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What is for sale in Michigan now (non-scammer edition)

By aalucero

5 years ago

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#33 5 years ago
Quoted from DylanFan71:

I have a really nice Metallica Premium I bought NIB with shaker, purple powder coated armor and hand painted Sparky from Dirty Donny himself.
Looking to get $6,300.
PM if interested for some pictures.

Someone buy my Met PRO from me so I can fund this Premium!!

2 months later
#204 5 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Whom got that JP in Ann Arbor by me this week?

I believe that machine was picked up by a friend of mine in Jackson. He is new to the forums. Not even sure he has posted yet!

2 months later
#351 5 years ago

I have a new AC/DC pro playfield I am looking to sell. Asking $450 OBO. This is a new playfield never installed. Has a mark in the top left corner which is hidden in the game and I am sure it is just in the clear.


1 month later
#455 4 years ago
Quoted from edwinpblue:

What do you guys think about a trade consisting of my acdc for a mustang plus cash. The other owner and I are a few hundred dollars apart. I'm thinking $600. Thoughts?

I think your trader is spot on. If you value you ACDC @ $4100. My best guess is mustang is $3800ish. So $300 in cash sounds about right. At $600 you saying Mustang is $3500. I am not sure anyone has sold one at that price. Just my 2 cents!

4 weeks later
#592 4 years ago
Quoted from DylanFan71:

Well.....I bought a Mustang Premium on a spur of the moment decision and now I need some room. Anyone want a really nice Whirlwind? I just got it a week ago but I'm really out of room. If I can't sell it, I'll put it in the break room at work.
This is it.

2 Machines I want! Mustang and WW!! Wish I had some extra cash. Maybe it will be around still when the tax man comes around, but I don't think it will last long. Whats the price you are looking for?

How's the Mustang Premium? Almost bought a Pro at PATZ, but it just wasn't pulling me in.

1 month later
#791 4 years ago

Looking to buy a new machine, anyone selling Tron Pro, Spider-Man, or possibly a Metallica Premium in the lower Michigan area?

3 months later
#1291 4 years ago

I'm selling a super nice 60-1 Cocktail machine. LCD monitor. Like new condition. I bought is new a little over a year ago.

$750 or trade?

1 week later
#1351 4 years ago

Looking to purchase something new soon. Would like to get a game I have not owned yet. If anyone has any leads on one of the following games in the Michigan area please let me know.

Star Trek Pro
Pinball Magic
Tales From the Crypt
X-Men LE
Batman Dark Knight
Mustang Pro

I'll trade my Metallica Pro for a Metallica Premium plus cash, anyone?

1 week later
#1410 4 years ago

Putting up my TWD Pro For Sale / For Trade - NO JUNK!

HUO - Fishtank Mod on ramp, Woodbury sign mod, Mirror Blades. $4500 or let me know what you have to trade.

Game currently has the latest code with voice updates installed.

I can add a shaker and invissaglass for extra cash.

#1411 4 years ago

Deal Pending on The Walking Dead.

Have a few more game for sale will have more details later.

Big Guns
Grand Lizard
Tri Zone

All games are 100% working, and in very nice condition. Pics and prices to come.

#1412 4 years ago

Big Guns 100% Working, new plastic set, new translite, complete LED's, super band flipper rubbers, complete translucent rubber throughout playfield, LED under cabinet lighting, LED flipper lights, speaker panel LED.










#1413 4 years ago

Grand Lizard 100% Working, pin score displays, NVram installed, complete LED's, super band flipper rubbers, complete translucent rubber throughout playfield, LED under cabinet lighting, LED flipper lights.










#1414 4 years ago

Tri Zone sample/test machine, 100% Working, complete LED's, Superbands, translucent rubbers throughout, under cabinet lighting, led flipper button lights.










#1416 4 years ago

Tri Zone - SOLD
Grand Lizard - SOLD
Big Guns - SOLD

Now that was quicker then I thought. Thanks for all the interest.


3 weeks later
1 month later
#1714 4 years ago

For Sale/Trade: Star Trek Pro HUO around 250 plays. Shaker motor, invissaglass, pinball life translucent rubber throughout.







#1715 4 years ago

Sale pending on Star Trek.

#1742 4 years ago

Metallica Pro for sale: (SOLD!)

HUO Original owner. Goodie bag still stapled inside cabinet.
Mods include, Shaker, Mirror Blades, Metallica Siderails and hinges, Backbox LED kit, Plastic protectors, cliffy, under cabinet lighting, LED OCD board, quad LED's, Invissaglass. Translucent rubbers installed. $5500 (SOLD!)

I would trade for a Metallica Premium, other trades would have to be heavily in my favor, as I am selling to fund a Metallica Premium.


#1743 4 years ago

HUO World poker tour. Very nice shape. Machine did have lollipop rails on it. They have been removed to regular rails. Screw holes are from the rails. So a new set of rails would be needed to properly hide the holes. $3000


#1779 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

well atleast tell us a time you are planning to post them up...

He did, he said soon.

#1790 4 years ago
Quoted from huo:

Looking for an AMH. Have a very nice WH20 as a possible trade.

Zamp has one for trade. You may have to trade your AC/DC prem or Star Trek Prem tho, he is looking for specific titles at the moment or the games is staying he says.

3 months later
#2073 3 years ago

Thinking of changing up the line-up a bit. Anyone looking for a Tron?
HUO with 3d translite
Cointaker non-ghosting led's
ELI's ramp kit
Acrylic tron cycle topper
Arcade mod
Chrome armor and legs
Lighted Tron Cycles (Not installed)

I also have a set of mirror blades not installed that could go with for extra along with the powered 10" polk sub-woofer.

For the moment looking for trades. +/- Cash 2 for 1, 3 for 1? May sell for cash if I can not find a good trade.

Machine's on the top of my list in no real order.

WhirlWind (must be nice)
Monster Bash
Theatre of Magic
Circus Voltaire
Wizard of Oz
Mustang Premium
Batman Dark Knight
X-Men LE
Kiss Pro
Game of Thrones Pro

I'd consider other options. Let me know what you got.

#2078 3 years ago

Tron pics.





#2087 3 years ago

Just getting back in from the Michigan Basketball game tonight big win vs #3 Maryland, GO BLUE!

Ok back to pinball. Lots of interest coming in on the Tron. Trying to catch up on all the PM's. I have been asked a lot about value on this machine, and how much cash to purchase.

Its going to be around $7000 in value with this Tron with the listed mods below, I may have told a few people $6500ish, I did forget about the invissaglass in the original post

Eli Ramp 400
Tron Cycle 100
LED 200
Shaker 125
MirrorBlades 100
Tron arcarde 300
Chrome 600
Topper 200
Invissaglass 300

$2325 is mods.

No deal set in stone yet but some interesting offers. Still looking for trade first as it does sometimes force a game or two out that is not really for sale.

4 weeks later
#2370 3 years ago

Anyone ready to sell a GOT pro yet? If so let me know. Looking to purchase one.

1 week later
#2505 3 years ago
Quoted from nosro:

You sure you don't want to wait until the Tron ColorDMD code is released? You've waited this long, you might as well have one week in full glorious color.

You putting one in your Tron? How is Tron treating you?

3 weeks later
#2671 3 years ago
Quoted from maf-mi:

I am looking for a price check for a Star Trek Pro. I am the original owner and will be selling shortly. It is an extremely low play and in excellent condition. I added an Aurich alternate translight, lighted speaker inserts, Pinball Refinery interactive metal apron, shaker motor and other minor mods. Just looking for a reasonable market value in the local market. Thanks, Marty

I sold mine for $4600 about 6 months ago. 200 plays HUO, shaker,Invisaglass,New translucent rubbers.

#2698 3 years ago

Due to an unexpected pin acquisition I will need to be moving along my Mustang Boss Premium machine sooner then expected.

HUO, Very clean, Titan Translucent rubbers installed about a month ago. Shaker, Mirror Blades, Under Cab lighting, flipper button lights, speaker lights with cobra insert.

I could possibly be up for a trade but need to trade down into the $3000-$4000 range. Let me know what you have.

Looking to get $6000 for this machine.

#2699 3 years ago

A few quick Pictures of the Mustang for those that asked.






#2703 3 years ago
Quoted from edwinpblue:

Hey Chris, your boss looks as nice as Chris's boss! I am thinking of getting a mustang pro snd have a question. Is the car interchangeable? I have a 2011 Race Red GT500 and I'm thinking if I do get a stern mustang that putting a 1/24th (or whatever) scale replica of my car in the game would look pretty nice.


That is a sweet ride! Like Zamp said you can swap them out.

With a ride like that though I think you need a Premium, getting a Pro is like getting a Mustang with a V6.

1 week later
#2762 3 years ago
Quoted from KingBW:

I thought that I saw something in this thread about a clear Mylar to go around the flipper buttons as a type of cabinet armor around the flipper buttons. I searched a half hour for it and did not find it. Does someone have that link? Looking to add that to my WOZ. Thanks!


1 month later
#2931 3 years ago
Quoted from nosro:

Maybe we all take this for granted, but Michigan pinheads are some of the best bunches of people I have ever met.

Yes they are. And yes nosro does have a pretty sweet Tron! :

#2936 3 years ago

Putting up my nicely modded TSPP for trade.

Custom Side Decals
Color DMD
FF Speakers and SUB
Target Decals
Nuclear Side Rails
RGB Speaker Lights
Full'y LED's with non-ghosting.

I have a few machines on the wishlist that will get priority if a deal comes along. Not interested and any EM's.
May consider 2 for 1 for the right deals. +/- cash is always an options as well.


1 month later
#2989 3 years ago

Anyone of you Michigan Backglass collectors have a Meteor backglass for sale?

1 week later
#3026 3 years ago

Looking for a good System 11 game, Whrilwind, Diner, Bad Cats, Mousin Around, Police Force, Swords of Fury.

Anyone selling?

1 week later
#3057 3 years ago

Marvin's had Pro last time I was there. Pinball Pete's say they are waiting on an LE.

#3071 3 years ago
Quoted from jamespin:

Would like to sell this Xenon this weekend. I know its summer slow season but does $1300 bring a buyer out?

Getting close!

#3072 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

It's just not fun for me. Layout and rules..meh. Pained me to drop the outlanes myself, but had to do it, but even after that it just isn't rewarding.

I'm with you on this. Mine will be going in a couple months. Not liking the linear rules, the airballs suck, but hey the art is so awesome I can look at and enjoy much better! I think too many people are drawn in to much by the art, when it comes down to it this game play is very blahh.

#3092 3 years ago

No sell it to me I'm closer!!

X-Men looks nice.

#3097 3 years ago

Have a pretty nice Police Force for Trade or possible sale.

Top Side tear down and clean/wax, ramps flame polished (Cracks in the entrance) new plastics, all new titan rubber. G.I. Led, LED Backbox.

Works 100%

Looking for other system 11 games, DMD games. Possible projects. Can add cash. Value around $1500






#3102 3 years ago

OT FOR SALE:Monster Energy Fridge with glass front door and Monster Stand. SOLD!


#3104 3 years ago

Monster Fridge is sold.. Did not go to a pinsider.

1 week later
#3126 3 years ago

Police force is gone..

2 weeks later
#3156 3 years ago
Quoted from ElectricCircuit:

Flintstones 3200$ PM for pics or to come check it out

You should check the new rules on selling machines. Must make a Market add. Just a heads up before you get moderated.

1 week later
#3177 3 years ago

Anyone looking for a couple good system 11's? Looking for a 2 for 1 trade. I have.

Taxi - New ramps, new titan rubber, all new star post, no broken plastics, LED's. 100% working. Main PF has mylar so looks good. Pop area has typical wear as do a couple upper inserts.

Earthshaker - New ramps, new plastics, all new star post, new titan rubbers, LED's. 100% working. Playfield is in nice shape. A couple small wear spots nothing bad.

Only looking to trade at the moment. Games on the top of my list are:

Theatre of Magic
Twilight Zone
Batman Dark Knight

Also looking for a nice Whrilwind.

Would consider others, let me know what you have in mind.

#3190 3 years ago
Quoted from Dayhuff:

Wow, never thought it would be so hard to sell THE A-list game. Price dropped to $8250.
John P. Dayhuff
Battle Creek, MI.

You were like 5 days late posting or I would have made an offer! My NIB standard was already on the way when you posted.

GLWS, it should sell soon enough.

#3206 3 years ago
Quoted from Wariodolby:

Waiting for price quote Now

Road Case Premium all the way.. best looking cabinet next to the Master of Puppets.

#3210 3 years ago

There is a Pro with the Skittles artwork, Premium with skittles, Premium with Road Case, LE with Master of Puppets.

I owned the Pro for 3 years, modded it out, sold it and upgraded to a Premium Road Case, no regrets.

#3213 3 years ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

Difference between premium and pro besides the hammer and leds? Worth the cost difference?

Sure the pro has LED's but not the color changing inserts or the colored G.I. effect. You also have the moving cross, the snake jaw close's, fuel target bar (not that big a deal), spinners. IMO it is worth is.

1 week later
#3242 3 years ago

Looking to sell my Earthshaker. New Ramps, full new plastic set, new titan rubbers, flippers rebuilt. Playfield is in good shape with very little ware.

Cabinet is in ok shape.

I will post picture's later when I make the Marketplace Ad.

Asking $2600

#3260 3 years ago

Just place in the market.

Archived after 21 days
Sold for $ 2,300
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Fully shopped/refurbished “Complete topside teardown about 100 plays ago. New ramps, full new set of plastics, new titan rubbers, flippers rebuilt. Plays great. Shaker works great as well.”

1 week later
#3298 3 years ago

Already lots of interest this may not last long..

Archived after 2 days
Sold for $ 2,200
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Fully shopped/refurbished “Players condition taxi. New ramps all. New star post and. New titan rubbers. No broken plastics. Plays great.”
2,200 (Firm)

1 month later
#3497 3 years ago

Selling a super Chexx bubble hockey. Good shape. Purchased this a couple years ago from Kirk Gibson brother in law who got if from Kirk.

$1800 or trade for pinball machine.

2 weeks later
#3530 3 years ago

Still have a nice Super Chexx bubble hockey for sale. Lowering the price to $1500 firm to pinside buyers. Contact me for more info.

2 months later
#3664 2 years ago
Quoted from nikpinball:

Had i known earlier i could have brought the superelectric one to you. Im visiting in Jackson MI.

Good ol Jackson MI. What a fun place.

#3680 2 years ago
Quoted from nikpinball:

I come here about 4 times a year to visit my in-laws and get punished by things like jurassic quest for a good time (the kids liked it, i shouldnt complain). You'll have to let me know if there is a pin to play in this city. I've been soooo bored for 5 days.

As far as a pins on route, there may be one but I stay away from those. There is no a arcade in this town. You would have to drive to Ann Arbor and go to Pinball Pete's. He has all the new stuff. 20 or so Pins. Usually the new LE Sterns are there as well.

The private collection is much better in Jackson. Between 6 of us we have around 100 pins. (Maybe 5 doubles) Maybe sometime you can meet up and play some of the local collection! We do get together every Tuesday for pinball.

#3696 2 years ago
Quoted from Rock914:

Thanks Chris for the MMR! First thing I did was my Undercab kit! It's a little different than Williams...
» YouTube video

Hey that game looks familiar. Hope you enjoy it! I am sure you will.

1 month later
#3787 2 years ago
Quoted from Tlamb:

Looking for a TZ in any condition. Looking $5k-5,500. Thanks!

Good luck with that! Seems everyone is mod'd the heck out of them and they are now 6k+.

You will need to sell me that WW to get the TZ so send me a PM.

3 weeks later
#3877 2 years ago
Quoted from edwinpblue:

What are the rules with selling here. Do I need a for sale ad? I'm going to downsize my house and want to generate some cash. I have a new in box Aerosmith and a stern kiss that is spotless. Both are huo although the kiss shows a couple of bucks worth of dollars sent thru it.

You need to place and add. You can then put a link to you add into the Michigan thread if you want.

2 months later
#4036 2 years ago

KISS Pro for trade. HUO, Stern Topper, Mirror Blades, Shaker, AXE side rails, Titan translucent rubber, Under cab lights, Flipper button lights, Leg lights.


2 weeks later
#4093 2 years ago
Quoted from Gribbs:

Pinball play field cleaner? What...at Meijer? ...news to me.

Any good carnauba wax will clean up the playfield just fine, no need for novus every-time, unless it is very dirty with lots of ball tracks.

#4100 2 years ago

I have a semi-project F14 coming in this week-end.

Boots and plays.
Kick-outs not working (all tied on the same fuse this will probably be fixed when I get it)
Player one has a segment out on the display.
Sound has issues. The effects seem to work none of the music is playing.
Very dirty with a little bit of wear.
Nice cabinet.

Asking $900

#4109 2 years ago

Archived after 70 days
Not sold
Machine - For Sale
KISS (Pro) Archived
HUO - Documented (Home Used Only) “Very nice Kiss pro. HUO mirror blades, shaker, topper, cliffy, titan translucent rubbers, under cabinet lights, led leg lights, flipper button lights. For sale or trade. I have ...”
4,900 (Firm)

1 month later
#4221 2 years ago
Quoted from cocomonkeh:

I haven't unloaded it yet but I will (as soon as some help shows up!). Kind of hoping someone wants the whole darn thing.

How much for the whole darn thing?

1 month later
#4317 2 years ago

I will be listing a Radical! soon. I need to still replace the T-molding and fix the flashers. It will be in the market next week sometime.


Freshly shopped with all LED's
Titan Translucent rubber
All 4 flippers rebuilt with new flipper bats
New Legs and Leg Levelers and leg protectors
New lockdown bar
New displays
New Plastics installed
New plastic star post
New sheet of glass
Ramps were all cleaned and flame polished

#4328 2 years ago

Radical! For sale.

Archived after 124 days
Sold for $ 3,100
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Radical! Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “Bally Radical! For sale. Pretty rare game these days. Game has Mylar in the main Playfield so all inserts look good. Some wear spots under the drops on the ramps and some in the...”
3,400 (OBO)

2 weeks later
#4381 2 years ago

I get mine from pinball life, its packed very well and it's a good price. Especially if you order 2 sheets. Never had a problem.

3 months later
#4547 1 year ago

Still have my very nice Game of Thrones Premium for sale.

Archived after 18 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
NOB - New out of box (first owner) “I purchased this game new in box about 2 years ago. Shaker, mirror blades, titan rubber, orbit works as it should, blue inline guides, flipper button led, under cabinet lights, sp...”

1 week later
#4560 1 year ago

Just listed my Hi Speed II - The Getaway

Archived after 69 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Partially shopped/refurbished “Pretty nice shape. Plays good. Looks good. Cabinet shows signs of wear playfield is pretty decent. One side rail has a ding in the top. LED’S May consider trades.”

1 month later
#4608 1 year ago
Quoted from kruzman:

I have a police force for sale. set up here, works 100%. I bought this from a fella named Chris in jackson who does really good work at shopping and fixing up games, and lately I perfer to buy them all fixed up ready to go.

Nice looking game Ron, this Chris guy must know what he is doing.

#4619 1 year ago

Selling my pin-hauler, it has been a good reliable hauler for 3 years for me.

jxn.craigslist.org link

Can deliver to PATZ! Buy and pin and take it home in your new ride!

#4633 1 year ago
Quoted from kruzman:

Man o man that pin hauler is exactly what I want. lets talk about it at the show thurs? if you can and its not too much trouble, please bring it. I havent even shopped to look at prices yet, and I dont have money, but I have a metallica prem I may sell. I just want to talk about it, no promises

It's coming with me. Have a pin loaded up in it now for the show.

3 weeks later
#4762 1 year ago

Thinking of trading down my Star Wars LE to free up some cash. HUO, Shaker, Mirror Blades, Titan rubber. Would like to get a Star Wars pro, and some cash. Would consider other titles. Anyone interested?

#4764 1 year ago
Quoted from sjf2112:

Any interest in RZ?

I sold my RZ to fund my Star Wars LE, while I do still like the game I'm not ready to own it again.

2 weeks later
#4826 1 year ago

For sale/trade

Archived after 16 days
Sold for $ 7,300
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only) “Downgraded to a Pro version I am open to trade offers as well. Game is super nice. Clear titan rubbers installed. Monitor Bezel mod. No other mods included at this price. Pic...”

3 months later
#5069 1 year ago

Will be putting up my HUO Star Wars Pro machine for sale/trade soon after I clean and take some pictures.

Stern side armor, stern inner art blades, pro and premium translite.

$5,000 or trades.. Will make a list soon, but will consider all reasonable offers.

#5084 1 year ago
Quoted from polyacanthus:

Nice, I would take them all if I used LEDs! .4c each that's 5,000 for $20; what a deal!

Uhh what crazy math system is that? .40 x 5000 = 2000$ last I checked. .04 x 5000 = $200. You not even close, back to school for you.

2 weeks later
#5117 1 year ago

Archived after 10 days
Sold for $ 4,725
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Star Wars (Pro) Archived
HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only) “Very nice HUO Star Wars pro. Pro and premium translite, inner art blades, light saber side armor. Will consider trades. +\- cash. List to come or let me know what you got.”

1 month later
#5154 1 year ago

Anyone looking for a Guardians of the Galaxy Premium with topper? HUO around 100 plays. MINT Looking to trade it down for a pro, or possibly another less valued pin. I will post an add shortly with pictures.

Maybe an Aerosmith or Deadpool Pro.

#5157 1 year ago
Quoted from Meegis:

What would you be asking if not trade?

Here is my add... make an offer.

Archived after 234 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Trade
HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only) “Looking to trade for GOTG pro or possible other game. HUO under 200 plays. LED hinge covers. Topper. Would possibly consider trade for Aerosmith pro. Deadpool pro.”

1 month later
#5196 11 months ago

Picked up an Aerosmith Pro a few weeks ago. Not really enjoying it myself, not my type of game. Looking for trades at the moment, anyone interested?

Top of trade list:
Batman Dark Knight

Will consider other options as well.

1 month later
#5240 10 months ago

Looking for nice working pinball machines for a friend that is opening a barcade. I need to find 20 or so games. Not looking for prejects at this time, I need them nice and working, shopped out is a plus! Let me know what you have.

Also looking for a few arcade machines. Pac-Man, Galaga, Centeped, ect.. the popular 80's games..

#5242 10 months ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Does he want modern, ss, em?
What's the hunt for

Anything Williams Bally System 11 and newer.

Modern Sterns

Just looking for fully functional clean playing machines.

1 month later
#5287 9 months ago
Quoted from Mitoska:

Yes, one of the guys in our club has an excellent one he mentioned selling, $3,800 if your interested, Jackson area.

Your in a pinball club? Tell me more.

#5307 9 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Should I sell my Whirlwind to help get a MB? Struggling!

Only if you sell it to me.

#5316 9 months ago

I have a budget around $5,000 for another machine to fill a hole. I could possibly buy 2 machines for $5,000 as well, I think I could squeeze them in. What you all selling?

Here is a short list, I know some may be over $5,000 but I need the as close to $5,000 as possible.

Attack From Mars Remake
Monster Bash Remake
Batman TDK

There are others I would be interested in, these are just at the top of the list.

#5318 9 months ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Look one post up

Hah, that's closer to 6k then 5k.

1 month later
#5370 7 months ago
Quoted from Tlamb:

Looking for a new machine. LOTR, MMr, XMLE,FT, Dialed In, JY to name a few (Anything on wishlist). I have a really nice Black Hole for trade, pics available upon request. Feel free to PM.

What up Tlamb? Check the market my buddy has a Dialed In! Here in Jackson for sale.

1 month later
#5485 5 months ago

Looking for a coin changer machine, preferably a wall mount, let me know if you know of any for sale please.

#5491 5 months ago

I would like invite a few of you out to Tilted in Jackson tonight for a "SOFT OPENING" games will be on free play. Limited invites, PM for details. I only want those who can FOR SURE make the event to respond.

1 week later
#5518 5 months ago

Yes thread title says it all. I really don't care what people post, but it is annoying when I already watch the surrounding state for sale threads, and I have to see 5 posts of the same game because someone decides to post it in 5 different state threads. The damn for sale adds get posted in the market if someone is looking for you game they will find it there as well. If said game is a fair price it does not need to be spammed all over pinside it will sell on its own.

#5560 5 months ago

Meteor for sale $1100 FIRM. Has led's and is 100% working.

3 weeks later
#5605 4 months ago

Anyone thinking of selling/trading a TNA in the Michigan area?

#5614 4 months ago
Quoted from edwinpblue:

Mod free but I do have the helen package. 6500 is what I put it on mrpinball for. A couple of people emailed and said that I should be asking more. Thank you for the input.

I would say $6500 is a good starting point for said machine.

1 month later
#5760 86 days ago

I have a semi-project Data East Jurassic Park for sale, everything is there. T-Rex issues with left/right. Its dirty and, was is home for last 15 years or so and never been cleaned. I just dont have time right now to get to it and would just like it out of the way for now. If it dont sell I will get to it in the next month or 2 and have it for sale working 100%.

T-Rex Issues left/right
GI Connector needs replaced
Needs Cleaned

$2500 or possible trades

2 months later
#5895 14 days ago

Will be posting ad when I get time. But I am selling a AFM CE, Low plays 245. Only mod are the art blades. $5500

#5906 11 days ago
Quoted from attitude05:

Is that the right price? And are you looking for something to trade?

Yes this is the correct price. I wouldn't rule out trades, would depend on title.

Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
From: $ 14.95
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
$ 9.99
Cabinet - Other
Bent Mods
$ 29.99
Cabinet - Sound/Speakers
Lighted Pinball Mods
From: $ 19.99
Playfield - Protection
Little Shop Of Games
$ 9,500.00
Pinball Machine
Great American Pinball
From: $ 64.00
From: $ 149.00
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
Sparky Pinball
$ 200.00
Lighting - Interactive
Professor Pinball
$ 87.00
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
From: $ 99.99
Cabinet - Other
Lighted Pinball Mods
From: $ 9.99
$ 7,599.00
Pinball Machine
Operation Pinball
From: $ 5,799.00
Pinball Machine
Operation Pinball
$ 6,995.00
Pinball Machine
Flip N Out Pinball
From: $ 11.95
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
$ 89.99
Lighting - Led
Lighted Pinball Mods
$ 69.00
Cabinet - Armor And Blades
Id Rather Play Pinball
$ 84.95
Cabinet - Shooter Rods
PinBoss Mods
$ 18.99
Matt's Basement Arcade
$ 48.00
Cabinet - Other
ModFather Pinball Mods
$ 9.99
Matt's Basement Arcade
$ 35.00
$ 25.00
Cabinet - Other
Filament Printing

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