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What is for sale in Michigan now (non-scammer edition)

By aalucero

7 years ago

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#91 7 years ago

What is for sale in Michigan now (non-scammer edition)? Well, with few exceptions (mostly pinsiders), a whole lot of over-priced crap right now. What else is new? Maybe 1 out of every 90 days, you'll see something show up on Ann Arbor or Detroit CL that's even worth a second glance.

3 weeks later
#160 7 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

The only re-imports I would stay away from are the newer Sterns that have all the weird crap out in them; like extra buttons and save posts. LOTR is long enough as is.

My understanding is that the The Rolling Stones LE was more or less a rebadged reimport. I've played one and really enjoyed the save posts. It adds an extra element to the game. And believe me, those save posts are no guarantee of anything, particularly actually saving your ball. You have to be quick, and they don't stay up long when you push the button.

3 weeks later
#241 7 years ago
Quoted from tmontana:

I have a Johnny Mnemonic and a Terminator 2 that I'm looking to trade for something around the same price (a few hundred either way is ok). JM has a great playfiled, 2 cracked plastics, and typical fading of the red on the cabinet, hand works perfect. T2 has a decent playfield, some wear around inserts; cabinet has wrinkling/peeling of the decals around some of the legs, recently been taken apart cleaned/waxed/new rubbers.
Both are in perfect working order, willing to trade just one or both.
Really looking for WHO dunnit for my wife, but would consider most anything on my wishlist or others. Don't care too much for DE/Sega titles though, sorry.

I can vouch for the fact that the JM is really, really nice. Bill is a really trustworthy and easy guy to deal with too. Have full confidence on this one.

#243 7 years ago
Quoted from tamoore:

I think this will be pin 6 in the overflow! We'll make it work!

Sounds like your awesome party just keeps getting "awesomer". I'd love to be able to get up there one year. I hope it's a great one!

1 month later
#335 7 years ago

Does anyone know what in the heck happened to Tim (Crazy4Pin)? It says that his account is frozen.

1 month later
#414 7 years ago

Deal pending on this one...Thanks, guys.

My heavily modded AC/DC Pro is for sale. Please check out the FS post here:



1 week later
#447 7 years ago

I'm thinking about the WH2O. I've played it a couple of times there, but I didn't look it over with a fine-toothed comb. Can anyone comment about its condition if you've seen it recently? From the pics, playfield looks pretty nice-- maybe some edge wear near "Big Foot Hot Foot" inserts, and extra ball arrow insert. Plastics seem to be in great shape. There seems to be a pretty good-sized chip off the lower rear edge of the back box. Do the cab colors seem nice and bold or is there any fade? Can anyone comment on the condition from their perspective if you've seen it recently? I really appreciate it!

Posted this on the Brighton Games for sale thread too. Thanks.

#474 7 years ago

Wow, that's wonderful. Congrats!

#498 7 years ago

Every time I see a bunch of posts suddenly in this thread, I get excited. Unfortunately, nothing has really been for sale as of late. I sold my AC/DC Pro 2 weeks ago and figured I wouldn't have any trouble finding a new game over winter break. I should have known better- haha. You guys know how it is. Whenever you're not looking, everything under the sun goes up for sale and when you are looking, it's tumbleweed going through the Michigan pinball community.

If anyone has been giving consideration to selling a game, I'll come get it tomorrow.

Would love any of the following:

WH20, AC/DC Premium, Tron, Totan, Congo, NGG, FT, XMLE, CP, Who Dunnit, TRSLE, Goldeneye, TAVLE, TS, IM

To tell you the truth, I'm pretty flexible. I really want a title that I haven't had, but I've had enough by now where there are a few that I wouldn't mind having again.

But I'd really like to have something in place tomorrow or Saturday at worst. I "need" a game to unwind with after a tough day/week of work.

If anyone has one that they've been on the fence about and would like a hassle-free sale or know of someone, I'd really appreciate the heads up. Thanks a lot!

#505 7 years ago

Wanted to add my brand new ACDC ramps and protectors FS ad to the thread-- Thanks.


1 week later
#541 7 years ago

Every now and again, I get a game that reminds me of something very important: How much a game costs (or is worth) is often no indicator of how great or fun the game is. I bought Echovictor's (Eric's) Last Action Hero last weekend and am having an absolute blast with it. I've never played a sub 2K game in the last couple of years that equals this one. (I've never come on here ranting and raving about a game that I just purchased in the past either.)

The game has it all: Lots of Modes, multiple upkickers, drop targets (along with danger bar or something, where if you hit an empty drop target space, they all go back up and you start from scratch- very cool), playfield ball randomizing magnets, multiple scoops, Arnie quotes, shaker, a well-integrated crane/ball lock feature, high-powered kick back (think War Machine from IM- comes back just as fast, that's for sure), two captive balls, great dots, and don't forget the "smart missile"- haha. In other words, this is an LE if Stern were to build an equivalent in 2014.

I'm starting to get on board with Tamoore (Todd) when it comes to looking at Sega/DE when it comes to pure fun. This game is fantastic.

2 weeks later
#648 6 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Okay....thinking about selling my Apollo 13. I know I'll miss it and might even regret it but space is limited and it's time for something new.......that's how I keep this hobby fresh.

Nice overall condition, plays 100% (Including the "moon magnet") & has been LED'd. Original factory mylar (no bubbles or raised corners). Red, White and Blue "BriteCaps" pop bumper caps installed. All thirteen balls recently replaced and Pinball Pro speakers (full kit) installed.

The bad - Has one broken plastic (cracked) on the far left (see pic) and some minor touch up on the cab right near the flipper buttons (flipper wear masked over by previous owner).


I can attest to the fact that Adam is a great guy and seller. If you're thinking about getting this game, you had better act fast as I'm thinking about it myself.

1 week later
#682 6 years ago

It looks really nice, Clay. Is that just a tiny bit of wear where the ball drops in the left inlane?

1 week later
#728 6 years ago

I think the POTC mods started this debate. The funny thing is that that game has some of the best, particularly the ones from BAC. The cannon mod over the shooter lane is my personal favorite mod of any game (and the most appropriate if you think about it). Look, you shoot a pinball (cannon ball) right out of it-- very cool.

3 weeks later
#814 6 years ago
Quoted from bob_e:

3) I did not set the price.

Maybe you should've offered some friendly advice. Otherwise, he should join Pinside so that when he prices games like this, he can take the grief himself.

I don't know what it is, but of the 15 or so games that I've had, I think one of them came from a 10 mile radius from where I live. As much of a "hot bed" that Southeast Michigan supposedly is for the pin hobby, except for a few sellers, it certainly doesn't seem to be the place to get a fair price for a decent game. In fact, there is a Westland seller who has tried to sell plenty of over-priced games in the past, including a $6500 TAF if I recall within the last year.

3 weeks later
#905 6 years ago

I'll be at MPE tomorrow evening from about 5 p.m. to close. I'm currently game-less and looking. If anyone has something to sell and will also be there around that time, please let me know. 90's W/B games and newer Sterns preferred. Thanks and looking forward to the show!

#915 6 years ago
Quoted from ElectricCircuit:

I have a whitewater for 3800, Twilight Zone for 5800, carribean cruise 850, very nice SlugFest 1600, strikes and spares gottlieb with two new dmd for 1800, and a HUO mint ironman original with 2k in mods for 7000. Ironman has upgraded speakers, sub, speaker inserts and lights, lighted backbox kit, shaker, full leds, powder coated shooter rod bezel, legs, and side armor. Whiplash mod. Lighted monger, lighted war machine, mirror blades, back alley smoked pinballs and a few other mods. Signed by stern and Borg.

I just wanted to let you know that it was really cool of you to bring all of those games for play at MPE. You give and take a lot of crap on this forum (much of what you take is deserved), but you deserve major kudos for your contribution to the Expo. I really enjoyed playing your games. Thank you.

2 weeks later
#1002 6 years ago

Geez. I just got home and saw about 20 new posts on the supposed "What is for sale in Michigan now (non-scammer edition)" and got excited thinking that someone or several people were putting a whole bunch of games up for sale.

#1008 6 years ago
Quoted from Bribo13:

Did you attend the Zoo show this past weekend ? There were dozens of machines for sale, many were great deals too . there were several nice EM's well under $1000 . a speak easy for $700 . and lots more , always the best show for buying games .
In less than 3 weeks go to the Ann Arbor show, there were a number for sale there last year, probably will be some good ones this year too.
What are you looking for /
Brian Lenker

Hey Brian,

I'll take a chance on just about any DMD era W/B or newer Stern that I haven't had before, to be honest. I wish I could have gone to PATZ, but I just wasn't able to make it. It seems like there were a lot of great machines there this year.

1 month later
#1241 6 years ago
Quoted from PinChili:

Well, TSPP is gone now (I'm feeling the seller's regret feelings sneaking in already, lol.) Might need to sell one more here though if there is any interest. I always prefer selling to other Michigan pinheads.

I helped Bill (tmontana) get the game into his house today. It was by far the most beautiful, perfect TSPP I have ever seen. It looks like Pinchili did somebody right yet again. Don't hesitate to buy any of his other games. If he says that it's "mint", you can trust that it surely is.

2 months later
#1555 6 years ago

Hey Guys- I just put by HUO and perfect Avatar LE up for sale. Thanks for looking.


#1556 6 years ago

Avatar LE is sold pending pick up. Thanks!

#1583 6 years ago
Quoted from DylanFan71:

My TWDLE is available. Low plays. It has a bunch of mods. Steve from Pinball Refinery did some great lighting effects. Has a Colordmd and color speaker inserts that change together. Also has the fence with colored EL barbed wire. Laseriffic topper. Bicycle girl mod. Mezelmod signs.

Looks awesome. Good luck with your sale.

2 months later
#1824 6 years ago
Quoted from mmuglia:

Strikes N' Spares is sold.

Congrats, Mike and new owner. But dammit. We just moved and I was going to be looking for a game once we settled in. Our family loves bowling and this would've been perfect. Congrats again.

2 weeks later
#1862 6 years ago
Quoted from Msch:

Still looking for an eatpm. Sell me yours. From cq to non working.

These things come up once in a blue moon and there was just an FS here from a seller in Farmington Hills. Did you let it get away? Good luck with your find. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

1 month later
#1989 6 years ago

Since the Michigan thread looks like it's heating up, I'd like to offer up my Whodunnit for sale or trade. $2650. It's a beautiful example. Please see pics at the site I made at https://ballywhodunnit.shutterfly.com/pictures#editPictures:albumId=8

Beautiful playfield with a shooter lane, phone hole, and sewer looking like they've never seen a ball. Nice cabinet with a few imperfections, solid corners. Game has no credit dot, no broken plastics, has LED's, and a board set that looks like new. This game has clearly not seen a whole lot of action over its 20 years. Reimport, but the cleanest W/B game I've ever had. I would really like to do a local deal before putting this out to the broader pinball community.

I've included a few pics, but please see the website for more. Thanks!


1 month later
#2140 6 years ago

I just listed my Twister in the marketplace and forum. Here's the link:


Thanks for looking.

4 weeks later
#2450 5 years ago

I am currently pin-less and looking.

White Water, Congo, Fish Tales, The Shadow, BDK, Avengers LE, AC/DC Premium, X-Men LE, Transformers LE, WWE LE, Goldeneye are probably my top picks, although I will consider any DMD Williams/Bally or Stern. I will also pay "market price". In other words, I'm not desperate enough to pay a super premium for anything, but I would also have no intentions on trying to chop you either. I simply enjoy pinball. Also, I can do some basics, but I'm not a great "wrench". And I enjoy playing them more than working on them. So condition should range from "pretty darn nice and fully working" to "pristine".

Please instant message me or send me an e-mail at [email protected] if you have anything available. Thanks a lot!

1 week later
#2531 5 years ago

Is there a Game of Thrones on location in southeast Michigan? Thanks.

#2537 5 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Pinball Petes has an LE in Ann Arbor.

Quoted from TheLaw:

Petes in Ann Arbor has an LE.

Thanks guys. I'll check it out tonight.

#2539 5 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Great game! Well I haven't played the LE but I sure love my pro.

I'm interested for sure. Seems like an immersive game of adventure. Not enough games like that. Seems like most newer games have gone the way of most Americans' tastes- in your face, brash, and impatient.

#2546 5 years ago

I played GOT LE at Pinball Pete's in Ann Arbor and absolutely loved it. (Thanks to those who mentioned on this thread that they have it.) Aside from the obvious upper playfield, I'd love for anyone to go over the pluses and minuses, from their perspective, between the Premium/LE and the Pro. I've only watched the show casually, but I do like how immersive the game is, and that it seems like I barely scratched the surface of what it was all about after about 10 plays. (Adam- I know you have the pro and would love for you to chime in if you read this, especially if you've played both.)

I've never purchased NIB, so I definitely want to tread lightly. The first time I ever got NIB quotes was for AC/DC back in 2012. The quotes were $4100 shipped for a pro and $6050 shipped for a premium. The other time I got quotes was for the latest run of Iron Man Vault Edition. After striking out, I asked the distributors what they were asking for pros and premiums in general. $4895 shipped for a pro and $6500 shipped for a premium were the best quotes I got, and pretty consistent across the board. That might be prohibitive for me-- I don't know. Has anyone heard of any less at all, or is that pretty much the going rate? From what I gathered, there seems to be a bit of price fixing as well to appease those distributors that like to charge even more.

Thanks a lot for any advice on the game itself or in purchasing, Michigan pinheads. I really appreciate it.

#2590 5 years ago

Looks really nice, Clay. Why do I always seem so many of these for sale? It's a highly ranked game from the DMD golden era. Top 20 game with way less units than TZ and TAF and about the same as INDY. But there's always a ton of them for sale and they seem to sit when the asking price is much more than Clay's.

#2605 5 years ago

Does anyone know if this is PEN's game? He had one listed on Pinside about 3 months ago. The ad shows as "Expired". If so, is he new in the jewelry and gold game?

detroit.craigslist.org link


1 week later
#2654 5 years ago

Three games are advertised on Detroit CL from a seller (Josh) in Royal Oak.

detroit.craigslist.org link
detroit.craigslist.org link
detroit.craigslist.org link

The Twilight Zone is advertised as HUO. This seems like an outright lie, to say the least. All of the games have the pricing card which implicates them as being originally sold by Mike of "The Arcade". This means that they are all route machines. They may be really nice and many games from The Arcade (and Shark Club before that) were, but they are route machines. It's funny because when these games were being sold by The Arcade, they were advertised as "like new" at the time. Again, most were nice enough, but "like new" is hyperbole at best and bald-faced lies at the worst. Not to mention that the pricing suggests that they should be better than like-new and should pretty much be NIB (well, almost). I guess I can be hyperbolic too- haha.

#2667 5 years ago
Quoted from Wariodolby:

For those that where curious .I Got that Banzai Run project all back together and fully working


You are a go-getter, man. I'd be sitting in the fetal position in my basement right crying about why I just bought a "big pile of pinball" while not having the foggiest notion about what to do first or even how to do it if I did know what to do first.

2 weeks later
#2752 5 years ago

What the hell?

detroit.craigslist.org link

Is this balogna or a one-of-kind retheme? I'm assuming the former.

Link is not working. It's a Seinfeld pin.

1 month later
#2874 5 years ago

Star Trek the Next Generation officially up for sale tonight or tomorrow in Canton, MI. Bought it from Clay Herrell a few months ago. Zero problems. Works perfectly. No credit dot. Not a museum piece, but a very nice, pretty low mileage original survivor. The only wear is very little at the Neutral Zone, not terrible like most. Only mods are in the back box, I think. Has lithium ion battery and whatever it is that many have done to keep the board that operates the drop target from frying.

I'll probably regret it as it is a great game, but when you're one-at-a-time (or two) like me, there's so much pinball to experience. $3950

#2881 5 years ago

My STTNG is officially up for sale. Please see ad at this link.


This is a wonderful game that is working perfectly.

1 month later
#2975 5 years ago

Beautiful looking Goldeneye on Detroit CL.

detroit.craigslist.org link

It would probably set a record for Goldeneye as far as price is concerned, but it looks like a beauty.

3 weeks later
#3056 5 years ago

Is GB on location either at Marvin's or Pinball Pete's? Thanks!

3 weeks later
#3138 5 years ago

Does anyone know whose Golden Eye this is? Is says it's in Novi. I initially saw it over a month ago when it was $2900. He's now at $2600, which is still probably a touch high, but it's getting closer. If anyone knows whose it is or has played it or can speak to its condition, please chime in. Thanks.

detroit.craigslist.org link

4 months later
#3598 5 years ago

Is the seller of this on pinside? This is from Mr. Pinball classifieds.

Congo, 1995 Williams: 4400
Frosted LED kit, all of the plastics are fine and I replaced all cracked ones w/NOS ones, and I'll include the rest of the NOS plastics from that set. This past year I installed a new main ramp, a new Congo window, rebuilt display driver board, rebuilt flippers. All new green star posts, new leg bolts, levelers, new playfield glass. Rebuilt shooter rod w/new springs I can pack pallet and ship + I get a real good rate.
[email protected], Owosso, Michigan

1 month later
#3712 4 years ago

Do my eyes deceive me or was this a posting for The Shadow yesterday? I was waiting for the pics on that one. Was this you? Did you change your mind on that one or possibly sell it already? Thanks.

1 year later
#4955 3 years ago

Pretty nice Shadow available about half way between Detroit and Ann Arbor. I realize that I never posted it on this thread, so here it is: https://pinside.com/pinball/market/classifieds/ad/67496


10 months later
#5523 2 years ago
Quoted from RCA1:

As someone who grew up in the UP, I'm occasionally reminded why so many Yoopers have a negative opinion of everyone below the bridge.

Is the reason that they don’t have a sense of humor or cannot make fun of themselves?

7 months later
1 month later
#6163 1 year ago
Quoted from Randomjobber:

I'm about 4 days late on this. Ended up making a great deal with Chris (Rock914) and bought an Earthshaker from him. Chris added in LED strips for the playfield AND under the cab, as well as knocked $100 off of the already agreed upon price when I showed up. It was my first machine and he showed me a lot about the game before I loaded it up. I couldn't have envisioned a better buying experience and Chris, you've made a newbie feel very welcomed.
I really appreciate you.

Chris is a great guy!

2 months later
#6292 1 year ago
Quoted from Nemotheeskie:

Game Room Guys in Livonia did a great job when we purchased a GB.

Did you pay what they asked or did you try to get them to come down in price at all? Also, did you get the game directly at the store? I feel like that should be cheaper than having it shipped to your door by an out-of-state distributor, even if it comes directly from Chicago and yet their in-store prices seem high.

#6295 1 year ago
Quoted from Nemotheeskie:

We paid the asking price as it was our first pin and we were probably just excited to get it...lol. They delivered it and did setup. Also came back out and fixed a sensor that went bad a few months later, no questions asked.

That's good service and there's definitely value in that, along with supporting a local brick and mortar business. Congratulations!

2 months later
#6419 1 year ago
Quoted from steviechs:

Not to mention auto insurance price differences between Mi and OH

A $1,000,000 home in supposedly tax crazy California costs less in annual property taxes than a $200,000 home in most of the cities in southeast Michigan... ridiculous.

#6427 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

My home is valued around $240,000 and taxes are around $1900 a year

What's your millage rate? Taxable value is usually like half the market value of the home. If your millage rate is 40 (Canton, Livonia, Westland all have a millage rate around there), that's 40 times each thousand in dollars in taxable value. So, for a home with a $240,000 value, it would be 40 X 120= $4800 a year in taxes (or a Congo to satisfy an above poster-- haha).

Another thing with property taxes though is that they reward you for staying in your house and punish you for selling. If you buy a house for $100,000 and it doubles in value over 10 years, your taxes can only go up the rate of inflation. A new buyer who buys a similar house to yours for the new price of $200,000 way more in property taxes than you, simply because you bought it when it was cheaper. I suppose that's good in that it keeps grandma and grandpa from losing their house from not being able to pay their property taxes. Not good for city coffers though and inherently unfair in that it puts a disproportionate amount of a city's overall tax burden on the newest residents.

#6437 1 year ago
Quoted from Gort:

Got excited when I logged on this morning. I thought there was 24 new pins listed.

I've thought about posting something along those lines before, but then I figured that the the irony would be that I was contributing to the problem. Well, did it anyway with this post and the one about property taxes.

1 month later
#6561 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinball7:

Marvin’s just got it, and opens tomorrow

Played it this afternoon. It's absolutely awesome. I've never played a game that had virtually no mechanical toys that I liked this much. The light show is everything you could hope for and a whole lot more.

2 months later
#6710 1 year ago

FYI- My brother texted me today to say that 94.7 WCSX is giving away a Led Zeppelin pinball machine. I went to their website, but couldn't find any info. Maybe they've given details over the air. I just wanted to let you know. It would be great if a Pinsider won it.

1 month later
#6802 11 months ago

Does purchasing one of these games include having a beer with Vid?

#6804 11 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

I'm on the other side of the world, in a country that outlaws alcohol
But if you want to bring me a cold beer, I'll gladly down a few with you.

You have Sana'a next to your name, but I thought that was just a cover. Are you originally from the Detroit area? It seems like you've made mention of it before.

#6815 11 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Prime Rib at Schuler's is serious meatcraft
I used to have a client near Marshall, and he would always take us to Schuler's upon completion.
A few whisky sours and a belly full of beef; sleep on the plane all the way back home......

And the cheese spread is sold nationally.

9 months later
#7611 62 days ago

Looking at all the listings and prices within a 100 mile radius from my home, the song lyrics that keep popping in my head are “Help, I’m stepping into the Twilight zone.” 24K WOZ, 20K Star Wars, a myriad of other flip attempts. Pretty ugly.

2 weeks later
#7646 42 days ago

Does anyone know of a place in S.E. Michigan to play Halloween in the wild? Marvin's doesn't have it. Pinball Pete's? Anywhere? Thanks a lot.

#7648 42 days ago
Quoted from Mitoska:

As far as I know the only one on location in the state is pyramid scheme in grand rapids. They aren't even to game 100 yet on the builds.

Awesome. Thanks. Headed that way next weekend anyway. I’ll definitely stop in.

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