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What is for sale in Michigan now (non-scammer edition)

By aalucero

5 years ago

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#58 5 years ago

Hi guys I have to put together some capitol to buy some pf's and pay some debt. So I am going to list all of my games that are set up except acdc, and hopefully just sell one. all the prices are asking prices. some have a little wiggle room, some less.

BSD. Plays great except one popbumper needs work. needs shop job. pf will clean up really nice. I have had this game for about 3 years and cant make myself sell it, because I want to pimp it out cleacoat, and all that. This title is amazing when fixed up. price 2k

High roller casino, with 2 hours of cleaning this would pass for HUO exept for a small white spot by each flipper button (which works with the art and you don't notice, but would easy cover with the new rails with guards) The head and cab are perfect. so is the pf. plays like new 1900

8 ball champ. Just got it at the patz. It is a blast to play, really fast and fun. Pf is mylared and has wear in one little spot on the edge of the mylar. No broke plastics plays awesome. cabs nice. 850

STTNG hate to sell it because I just got it at patz. it is straight up beauty, my dream game. cab is perfect, pf is perfect. has premium sound. dark nickel plated gun, I think the display is new. amazing full LED set up. New legs. ramps perfect. nutral zone hole has VERY little wear, all covered by cliffy. I wouldn't know how to make this game nicer. from the ride here, it caused one of the gun launchers to act a little pissy, but I found out it is the wire harness, and I have a new one ordered. Hate to sell. I will trade for a game of less value, plus cash. asking 4800

Party zone: cab is nice but has fade on one side, mostly just the yellow. This is my 3rd party zone, because I kept buying a nicer one. pf is super except just a bit of wear, (just a bit) at the center ball hole kick out. It was at my sisters for about 4 years, and I brought it back and had a friend go thru the whole thing, and fix all the little things. they are known got gi problems which got fixed. It is all wrapped up, but no broken plastics or ramps, and I have a bunch of extra parts if there were. The spaceship is really nice, and I don't remember is it has leds 1900

Strange Science. I wasn't going to list it, because I will never find one so nice again. I have owned 3, and this one is as nice as it could be 1700

also here is a list of new pf,s in stock or in my collection. Nothing is cleared unless it says so




xenon nos cleared

high speed

strikes and spares

xenon cpr recleared

hotdoggin awesome game to put next to embryon, god I want an embryon pf

jack bot




game show



charlies angels


starwars pin 2k

space station

team one

world champ





jurrasic park sega

golden eye

twister (titty)


de simpsons





south park

evil keniveal

wilde fyre



dragon em


buggs bunny

flight 2k


car hop


wizard nos in the shop being cleared right now

afm mirco cleared by me, ready to go

hope to finish my medusa this summer

complete plastic sets

earth shaker
tales from crypt
black knight
matta hari
nuns n roses

#63 5 years ago

I haven't laughed out loud in soo long!!!!
I looked at the post about gnr with custom work and no laugh I just cursed the boxers fractures that make typing really tough.

Then I started thinkin about a custom gnr pf with nuns!!!!!!!!! and I am laughin again!! what a hilarious idea!!!!

#71 5 years ago

Just an update, that the bsd game is sold.
also add to the new/nos pf list
xenon silver cpr
Chicago cubs gottlieb sys 80

2 weeks later
#89 5 years ago

I sent a pm to wariodolby, but can anyone point me to the direction of the fella who sold the Helen decals and some apron cards? thanks, ron

1 month later
#228 5 years ago

I have 2 Atari games that just came out of 30 years of storage. both really good shape, actually really nicer condition. space riders and middle earth. I may make an art project out of one of the heads, since it is 110 v with 5 light sockets. its ready to hang on the wall with lights to show off the cool back glasses that are like new.
If you want any parts or, maybe one of the games, or 2 let me know. I plugged in one, and the display works and all of the coils started pulsating on and off. I may have a friend fix it up for me, and part one. who knows. just throwin it out there if anyone wants anything. I have one coin box left. superman owners like them. cheers, ron kruzman

1 month later
#323 5 years ago

to piggyback on amkoepfer's post. I have a nos contact pf, for cheap or trade. how about 225?
you could justify wall art for that price.

any purchase includes a free tour of the kruzman playfield compound!!!!!!

#331 5 years ago

"For that price I may have to think about keeping it and put a new playfield/back glass/display on it. Fun game just no time. Do you ship? "
Not sure if you were asking me, with the nos pf, but if so, of course I ship. No problem

1 month later
#430 4 years ago

If this comes up twice I am sory, my new computer likes to drop my emails once they get nice and long.

I have a HS pf by cpr. It is the most expensive of the 4 grades they offered, I know this because I bought it originaly (not just taking the word from someone I don't know on ebay)

I have a bdk that I am going to sell. It is my favorite game, but I have a big plan that is going to take some big bucks, and I have fun playing a 900 dollar game (or I am going to have to).
the game is flawless. Since I am a believer in being up front rather than suprises, the only thing that could be consitterd a flaw, is it has a full pf mylar. I never see it and I hate mylar. it is a different kind than what usually is on games it looks thicker, and it dosent dimple. I don't know the story. I am the second owner. But before you stop reading because of the mylar, I will say this. I am a very picky person about pf's, and hate mylar, but on this it doesn't bother me 1 little bit.
ok back to the game. it has a shooter rod with a batman head. it has an amazing led light system, plus it has a rock cab led systm. a quick word about that. it plugs in to the driver and cpu, and has leds under the cab and behind the head, and it is so awesome!!!! before this I have only bought 1 mod in my life and it was led flipper buttons. This system flashes the room area with what is happening with the game play. if you go under the spinner fast, it strobes bright green, different modes cause different effects. I bought a system for all my stern games (he will be set up at patz selling them I highly recommend.)
also it has 3 different action figures, that are bigger and better. everything I didn't mention is perfect. it has the side rails that are around the flipper buttons, not sure if those came stock back then or not.
price is 5200, or partial trade for a game that works 100% and is under 2k, the more under 2k the better. I am 3 miles off the 94 between battle creek and kzoo.

#440 4 years ago

I am sorry, but I think my email is sending stuff to spam. Its a new computer and I am havin a bit of a hard time with the os. I took pics of the cpr HS gold. It is dam nice for a cpr. I have only seen one better out of about 25, and that was the one I bought with no clear so I did it and no crackles. this one has just a couple lines between both blue hotdog inserts, that are not noticeable at all. the clear is as good as you get from cpr athough I can still clear it for you. here are the pics
some of them are on my light table so you can see the inserts don't have the crakle. I am havinga heck of a time finding quality pf's. everytime I open a box, my stomach drops because pics lie. since I rely on repeat customers I cant do that, I have to describe the flaws, and not what is right (like it should be)

In the last couple months I have ended up with a few pf's that are not up to my quality expectations and I am going to sell them for less than my cost (I wont charge for the ship I paid)

Here are some pics of a IPB EBD that is just beautiful. Not one little problem that bothers me. and the clear is awesome for production. It is not dimpled, but I can dimple it if I can find another pf that is dimpled, so that may work out,. I am very slowly working on making perminate templates for dimpling pf's. so far just afm and xenon. guess how many dimples afm has?......... about 324, with less than 90 on the front.

If there are any other titles you are looking for, I would like to sell a hand full so I am willing to make some deals. also I would like to find someone who is getting in to restoring pf's. I have about 100 a and b title pf's I have bought to restore, and I just don't have time, and last night I realized I am running out of room (which is a bold startement since I have 4 buildings at the compound. If that is something you are interested, lets talk.
sorry on the ebd and HS I am asking 1200 ea. both are much better than the usuals
cheers, ron
also I am looking for any less than 2500$ games that are working 100%. if we can do some trading, all the better.

Besides the 65 nos pf's I have for sale, I have several that I have done my best work on to make then just amazing. ther is no compairing them to anything else. I have a mirco and a nos afm that are all tweeked and cleared, as well as 4 different levels of xenon (restored, nos, cpr). I have a cleared flight 2k, AND a restored creech (not nude) that looks so good, I am really proud.

so check in and see whats available, and maybe say hi. have a good holiday.
lastly, I am posting a bunch of nos DE maverick pf parts and assemblies. came from a nos pf. I have tried to find a game for it for a year and nothing so I stripped it last night. oh well. My ebay acct is

2 months later
#801 4 years ago

Man, I am so bummed I don't get on here often, I want that rock game so bad. if anyone else has one please contact me. actually any of th elate sys 80's 80 B are my favs. MY favorite games are lights camera action and title fight, but I would like a genesis (yep, now that I can get a translight that dosent give me nightmares)
wish list
car hop
class of 1812 I know that will never happen, ben looking for one for 6 years at least
actually anything from Eldorado city of gold, to class of 1812. so that is 1984 to 1991. The only 2 I don't want are gold wings or monty carlo.
come on guys help an old man enjoy his final days, clear out your gottliebs you have in storage and never play.
here is what I already have.
lights camera act
bone busters
silver slugger
title fight, but I want a better one
hot shots

I may be getting a tag team, so say a prayer for me.

1 month later
#1028 4 years ago

Thank you to the couple of people that finally posted a game for sale. This thread is becoming a reflection of this site, just a bunch of jabbing at each other, or payton place crap. If you don't know what payton place is, google it, or try days of our lives.

Price police. think before you hit enter. and if you just want to stroke someone send them a pm.


#1039 4 years ago

Big thank you to the people who listed games for sale/ wanted, and thanks to the people who used pm for personal notes passed in class. By the way spirit is worth 6 k all day long. It is the best gott of the era, it is rare, and my buddy paid 8k for his last year.

It may take a month or more because I am so busy, but I am going to be selling a tales from the crypt. It plays awesome, but before selling it I am going to shop it, replace a drop target, new rubber and leds. I am leaning tward installing new head decals, since the cab sides are so nice, and I am going to have c. ROCK do some lighting to it, like under and behind cab, behind the flippers in the apron, pf back board lights, and some seizure inducing led flashers.
So if this title is in your future, keep this in mind.

Actually I am going to have a pinball showroom in my guesthouse, here at the compound (Galesburg, ground zero of the earthquake). It will have 15-25 games of mine and chris rock, many for sale, some not. Looking forward to putting a tv in my living room. There is already 11 games in there waiting to be set up, owned by c rock and me. We have over 10 more to put in there but not until they are perfect. There will be a small open house this early summer, as well as when ever anyone wants to come by to see what is available, or play some games. If it becomes a degenerate hangout I am going to put quarter mechs in the games!!

#1045 4 years ago

definatly looking forward to the lessons on the art of clearcoat.after all my goal is to be one of the big boys, as someone said I was not on ebay.
But so I don't feel like a douche for not using this thread for things for sale, after my rant, here is a link to my ebay listings of a bunch of used pf's for sale. some for restore, some for wall hang. I will be adding 10 a week. if it doesn't sell in a couple weeks I will drop the price till they do. Sorry I don't like auctions.

ebay.com link

Open to suggestions for a name for the compound showroom as I call it. I know that sounds like Michigan militia, and the price is right combined.

1 week later
#1117 4 years ago

I need to put some money together, so I am going to pic a game to sell. How about a TFTC that I have planned on restoring for a couple years. it plays great except one switch on spinner and one drop target I have a replacement.
Playfield is flawless, except less than usual ball hole wear. I have a new cliffy to install, but it is not installed yet. since I don't have pics yet here is a decription. the cab sides are perfect, not a scratch, and it has the correct bow legged legs (I think because of the shaker motor) the front has a little damage from a lock bar break in. although the coin door is untouched. the head has a couple scuffs on both sides. No broken plastics.dmd awesome, apron, shooter awesome, translight awesome. I have never opened the head to see the boards because I don't have a key, so I will break in to that so I can check it out. since it plays great I have never needed to get in to it.
game is set up in the house.
If you come out to look at it, you get a free tour of the new pin showroom, and my filthy studio. Its the most happin thing in Galesburg!!! price is 2550. If I get time to clean it and fix the issues it is going up quite a bit more. If you don't know, I am 3 miles off the 94 at exit 85. right in between kzoo and battle creek.
cheers, kruzman

If it dosent sell, I am going to list all of my games again, and just stop selling when I have enough for the hot tub. So possibly, Iron man, pin magic, earth shaker, fun house, no fear, lotr, JD, starship troopers, tag team, college queens, world beauties. we will see what happens. I would also be interested in a trade for a hot tub, as long as you can get it over here.

1 week later
#1167 4 years ago

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a great weekend, I am laying low, playing pinball in my new pin house. stuill have not figured out a name for it, but I feel great tahe I am lucky enough to have an extra house just for pinball (come on down, keep your feet of the coffee table).

alright this post is not about games for sale which is hypocritical for me, but maybe ya all could help me a bit on something. I know most of you, and if I don't I should,m but I don't know any of these dumb handles, or aliases, or aka's whatever.
so for the fella with no short term memory left, I ask to try to remember to note you name at the end of you post, and I will start to be able to put together the names, faces, and pinside handles.

help a brother out.
here I will start.
thanks folks, ron kruzman Galesburg (I am the pf guy)

#1168 4 years ago

I wanted to post an update to the list of games for sale I posted on page 23. the lotr is sold the the T2 is off the market until it gets fixed up a bit. Unfortunatly the lotr was not mine and I sold it for rock, and he slides me a c note.
so I am making progress toward, my tub, but I am very serious here, I want to get a hot tub asap, so if any of the games interest you, come over and check them out. I am working in the shop all weekend and all week.
also I listed the MAY nos pf list here on pinside back on the 15th or so but it shouldn't be hard to fine.
lastly. I have about 80 used pf's left (the best ones that I have been saving, and the cheapest ones that are good for wall art) it takes way too much time to clean them and soot them and up load, but if you want to hang some pf;s on the wall of your game room or you want some really nice restorable pf's that I bought for that purpose, I can make a list but you just have to come over, and bring money.
lastly I could use some direction on how to play this Iron man.
cheers, ron kruzman galesburg

1 month later
#1376 4 years ago

This pm is awesome, it is beautiful and it plays amazing. I had it price at 3700 but I will take 3600 firm. It has been all gone thru and shopped from the bottom of the pf up. It has an undercab led mod. It had a shooter lane led mod, but I disconnected it because I was having a problem with an opto, but I didn't know what the problem was. Once the problem was fixed, I can hook the shooterlane mod back up. The led mods have a remote so you can choose 25 colors plus fade, plus programs.









4 weeks later
#1502 4 years ago

Here are the pics of the elvis I have for sale at 2950. There are still a couple things that are going to be done to it. The fella who does my shop jobs is old school and olny puts led's where necessary, which is basicly no where. so the whole thing is going to be led' but rock custom, as well as a under cab led system. the flipper button armor has not been installed yet (right now there is black vinyl around them which looks great), and I am going to touch up the start button. other than that, this game is beautiful. all coil assemblies were rebuilt.


Other games available are iron man huo, and collector quality funhouse. also rocky and Bullwinkle, starship troopers, frankenstine, Creech, DE playboy

some project games for a steal: rfm, funhouse, creech, t2

Located 3 miles off the 94 at exit 85. right between kzoo and battle creek.
cheers, ron


#1504 4 years ago

hello here are some pics of the funhouse (project) meaning it has to be gone thru and cleaned, I am sure it has some work that needs to be done, just don't know how else to describe.

These are some quick pics that don't show the cpu, which is very nice but pulled because it didn't have roms. I believe chris travis/rock is ordering them (he is the owner of the game, it is in my guest house) asking 3200

#1505 4 years ago

wow, I just read my post above, on the elvis I have for sale. the price is 3950, not 2950. sorry about that , and I am glad I just read it. wow.

#1511 4 years ago

How do I edit the original post?
thank you

3 months later
#1899 4 years ago

I just put a restored IJ playfield for sale on the market. Came out just perfect. Read the description in the market listing. Here are a couple pics









#1901 4 years ago

It may look like a run in the second and third pics, but that is reflections. It is hard to shoot pf's and make the pics look anything like the actual piece .
Thanks, rk

3 months later
#2348 3 years ago

Hi Scott Freeman, I have cleared about 10 sets of flash Gordon since they came out, and now I want the game. I just bought a couple games and I am cash poor, but there is a small chance you may need a pf and or a heck of a clearcoat, plus a little cash.

Actually that goes out to all of you guys. I am looking to expand my game collection. I made a promise to my self that I will not sell a game until 2020 or later!! I just got my first pay check, this week, since the new year, and made it without selling a game. Here is what I realized. ever since I started collecting pins (1983) they have always been like a savings acct for me, and I could always replace the game. Well I realize the times have changed. Some I cant replace at all and some are so dang expensive. I want to punch my self in the balls for the high quality games I have sold thru the years, and now I cant afford.(the 2 I miss most are IJ and GnR. I sold one to chuck for 1800 when I got busted and needed a lawyer).
ok back to my point. if any of you fine gentlemen want a nos pf cleared for one of your games, maybe we can work out a deal for one of you less expensive games plus I can add some cash if needed. I have about 75 new pf's right now

Right now I have been in to gottliebs of any era, plus ss and alpha numeric games. I have only met one pin I didn't like, and now I have changed my mind now that an alternative translight is available. (genesis).

So here is your opportunity to improve your collection as well as the general health of the pin hobby, with one of my pf's.
Something to think about.

Also like chris said about 7 pages back, if you are traveling down the 94 corridor between B.C and kalamazoo, give me a ring and stop for a free tour of the compound. 3 miles off 94 at exit 85.
have a great day, and all of you bankers and Gov. employees, happy presidents day Monday.







#2349 3 years ago

someone posted that they can always spot the touch up on a pf, and I very strongly disagree. if you can see the touch up, I think that is a real bummer..

1 week later
#2508 3 years ago

I just listed A Rare diamond plate DR DUDE nos pf on the market place. It has one of my best clearcoats to date, mostly because I spent 2 days polishing it. The pf is drilled, dimpled, absolutely flawless, VERY RARE. Dropped the price to 1600 includes a custom heavy duty shipping crate. There are pics in the listing. This is one of if not the best pf I have done.
I will trade for a game also. cheers, kruzman


#2544 3 years ago

Every week I hear it several times 'That's more than I paid for the game" I am sure some of the people who have said that to me are reading this right now. I just have to know, maybe you guys can help me. Someone bothered to post that my dr dude is more than the game is worth and the game is a 1500 dollar game. I just bought one a couple weeks ago from Robert cheek for 2k, and it was a deal, he could have got 300 more because of the condition. But here is one question, if you put a rare (and I mean very rare) diamond plate nos pf with my 500$ clearcoat, do you really think the game is now worth 1500. if so sign me up. I would pay between 3-3500 for a restored dr dude.Think about how much games are selling new for. If your work is quality and you restore a game to like new? I would love a restored black knight for 3500. But some people would say that a 1300 game . NO it is not when it is restored, especially with NOS PF"S!!!

Here is the other assumption you make when you say "That is more than I paid for the game" By that logic we should only restore AFM, MM, taf, and the other a titles. also should cpr price their pf's on what the game sells for. I can but a crap ek for 300, and the pf is about20-25% of the game worth, so should they sell that pf for $75, because of what the game is selling for? Is there a small chance that the game will sell for a little more restored? I just bought a flight 2k for$2k, But hold on ron, that's an 800 dollar game on a sunny day you got burned. The cab is about a 7 the bg is maybe a 9, and I feel like I got a steal. Its got a new pf and plastics, and looks nice.

I have a nice house, I have nice things, I am not going to put a game with a smoked pf in the living room, and I like the older games.

Every day I spend more than 2-3 hours in the morning answering every single email, and people who I don't know will ask how much for a pf and my clear. It takes me more than 20 minutes to describe the pf and my clear process (my clear process is expensive, so I like to explain why) sometimes I include pics. I get about 50-100 emails every single day. after I bother to write the reply assuming that the person knows that if you install a rare nos pf in a game plus the credibility that goes with my name on the clear coat, it will raise the value of the game. In fact, in every case that I know of, it is profitable to install my work. It not just for the love of the hobby. generally someone who bothers to pay for my work, keeps the entire restoration to that level of quality, meaning sometimes a better than new game. meaning you will make money, because there are people who want nice games besides afm, and MM, and don't have the time to do a pf swap. I bought a batman forever this month with a bill davis restored pf. Guess what? it cost more than the average batman is selling for. This is not even a complicated concept.

I am interested in eventually having my entire collection have new cleared pf's, and I may do a couple but I plan to buy the rest. If there are any dr dudes out there with new diamondplate NOS pf clearcoated by a professional, it dosent even have to be me, for $1500, please call me. please.
On a realistic note, if anyone has a non A-title game that has been restored with a new pf, and it would be nice if the rest of the game was restored to match, but not necessary, I am interested. And you don't have to spend 30 pics and 20 mins describing it, and worry about me saying that's a 1500 dollar game! or what ever the lowball price for that title happens to be.

There are people in pinball that like worn games, and there are people who like shinny new games, and everything in-between, even though its not your cup of tea, you will someday have to understand that there are others with different priority's than yours, and they are not wrong. Pinball is starting to mimic the political environment in America. My way is the only right way.

If you have made it this far, I apologies for veering off the for sale direction, and yes this is all my opinion, just like all of the post above. I just ask one more thing. I know a lot of friends are going to want to start messing with me, by posting on my for sale posts "That's more than I paid for the game" I seriously ask you don't, because I am not kidding around about this. Its a huge waste of my morning time when I could be working.
I also want to thank my supporters who sent money this week, I couldn't stay in business without my benefactors, and I want to thank JEFF WARRICK for being the coolest muther f'er this month. I have been posting and begging for 2 months to burrow or buy an EBD pf so I can make a dimple template, and NO ONE has offered to help. I don't think I have even met jeff or Gatecrasher as he is known here on pinside, but he sent me a pf, no charge this week. I am very aware of the people in the hobby that we are lucky to have, and it inspires me to help others.

Actually here, I will keep it about for sale in Michigan: I have about 75 NOS, new repro pf's for sale. I will put together a new list this coming week. If you are looking for anything, feel free to ask. here is the deal of the month, and it falls in the price logic discussed.
I have a beautiful NOS Williams contact pf. drilled and dimpled. fantastic condition $250. shipping available

#2548 3 years ago

Vid is being sarcastic. he gets it, but its not the price police. Maybe some folks don't realize that just getting the best price from someone on cl who didn't know better isn't always the best part of pinball. For some people it is restoring a game title they love for whatever reason, and the reward of doing your best work or paying someone else hard earned money who is better suited to do the work. Then to have a game that is so impressive, when a friend comes over you don't brag about the deal. You brag that it is the best parts, the best craftsmen, and better than new
For some folks its not about getting a steal on a game. Price police, that crap doesn't matter. If you think about it, we are grown men spending more on a GAME than you spent on your wifes wedding ring. FU_K the price.

#2549 3 years ago

Since that post was off topic:
I have a nice EK backglass from a game that had a lot of cat pee, so I junked it, but the Bg has been in my rom for a year and dosent smell. I will take pics when the sun comes up. I wont ship glass, but if you are going to patz, I can bring it. It has one super thin scratch along the bottom where the match numbers are, that looks like a razor cut made by someone who wanted to get the shrink wrap off
its not perfect, but I would say 8.5 and I haven't cleaned it, which I will do tomorrow, the best part is the art is not lifting at all. 80 bucks sounds fair.
I also have the nude matta hari I got from the guy in Detroit who restores them. unfortunately within months the art has separated from the glass around the entire edge a couple inches, but if there is any way to fix it, it is very beautiful. I also got a viper BG from him that is doing the same thing. So I am going to lose my butt but If interested...



#2551 3 years ago

here are some ek pics, without a flash. I have more pics. Its not a crack in the glass it is a scratch from a razor. none of the art is loose. I hate dealing with BG because it is just an accident waiting to happen if not installed. I have about 7 more pics if interested. again 80 bucks









#2561 3 years ago

Clay, is that true? that would be awesome if it is. The truth is the delamination happened within 3 months of buying it, on both of them. I will look him up as shazzam on this site and see if he is going to patz, or it will give me a reason to go to detriot.

Conserning sales in MICHIGAN, the dr dude is sold pending payment. also the EK galss is sold pending payment.

I have a set of cpr Black Knight plastics asking 150

I want to buy a couple games at patz. Seems like every year, its parker and marvin That hook me up. So if you have a non a_title, pre DMD game that plays great, including EM's, send me a PM.
cheers, kruzman.

#2562 3 years ago

I have 2 nos pf's that I think are sterns of segas, I forgot what title they were, and now I cant figure it out. they made it thru production to the first screen, which is always white. Then for some reason they were pulled. I bought them a while ago to make my own custom pf/game that chronicles my life and the big events of it, lots of real gangsta shit, then I get fat and bald, and spend too much time on the computer. so it looks like it could be another 10 years before I get than far down my to do list.
In the last month I have ben contacted by 2 other guys with the same idea, and I forgot about these because they were stashed in a different bedroom that I never go in. They have no problems, and I would love to see them used. The other great use would be have the kids all do some work on it, then send it to someone for clear, and hang it up. Or do like stern, and just print some pics, glue them down, and airbrush between the photos, and send it to SOMEONE to get it cleared hang on wall. Or make a game.
If I have to put a price on them, I say 100 each, but I am open to offers, or trade, whatever. I am open to offers and ideas
here are pics of the first






#2563 3 years ago

here is the second. I would sell both for 1 lower price






#2564 3 years ago

Also wanted to say, if you have never played Elvis, or in my case, not really in to the music (its ok but I don't own any) it is a fantastic steve Ritchie game. I have had mine for like 4 years, which is almost unheard of in my collection.
Although, I pledge to not sell another game for at least 4 years, unless I have 2 of 1 title. I am so sick of regretting selling titles I cant afford to replace. so no selling games, so don't be tempting me!
so this is a bump for the elvis game

6 months later
#3196 3 years ago

I have a M.S Frankenstine. Game works 100% including the monster, chris rock filled it with led lighting as well as led mods. cab is super nice no pf wear, really nice game $2000

Target Alpha. Plays great BG is about perfect, Cab really nice, no wear pf but needs clean. $675
Email is ronkruzman or text 269 254 1618

#3197 3 years ago

Also my tag team $850. could use a shop job, or not. players game that plays awesome.

Williams EM OH BOY. $500 really cool art work. It has been in my storage room (heated in the house) for a year not set up and some times em,s dont like to sit without play, but it played flawless when I ran out of room for it and put in storage, as is the case for all of the game I have listed for sale. I have 32 games and only room to set up 17. Although if my guest house dosent rent I may turn that in to a game house.

Guest house for rent. Sits right next to Gull creek/river about 1 mile upstream from the mighty kalamazoo river. 1 bedroom, nice kitchen and livingroom. windows everywhere. Hidden at the kruzman compound 600 ft back from the road. $700 rent includes, electric, cable tv, wi fi net, garbage, water, The house can be heated with the wood burning stove (i supply the fire wood) or the furnace which runs on propane and has its own tank. Or a combo of both. Less than 3 miles from 94 in beautiful galesburg.

#3198 3 years ago

I have a new ramp for earthshaker. It is the one that goes from the middle then all the way down the left side $90
set of cpr corvette plastics minus the topper $100 and a set of medusa plastics for 100.
lastly a transformer for sys 11 $40

4 weeks later
#3337 3 years ago

I need a used DE star wars pf to make a dimple pattern. anyone have one to sell or borrow, or rent. Maybe bring to expo, I will ship it back to ya, or buy it.

I see you cant post pics any more? bumma

#3339 3 years ago

CL has fake pinball ads around here ALL THE TIME!! I got a call from a friend in PA to tell me there is a t2 in BC for 1k, and I laughed and didnt even bother. happens all the time. I was in pinball back when cl was a great place to find deals on games from homeowners, but it took about a year or 2, and even if one came up others would spoil the deal telling them they can sell for more while you are on the way... to detroit.

3 weeks later
#3393 3 years ago

Thats funny that superman is still for sale! I called on that like in april. I do know of a couple people in the hobby who have listed games for sale that they dont own because it makes them feel like they have something others want. Its all messed up.

Looking to sell my gottlieb TAG TEAM Plays great, its got a little pf wear, LED lights $1000
williams OH BOY It has been in the storage room for a year, since I moved it from the little house. Played great then. we can set it up. $500
pf is really nice beautiful early 60's pin chicks. Back glass is good except one color is flaking.

Bally playboy super nice original cab and pf, could clean up even nicer. I have 2 backglasses, one and 8 and one a 9 of 10. you can pick one. plays great with altec mpu, but the BR board is ugly but works fine, so I bought a new one that will come with it. Nice correct legs 1700. I have a cpr repro pf also if interested in going full on restoration.

#3396 3 years ago

unfortunitlyn very serious. You take someone who has some psycho in him and give him a computer and time=troll.

Hilton, thats a super nice offer, I just dont trust the shagon wagon any more. she aint what she used to be. I guess I better start thinking of what would be a good pin vehicle. $$$$$$$

#3414 3 years ago

I disagree hilton, batman forever is an awesome game, I have owned it twice. I went to turn it on the other day and it greeted me with the usual lets flip on it, but the dmd and the pf inserts are not lit. The dmd is getting power just not displaying. If anyone has a idea of what to look at first, please pm me.

1 week later
#3448 3 years ago

Ice cream man, if you find a BK project that you want to do up right, I have a silver knight pf set. its a numbered 30 pf's that have the deep colored inserts and the knight on the upper pf is silver, plus a big plastic set with lots of extras, and I think there are some upgraded plastics included, and it has a number plack. this is 13 of 30. I kept the t shirt for me

#3461 3 years ago

Concerning alley cats Marlin, I used to own a 4100 sq foot victorian with 10 ft ceilings and I wanted a marlin for the wall of my ofice so bad, but I never found anything I could afford. they are expensive!

#3469 3 years ago

I have some projects that I will never get to in the next year. a bally playboy.
A flight 2k that has been completely restored except the cab
a silver slugger that needs a good shop, and flippers and drop rebuilt
no fear, that I bought off route, needs shop.

I need a used data east star wars pf and a champion pub used pf

#3472 3 years ago

I will post the prices on the games I posted. I got screwed by 2 customers in 1 week so I need to sell something, but I havent thought about selling them so I dont have prices. Since I dont want to sell I havent had to think about the price. when I get done with work I will look at what I paid and what they are selling for. None are projects meaning they dont need a bunch of work, they just all need to be shopped. to me thats a project consitering it takes me all weekend to shop a game. The no fear has been folded in my bedroom for 4 years. The playboy is super nice and I think has a altec cpu, super nice pf, cab, and glass, just needs to be cleaned. the silver slugger may have a mystery or 2, I know for sure it needs flippers rebuilt and trops fixed. also I think flashers are out. Its been a couple years. The no fear has very nice cab and pf, ramps, played great, needs shop out. been sitting folded in a bedroom.
I will post the prices tonight. I am not despirate to sell, just have no spending money until I finish a job for a customer who is actually ready to pay 4 months after dropping off a pf, knowing the price when it was dropped off.
cheers and thanks for the patience, I shouldnt have posted them until I thought about the prices, sorry

1 week later
#3502 3 years ago

I have made my guest house in to a pinball arcade. I have 3 gamnes set up for sale as of right now.
No good gophers, cab and pf are super nice. pf has no wear (except slam ramp) and I only saw just a little ghost on one insert. I just set it up and played a couple games. The slam ramp wear is milimal, I havent cleaned it yet to see how much of what is under it is dirt or wear. There is a piece of mylar under it. at worst minimal wear. The boards look perfect, like I said the cab looks great. there are 2 errors in the diagnosis.
it says left and right ramp switch are up. Lastly the display has what is like the vertical hold being off on your old tube tv. there are no lines out, but it scrolls a blank line that goes from up to down. askin 3400

DR Dude Super nice. Cab is awesome, boards are flawless, and I thought the pf was perfect until I took off the glass and found the touch up. It has full mylar that you cant see, no lifting under the inserts, I would not remove, but the mylar ends right where the drain lane and ball returns are and someone touched up that area on both sides (about the size of a quarter. the touch up is not great, but I didnt notice until I took off the glass. Otherwise the pf is awesome. No fading on this game inside or out. It plays really good. one plastic has a chipped off corner where the heart gituar is (its broke on every game) and I think there is a plastic missing above the cosmic ray. I dont see any burned plugs on the boards, batterys have no leakage. Plays really good, and just needs the pf cleaned which I plan to get to slowly as with all of the games. price 2200

I have a HUO original owner dale JR. 564 of 600 made. has chrome hardware. game is completely stock in living room. 130 plays, but if I dont get 3 mil in the first ball I start another game, so I would say less than 70 games played. Unopened goodie bag. Just like new. I have not installed leds, but I dont see any use desribing a game that I bought new and it has not been moved since set up. $3800

Last I finally set up my no fear. I had a plug for the GI replaced, and a couple switches fixed, and I think it is 100% I have only played one game so far the cab is got some fade, more on one side and no scratches, but the pf has no wear at all, no broke plastics, the ramp looks great, flippers hit great. It needs the pf cleaned and the ramp cleaned, and this is a really nice game. new legs. No mylar but no wear at all. price is 2500.

so far I got pics of the Dr dude and the NGG, and the battery in my camera died. Later tonight I will set up a photobucket. there is a little room for negoiation on the prices or trades.
I am located 2.8 miles off the 94 between battle creek and kalamazoo.

Later this week I will set up college queens, and bally playboy which are both for sale. the college queens is stamped a sample game. Sorry for the delay on how long this takes, but I had back surgery where they fused 3 vertebre and it is not easy for me to move and set up games by my self.
I am going to be here all holiday weekend.
if you want to text 269 254 1618
cheers, kruzman

#3508 3 years ago

here is a link to the dr dude for sale

and here is a link to the NGG. Niether games have been cleaned up in the pics. I plan to slowly start cleaning each one, and possibly upgrading to led's and maybe one of chris's under cab lighting kits.

Which reminds me There is also a ROB ZOMBIE here set up and for sale. I think it has 31 plays, and it has an under and behind cab led lighting kit that is super cool and really makes the room cool when playing. price is $ 7200

#3510 3 years ago

Its nice having games set up for sale because I get to play them. this dr dude plays better than my other, and I am really getting in to no fear and zombie. Both zombie and no fear are a little fast for my old man eyes. I havent got to it yet, but on the no good gophers the display seems like the vertical hold of out of adjustment. I realize a melinial is not going to know what I am talking about. It has a blank line that is like 3 pixles thick that scrolls thru from top to bottom. Like I said I havent messed with it yet or switched it with another games', thought someone may know whats up. dosent clay read this thread?
Have a great weekend.

By the way, I work 50ft from where the games are set up that are for sale, and I am less than 3 miles off 94 at exit 85. So if you are comming home from family and want to drop by, I will be here working. come play a game and make an offer. Maybe bring some leftovers, I dont celebrate holidays, but if I did this would be the one for me!

#3513 3 years ago

concerning the NGG I have listed for sale, the 5v is measuring 4.7v. I am guessing that is the problem, I am going to have chris fix it for me as soon as he can get off work at a reasonable hour one night. Thanks to the people who sent me what to look at.
Anyone have any nos pf's for sale or trade? my monthly list is posted.

#3517 3 years ago

Actually I have to set up 10, which would be perfect for the living room, more room in bedroom and diningroom, but to make it a proper pin arcade, I need coin mechs and a change machine!
Bring your Quarters!

#3519 3 years ago

If someone within 50 miles likes to do shop jobs, and has the time, I have a bunch of games I would gladly pay to have shopped. The issues I have had in th epast is someone wants to do it, because they enjoy the task, but they work full time and have a family so realisticly they are no better off than me, and the job never gets done. I could drop of games, one at a time, or you can work here. There is some serious job security to make extra bucks here, since between chris and me, there are close to 30 games to be shoped. I suppose the best way to do it would be to come to an agreement on how nice to expect, price, time, heck it is all negoiable. Trades also.

So this is not games for sale, but it is local michigan work needed, and it will help me bring more games for sale to market.
contact me pm please.

1 month later
#3631 2 years ago

I have a nice ngg in the guest house for sale. It got new caps on the driver board and I have been playing for 2 weeks. The only thing I would do is clean it and rebuild the upper flipper. Plays great. Just installed a new color DMD, which is very cool for that games animation. Cab fade is a little better than average, slam ramp has mylar under it, and I am not sure what is pf wear and what is mylar wear, either way, much better than average. If I have time I will mess with it, but I would rather play it. There are 2 bulbs out I thing and the pf and plastics could use a cleaning. great game $3750.
I am going to be around all weekend, except I go for pancakes on sat at 11.30

#3632 2 years ago

I just realized i cant show pics here. I removed the mylar under the slam ramp and there are 2 fine scratches about 1/2 a cm, and where the round post is that holds the ramp there is a cresent moon under that. Many people would say no slam ramp damage at all. By far better than the others I have had.
anyway I have pics now. I would like to sell localy (michigan Indiana) rather than shipping. I am located less than 3 miles off the 94 at exit 85.
cheers, kruz

1 month later
#3756 2 years ago

I have a HUO LOTR with 84 total plays on it. Looks right out of the box. Early run with all of the figurines. This game is so new, I would use the term minty if I didnt hate it and think it is a useless adjitive. The only mods are led lighting on the top side of the pf. If you question the 84 plays. come take a look, if you have any experience, you may think it is less. has the goodie bag, manual, original packing slip. has only been moved once since original purchase. Not a flaw, or wear. here is a link to the CL. I will drop a couple hundie for "cool" people. If you are not sure if you are "cool", you are not. full price. Here is a link to cl and pics
swmi.craigslist.org link

game is set up in the guest house, right next to the front door for easy load. Galesburg is right between kzoo and battle creek, I am less than 3 miles off the 94.
email if you have any interest or questions

2 weeks later
#3784 2 years ago

Dale JR, Victory, Bride of pinbot, Black Knight College Queens, World Beauties

It is getting close to tax day, and PATZ is comming (I live 9 miles from the show) so I want to mention some games that I have for sale.
Dale JR. original owner, I am guessing 300 plays, I havent looked. completely stock, just like new $3600
Gottlieb Victory. Plays awesome. playfield has zero wear, cab has cool art, and has only one scuff on each side of the head. I have been playing the game for a couple years and I just opened the head for the first time to take a look. Since it never breaks down, I dont go rootin around looking for probs. Pf could use a wipe down, on both my games which I will get to eventually. $1100
The college queens is a really cool EM game. Its a sample game, and it has 2 vari targets (I love those things) Plays great looks great. BG and pf are awesome, cab is super nice 675.

The Bride of pinbot is a players game that plays really good. It has new pinscore display. the cab hardware and legs are powder coated deep red. The habitrails are powdercoated white. Crazy filled with leds in head and cab, GI. Nice coin door that have been painted or powdercoated gloss black. The cab is in awesome condition the head could use new decals. The pf has quite a bit of wear, but its not dirty, its a really clean game with new ruber, and like I said plays super duper. Price is 2000

The black Knight has not been set up yet. I know clay went thru it and fixed it up. cab looks better than ave, BG has some touch up, of has some wear, about average, with a little more along the inserts in the sword. dont have a price for it yet. Also I am working on clearing and tweeking a cpr BK pf that could be exactly what this game needs.
Everything is set up except the BK which will be soon as I get the lotr shipped

The world beauties is a gottlieb wood rail that I have had in the living room for about 4 years. Has never failed me (I wouldnt know how to fix it). I play it in the morning because I can play a game in the time it takes to microwave a coffee. I bought it from local EM guy bob, who went thru it before selling and fixed it up to work like it should $550. Look it up on the data base, its all about the pinball chicks love it.

Located 2.8 miles off the 94 at exit 85. exactly in the middle of battle creek and kalamazoo

1 week later
#3808 2 years ago

If you havent been to a lot of shows, they are by far the best and easiest place to sell games. If you bring a game for sale to patz and it is fair priced, it will sell for sure. Plus we have the auction on the last day (courtesy of J dayhuff), which cost nothing to buy or sell! winner winner chicken dinner.
PATZ, in my opinion is the best show, and my favorite. It has just the right level or organization. Not lots of hassle, and always works out.
The only problem with PATZ is it is after the worst week of the year, TAXES. I am always broke after I pay my taxes on the 15th, and I am looking for people to loan me money at less than 10% because of all of the games and parts at the show.

I also have a bunch of stuff I am going to bring for the free table that John dayhuff runs. You cant write it off, but it makes me feel good for the parts to go to use that have been cluttering up the place for 10 years. I am not interested in listing a 10 dollar obscure part on flea bay, and then shipping it for more money than the part sold for. So I throw this challange out there. Take a look thru your junk that is too good to throw away. you would be suprised how happy it makes someone when they find something they need on the free table (or more likely can sell for a profit next week on ebay) I had to throw in some sarcasim for my peeps.

see ya at the show. if anyonme is interested in a free tour of the kruzman compound bring coffee and donuts, and come over before I leave for the show.
cheers kruzman

#3812 2 years ago

If the answer is not obvious to you, it is a dumb question. Or you have never met someone who is self employeed. you pay quarterlys, and in april you pay 2 quarters, also when you are self employeed and you claim income from several diffrent places your tax returs are easily 50 pages. so I hope that answers the question. chris actually answered it better than I did.
every dollar I have is money I can invest in to my business. more pf stock, materials like clearcoat, why would I send the gov a couple thousand early when I dont have enough as it is. I wait till the last day, like everyone who is self employeed and pays, does.

#3818 2 years ago

as for taxes I dont mind paying my share, and I want to say I purposly have no children, and I pay a whole lot of taxes to send your booger nosed kids to school, but I figure if I dont they will end up robbing me anyway, so it is a wash. HA. I have always wanted to say that after hearing so many people complain about poor people getting entitlements (which is a bad word for it, even when misspelled). Plus I love the roads, national parks, freedom.

But thats not why I write. I thought I posted this but maybe I didnt, because I have another thread I post on, my nos pf's available thread. I highly reccomend, great read. But I want to mention that my victory is no longer available.
But the no fear is available, 2300. sweet game, no pf wear, very nice cab, but somewhat faded. I have owned it longer than 5 years, and it is one of the few wpc games in my corral lately that dosnet break down.
cheers, kruzman

#3847 2 years ago

Things I don't have to do tonight
1) listen to a wife bitch
2) ask permission of the wife to play the over in the Rockets game
3) feel guilty if I have some bourbon

This post put a smile on my face. I dont know who wrote it, but I can relate, and I am happy for the poster.
cheers kruzman

#3850 2 years ago

I am going to start seeding the idea of invisiglass with my customers. That stuff is awesome. To me aprox 300 is a lot of money, but if you just put in a beautiful pf, or you are one of the people who spend a kings ransom on mods and lights, I would start with the glass then go from there.

ok, so where is my check?

3 weeks later
#3927 2 years ago

I am going to the vfw on SAT. If anyone is interested in any pf's, I will be hapy to bring them.
Here is a link to the list

also if anyone has any they want to sell, that you can bring. let me know. Shipping always adds 100 or more to the cost of my pf's by the time I pay to get it to me, and ship to you.

#3938 2 years ago

I know you watch this thread ocasionaly, and I wanted to say I was super impressed with your place and collection this weekend. Also I am familar with doing concert events so I know the situation, but it was organized and managed, worked really well. First cleaa operation. I am thinking of relocating just to be closer.

Looking for a less than 2500$ dmd or sys 11 for my long time friend whi has had a mousin around that I sold him 5 years ago. He wont sell the MA buts wants to get a second game. Must be working 100%, and I will be picking it up and paying ect. cheers, kruz

#3939 2 years ago

I have a studder
first class operation

#3957 2 years ago

Does anyone know if that starship troopers sold that was at the vfw? or if the jackbot sold? if you have a chance and know please send me a pm, I dont get over here as much as I would like. cheers, kruz

2 months later
#4101 2 years ago

I wanted to say I was over J dayhuffs the other day, and was playing that nascar. I would own that game at 3k if I didn't have dale jr. I didn't ask, but it sure looks huo to me. If it ever was on route I doubt it made any money.

Anyone have any nos/new repro pf's they want to sell or trade?
cheers, kruz

I have become totally addicted to collecting coins, so I am always willing to trade for or buy any coins. here is an example of my ne heroin
ebay.com link » 1917 S Standing Liberty Quarter Almost Fh Type 1 Solid Gem Bu Better Date

That's a full tittie. back in 17 they had bare tities on the quarters, now one flops out for a second and it is a national debate. what has happened to this country?

I have a NOS original owner dale jr that I am looking to trade or sell. asking 3700. 335 games played on accounting, BUT if I don't get 10k on the first ball I start a new game, so I would say more like 332 games. Ha kidding, more like 200. I opened the box about 3 maybe 4 years ago, I loose track of time, . Goodie bag has never been open, 564 of 600 made
cheers, kruzman

#4102 2 years ago

I am confusing nos with HUO on the dale JR game. sorry

9 months later
#4601 1 year ago

I love clearcoating em pf's. I am only working on nos stuff right now.
My name is becoming like wallmart

#4602 1 year ago

What I meant about the wallmart comment is people talk about me as a business, when I am a person who proudly uses my name as my name on the computer, and business ect, so I get defensive when people say kruzman does this or that, when they are talking about my business, and not talking about me personally I assume. So I didnt mean to get snarky. I want to make sure that people do know that I do clear em pf's. Right now I am only accepting nos stuff. I will work on stuff that needs work, but often it will "cost more than you paid for the game".
Or in the case of a couple nos pfs like paragon that is nos but smoked, they take a long time and a lot of money because of the size and all of the inserts and colors.
Thanks to everyone who supports my efforts!!!! as always I am thankful to do what I enjoy for a living. cheers, KRUZMAN

#4606 1 year ago

Very good, I do tend to slur my speech a bit, could be either of out thoughts. Now everyone knows where I am at right now, (and it could change when I get caught up) that I am only working on nos and repro stuff. it is ok if it needs to be fixed up. The problem with used stuff, or one of the problems with used stuff, is the first thing I do is sand it level with 600 grit and after I sand a used pf level I have been acused of switching customers pf's with others. they look very different. That being said, thank you for the clarification, and I will move on to the game for sale I am going to post. thanks again, ron

#4607 1 year ago

I have a police force for sale. set up here, works 100%. I bought this from a fella named Chris in jackson who does really good work at shopping and fixing up games, and lately I perfer to buy them all fixed up ready to go. I have had it for 3 years I think. I have never had to touch it except dust it. boards look awesome. full mylar so pf looks awesome, great led lights all around including the topper. the cab is faded a bit in red. translight looks perfect. I think the display is new, ramps new, plastics new. new rubbers new flippers. Also notice the turtle is showing his butthole on the pf
here is a link to pics

I took more pics today not knowing I already had pics, so if you have questions I have more pics.
Firm price is 1800. I am a horrible negotiator so my bottom price is 1800. Just think the price is 1900 and I will go down 100.I am going to take it to the zoo show if it is not sold but I am going to raise the price 100. I dont have a pin vehicle any more and it is going to be work for me to get it there. I live 9 miles from the show.
I think we are not suppose to post pics unless I want to do a seperate market ad. Is that correct.
Unfortunatly the roof on my studio is wrecked from a limb, and the other building just developed a leak also, so I may be selling one or more of my other games. I am trying to decide which. It may just be the metallica premium if I can get what I want out of it. its the one with the D.Donnie cab and trans with rock cab light show and custom adjustable lights for the trans as well as original. also I have the polk sub. I would never own that title without the sub, it is like night and day. Its my fav game and one of my fav bands but if I can get 7 for it I will sell it. I am the original owner.

so a little bit for everyone. Not to mention, I have several cpr addams family pf's. I bought half with no clear so I could get the first coat, and half with clear. I am going to tweek and clear them and sell them complete and ready to install , with shipping crate and install kits after I let them cure for a little longer.

#4610 1 year ago

ok I dont mean to post too much but I see a little wear around a pop on the butthole pic. I stand corrected.

#4622 1 year ago

Man o man that pin hauler is exactly what I want. lets talk about it at the show thurs? if you can and its not too much trouble, please bring it. I havent even shopped to look at prices yet, and I dont have money, but I have a metallica prem I may sell. I just want to talk about it, no promises

#4623 1 year ago
Quoted from Rock914:

Holy crap man, am I still helping you lug it upstairs lol. Congrats on the quick sale.

Thanks guys, thankfully it is gonna get picked up after the weekend I believe. I am playing the hell out of it.

I am going to mention that there is an amazing beautiful theatre of magic here in the guest house that belongs to c rock. . the cab is flawless. cab and head there are only 3 little marks each less than a cm on the whole thing. Not drilled for lock down bar. the pf is totally stock and perfect. no ghosting no wear. plastics perfect. NO errors, but one opto is being goofy on the trap door, which is getting fixed soon. If you look at the under side of the game, I would guess it has been moved less than 4 times. this thing is a find for someone who wants a game that looks HUO but is not. contact c rock for price and info. contact me to see and play it. I had never really played the title before, it is lighting fast, with super fast flow!!!!
No led's no mods. just collector quality

1 week later
#4654 1 year ago
Quoted from RyThom:

Nice Iron Man for sale. Can deliver to VFW on Saturday.

This is a really nice iron man. I played many games on it, and it is like new, plus the seller is not a D.B. and that is nice when buying a game.
Thought I would put in my 2 cents

1 week later
#4720 1 year ago

This is a great table. I have seen many do them thru the years, but I really like this one. I like that the table its self is not fresh nice regular wood. When it is done that way, to me, it seems like the pf dosent semlessly match the furniture. Opinions are like buttholes

Quoted from Jimmyhonda:

Other - For Sale
Vintage Pinball Coffee Table
“Vintage Pinball Coffee table. A Bally Space Ranger playfield in amazing condition was used. 3 Layers of different colored, high quality paint were used (black, white, and vintage b...”
2 days ago Howell, MI 800 (Firm)

Vintage Pinball Coffee table. A Bally Space Ranger playfield in amazing condition was used. 3 Layers of different colored, high quality paint were used (black, white, and vintage blue). Then the table was scuffed up to give it a vintage look. The table is wired with REMOTE CONTROLLED LED lights. Comes with a remote control! These lights are 100% programmable. You can change to a number of different colors or have the lights fade in and out to different colors. All new rubbers throughout playfield have been installed. I can meet you at the Ann Arbor VFW Pinaball Show this weekend. NO SHIPPING. Please call/text with any questions.
Cell 810-459-8075

1 week later
#4760 1 year ago

This is a pre-for sale notice so you can save up or secure financing. Since my roof is shot on my studio, and if you have priced roofs lately, you would agree, its way above my savings or visa limit.

So I am going to sell my Metallica prem. I need to clean the pf, which means I have to take a half day off work, so it will be in the next 2 weeks then I will take the pics. It is stock except the polk sub which runs on its own power. Also there is a custom under cab, behind head and on top of head light show that chris rock did for me. I also have his translight- light set up, installed. It is fully adjustable, and I have not messed with it to dial in where the lights should go and what color. Its super easy to reinstall the original bulb and igniter. That is the only mods.
I bought this new soon as I heard they were coming out. there is one issue that has been happening for years that I havent dealt with. The inside drop target resets when you start the ball, but then goes down immediately. Meaning the switch ineeds adjustment. Sometimes when it does stay up, it drops if you fire a coil or nudge the machine. Since you still have to hit the shot the same amount of times, my laziness has perveiled . I am guessing it needs a simple adjustment. I am not sure if it is the current updated code. Since it plays so good and I have never even come close to finishing the modes, I dont care.

Its seems like a lot of people who buy games want to do all of that stuff them self when they get a new game anyway. Do their own custom mods and what not. I used to strip down a game and shop it as soon as I bought it. Now I pay extra for games that are shopped. I am old.

I am going to ask 7200 and go from there. Since that is still not enough for a roof, I am going to try and get as much as I can in a reasonable time. if it dose not sell in 2 weeks I will drop it a little. anyway that's the plan. I have no idea about the market for this game or the price people are selling them for. It kills me to sell this game. It is one of the few games that no matter what the title was it, would be my top game, but it is Metallica, who I saw open for ozzy at cobo about the month, i think, master of puppets came out. I had never heard of metallica, and I had them mistaken for a band that dressed in crazy death metal costumes. when I saw it was a 4 piece band of ugly young fellas that rocked my ass of I was sold, and left early to avoid traffic. God bless ozzy, but he couldn't keep my attention after metallica, and I didn't even know the songs.

Since this is my most expensive machine, its the one that will do the most. My next expensive machine is about half (elvis) and then Dale jr, which I think I am going to sell this early summer also. I am the original owner of that one also.

So there is my diary entry for today. I hate selling this game, but my grandpa had a name for people like me that "drove Cadillacs but cant afford the gasoline" yes he was a big bon scott fan. If you get that reference you are old like me. Cheers. I will take pics and make a proper listing when I get the time to clean the pf.

It is the dirty donny art cab and translight

2 weeks later
#4819 1 year ago

Here is a link to some pics of the metallica premium I am selling, all waxed up, playing sweet. 7k or best

my photobucket is full and I was having a problem loading them, please let me know if you cant see them. I couldn't start a folder, so this is to my resent uploads.

2 weeks later
#4839 1 year ago

I have a super nice who dunnit set up in my living room ready to go for $2950. The cab and head are a 9.75 of 10. plastics and pf have no cracks or wear, except the diamond plate chipped off over 1 insert. not enough to get in to the script. other than that, its beautiful. Right now it is completely stock, but chris rock is eyeballing it for lighting mods.
Since I just spent 2.5 days wrapping and making a custom palette for my metallica, I am not interested in shipping at this point.

Also I have my alien poker for 875. great game, plays 100%, super fast.

I live less than 3 miles off 94 in galesburg which is between kzoo and battle creek

#4853 1 year ago

Cash and carry on the Who dunnit is 2700.
located 3 miles off 94 in gamesburg MI 49053.
Game is in beautiful condition, but 2 plugs on driver board (119-120 have burn) so the gi is out on translight, though not flashers. One error is comming up switch 25 which is a target on the set of 3 dropping targets in front of the elevator. no lock down hardware on coin door or drill holes, underside looks like its been moved 3 or 4 times. Ramps and plastics are perfect, comes with some of the goodie bag (extra sling plastics) plays fast , and super fun. price is firm. I would rather just post my bottom price rather than haggle.
text at 269 254 1618

cab and head have one small scuff, and no fade. looks new, even around the start button. great opp for a low play game

4 weeks later
#4893 1 year ago

There is a Black rose, Mousin around, Beautiful ToM, Touch down EM, and a adams family redemption game (I think that is what they are called, you win tickets) That are being stored at my compound while for sale by chrisrock/travis (Rock914).
They just came in last night except the ToM which I just broke down. The touchdown is super nice and clean and in the living room waiting to get set up, I am told it works 100%. I dont know much about the rest of them, but I will slowly get to them. you can contact me or just contact chris, because right now I dont know the prices. I go to bed pretty early and I was out of it last night.

also I just finished a nos AMAZING SPIDERMAN pf that I am going to sell. I reglued all of the inserts because of the age, and this is a great time to do so, because even if they were not loose, they will be soon, and you dont want that after investing all of the time and money. All of the inserts key lines had to be painted because of the cracks between the insert and wood, plus the usual stuff. The back is painted with the stock grey but I used oil enamel to soak in as well as repel dust and finger prints.
price is 1575. Even though I sanded the surface down level after the last coat, then wet block sanded down to 3000 grit and polished all day (huge pf) then cleaned all of the polish out of the cut out edges, I may sand the dame thing down, and reclear it. if I do the price is 1850. Its super nice but it could be better. Its one of those things that I cant see the imperfection until it is so highly polished. after 5 full games, the things that bother me, will be gone.

I have a really nice project game that I will sell with the pf also, but I would like the original pf out of that one to restore. Its not a deal breaker if not, but thats is my best case senerio. I will only sell the game with the pf.

#4905 1 year ago

I have a black rose that I mentioned here for sale. Plays 100%. 2550$ as is. It's is Dirty, and needs to be cleaned but this is a great game. the GI plugs on the driver board are original and not browned at all, and I noticed it still has all of the gray rubber switch covers on the ramp switches that are always missing. That is something I have not seen in a long time! I think this game got set up in an arcade new and played until the back ball popper stopped working and got clogged with balls, and the owner folded it up and un plugged it. The unopened manual and little light bulbs and flipper tool were in the back of the cab. Just an odd mystery scoobie doo. ohh not 100% the power switch is broke or missing I forget, but it may get fixed tomorrow.
If you want to get a REALLY COOL Game and save a little by cleaning it, this is your opportunity. I will clean it when I get time and the price goes up.
AS for what I can see under the dirt, it looks like the only pf wear is about 3 inch by 4mm and less around the big cannon hole. Thats it for pf wear. the cab is average. Its not a reimport. it had a lock down bar. Has the correct legs. Needs a good shop job and a good home.
I am 3 miles off the 94 at exit 85 in beautiful galesburg mi. (exactly in the middle of battle creek and butt town kalamazoo)

#4906 1 year ago

I also set up the ADDAMS FAMILY redemption game. it spews tickets. (there are only a couple left) It works perfect and looks about new. the decals are really nice. $550

Also a LOVE TESTER machine. You stick your finger in it It says I am a stallion. make an offer when you buy a game?

#4907 1 year ago

Ok can you tell it is almost Morg. time?
I have a Indy Jones restored and cleared pf set. Includes the mini pf 2750
also an nos Amazing Spiderman (gottlieb) pf 1575

#4909 1 year ago

And one more.
Williams 1 player EM touchdown. works 100%. just shopped, new rubbers all coils rebuilt, new led lights to make it bright, waxed. Only ware on pf is from one flipper but there is no paint in that area for it to have worn. cab is clean and better than average. coin door super nice. Back glass has one scratch about an inch.
Very similar to a wedge head. has moving animation in the head. Pf is waxed and it plays super fast for an em.
Price is 550. Set up in my living room.
something for everyone

#4915 1 year ago

Yep I stand corrected. i dont rebuild coils, I rebuild the coil assembly. new sleeves, new stops, sometimes new linkage and sometimes., EOS switches (or adjustment).
Thank you for that question. No rewiring of the coils

#4918 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

I have a Sharkey's Shootout I've been thinking about moving

A lot of people dont know that sharkeys shootout is basically eight ball delux, just amped up a bit and dmd. I drove all the way to southern il back in 09 for the HUO game I had. The price stayed at the same amount for years and years, so it was a good secret. personally I prefer SS to EBD. great game!!!!

#4922 1 year ago
Quoted from Paulb:

I have a decent data east star wars for sale

Paul is a good guy to deal with, even though he is from Indiana.

1 week later
#4938 1 year ago
Quoted from HemiOrange09:

I have a beautiful high end restored Pharaoh for sale....

I dont think that price is out of line. I cant tell from pics, but it looks pretty darn awesome, even if I am a bit peterbed that I was not involved. Its one of my fav games and pf's to restore. Back when I had one that backglass was impossible to find in good condition and worth a lot. I can see there is about 150 man hours in to it, so if the paint quality on the pf is up to par, its a recommended buy if you have the money. meaning I would buy it if I had the money, but I would want the BK to go with it of course, my other fav pf to restore (but a nightmare to do the swap)
Its an awesome title.

Machine - For Sale
For Sale: High End Restored Williams Pharaoh Better then NewFully restored (full original status) “I have had this machine is my personal collection for a while now and sad to say it's time to put it up for sale. Yes, I know it's a high price to pay for a Pharaoh, but this machi...”
7 days ago Muskegon, MI 3,700

#4939 1 year ago

I have a restored IJ pf set I just finished clearing. I will sell it with or without the mini pf. 2575 with the mini.

I have a cpr Taf pf that I tweeked (sealed the back with coats of poly, fixed the imperfections in the art including inserts not being centered, or having cracks, correct UPC sticker. amazing clear, wet block sanded to 3000 grit then polished for 6 hours, then another 1.5 hours cleaning the compound out of the holes 1675$$

NOS Amazing spiderman. reglues all inserts. all inserts needed paint because of the cracks around them. roll over star insert is tested not to be full of clear. amazing. I also have a game to install it. I have a game to go with it. has a damaged lower cab is all so I have an extra MGoW cab to go with it. Really nice BG. Has a really nice pf allready as luck would have it. all of the boards look good. I have never set it up. 2700 for the whole thing. I will sell pf seperate.

CPR CENTAUR. I spend about 12 hours going thru the art on these. all of the arrow inserts look bad and need to be cleaned up, plus some of the other inserts were off center a bit. roll over star inserts are now not full of clear. Wet block sand to 3000 grit.
Pf is so beautiful and flat. on the 3 from last pass with the polisher I caught the edge if the pf on the outside of the trap door, which wont show when installed. melted the clear in a 1 cm spot. I wont have time to redo it for a couple weeks. I will sell for 1500 as is

#4940 1 year ago

also still have a shopped and polished touchdown single player williams EM with back glsss animation for 650.
absolutly beautiful theatre of magic. beautiful cab and pf. no issues 6500
and the black rose got cleaned up, new rubbers cleaned and novus the pf. the only wear is a little on the edge of the cannon circle. Cab and head look great, but the coin door had a lock bar, I would fix that up. 2550. plays great and fast. Nice boards, correct legs, new display.

also addams family redemption game. runs on wpc cpu go figure. Like new condition with ticket dispenser. 600. Buy any game and I will sell you the love tester for 25 bucks, otherwise 60. Now you can prove you are a stallion.

everything is at the kruzman compound garage. located 2.8 miles off the 94 at exit 85. right in the middle of battle creek and butt town

#4942 1 year ago

I just wanted to post that the touch down I had sold. (to a first timer newbie. hopefully he will become an addict like most of us)
Still have a beautiful ToM for 6500 and a black rose 2550.

Coming up is the nicest Jurassic park I have ever seen, from what I have seen of it. That title is usually trashed. It belongs to chris rock travis, so you can contact him. I dont know anything about it, besides it is at my house and he has a bunch of mods he is going to install on it

1 month later
#5046 1 year ago

If anyone was trying to get a hold of dayhuff, his gardener accidentally cut his phone line (J.D has no cell phone). I think it is up and running, but I just wanted to post that incase you were trying to get a hold of him. He is alive.

#5048 1 year ago

I still have a Black rose for sale. Just added a new display to the deal. come to find out the original has a line out. price is 2550.

Quoted from Tsskinne:

Have a friend bringing me a game in the near future. He also has a Gottlieb Spider-Man for sale, since I frequent Michigan pretty often I figured I'd share it here too just in case anyone is looking for one.

Amazing spiderman is an awesome game. It has a huge pf, but if your kickers are all hitting strong, good rubber, and flippers, it is a fast, fun game. Plus the art work is perfect. well no boobies, but close to perfect. If you buy that game and want to put a nos cleared pf in it (which I suggest) I have one available, complete and ready to install.

As well as a restored IJ pf set, and a cpr centaur with the print tightened up around the inserts, and cleared. Both ready to install

Machine - For Sale
Spider-Man, The AmazingFully shopped/refurbished “Selling a fully working spiderman. The game was cleaned,waxed and rerubbered a few weeks ago, new clear posts, Comet sunlight LEDs in the gi, power supply rebuilt, new rottendog MP...”
7 days ago Rogersville, MO 1,500 (OBO)

#5055 1 year ago
Quoted from jimmyb:

4 iconic pinballs for sale at auction this Saturday Sept. 15 in New Hamburg ON. Canada. Online bidding is available.
Twilight Zone - Undocumented HUO, super clean condition!
The Addams Family - Very nice condition
1950 Gottlieb Knock Out- Holly Grail Woodrail
1951 Gottlieb Minstrel Man - in a home since the 1950's!
Mrs. Pac-Man / Galaga Video Game - Super clean condition

Hello, I have wanted a knockout and minstrel man for ever. I am sure they are both out of my price range at the moment , but I have beautiful reproduction backglasses for them. I traded the for pf work a couple years ago from the guy who makes them. I forget his name but he had been doing backglasses for more than 20 years and IMHO they are as good as nos.

How far from the detroit bridge is this sale?

1 week later
#5066 1 year ago

Man. I have wanted a RFM for a while now also. Although I have been broke for a while now also...
Maybe you need a couple pf's, and nice shinny clearcoats?

1 week later
#5099 1 year ago
Quoted from cfh:

Have a Bally Playboy for sale, fulling working plug and play condition. It's had some creative edits to the playfield. brighton MI. Direct email please cfh@provide.net
detroit.craigslist.org link

If that is the playboy that you have had for several years, it is very cool, and nice. Of course plays great

#5105 1 year ago

I have a stern rolling stones LE pf for 725$
its a start...

#5110 1 year ago

If any of you guys dont know paul (or big paul), yes he is in Indiana, the butthole of the mid west, but he is a good person to do business with.

Quoted from Paulb:

I have pinbot with new playfield, plastics, spiral ramp, pop bumpers, upper playfield, etc etc, roadshow, xenon w/kruzman clear coated playfield, players high speed

2 weeks later
#5139 1 year ago
Quoted from bowtech:

Thinking of trading out my Taxi for a newer dmd game. Cash included for something I'm interested in. Looking to keep the cartoon ish theme to go with my Flintstones and Rocky and Bullwinkle line up

You should keep and eye out for a simpsons. I had one for a year and its a pretty hard game in my opinion. I didnt even come close to getting all of the modes and levels. I found out after I sold it there is a mode where the flippers switch sides.
I am a big fan of cartoons, and I still watch south park which is better than ever, I think stern should do a new south park, since the original is not great. Family guy is a great game but you have to like the show, which I do.
Just some ideas, good luck.

also amazing spider man is really good if you ever decide to go back in time.

3 weeks later
#5158 1 year ago

I have a Theatre of magic set up here that is for sale. the price is 6500 very firm. This game is in amazing original condition. Ramps and pf show no wear. the cab has one dent on the head that is 1 cm and hidden in the art. seriously. the original cab artwork is not faded or scratched. its completely stock.
I play it every day. Its only problem seems to be the opto in the trap door. about 2 in 10 times it wont notice there is a ball in it. I am busy trying to figure out what is wrong with my bone buster (ball buster), but I may get to it some time.

I am less than 3 miles off the 94 between battle creek and kalamazoo. exit 85, and the game is set up in my living room which is easy to move out.
Trades are possible but I am selling for a friend so I would have to run them thu him

5 months later
#5373 8 months ago

The cue ball wizard that dayhuff has is in amazing condition!!!

#5374 8 months ago

Here is a list of pf's I have that I can bring to patz.
first the cleared and tweeked out perfected: DE star wars. Lots of time dimpling and clear $2000
Gottlieb Amazing spiderman cleared, inserts painted huge and beautiful 1900
Not quite done yet but a cpr TAF. Tightened the inserts and lines, cleared and seal the back (as on all pf's) 1750

The rest are new/ nos stock, as they were made.
ac/dc pro 650
Stern Black knight750
Batman forever 700
Bumper pool 575
Car hop 700
contact 375
corvette NOS 1000
CSI 550
family GUY 850
Harley davidson stern 650
Indy Jones 4 stern 600
Iron maiden pro 700
Lucky srtike/gold strike wade krauss 750
Gottlieb 007 850
Monte Carlo gottlieb 450
Nitro Groundshaker cpr gold 750
No fear 800
popeye 600
Speakeasy 600
Spiderman stern 800
Spring Break Gottlieb 675
Star wars epi 1 pin 2000 800
Rolling stones LE stern 800
Simpsons Data east 900
Simpsons pinball party set 900
Transformers 500
wheel of fortune 550
Wiz of oz 500
WWF Royal rubble set 975
xenon custom cpr gold with starburst inserts $975.

I also have a lot of used pfs I will sell. I dont have any that are blown out. everything was bought to restore, so that are of that level. They are totally affordable but if you are looking for less than 100$ pf's I only have a couple 5-10 of those.

I live 9 miles from the patz show, or I can bring them.

here is my website for a partial list of used pf's. I have about twice that many not listed. for example. I have a stern IRON MAIDEN I will sell. Not the new one but the one from 1981! super rare. I have 2. One I am going to restore soon, and one I may sell. if not I will restore that one also. love that game!

Thanks to everyone for their support thru the years. really looking forward to the show, and of course the auction!

4 weeks later
#5429 7 months ago

I have an elvis I am going to have to sell. I sold a bunch of games to put a roof on the main house, now I need one on the studio, so I am selling the most expensive games I have. I have an elvis that I have owned maybe 7 years. It was completely shopped a couple hundred games ago. Plays 100%. no pf wear, cab is beautiful 3600. Very under rated steve ritchie game.

Also a world Beauties gottlieb wood rail that has been set up in my living room for more than 4-5 years. Plays 100%. the back glass is a 9.5 really nice pf and cab. Its a fun game because you can play to try to get all 13 beauties, or you can go for points. 650$

3 weeks later
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