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What is for sale in Michigan now (non-scammer edition)

By aalucero

7 years ago

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#126 7 years ago

WHO DUNNIT (mid michigan)
looking for trades:
game plays perfect, perfect display
no errors, pretty nice cabinet (unfaded), clean inside, all boards clean. slot reels work great, new slot board connectors and pins.
no lock bar holes, nice ramps and plastics.
new side rails, new leg levelers, new leg bolts, new balls, new backglass trim kit, new leg brackets.
game has low plays, no ware at any kick out scoop or hole eject or entrance.
usa version.
let me know what you have (PM ME)

#140 7 years ago

that $3700 tz is a RE IMPORT first of all. not my cup of tea. its more than just the "wrong" voltage thats changed.

#154 7 years ago

condition is king its true,.
but. with a reimport..
if you operate, right off the bat you need a new coin door that will allow us quarters to drop through the chutes correct (not the mechs( the actual chutes.)
reimports chutes are thicker, coins get jammed...or some are too small..
next, you can have little fuses everywhere (including main boards) instead of normal style fuses. incorrect tags concerning voltage and amperage per fuse throughout the game (confusing when you are working on the game).

reimports most often have cabinet issues, holes where plaques were drilled, wood that has fell out of bottom, so bottom sides of cab was drilled in the sides to hold bottom board.

there are way more things to do than change ac voltage, and most are filthy. traveling on a boat with sea salt doesnt do wood or metal good.
nothing is 100%, but the majority are bad.
i had a godzilla from germany that i had to do tons to it to make it USA worthy.
but heh, ill leave the reimports for you guys

1 week later
#223 7 years ago

just threw my quicksilver on the trade block (or maybe sell outright)?
look at my post and pm me if interested.

1 month later
#299 7 years ago

Selling all of these soon. All always kept shopped. Pm me if you want details. My games play as they should and tweaked to play up to tourney specs. All work 100 percent shopped.
High speed
Stern magic

1 week later
#312 7 years ago

nah, people with money who really want to buy just pm me and we go from there so we know each other is, worked so far.
distance isn't an issue for true potential buyers.
i find most people who ask questions on a post in a public forum for every ones eyes in the world to see just are fishing.
that's exactly why i said "PM ME".
2 are already gone.

Quoted from vid1900:

Everyone is going to ask "Where are you in MI?".
Upper Peninsula, Mid, Southeast, Southwest........

2 months later
#626 6 years ago

decided to sell my:
Williams Triple Action (1974)
all steppers, relays gone through this past year and rebuilt steppers.
plays as it should.
kept shopped with fresh rubber, new playfield glass, new leg levelers.
complete coin door with coin mech. quarter ready or set to free play.
pm me..

#636 6 years ago

michigan has lots of great players, traders, collectors, sellers and buyers. very few have i come across as bad..like the one people are speaking of.

#655 6 years ago

giving people a heads up. there will be a PINBALL and Arcade game museum coming to the flint area schedule to open before summer. from what i understand, hundreds of games.

#657 6 years ago

I'm not speaking about the display of games at the Sloan museum going till may. I'm talking about a new location opened year round that will be bigger than any location in the state by far.

#663 6 years ago

It will be announced soon...the museum i was speaking of.

#671 6 years ago

i don't know yet guys. when i have for sure info ill let everyone know. its in the works.

as far as the vids at the arcade (in BRIGHTON), its incredible..and amazing. you dont see that type of lineup anywhere on the planet too often. exidy death race, wacko, all the cinematronics vector games, cliff hanger, d lair, space ace....wow...Michigan surely on the vid and pin map big time!

#673 6 years ago

i was speaking on "the arcade" in brighton with the great selection of classic vids there.

#686 6 years ago


pickup in michigan or i can ship. i get a super shipping rate discount that will be passed onto you.
PM for for EXACT pickup location if you want go that route. also pm me if you want a shipping quote. i pack my games very very well for shipping. takes me about 4 hours to pack and pallet so they are bullet proofed. i also use almost an entire roll of shrink wrap and heavy duty re usable ratchet straps. im very very thorough.

im the original owner and its been at my house and one location. never been in a smokey atmosphere.. always kept shopped and will be sold the same. has the normal wrinkling around legs but has had oversize felt cabinet protectors on it.


pix are up on my post for sale on pinside.

#687 6 years ago

Game Plan old coney island
game plan old coney island made in 1979. hard to find machine. backglass is in super condition. this machine is rock solid and has been . perfect boards and clean connectors, displays. all drop targets work fine, no game resets . perfect starter game and great for the kids.
operate on quarters or just flick the coin switch with your finger.
normal ware for a 36 year old game but nice overall. well kept. strong flippers. ready to go.

#690 6 years ago

old Coney Island.
fun game me and my son both have one. we are losing space. one has to go (mine) lol.
fun playing game, basic and easy. love lighting the spinner and getting the crazy points.
the backglasses for them are very very hard to find, esp nice ones. i ended up buying a repro for a different one i had (yes i had a 3rd machine..) and they were plastic repros which arent available anymore and still cost $150.
the glass ones like mine has are nearly impossible to find nice.
another thing i like about game plans is they are rock solid board wise, connector wise and power supply. no resets, no glitches, no issues period.
ive had this on location for 2 years with zero issues..and of course, i keep it shopped clean, but no issues period.

1 week later
#713 6 years ago

how much is the potc without the mods?
how many plays? interested but dont like mods at all.

#721 6 years ago

i just dont think mods or leds should add to a price honestly. think about it. the game is supposed to come with lamps period. if you remove all the original lamps (which are of some value) and install leds for $200 for example, that doesnt increase the games price $200 (esp since the leds are now used, not brand new). the old lamps are worth something that were removed. that value should be subtracted from a normal price, then add in led price i guess. IDK, when you put custom rims on vehicles and custom paint, stereos...it doesnt raise the used selling value.
it actually makes it less appealing to an overall market.
so if those mods added are whats making the price of a game be increased from the norm, id rather have a stock game with stock parts and pay less.
who knows, maybe I'm alone on this.

#724 6 years ago

i dont like leds unless they arent super bright. i put them in gi circuits and back boxes on classic games only to save GI connectors and back glasses, not because of the look so much.
i put them all over in one of my taf on location as the location is dark, so it helps brighten it up...but its not over blinding. i have found the white frosted bulbs (albaze) to work the best when you want to step up your game, but not blind you. the color bulbs are not needed IMO as white ones work in any situation.
But of course...to each his own...

#726 6 years ago

The tron mod is one of the rare mods that actually is an upgrade acceptable.
most are just toys that do nothing for the game except get in the way when you are trying to work on things. some mods you cant even lift the play field to work on the game properly without having to move the mod out of the way (wires, etc).

#727 6 years ago

the mirror lock down bars mess me up when im playing a game as i see reflections from everything. i was playing a MB with mirror lock down bar and there was a ceiling fan and i kept seeing the ceiling fan going around and kept thinking a damn spider was crawling on the lock down bar..scared the heck out of me...lol

#729 6 years ago

as far as looks, ad ons, bling.....
luckily everyone has different tastes or we would all like the same thing and prices would be even crazier.
A fully working machine is what i prefer to toy mods or ad ons personally that have nothing to do with actual game play..
potc several i have played have tortuga opto issues, heart lock issues, ship failure issues.
if those things work correct, that is what's important to me.
ive seen many many blinged out pins that dont play correct. some people worried about looks over game play.
Some people drool over certain restorer games and pay a premium, they look good but play clunky.
ill take a perfect working, nice kick outs, strong flippers and other coils, proper feeds machine (even if it has physical flaws in cab or play field) any day over one that just looks good.

#742 6 years ago

is the flash still for sale?

1 month later
#880 6 years ago

got a raven. shopped this past year. its at my bros house. works, clean. $750

#896 6 years ago

nice looking kings of steel. should sell .

#897 6 years ago

ps. i want an AC DC Premium! someone sell me one!

#901 6 years ago

hmmmm todd. hmmmmmm. trade it for that 2007 charger above

#902 6 years ago

WANTED: off topic
a couple or 3 driving games.
exotica, nicktunes, hydro thunder etc...

1 week later
#938 6 years ago

i have a future spa. decent backglass (sealed now), new pf glass, proto silver apron, all boards gone through and connectors, mpu remote battery, displays all work fine, game plays fine. pf has ware, some touched up. cab painted red (not by me)..but actually looks ok.
i have an extra body with playfield and parts etc ...that i believe is complete.
so if you use that body, only the head would be painted red. the extra body and playfield i have is factory color. coin door and all parts are present on the extra body .
$800 for it all.

1 week later
#986 6 years ago

once you have a game played OUTSIDE OF THE HOME, it is NOT HUO. HUO= "home use ONLY".
sorry about CAPS but people fail to realize that. taking a game to a show, school event for a day, office for people to play, even on free play for the public to play and abuse is not "HUO" anymore.
the word "only" means exclusively.
HUO is used very loosely just as "shopped" is.
it really means nothing.
condition only matters.

#998 6 years ago

yeah i knew that one wasnt yours at the zoo, just commenting on the HUO thing when people take pins outside of the home as i described.
like there was a "HUO" scared stiff at MPE. well, once it was there getting played over and over for 2 or 3 days, then sold...its not HUO anymore.
anyone who says different doesn't understand what the word "only" means. pretty simple.

Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I didn't bring my POTC to PATZ, there must have been another Pirates there. My Pirates just sold yesterday.

#1000 6 years ago

the problem is, people pay premium for HUO games..esp if they are older.. as in a HUO monster bash, or HUO TZ. those titles add a premium when HUO term is thrown on top of it.
why not just take a normal game, and throw "sample" pieces on it and call it a sample game and mislead buyers too.
or we will take a game with play field ware and sand blast all the paint off and call it a white wood.

if people were just honest we wouldn't have to use labels.
and yes, most people who buy games based on a true HUO game DO want proof, unless the price is so cheap it doesn't matter either way.

#1015 6 years ago

I do not buy machines based on the label HUO and you are correct some HUO games arent the nicest..
my location games can rival HUO tagged games.
all pends who owns a game and if they know how to properly upkeep.
what i am commenting about is when someone tries to sell a game on false labeling and a sucker out there buys it in belief its based on the label HUO.
a certain person was selling a funhouse which he claimed was HUO and it had lock bar holes with eye bolts put in for crying out loud. i also played that exact machine on location where he bought it from...lol..and yeah i called him out on it as its really not fair to a buyer who doesn't know any better..

Quoted from PinChili:

I have all collector quality games. I only use the designation of HUO as an indicator of what I can expect in condition. But I have seen games labeled "HUO" that I have passed on because they had issues. I never pay simply for being able to say it's "HUO". I pay because something is what I consider "collector quality" (I have enough half finished projects that I don't want to buy a game knowing it will likely need a lot fixing.)
If you're buying games simply because someone labels it "HUO" (even if they can produce a sales receipt) you are out to lunch. There is no way you can know if that person ever took it to a show for a day or anywhere else out in public. You have to look at the game's condition, bottom line.

#1017 6 years ago

for sale: Williams TRI ZONE (maybe the nicest one in existence).
collector quality by far.
i bought this from a person who bought it in 1979..same year it came out.
ITS very clean in and out. original back glass is a strong 9.5. playfield the same. cabinet looks great, shiny silver coin door and other game parts.
new play field glass, new ball, fully shopped with new rubber. led lights in the head and under the pop bumper caps. plastics look like new.
price is obviously more than the norm because of its history and condition. doubt you will ever see one nicer that's an original. i can pallet and ship and get superb shipping rates. or pickup in michigan.
$1600 is the price.
look for pix in the market place.

sorry about dark pix, my game room is dark there. i can try to take brighter ones and email direct.

#1024 6 years ago

FS Bally Time Zone:
works flawless, all steppers and relays gone through and cleaned. led's under pop bumper caps, nice cabinet and coin door. shopped plug and play. play field and back glass both in good overall condition.
pickup in michigan or i can ship using my highly discounted freight account. most places shipped and palleted are under $200.
pm me for pix, interest

1 week later
#1092 6 years ago

FS: Earthshaker
playfield stripped shopped:
new rubber
basically mint backglass (original)
frosted led's
new pinscore displays
new leg bolts
new feet
new balls
new flipper bats
new shooter rod springs
connectors & boards all fine.
plays tight as it should.
nice looking play field and inserts
message me for pix.

#1134 6 years ago

pinchili, come to my house and play our eatpm in the meantime if u wanna get yo fix in!

1 week later
#1182 6 years ago

sold long gone had 5 people waiting.

1 week later
#1244 6 years ago

CQ is subjective. what if its a 40 year old machine? to me CQ means the play field and back glass are in very nice above normal condition for its age as well as the cabinet, mechanical parts. these are machines meant to be played. there are steel balls flying around hitting things.
CQ to most collectibles means better than average. not better than new, or restored pimped out. im a collector, and i dont expect all machines i own to be better than new.
so "collector quality" in my eyes is what is CQ for me personally.

think about it, what if there were only 100 of a certain title, and out of all of those 100, the best one is an 8 out of 10 in condition.
but, its the best example on the planet for that title.
so, isnt that one CQ?

#1250 6 years ago

well HUO, CQ, hep game, restored, 10 out of 10, mint, near perfect, shopped, cherry, project, packed and palleted, ....all of those terms. people seem to have different thoughts on definition.
ive seen HUO games or restored games play like shhhh. just because someone can make a machine look good doesn't mean it plays good.
there is more than looks when it comes to game play. i dont care if you stripped the cab and installed new decals, installed a new pf and anything else. if you dont know how to properly align flippers, adjust and set kickouts, gapping of leaf switches, proper flipper cab switch gapping and style, EOS style, proper springs for coin tension...and a host of many other little things...then your game isnt CQ IMO.

ill put several of my location games against HUO or drool over everyone on pinside on the jock for certain restorers restored pins any day.
get off the bandwagon and learn to judge for yourself. actually get pinball playing skills and learn to play a game and know how a game should act/play...then judge.

#1268 6 years ago

SHINYBALL i wasnt attacking you at all, didnt even see your post unitl now where you quoted me. your argument is fair. i was just typing those things as a general statement towards anyone who is in the fog about things, not towards you or anyone on here at all.
carry on.
my apologies..

#1279 6 years ago

Evel Knievel
listed in the market place
very clean example.
shopped fresh, plays ultra fast, perfect back glass.

2 weeks later
#1384 6 years ago

600 bucks on Craigslist.
saw the post 5 mins after he posted it and Emailed him. Didnt hear back till over an hour later. Said I was second Inline somehow. You must get quicker notifications. ..lol

Quoted from amkoepfer:

Just picked this up today, needs a new playfield (if anyone has one) and some other work too, but the main ramp is flawless and brand new. So I may be looking for cyclone parts soonIMG_20150701_210009503.jpg

1 week later
#1415 6 years ago

LEACHDUDE Check ur messages

mini me wants the GL and possibly Tri Z.
done deal.

3 weeks later
#1517 6 years ago

bought an ice cold beer at the last super auctions in detroit. paid like $200 for it (needed some work). sold it for $600ish from what i recall after i fixed it and owned it a year or so. how suddenly are they so high?

#1519 6 years ago

not sure what the big deal about it is really to be honest. its fun for a day or 2, you master it..its done.

#1526 6 years ago

yes tim. it was tough at first, but timing & patience is everything. same with playing pinball or any video game you can master.
come with me to a carnival and ill win you any big prize you want.
there is always a way...humans create them, humans can defy them!

1 month later
#1636 6 years ago

weird. i emailed them within 1 minute of their post on the LOTR and offered more than 2500 and said i would drive to get it asap. guess they overlooked my email. no response. and if they knew they were 5k why would they sell it at $2500? honestly makes no sense.

#1638 6 years ago

weird. must not have needed the cash too bad. i offered 4k

#1640 6 years ago

true. pretty crazy. usually money talks...unless money not needed (ie RICH PEOPLE . that's what ive learned.

#1653 6 years ago

wow that was quick...lol

Quoted from Rock914:

Yeah i don't get it either but still happy for him. Well and happy for me as i just bought it.

3 weeks later
#1765 6 years ago

bone busters ive played plenty. fun game, silly call outs, some nice satisfying shots. a secret some dont know, if you are playing head to head and you have balls locked, if you tilt your ball when you drain, it will release all of the locked balls so the next player cant steal your locked balls.

#1767 6 years ago

will have pins for sale at our upcoming Pin wars IV show in Burton, MI. well, the addy is a flint address but its fine.
the boundaries need be updated.
also people can bring a game on free play or to sell (pinball or video) and get in free and more incentives.
hope some of you will attend, putting a lot of effort into it.
big tourney payouts and also free tourneys for those who just want to play for fun.

1 week later
#1798 6 years ago

If anyone needs a pin hauled from mi to expo or expo to mi. Message me. I rented an enclosed trailer and will haul for reasonable price. Im thorough, plenty wratchet straps and dollys...unlike shipping wars...lol

3 weeks later
#1888 6 years ago

will be an EATPM in the tourney bank at pin wars IV this coming fri, sat and sun. come play it! if you dont want to play in tourney ill get you some plays on it no problem on me.
will be machines for sale there too.
im having a super nice gorgar there for sale. powder coated legs, lock down bar, coin insert bezel (all blood red). play field gorgeous (just shopped w new rubber, full led's frosted cool white), back glass original and almost a perfect 10, (pf and bg are both original, not remakes)) all boards rebuilt (including master display), re-flowed, bullet proofed, the works. its freakin gorgeous and plays just as good as it looks. new speaker, new vol pot, new flipper buttons, new shooter rod springs, etc etc.

#1890 6 years ago

Thx sir yes it will! Also a crescendo and may be a silverball mania. I was told for sale.

#1913 6 years ago

Yet people complain when games are .75 or $1 a play for fully working well kept games that you cant win free games over and over. Pick your poison.

2 weeks later
#1928 6 years ago

TRON TRADE: may be looking to trade my tron pro. it is the original 1st release tron with 3d translite. i am original owner, has lived at my house and on location (2 places). well kept on location as all of my games are and didn't get a lot of plays on location.. looking to trade maybe for something else? always kept shopped. was just used at PIN WARS. plays perfect and fast. PM me with any trade interest.
also, never been in smoking location.

1 week later
#1951 6 years ago

some of us keep our "route" games nicer than home owners games and operating way better. the term "routed" game is just as bad as "HUO". both terms aren't 100% accurate anymore.

2 weeks later
#2015 6 years ago

selling METEOR:
$1050 or maybe trade?

Pickup in michigan or we can ship using our freight account. Message me with your zip code for a rate. Nice fast playing meteor. Powder coated rails, coin door, legs, lock down bar. New alltek mpu board, new alltek driver board, new power rectifier board. new Sub woofer and new volume pot, clear coated nice looking play field. Back glass looks pretty good with thin line paint crackling, way better than most meteor back glasses. All connectors gone through, new leg bolts, led lights. New rubber 2 months ago. The cabinet has ware and the head has some wood swelling. if You want a meteor that plays great, here it is. Drop targets and spinner work like they should. plays very fast.meteor4.jpgmeteor1.jpgmeteor3.jpgmeteor8.jpgmeteor5.jpgmeteor6.jpg

2 weeks later
#2049 6 years ago

congrats to the certain person who bought that nice high speed for $800 today on c-list. I'm sure it will be for sale on here soon. flip flip flip flip lol.

1 week later
#2131 6 years ago

"I have an undocumented huo potc"

lt should have a lifetime audits in the menu that tells "lifetime"cash earnings (if there are any) that you cant erase even when battery is changed or software is updated.
also, if you look at inside of coin door and examine coin switches and casing around them and roll downs BEFORE the coin mechs, you will be able to tell if coins have ever been in it.
also, the tortuga decal (if original), ship at the nose (if stock ship), can show if a potc has had many plays.

examine those things and you may have your answer if probable HUO or not.

#2146 6 years ago

how about.
Get off our michigan thread. stick to your own state.

Quoted from dirtbag66:

I know what's NOT for sale in Michigan right now.
Drinking water.
Too soon?

1 month later
#2470 5 years ago

stern KISS up for trade or sale. trade wise : potc, bdk, woz, stern star trek, ac dc, etc (pro or premium) .
must be just as nice and prefer no mods. but some mods may be ok. just pm me.
my kiss has a spot smaller than size of a dime that the sticker art was missing on lower left side of decal. Stern sent me a brand new one (full left side can side piece). never put it on because frankly no need to.
Sterns new stickers (not silk screened) art are much easier to remove and put on. ill include the new one with the game.
scoop has cliffy protector installed. all else is stock. perfect playing kiss. $4300 or trade. $4300 is firm.
the next code update you will be amazed and yes it will make a big difference.

#2472 5 years ago

Thx sir
I need get something else. Im good with kiss now..aaron taught me well..

Quoted from TheLaw:

Yep,that thing plays like a beauty.

3 weeks later
#2662 5 years ago

i messaged him with this same concern. i was told he cant prove huo and bought from another person who claimed huo but couldnt prove it as well. i also questioned the price cards (stern $1 ) he said it was like that when he bought it

" target="_blank">detroit.craigslist.org link
The Twilight Zone is advertised as HUO. This seems like an outright lie, to say the least. All of the games have the pricing card which implicates them as being originally sold by Mike of "The Arcade". This means that they are all route machines. They may be really nice and many games from The Arcade (and Shark Club before that) were, but they are route machines. It's funny because when these games were being sold by The Arcade, they were advertised as "like new" at the time. Again, most were nice enough, but "like new" is hyperbole at best and bald-faced lies at the worst. Not to mention that the pricing suggests that they should be better than like-new and should pretty much be NIB (well, almost). I guess I can be hyperbolic too- haha.

#2663 5 years ago

please pull this.

#2664 5 years ago

monaco back glass,looks virtually flawless


#2675 5 years ago

they all have a lot of ware, price would need be way less.

Quoted from Zarklin:

Not my ad but figured someone on here could use these. Being sold as a set.
5 Vintage Pinball Machine Backglasses - $400 (Fenton)
" target="_blank">flint.craigslist.org link
OP : Williams laser ball, gottlieb's Dragon, Williams time warp, Stern Quicksilver, and a very rare Stern big game.

#2677 5 years ago

not a for sale post, but much needed vote. we will also have a charity even on sunday to benefit the local humane society and Flint water crisis. all proceeds donated 100%.

Please vote for our pinball event PINBOWL 5 to be a papa circuit event in michigan.
We put a great of deal of time and effort Into our events and we really need your help to make this a circuit event only 8 events can be chosen total. Your votes count. PLEASE SHARE THIS . Anyone can vote, even if you dont plan on attending. please support us. we want to have a positive event for the FLint area (even though not in the city).
thx so mnuch!

1 month later
#2828 5 years ago

bringing tons of NOS and used pinball and classic video game parts to pinball at the zoo. working boards, bezels, play fields, translites, power supplies, etc etc. will have a large booth .

1 week later
#2862 5 years ago

good job to whom ever grabbed the $300 big game with extra parts in atlanta, michigan , wow. looked clean on craigslist pix.

#2863 5 years ago

for trade: i am looking to get a surfin safari or other pin?
can trade either freddy or wipeout.
both pins shopped, work great.

freddy- (past 6 months)
new leg bolts, new balls new rubber, frosted led's, nice play field, new leg levelers, super nice cabinet in and out.

wipeout (recently)
new legs, new leg bolts, new rubber, new balls, new leg levelers, new (NOS) mpu board, solid cabinet with some touch up. pf had some touchup at the ball drops in the in lanes. all previous to me owning. looks very nice overall, nice and bright game.

PM me with specific questions n stuff.







1 week later
#2886 5 years ago

Stern Kiss
$3975 bottom dollar no trades, no haggling. cash only.
its in the market place too, look there for pix n description.
message me with interest.

Added over 6 years ago: not available anymore.

#2900 5 years ago

pinwow has some sandblasted powder coated DE lockdown bars. shiny new looking. message him.

3 weeks later
#2943 5 years ago

for sale:
1ST run TRON
made june , 2011
these were the only runs that had silk screened cabinet art and the 3d original translite, along with different toys and the best spinning disc assembly that leaves no marks on playfield and works correctly. I am original owner on this Tron.
Some great pinball champs have played this specific game including: Daniele acciari, trent, lyman, zach sharpe, josh sharpe, josh henderson, etc. used at pinball at the zoo, pin wars, pinbowl, etc. This game has lived in my house and has been well well taken care of at a couple of my locations. Its always been kept shopped clean. This was the first one in Michigan and we had the official Stern release party on it. It was the only Tron release party in Michigan to my knowledge.
*New Ramps just installed (both) less than 10 games have been played on it since new ramps.
*full led custom kit, frosted white, led flashers as well (some color ultra cluster).
*lollipop side rails
*Rinzler & Quora toys on ramps (they can be easily removed, they use the existing ramp screw)
*extra light cycle toy
*new play field glass
*new leg levelers
*new balls
*new rubber, some super band mini post rubber, super band flipper rubber.
*scoop protector
*goodie bag still intact as seen in pix.
The game plays absolutely perfect, strong flippers, fast, no bs. Those of you who have played my games know i keep them well dialed.
pickup in michigan or i can pack pallet and ship very very well and we can use my freight account and ship it fairly cheap.
lmk zip code for ship rate.
$6600 obo. May do a trade, or you trade plus cash. IDK.
Just message me.
video link here:


Added over 6 years ago: NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE, ITS GONE!

1 week later
#2963 5 years ago

Bally Nitro Ground Shaker ($1200) or trade .
Fully working.
Within this past year these were done: new altek mpu installed, new rubber, frosted led lamps in the general illumination circuit, all boards and displays re-flowed solder, new play field glass, new flipper bats. connectors inspected and replaced as needed. All switches cleaned and gaped correctly. Today, just installed a driver pcb that was rebuilt with a new large capacitor and the recommended upgraded jumpers completed. Also new coil for the left saucer. Back glass was lifting on bottom so it was sealed. Cabinet and play field have wear as seen. Play field wear is flaking, not deep down wood wear. Its surface paint flaking. Ball rolls fine regardless. Pickup in MICHIGAN (MESSAGE ME FOR EXACT PICKUP LOCATION). I can also pack pallet and ship and you will receive my amazing freight account rate. Message me with questions.










2 weeks later
#2999 5 years ago

pinball machines and MICHIGAN only please unless you are delivering to michigan and turning it into a pinball machine.

#3025 5 years ago

future spa project (no head). can bring to MPE.







1 week later
#3068 5 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

Yes. After playing the Pro on route a few days ago, no more. I know I'm not a great player, but holy cow does GB Pro make me look worse. I'd prefer to donate my coins to a game I can play longer than 1 minute 30 seconds.

thats why i dropped the outlane posts down all the way on mine and other things to make ball times longer for players. i want people to actually get farther in game play, there are a lot of neat things the further you play.

#3100 5 years ago

need to get a fresh USA coin door for that Dracula too. make it hot!!!!

2 months later
#3325 5 years ago

for sale actually IN MICHIGAN.

Playmatic New World
pinside ad here:

trades also considered.

7 months later
#3914 4 years ago

i have a meteor but wont be at the show. message me if ya want.

1 month later
#4023 4 years ago

BOP 2600. new led display, leds, new pf glass, new leg bolts, etc.
message me. i can ship to.

#4028 4 years ago

very nice playing escape from the lost world. the past few months, these things were done:
-new play field glass
- all 4 flippers rebuilt (new flipper bats, springs, plunger links, etc)
rebuilt sound board
new feet for legs
new rubber
new balls
new head t-molding.
power supply rebuilt with new large capacitors.
new drop targets and decals.
new shooter rod and springs.
green cabinet protectors
new leg bolts
play field cleaned, polished, etc. its very clean.
the game plays lightning fast.

clean play field with minimal wear.

cabinet has some peeling /touch up as seen, these midway series had peeling decals on many games (lady luck, eight ball champ, etc).


2 weeks later
#4086 4 years ago

1950 pinky williams wood rail. in the market place.
or best offer. i kinda need this outta my way.

Added over 5 years ago: not available anymore. thx kids

1 month later
#4177 4 years ago

come get my escape from the lost world!!!tbmi

1 week later
#4198 4 years ago

someone trade me a game for my Escape From The lost World. its in the market place.


#4207 4 years ago
Quoted from dhard:

Have a Gotham pool table to trade plus cash and your in Owasso right

It's gone. Sorry

#4209 4 years ago

Thx. I priced to move it fast. Room is what I need. Don't see em with nice originaI back Glass and play field to often.

#4213 4 years ago
Quoted from Underspin:

The whole state did. $400 worth of machines for $2700. What a frigg'n bargain.

its listed 10 times a day. just like the pacinko machine, table model pinballs, and a group of dmd games with no prices but you have to message them and give them your name, phone number, address, ss number, wifes maiden name, yada yada yada...then they will tell you a price maybe. must have lots of time on hands to want a million emails just asking "what does game x cost".....when its easy enough to put asking price in an ad.

#4223 4 years ago

I agree totally.
c list should charge some type of LIST fee. it won't hurt anyone . pinside fees if your game sells is fine and works out well.
it certainly would help clean up c list. the daily multicade ads and pachinko machines and speaker repair trade work for pinball machines gets old...lol

Quoted from Underspin:

As much as I respect, use and enjoy the free ad model of Craigslist, I would like to see them implement a small charge per ad. It could be $1. Hell it could be $0.25 but that small charge would stop 90% of the garbage we have to sift through by those who take advantage and overrun the system with spam. "Free Stuff" ads would remain free. Everything else, $0.25 per ad. Since CL is non profit, proceeds could benefit any number of charities around the country.

1 month later
#4331 4 years ago

FS: CONGO- everything done to it.
check the link
need move it, but price is firm. need space--
you arent gonna find one nicer anytime soon for the money.

Added over 4 years ago: its all over. thx

#4340 4 years ago
Quoted from alleycat-pinball:

Is this the Congo that was at expo last week ? If so it looked great.

YES, thx put a lot of time and dollars into it, very careful.

#4347 4 years ago

don't worry, im sure the $250 nip it will be posted for $1200 or more soon...lol. i need a faster notification method.
i can never get those types of deals.

1 week later
#4375 4 years ago

Gottlieb Surf CHamp- plays great, looks pretty sweet, clean original.
message me. i have the pix and ad up on pinside.

Added over 4 years ago: sold and pinside fees paid, thx

#4393 4 years ago
Quoted from Kingsley73:

Michigan Peeps - I'm sorry as this isn't technically a "for sale" or "wanted" post, but where do fellow Michigan Pinsiders buy their playfield glass? I really worry about shipping a 34lb sheet of glass across state lines for obvious reasons, but I've also never done it before. Anyone have success locally with standard/widebody glass availability and price? I dug around for a few minutes but couldn't find any posts/topics relative to my question.
Thank you in advance!

how many do you need? i can hook you up. message me. my glass looks like inviso glass its that nice and clear.

6 months later
#4756 3 years ago

anyone have any classics wide bodies for sale? pre 1985...

2 weeks later
#4820 3 years ago
Quoted from Rock914:

Yes it was.

Corey didn’t do anything wrong. The seller has no integrity. It’s just easy to blame Corey Hoggard.
Looking forward to seeing you in July. I will have a PF for you.

what was the price and info on this time machine? what happened exactly?

1 month later
#4923 3 years ago

wanted- these ones:
class 0f 1812
tales from the crypt
007 golden eye

location or condition doesnt matter, (no reimports though).

1 month later
#5026 3 years ago
Quoted from GravitaR:

I visit the FSM a couple times a week to eat and frequently see kids getting in/out of the photo booth in the food court. As for the gameroom it don't get much traffic at all that I have seen. The TWD they did had there was never code updated as it was still running original version before they yanked it.

they get in the photo booths and take pix with their phones or just sit there and text. same things with driving games. they arent dropping coins in the machines. those do not earn anymore at all.

5 months later
#5296 2 years ago

looking for : Class of 1812, Stargate, Johnny Mnemonic, Lw3 , BBB, ACDCBIBLE, totan, SS, CC, BM66, Tron LE
condition doesn't matter, but no reimports.
message me.

#5297 2 years ago

ghostbusters pro for sale @ $4600. alway skept shopped and just shopped for the sale with a bunch of new rubber etc.
plays perfect. slimer, the scoleri bros targets, etc. all good.
pickup in person or i can pack and ship.
pickup in mid mi.

3 weeks later
#5329 2 years ago

under 250 plays
$6200 (maybe less. message me.

1 month later
#5367 2 years ago

have 2 Gottlieb stargates available if anyone looking. Both USA domestic.
can bring to pinball at the zoo show. One at $2500 is nice, shopped, better than average, all good no issues.
one at $3300 can pass for HUO easily, no idea if it is but the cabinet is flawless, even underneath and on the back. In and out super super clean and plays superb. very low plays. prob amongst the nicest originals you can find. Will donate to pinside as always if either sell.
message me if interested.

Added over 3 years ago:

no avail now

1 month later
#5462 2 years ago
Quoted from Robotworkshop:

Anyone happen to have a project Flash Gordon packed away? I'm interested in buying one to rebuild. Doesn't need to work or be complete. If you have one or can help send a PM. Could purchase outright or or do a bit or trading if you need board work done.

i see your ad on craigslist daily. stop. i keep hoping its one for sale when i see your flash gordon"picture"...lol

#5465 2 years ago
Quoted from Robotworkshop:

Well, they made enough of those machines that there should be at least a few project games out there and expect there would be more than one so you could find one too if you want. If the ad on CL really bothers you then you can just hide it from view....
I am looking to fill in one spot and would really like to find Flash Gordon. A while back I wrote some custom code for BlackJack and after playing Flash Gordon at PATZ was thinking of ways to add Multiball and how it could work. If I get my own Flash Gordon then maybe I can make that happen and have an alternate set of code for those that want it.
Actually it would be cool to meet up with others in the area with a Flash Gordon to get more ideas on what code changes would be cool and eventually testers to verify the code works well.

i was just teasing you. post away...lol. i just get excited thinking one is for sale when i see the c list email... hahahaha

2 weeks later
#5512 2 years ago

Dead pool (pro)
GOTG (pro)
zaccaria time machine

3 weeks later
#5599 2 years ago

i have a WIPE OUT for trade. just went through it fully.
new shooter rod, new rubber, Frosted white 2md lamps, new balls, play field all shopped properly. works great.
message me with what ya got.
pinside ad here:


1 week later
#5610 2 years ago

revenge from mars, all gone through and looks and plays superb.
new pop bumper assemblies, new rubber and a host of other things done to it.
very very clean.
$3400 ad up on pinside market with details.

Added over 2 years ago:

she is gone

1 week later
#5641 2 years ago

Fs. HUO iron maiden pro. Just over 300 plays. In my living room since day 1. Check the pinside ad.

3 weeks later
#5700 2 years ago

Star wars pro with death star topper, super bands, etc

Iron maiden pro (huo low plays) 4900

Added over 2 years ago:

maiden still avail only.

1 week later
#5751 2 years ago

I'm going to make a "whats for sale in ohio" thread and i expect everyone from michigan, canada, indy, pa, il and anywhere else to post even though it clearly says "ohio".

#5758 2 years ago

btw big ups to my michigan peeps. i love you all!!! expo bound anyone?

2 weeks later
#5792 2 years ago

Very nice Haunted house for TRADE.
I've owned this 20 years. Smoke free home, game well kept. original Back glass looks minty fresh.
This past year I installed new rubber, all new drop targets for upper and basement play fields. All new pop bumper assemblies with new rings, bodies, caps, skirts and mylar rings. frosted white led and normal cool white. New double wide posts. Red led in single hollow posts upper left play field. New power supply, new driver pcb, new main capacitor for bottom of cabinet. The game was gone through from head to toe. all switches cleaned and gaped properly, basement upkicker all rebuilt with new coil and parts. New shooter rod springs, new leg levelers and i'm sure i'm missing stuff.
its very nice. Nice cabinet as well.
seeing what trades are out there. Better be something good. this is well worthy. message me

#5794 2 years ago
Quoted from edwinpblue:

Hey everybody. Question. A bbh popped up on Facebook and even though I’m downsizing, that’s the one game that I’ve always regretted selling. Long story short, what is the best way to protect myself so that when I send my money I either get a game or my money back? Ed

man the good ole days when new sterns were 3500 new. bbh, family guy, potc, spidey, wof, etc all $3,500 new. The jump came when iron man came about, then it jumped like 4 titles in a row.
i like bbh as well, be careful of that elk that can drag and put swipe marks on the playfield. Also, the auto plungers have very bad issues not working correct.
make sure those are ok with your game search and make sure its not priced used like a current stern modern game used price.
They cost 2 grand more these days compared to bbh days.

1 week later
#5811 2 years ago

anyone got a used bally strikes and spares back glass or bally lady luck? Not looking for new, just good used examples.

1 week later
#5840 2 years ago

if anyone needs a game hauled from michigan to expo message me.

2 weeks later
#5872 2 years ago

^everyone is interested until a price is shown along with details....spill it.

3 weeks later
#5902 2 years ago

Wanted: gottlieb victory, gottlieb robo-war.
Message me. Ill drive to get em.

1 month later
#5963 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinaddikt:

Where’s all the Michigan pinheads that have ordered Stranger Things or Rick and Morty and need to sell a Deadpool Pro to make room??

deadpool earns too well on location. that's why its hard to find used ones...
also a good home game.

3 weeks later
#6017 1 year ago

Guardians of the galaxy pro. $4500, get it out of my way by this weekend..lol
this one is in MI.
has speaker light mod. 1 location use.
message me.

Added 23 months ago:

not avail

1 week later
#6046 1 year ago

For TRADE (maybe sale): Guardians of the galaxy pro. HUO around 400 lifetime plays. Has mezel mod color plastic protector kit.
message me with a nice trade option.
In Michigan..

Added 23 months ago:

not avail at this time..

#6051 1 year ago

wanted" dialed in. Prefer one with lower plays. please inbox me!

#6060 1 year ago

BBB (original not remake)
Stern Star Trek
pro football

2 weeks later
#6092 1 year ago

Just posted a really nice Old Chicago from my collection.
In Michigan

Added 22 months ago:

Dont pay any attention to this post

1 week later
#6099 1 year ago

Please ignore this. Phone messing up. Sorry

#6100 1 year ago

please ignore this post. wish pinside would let us delete posts.

3 weeks later
#6169 1 year ago
Quoted from MotorCityMatt:

Still looking for a Stern Elvis, cash in burning through my pocket!

We have a super nice one on our rental list but you are prob looking to buy only heh?

1 month later
#6205 1 year ago

I know most people here have their own games but we started doing rentals from our personal collection and some of our location games since locations are closed right now. New and classic games. Pins and vids. "Safe" delivery/pickup included. Short or long term. We will give fellow Michigan pinsiders a better deal than is on the website. Just mention it. Also deals when 2 or more machines are rented at once.

#6210 1 year ago
Quoted from Backyardace:

Cool idea. I wonder if rent to own could be a thing, since new games are so costly.

That is possible. We will also give fellow michigan pinsiders a better deal than what is on the website. Additional savings when more than one is rented at once as well.

#6211 1 year ago

Yes indeed jon. How many times i hear that. So my response is, that means no then...lol

1 month later
#6278 1 year ago

Here is our new pricing and more games have been added to the list.


Pinball & arcade game rental in Michigan.
Home, Office, Events, Parties, graduations, weddings & more!
we deliver, setup, break down, remove.

silver, gold level of games.
rent for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month (or longer).

Silver level- 1 day- $200, 1 week- $250, 1 month- $300.

gold level- 1 day $250, 1 week- $325, 1 month- $375.

* each additional game= $-35 off per any level.

#6280 1 year ago

sorry for re post here...how can i delete this?

1 month later
#6338 1 year ago

3 williams classics for sale: too many projects are in our way, time to move some out.

message me for pix, i made videos of time warp and disco fever if needed.
Yes i can pack and pallet for shipping but pickups would be awesome.
pickup in mid michigan. message me with questions.
Buy all 3 and make me happy. will prob knock a tad off!

firepower (project)- nice original play field, nice original back glass (which is rare). Game is complete but main mpu has acid damage so it has not been tested. $900

disco fever- boots and plays, very very clean boards, play field looks very nice, backglass is flaking, sounds are good, displays are good.
needs new rubber and some switches cleaned up/adjusted. $700

time warp- Project= complete, sometimes boots and plays, sometimes it doesn't. All play field parts work except ball does get stuck in center saucer. I only tried a few games today. Displays show incorrect info. Sound board was rebuilt a while back (as tagged), but sound does not work in the game. play field pretty nice except mark near flippers. boards are fine. $650

2 months later
#6512 1 year ago

jp pro, munsters, star trek vault last voyage edit (less than a year old), disco fever, aerobatics.....all for sale in MI.
message me

1 week later
#6537 1 year ago