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What is the best shot in pinball?

By jellomandolin

6 years ago

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#101 6 years ago

Getting the ball in the vault on TAF without the bookcase open... "Dirty pool old man. I like it." Also, tour the mansion shot... "Fifty Millliiiooonnnn."

#102 6 years ago

I think the best shot ever is LOTR center ring shot , it's just an awesome feeling when you make it !!!
Another amazing shot but is very difficult is in "Fire!!" Pinball when you have to go up the center ladder to save your fellow firefighters to get multiball , just a great feeling !!!

Another feel good shot is in Addams family....swamp , and electric chair ready to give multiball ...you make that shot and is an amazing feeling ....specially when you hear the thunder and then "it's showtime" ...what a blast !!!

Roadshow has a lot of good shot ...but the best one is when Ted is sleeping and you make him swallow the ball to get multiball ......very cool and hard shot .....

8 months later
#103 5 years ago

And a new challenger appears in the form of consecutive Warp Ramp shots on ST.

#104 5 years ago

fun, but it doesn't compete with the satisfaction of the Picard Maneuver.

#105 5 years ago

I like making the Avengers Pro right side Iron Man loop, then slapping the ball up the Widow ramp. The ball comes lightning fast, and very it is very satisfying........

#106 5 years ago

Well WH2O has a monkey which is sweet

#107 5 years ago

Volcano shot in Congo just feels so gratifying to hit.

#108 5 years ago

Still saying the cup shot in Diner....

#109 5 years ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

Picard Maneuver.

Can someone explain this one? I hear a lot about it, but not sure I know what it is.

#110 5 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Can someone explain this one? I hear a lot about it, but not sure I know what it is.

Left orbit followed by upper right flipper to upper left ramp in a single flowing motion.

#111 5 years ago
Quoted from tamoore:

Still saying the cup shot in Diner....

Top 2 shots in pinball (in my collection, so therefore "all of pinball" - haha) are Diner and WW.

The Diner shot is the 2nd best shot in my collection... While there is certain drain risk with hitting that right Diner ramp full speed with those ramp posts so low in the PF, I have to say that the WW million shot is tougher -- albeit -- the shot does have zero risk -- it's just harder, especially with 3 balls rattling around the cage. It's tough to set it up. It's easier to set up the Diner shot. I like the "feel" of the Diner one more, but I feel more accomplished when I knock the WW shot. I also feel like there is more luck in the Diner shot as to it's duration, where the WW shot has no luck in the shot on my machine. You either nail it well or you don't.

Both are great shots. My honorable mention 3rd best shot is the Space Shuttle center ramp shot. Love the bell, the light show when balls are released, and future bell rings. Bells rule.


#112 5 years ago

Super Jackpot on STTNG. Hitting the delta ramp during Borg multiball and thus loading the Borg cannon so it can shoot it back at you again. Love it!

Followed closely by making the powerfield shot during gumball mutliball in TZ. A great challenge and reward.

#113 5 years ago

The jackpot collect in Taxi is very satisfying. Doing all the work to pick up every passenger, making that shot, and then being rewarded with an awesome sound, light, and enough-bell-ringing-to-piss-off-your-wife-who-is-asleep-upstairs show!

#114 5 years ago

Maybe not one shot, but hitting the couch during MB in TSPP is very satisfying.

3 years later
#115 1 year ago

I'm going to vote Congo. After just getting the game I never realized how awesome that shot feels.

#116 1 year ago

Cannon shot to sink a ship on Black Rose.

#117 1 year ago

Diner cup shot when you get a really solid shot.
Jackpot shot in Whirlwind. The music is great.
Hole in one on No Good Gophers.
Insanity falls on White Water.
Captive Ball shot to release both locked balls on Fireball.
Bust A Move on Radical!
Couch shot on TSPP.

#118 1 year ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

I'm going to vote Congo. After just getting the game I never realized how awesome that shot feels.


and the ring shot in LOTR

#119 1 year ago

Getting 2M+ on the Diner Cup shot.
The captive ball Bank Robbery shot on Maverick.

1 year later
#120 8 days ago

For me - the turbo lock on #indianapolis-500 is amazing. Especially if you can combine it with the left-loop-into-the-lock shot... Wouldn't you say @plovis ??

I enjoy the "SUDDEN" ka-Thunk of the ball lock in #indiana-jones as well. If you miss, it comes back hard. If you make it, it's tension release and you can take breather / drink!

Love the Piano shot on #twilight-zone.
Huge fan of every single shot on the playfield of #theatre-of-magic ... they are all just so perfect to me... Love it.

#121 8 days ago

Take your pick:
Deadpool Snikt shot
Deadpool Katana ramp
Deadpool Collosus shot
Pretty amazing that any 3 of these shots are easy candidates for best shot in pinball...and all 3 reside in the same game

#122 8 days ago

Jjp POTC black pearl to sink the dauntless shot

#123 8 days ago

ACDC, when shooting Song Jackpot worth 69mil and 3x is lit for 208mil and then to finish the game with 351mil. Amazing game.

#124 8 days ago

Walking Dead, hitting Bicycle Girl with the Crossbow while running CDC

#125 8 days ago

I’ve gotta second the Snikt shot in Deadpool.

#126 8 days ago

Great question. Honorable mention: Million shot on Comet for ushering in big money / big prizes style shots.

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