP is a different game but still fun at times and built in the classic 90's area so it must be good. Also the train and bad guy villian in CC which I like better.

    The train in CC is a complete waste. It doesn't do anything to the ball, it's just a sliding decoration. And since it's on a string slipper clutch, with only an encoder wheel one end and a home switch, you can't even really tell where it is very accurately.

    /but I'm not bitter

    #35 7 years ago

    I vote for the ball. It seems to be the most popular as every machine has at least one.

    #36 7 years ago

    Due to that fact
    It's hilarious

    #37 7 years ago

    Some good choices and options here. But Sparky? WOF wheel? What do they *do*? Nothing related to the pinball. The best pin toys IMO are the *interactive* ones. Not a piece of plastic that you stick on a playfield, maybe mounted to a solenoid. meh Also not a fan of cannons, especially where they dominate scoring like in T2.

    That said, my top picks include the CV Ringmaster, Batman crane, TOM magic box, MM drawbridge/moat, under-pf magnets in TZ, TAF, IM, etc. And I have a fondness for the spinning lamp in TOTAN and the earlier games that had similar spinning discs in the pf.

    #38 7 years ago

    Too many good ones to pick from...

    JM's gloves are a real complicated toy that is pretty cool with the way the ball zips up to the magnet from the sink hole, and the way the player has full control of the arm.

    The Cup on Diner. Not much of a toy, but a real satisfying shot when you nail it.

    Cannons, wherever they are (AC/DC, STTNG, DH, BF).

    The Ringmaster on CV is awesome.

    #40 7 years ago

    Hulk really had the potential to be one of the best toys ever had he been thought out a little better. A bash toy that can catch and fling the ball with a magnet plus can move and literally punch the ball? That's gold. What holds him back is the ridiculous pressure plate and no way to sense if the ball is behind him. Proper use of optos or eddy sensors could have elevated him into best toy ever status. Instead the ball traps, especially on a non-dialed in game, become one of the major reasons people hate on the game. Such a shame to see something come so close to greatness and instead fall on its face...

    That said I love I do the rest of the game, and making the plate super sensitive does help quite a bit. But I know it could have been so much better...

    #41 7 years ago

    Gumball machine on TZ is one of the all-time classics.

    Spawned a ton of home gameroom full-size gumball machines filled with used balls.

    #42 7 years ago

    smaug in TH. I just feel it!

    #43 7 years ago

    CFTBL Whirlpool
    Rudy, Red and Ted
    The Dauntless in PotC
    The turbo booster in Indy 500
    Magnasave on any game.

    These are a few of my favorite things.

    #44 7 years ago



    #45 7 years ago

    This thread has made me realise how great B/W pins in the 90's really are
    All of their pins had something unique that interacted with the ball, IJ=poa MM= castle
    BSD= mist TOM= trunk T2= cannon HS2= supercharger BR= lower playfield cannon TAF= thing
    DW= time expander I500= turbo ect,ect

    Now days it seems all you get is a bash toy with a magnet

    Just my thoughts

    #46 7 years ago

    Laser Starfield Projector!

    It definitely sounds the coolest.

    #47 7 years ago

    1) Bonehead on NF
    2) T-Rex on JP

    Funny how my first two pins also have my two favorite toys!

    #48 7 years ago
    Quoted from Don1:

    Funny how my first two pins also have my two favorite toys!

    And I'm loving one of them! Trust me, it is in good hands now.

    #49 7 years ago

    The CRT on RFM is the best interactive "toy" of all time. Splatting aliens and blowing shit up = FUN.

    #50 7 years ago

    Castle in MM. The drawbridge coming down. Then the gate. Then destroying the castle
    and the towers "collapsing". The ball lock entrance. The moat

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