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What is for sale in Michigan now (non-scammer edition)

By aalucero

5 years ago

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#501 4 years ago

I have a super nice RS, looking to trade up or even. Eastside of detroit.

#502 4 years ago

#503 4 years ago

the ugly...this and a small spot by the fish.

#504 4 years ago

Just to be clear, I'm looking to trade mostly. Its in to nice of shape to sell at an average condition RS price. If you want more pics, I'd be happy to email them to you tomorrow. Trade bait is for a FH, LOTR, wh20, newer sterns, any nice 90s bally/williams. I haven't really thought about what else I would want, so worst I can say is no. "I" value it at 2500+ cash, I know some would say less, but I'm pretty sure it would sell in a reasonable amount of time
Hope I didn't come off as a dick, I hate the whole selling games thing.
Thanks for the interest, you guys.

#508 4 years ago

Abel electronics had a floor model for sale not that long ago, not sure if it's still there. (WOZ)

1 week later
#561 4 years ago

Plus the import tax? Is there an import tax for buying in Canada? Id be interested in that lotr at a more forgiving price with all the issues. Shoot me a pm if youd be able to let it go for something more reasonable. Glws.

Quoted from hollywood:Can I advertise in this if I'm near Michigan? I'm in Windsor....
I am going through a separation and need to unload a game or two.
Games I am looking to maybe get rid of are LOTR, and maybe my MMRLE spot.
LOTR: routed. All new plastics, all new figures with weapons, extra figures with weapons (Gimli, Boramir, Legolas, ringwraiths), new ring ramp, new ring and funnel, 3rd generation palantir from Jay, hemi's PoTD mod, Ryan's ramp mod, mike's Gollum shooter rod, LED light kit from pinballbulbs, lollipop body armour, all Cliffys installed, all pinbits plastics installed... **** (all the original plastics and figures and ramps will come with it)
Bad...shire "fork" (?) switch needs replacing (I have one to give, just suck at soldering). The sub in the cabinet stopped working. Vid helped me to diagnose - looks like a blown coil? I don't understand so I assume it is a 100$ speaker replacement? The ring switch needs to be adjusted (works with finger, but ball will not trigger it)
Price: 5000 (but need it gone ASAP as my DP for my new home is due Jan 30).
Pics available for interested buyers.

#564 4 years ago

Is he asking for USD? I don't know.

3 weeks later
#705 4 years ago

I thought this was a for sale thread, not a looking for.

1 week later
#740 4 years ago

Looking for a bad cats for a reasonable cash price, players condition and up

1 month later
#886 4 years ago

I have a pretty damn nice JD for sale or trade, east side of detroit. Looking for a funhouse or bad cats, or whatever. Cash +/- obviously. No data east.

#888 4 years ago

Very nice, not perfect, but far better than average. Deadworld mod, coin taker leds. $2300 is the no haggle price, I have more into it. Will trade, can bring to expo.

image.jpg image-547.jpg image-582.jpg image-735.jpg
#889 4 years ago

No topper

#907 4 years ago

Judge Dredd is still available for sale or trade. I'm not located too crazy far from expo, but Id rather be walleye fishing.

1 week later
#969 4 years ago

Judge Dredd super nice 2k

2 weeks later
#1087 4 years ago

Yeah that's the choggard guy on CL. He's using gc Michigan as location.

I NEED YOUR BAD CATS. Looking for bad cats, Michigan or close to.

2 weeks later
#1186 4 years ago

I'm really thinking about selling my RS. I want a Metallica badly....it's really nice. I'd take 3k for it. Colordmd not included. 100% led, all cool and warm white. Inside cab decals. Some damage under the cab from someone trying to steal the coin box, but it's been patched up nicely. Minimal fish wear, repaired flying rocks plastic. Works 100%, nicest playing Williams I've had. Beautiful pin. Eastside of Detroit, St Clair shores.

image.jpg image-308.jpg
#1187 4 years ago

There are more pics earlier in this thread. I can provide addition this weekend.

image.jpg image-446.jpg
#1188 4 years ago

Also for sale is a Caribbean cruise cocktail pinball machine. $850

#1190 4 years ago

To be clear, 3k is the price for RS.

#1193 4 years ago

Will trade RS plus cash for Metallica pro

#1195 4 years ago

I love it but it's got to go! CC is sold pending pickup.

#1196 4 years ago


#1199 4 years ago

RS sold pending

#1204 4 years ago

RCA1 was a pleasure to deal with! Some extra cash to mod out my soon nib MET!

1 week later
#1238 4 years ago

I think the collector quality argument is best served in another thread.
I just bought a nib Metallica pro. It's not for sale yet. Is it collectors quality if it's been taken out of the box? I'd say no!

#1252 4 years ago

What? You don't want to hear people try to explain what cq means? ITS SO INTERESTING!

1 month later
#1419 4 years ago

im picking up a really nice Jp this week if anyone has interest pm me and I'll send pics when I get them. Looking to flip it fast.

1 week later
#1481 4 years ago

I'm interested if it falls through

#1489 4 years ago

Looking for an eatpm or bad cats around the $1500 mark. Long shot but hey. Thanks.

3 weeks later
#1594 4 years ago

In the mood for another gottlieb sys1, wedgehead, or Williams sys11. 1k or sub. Higher for sys 11

1 month later
#1746 4 years ago

Looking for a RollerGames, either playfield will do. Working magnet preferred.

3 weeks later
#1827 4 years ago

Rollergames for trade. Want a bad cats. RG is a players but full led/everything works. Maybe another sys11. Not hs/dd.

#1851 4 years ago

Met pro led- spinners, colorDMD, cliffy's. 4700obo without ColorDMD, $5100obo with. 1402 balls played.(466 total games). No smoking, no children, perfect.

#1857 4 years ago

Thanks! Yeah added a few more to the lineup since you were over. I have some other plans with the money..

#1858 4 years ago






#1859 4 years ago

Metallica sold pending..

#1861 4 years ago

Still looking for an eatpm. Sell me yours. From cq to non working.

#1863 4 years ago

Yeah I did. It was a dandy too. Bummed out. Just sold Metallica so i have a money burning a hole in my pocket.
I'm also looking for a 2k DMD for a buddy as his first pin. Anyone got a jd or jm or something? Maybe a sega?

#1864 4 years ago

I have a rollergames as partial trade for eatpm. If that helps anyone's decision.

#1871 4 years ago

I did. He responded to my CL ad and only wants trade. I don't understand it because if he sells to me for cash, he can use that money instead of a partial trade.

#1873 4 years ago

But I digress. Whatever, no rush. There's a shitty one at premier lanes I can play until then. I wonder if that operator would sell...anyone know him? Most his pins are falling apart, seems like he doesn't like working on them...

#1876 4 years ago

I've listed pins for trade so I can't complain. The reason is I'm not exactly sure what they are worth.

#1911 4 years ago
Quoted from swillie:

I met Mike once at One Eyed Bettys, he was doing maintenance on a pin. Very nice guy. Some of his pins are in better shape then others, but I appreciate having a local place to go play so many pins. I took my son to Premier, he saw all the pins and said "is this what it was like at the arcades when you were a kid" ?? Yes it was, yes it was.
If you send him a message with any major issues with one of his pins he will attend to them.
Here is his website.

I've told him a hundred times. His games are horribly neglected. He has credit dots on all his DMDs at premier, multiple games down but turned on. I love putting $.50 in a game to have no flippers work. Stealing my money. A shame to the operator business. 60% of his machines have misaligned flippers. He doesn't care. Don't stick up for him.

2 weeks later
#1935 4 years ago

How much for bubble hockey?

1 week later
#1955 4 years ago

Cleopatra with a pascal board. All new posts, plastics, rubber, pops. Has some playfield wear. $750
Pascal board sells for $350
Would separate.

#1956 4 years ago

Just checked, euro is down. Board sells brand new for 310

#1991 4 years ago

I just wish those ramp shots went somewhere...

#2001 3 years ago

Anyone want a pascal board for a sys1 Gottlieb? Then I can cut up my cleopatra and hang it on the wall...

#2018 3 years ago

Cleopatra still available. Pascal board($315 new). Game has been shopped and all new plastics, posts, roll over lanes plastics, all molex connectors repinned.
Plays super fast. $650.
$350 with the original boards. Cpu has damage.
I really don't want to part it out, but I'm thinking that's next.







#2020 3 years ago

Gahhhhhh but that populated playfield would look nice on the new game room wall. I just don't like this pin. I felt obligated to save it. I put way too much money into it. It never gets played. my house is small :/

Side note. WTB: SoF

#2022 3 years ago


#2026 3 years ago
Quoted from hawk370:

Sligtly off topic but I have a 60 in 1 multicade cocktail for sale or trade for pinball plus or minus cash
My market place add is here

I'm interested in one but I think you may have severely overpaid for it...you can get those for around $750 new.

#2027 3 years ago

Or did they inflate like pins?

#2029 3 years ago

Yeah you can get all the parts for around 500 last I heard. We should set up shop, sell them for $850

2 weeks later
#2097 3 years ago

Cleopatra $500 this weekend. Has the pascal board($315 retail).

#2101 3 years ago

It's been available for 750 then 650. My next move is parting the machine lol.

#2103 3 years ago



#2137 3 years ago

I just saw this machine yesterday and can attest to its beauty. Picked up his Top Score, and it turns out this is the second time I've bought this exact pin.

#2148 3 years ago
Quoted from galaxian:

I had that top score earlier this year and sold it to him. I pulled it from a home user in roseville. Were you the one that spraypainted the backglass?

No. Ugh. I found it at a garage sale with no legs a couple years ago. I put new legs on it but it seems someone changed them out afterwards. The overspray on the side head is the dead giveaway.

#2149 3 years ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

I know what's NOT for sale in Michigan right now.
Drinking water.
Too soon?

You mean one city?
What's not for sale in Indiana....equality? Civil rights?

#2150 3 years ago

Beer on Sunday?

#2179 3 years ago

Putting my mint Baywatch up. Sell/trade. See my add. Thanks.

#2183 3 years ago

Looking for a funhouse, like everyone else.

#2184 3 years ago

Looking for a <2k dmd...thinking jd, jm, dm....for a friends first machine. For me looking for a bsd, bad cats, eatpm, fh, RS, ww

#2213 3 years ago

Forget about my request to find a machine for a friend. They always back out when the rubber hits the road

#2238 3 years ago
Quoted from CraZyMuffin:

Thinking about selling my AMH NIB (near the end of the run, with extras. Topper, plastic protectors, LED lighting upgrade, probably something else I am forgetting).
So tempting to open it, but I need some extra cash to finish my basement pinball/arcade room. Only trade I would consider is LOTR + cash, else I am thinking $9.5k obo.

If you want to open it up, invite me over

#2260 3 years ago

Bw sold.
Fh located.

#2265 3 years ago

We don't need your pins in Michigan. Unless you have one I want.

#2272 3 years ago

Your add says its in its original condition. Does that mean it's brand new?

#2287 3 years ago

I have a sorcerer available, if anyone is interested. Fresh flipper rebuild and LED's. One display isn't working, some flaking. Really nice players game. 1500obo





#2290 3 years ago

If you need help with your games, ask around here. I'm sure people(like myself), would even volunteer their time.

#2292 3 years ago

I would check the coil for a short. Had the flippers been serviced prior to the issue?

#2293 3 years ago









#2297 3 years ago

Sorcerer is sold pending

1 week later
#2371 3 years ago

Anyone want to trade a ngg or RS for eatpm?

#2372 3 years ago

Any lawlor game pretty much, or a bsd

#2388 3 years ago

Here's the trade bait. Not for sale right now.












#2494 3 years ago

Pm sent on lort

#2512 3 years ago

Eatpm for sale. Please see add.

#2524 3 years ago

The guys at nifty LED's just restored one, I bet they're drooling over that playfield

#2526 3 years ago

Like how I spent 1200 fixing a cleopatra I sold for 500

1 week later
#2583 3 years ago

Anyone here pick up that bop on CL? After listing it for 1700 he then raised it to 2500 then to $2200. Cab looked really faded, and his lack of quality pics(and he seemed like a p.o.s.), so I passed. Would like to hear if it was worth it!

#2635 3 years ago

Funhouse for sale. See add. Thanks!

3 weeks later
#2754 3 years ago

Bingo boy is the garage sale guy as well. Got some nasty emails after asking for a fair market price.
Not the sob story he claims. Buyer beware. Might be a good deal. Who knows.

#2771 3 years ago
Quoted from FrostyMug:

You lie. You told me you have a pocket full of cash and my pins were going. I said please do not be a flipper and expect to steal them. I will not give them away. You began using the F word and threatening. I called Roseville Police. You are an evil person. When I have time I will post the entire conversation. Word for word. Your deception will be over then.

Haha I just read this. Go for it, I suggest you open a different thread though.

#2778 3 years ago

Another "everything must go" garage sale this week! Still that illegal bingo. Last time I'm posting on this. Dudes a psychopath. Called the police on me for calling him out? I'm sure they were thrilled to go over those emails Haha.

3 weeks later
#2858 3 years ago

Someone is flushing the turds...

3 weeks later
#2921 3 years ago
Quoted from jasonbar:

Looking for help in troubleshooting & repairing electrical gremlins in my brother's Bram Stoker's Dracula.
Have you any recommended service providers in the Detroit area who make house calls?
Thank you,

I also repair machines, but yea, clay is the man.

2 months later
#3140 3 years ago

Looking for a really nice WW

#3146 3 years ago

Looking for a wh2o

#3152 3 years ago

Hope all is well tommy. Are you still going to be doing the podcast?

2 weeks later
#3212 3 years ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

Difference between premium and pro besides the hammer and leds? Worth the cost difference?

Met pro has all LED's. Pro all the way.

1 week later
#3256 3 years ago
Quoted from KillerQ:

Maybe it was $1400...but yea, cleaned, working, and Led'ed.

Fake ad

#3272 3 years ago

Is tommy building up his collection again?

#3289 3 years ago
Quoted from KillerQ:

Before I go on my online purchasing binge, the most immediate thing I need is 4 new, shiny standard sized pinballs....
Anyone local to the Redford, or Rochester Hills area have any?
I neeeeeeed!

I think big toys also sells balls and LED's

1 month later
#3428 3 years ago
Quoted from galaxian:

NEW!machinefor salePlaced 2016-10-27 00:05 (today)For sale: Playboy 35th Anniversary (Data East, 1989)“Shopped, Clean and Working. Has an upgraded sound system (homemade not pinpro).

New Translite

Comes with new side art decals fo...” $ 2,200 (OBO) galaxian Flint, MI Shopped
Hey guys I have a nice Data East Playboy for sale or trade.

For about 1500 over value

2 weeks later
#3495 3 years ago
Quoted from JoesCoinOp:

machinefor salePlaced 2016-11-04 02:44 (12 days ago)For sale: Whirlwind (Williams, 1990)“A really nice Williams Whirlwind for sale. Listing for a friend who has lost interest. I would like to keep this for myself but do...” $ 2,500 JoesCoinOp Warren, MI Shopped
Lowered price to $2500.

I emailed your CL add with no response.

#3496 3 years ago

WTB Firepower, stars, meteor

3 weeks later
#3568 3 years ago

Very motivated buyer of a sorcerer or eight ball delux. Any leads appreciated as well.

#3571 2 years ago
Quoted from RCA1:

Ha! You're not getting back the Sorcerer that you sold to me!
If you end up in the South Bend area, try PaulB (Posted just above) for Eight Ball Deluxe. I bought my Firepower from him with no problems.

I really miss it now!

1 month later
#3649 2 years ago

Pretty nice Cue Ball Wizard for sale. $1500 DMD

2 weeks later
#3694 2 years ago

Have a Lw3 for sale. Has an issue with the right eject hole, and a broken drop target. Lots of LEDs, nice playfield. Cabinet has the typical planking. Rottendog PS. $1750

3 weeks later
#3755 2 years ago

Selling my Meteor. Fresh glass, LED's in the back box. Nice playfield, very nice cabinet. "Priced to sell" $1100

2 weeks later
#3783 2 years ago

Looking to trade meteor for a firepower, sorcerer, EBD, etc

2 months later
#4025 2 years ago

Space odyssey-nice playfield, poor-moderate backglass. Plays perfect
Top score- nice playfield, backglass has been spray painted from behind but doesn't look horrible. Plays but has issues
One needs to go.

Looking for a 19in CRT monitor in working shape. I can do the caps just need a good picture tube and minimal burn.

#4037 2 years ago

Project six million dollar man $350

Archived after 1 day
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Functional - needs major work “Basement find, game is in clean condition but would need a full restore. All boards present, one with corrosion issue. Playfield has some wear. See pictures. Nice backglass, has so...”
Saint Clair Shores, MI
350 (Firm)

1 month later
#4197 2 years ago

Looking for an Eight ball deluxe, sorcerer, Flash Gordon. I have a ghostbusters pro for trade.

2 months later
#4399 2 years ago

Gottlieb top score. Works, needs some work. Score reels are sticky. Make offer. Be respectful lol.

3 weeks later
#4453 2 years ago

GB PRO with a validator for sale. New playfield looks brand new. Great route game
Top Score-sale pending

1 week later
#4470 1 year ago

Ghostbusters pro for sale 4500 with validator.

Added 23 months ago: Sold

1 year later
#5205 11 months ago

Want to trade an avengers the pin for some data east delights. LW3 please?
Avengers has a blown node board but a NIB replacement is in the mail.

#5207 11 months ago
Quoted from RCA1:

Missed "The Pin" the first time and thought you lost your mind for a second.

Tbf I’d rather own lw3 than avengers

1 week later
#5228 11 months ago

Blackout for sale $1000 firm see my ad

2 weeks later
#5258 10 months ago

Blackout is sold, ty for the offers.

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