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What is the best shot in pinball?

By jellomandolin

6 years ago

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#51 6 years ago

It's not exotic. I just really like the feel of belting Venom with the upper right flipper on SM. For some reason, I can only consistently hit it if I slap the flipper button as hard as I can...
... And it feel goooood.

#52 6 years ago

Oh add the right flipper to top right lock hole on Fathom..

#53 6 years ago

Volcano shot on Congo.

Lately, alternating the criss-cross ramps on FT and then after the final one feeds back to the right flipper, you nail the monster fish >> oh and you also have the video mode loaded and ready to go.

I supposed it is even more gratifying if you are good enough to have feed frenzy stacked at the same time and that is the 4th and final shot needed. If I ever accomplish that I will sell the game immediately.

#54 6 years ago

Add another for NGG Hole in One.

#55 6 years ago

For combos I'm really enjoying TRON's left ramp > Quorra > right ramp > Flynn's. For single shots, the TZ camera and FT's spinner to collect Monster Fish.

#56 6 years ago

Upper ramp on my WW, it's harder to get around then on any other I've played (think the ramps warped a bit) so it's rewarding when you hit it and get the spinners and such. I also like the sweep shot on the drop downs, the chimey noise it makes is cool.

Another simple but enjoyable shot is making a basket on space jam (or nba) , pin lacks depth but it's still a fun shot when you have fire going and can hit a bunch in a row

#57 6 years ago

Nailing the Monster Fish shot on Fish Tales right after hitting the alternating boat shots for 20 million.

Also, the shot onto Deadworld in Judge Dredd to start multiball.

#58 6 years ago

Doctor Who = SONIC BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A "clean" GEM shot is pretty darn cool on Tron to hit as well.

#59 6 years ago
Quoted from Rick432:

t's not exotic. I just really like the feel of belting Venom with the upper right flipper on SM. For some reason, I can only consistently hit it if I slap the flipper button as hard as I can...
... And it feel goooood.

So true.

#61 6 years ago

on my dr dude the rock and roll heart. when the ball jumps up about a inch you know things are gonna rock!

#62 6 years ago

On JM, hitting the loop over and over. I've been able to string 5-6 consecutive loops. This can be done on Iron Man as well, but for some reason I find it harder to do on IM.

#63 6 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Doctor Who = SONIC BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely rockin

#64 6 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

A "clean" GEM shot is pretty darn cool on Tron to hit as well.

Until it goes straight into the left outlane from there.

#65 6 years ago

I have to second the vote for the air raid combo on ww. Also smashing the atom on strange science is a cool shot, especially when you have more than one ball loaded in the smasher. The newtons cradle effect is pretty cool and kind of a shock the first time you do it

#66 6 years ago

The upper left flipper to the "Bust-A-Move" ramp on Radical is a hard enough shot to line up and hit that it's really cool when it all comes together and you score the million for nailing it. For that matter, the mega-millions jackpot during multiball is also really cool to hit.

Left flipper to blackout ramp on Judge Dread is an awesome shot, as is the left flipper to sniper tower.

Shots to the Yagov kicker on F-14 are cool, but rather easy to control once you're used to them.

Hitting the jump ramp on No Fear multiple times in a row.

The Diner cup shot, for sure.

Hitting the boney ramp until Elvira says "wake me when you're done" on Scared Stiff.

#67 6 years ago

Castle Destroy on Medieval Madness. Especially when it is the last shot to complete Battle for the Kingdom. "No...no....nooo!!!!" Always heart pounding when you're in the final stages of MM wizard mode. Trying to hit the gate between the trolls. Throwing out a troll bomb and trying to clear the way. Draining down to one ball and watching that ten second timer go down.

Nothing to me is more satisfying than completing Battle for the Kingdom.

#68 6 years ago

the shots for final battle in The Shadow!!!
with sounds and timer!!!

#69 6 years ago

I'd say NGG hole in one, but AFM dirty pool is pretty cool too.

#70 6 years ago
Quoted from mario_1_up:

Or getting into rudy's mouth when he is talking sh*t to you.

An "older" classic shot BUT in similar vein - in COMET when the Dunk Tank Dummy is Taunting you "Hit me, turkey!" and you hit the target and he screams and splashes.

#72 6 years ago

NGG hole in one for me as well.

#73 6 years ago
Quoted from Rengozu:

Add another for NGG Hole in One.

I know this is a popular one, and when I had NGG it did feel good to hit that shot, but I never really felt that it was all that satisfying because I always felt like it was more a matter of luck than skill.

#74 6 years ago

off the dogs into the windtunnel on FH and Champanige (sp) on
Playboy 35th

#75 6 years ago

The captive ball shot on the upper PF of Banzai Run to win the race and become "King of the Hill" is about as awesome as pinball theater gets. Not only is it an incredibly satisfying shot... but the show that you are rewarded with for making this difficult shot is absolutely exhilarating. And then... you get Victory Laps on the ramp! WIN!

#76 6 years ago

The jump ramp in Robo-Cop. Best part of the game.

#77 6 years ago

combo shots.. and Banzai king of the hill.

#78 6 years ago

Making the shelter on Earthshaker-- very tight shot always.

#79 6 years ago

congo volcano shot

#80 6 years ago
Quoted from jellomandolin:

My favorite shot is actually in Teed off. You have to shoot between drop targets without knocking them down to score a hole in one. If one of the targets is down though, no hole in hole for you!

The 2 part skill shot on WOF is fantastic.

#81 6 years ago

An incredibly easy yet satisfying shot is the Safe on Sopranos when it is open. The call out makes it!

#82 6 years ago

How about the bonus collect shot of Viking...

#83 6 years ago

Cyclone jackpot is pretty hard to hit but always great when you do

#84 6 years ago

The skill shot on Ironman

#85 6 years ago

Left spinner on Stingray (with chimes!)
Slam dunk on NBA Fast Break
And returning that ceramic ball to the gumball machine in TZ

#86 6 years ago

No - the one million dollar shot on Comet has to be it!

#87 6 years ago

combo from the skyway ramp to the ball lock on BK2K. second fave is the NGG hole in one.

#88 6 years ago
Quoted from Dbaum88:

No - the one million dollar shot on Comet has to be it!

Glad this one got a mention. Very rewarding feeling when you get it.

Never played it but the NGG "hole in one" shot gets my vote just based on the videos I have seen.

#89 6 years ago

Ripley's Super Jackpot shot is very satisfying to me.

Almost any of the "collect bonus" shots on early ss machines (Skateball, Viking, Baracorra, etc)

Nailing the top spinner on Star Gazer when it's lit for 4,000 a spin.

#90 6 years ago

Super Jackpot captive ball shot on Indy.
Super long back if playfield shot with the most amazing whip cracking screaming SUPERRRRRRJACKPOTTTTT!!

#91 6 years ago

NGG. Playing on location and getting the hole in one for a special in the wizard mode. Doesn't get much better than that.

Another good one is on Kings of Steel. Making the skill shot for a special.

#92 6 years ago

NGG. Watch and learn... Why did I sell NGG????

Who said Avengers???

I do like the ramp on RFM also.

#93 6 years ago

off the dogs into the wind tunnel

#94 6 years ago

Another vote for STTNG Delta ramp

#95 6 years ago
Quoted from dphelps:

Another vote for STTNG Delta ramp

Yup, I'll go with Picard

#96 6 years ago

I have a few favorites so far.

-Camera shot in TZ, just feels cool moving the little flipper out of the way and sneaking it back in there.
-Backhanding Aragorn ramp and AC/DC cannon ramp, no idea why I like these shots I guess because I am a big newb and I feel skillful even though any 8 year old could probably do it while texting on his iphone at the same time.
-Shout out to Banzai Run "King of the Hill" have not played it or seen one in the arcade for 20+ years or so but I remember sweating trying to complete that game. Think I did it once ever and probably shoved fifty bucks into that machine which at the time was a ton.

#97 6 years ago

The left spinner shot on Evel Knievel when it's lit. That is just great as the 1000 point chime rings and rings.

#98 6 years ago

Million dollar shot on Nba Fastbreak

#99 6 years ago

For my money, it is unquestionably a full, four target sweep from the right flipper that redirects into a solid lit spinner on Quicksilver. It just doesn't get more satisfying than that.

#100 6 years ago

Getting the third ball into the supercharger in The Getaway.

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