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What is for sale in Michigan now (non-scammer edition)

By aalucero

7 years ago

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#156 7 years ago

Ok you're just wrong on so many levels.

All games, regardless of where the game ends up, use the SAME fuses. For example, all WPC95 games use the small 20mm european fuses. All wpc-89 and wpc-s use 4ag fuses. doesn't matter where it went. The only difference in fusing is the main line voltage fuse. (At 220 volts a 4 amp fuse is used, where at 120 volts an 8 amp fuse is used.) That is the ONLY difference in fuses. Yes the label will say "220 volt 4 amp" by the power box for Euro games. But that's the only label difference.

As for coin doors, that is country dependent. For example, most german machines use 3 slot conventional doors. the difference is the mechs. now UK and France tend to use electronic mechs. In this situation, if you are operating, yes the coin door will need to be changed to north american style. Stuff that is in the 2000s are probably Euro coinage. These are usually conventional coin doors, but with a single slot.

As for condition, i've seen U.S. games hacked up far more than any re-import. It's game dependent. Crap is crap, nice is nice. Country of operation really has zero to do with any of it. But hey, if you want to be a "pinball racist" and call all re-imports dirty crap, i guess that's your gig. But personally i look at things a lot like i look at people... on a one by one, individual basis. I really don't care what where they are from, it's all about condition. But that analysis has to be made on each individual machine.

Quoted from silver_spinner:

condition is king its true,.
but. with a reimport..
if you operate, right off the bat you need a new coin door that will allow us quarters to drop through the chutes correct (not the mechs( the actual chutes.)
reimports chutes are thicker, coins get jammed...or some are too small..
next, you can have little fuses everywhere (including main boards) instead of normal style fuses. incorrect tags concerning voltage and amperage per fuse throughout the game (confusing when you are working on the game).
reimports most often have cabinet issues, holes where plaques were drilled, wood that has fell out of bottom, so bottom sides of cab was drilled in the sides to hold bottom board.
there are way more things to do than change ac voltage, and most are filthy. traveling on a boat with sea salt doesnt do wood or metal good.
nothing is 100%, but the majority are bad.
i had a godzilla from germany that i had to do tons to it to make it USA worthy.
but heh, ill leave the reimports for you guys

#157 7 years ago

Actually this is bull crap too.
ONLY u.k. machines had additional up-posts. There was a law in the U.K. that required games to be fully "skill based", and thus the law required additional up posts between the flippers and in the outlanes. This law was only in place for about 6 years before it was recalled (or just plain ignored by Stern), 1999 to about 2005.

Total game distribution to the U.K., for pretty much any title during this period, was never more than 100 units. So the number of games that made it back from the U.K. from Southpark to Lord of the Rings, was pretty damn small. For example Rob, the T3, Simpsons Party, and LotR you have experienced with this option are probably the ONLY ones that have this factory option in all of North America. And the software allows for the posts to be turned off, disabling them, if that's not your thing. Or you can just ignore the extra set of buttons next to the flipper buttons.

There is one exception to the "only UK" up post rule... Marvin at marvin3m.com ordered a new Stern with UK up posts, but obviously for the U.S. market. For the life of me i can't remember the title. But Stern only did this once and refused to do it again for Marvin. It might have been Ripleys... can't remember. So there's *one* game out there with these up posts that didn't go to the U.K. first.

Quoted from TheLaw:

The only re-imports I would stay away from are the newer Sterns that have all the weird crap out in them; like extra buttons and save posts. LOTR is long enough as is.

#159 7 years ago

As for proper re-import modification, it's really pretty easy.

1) re-jumper the transformer. If you have the connector pins and pin extractor tool, it takes about 2 minutes.

2) change line fuse from 4 amp to 8 amp. really this is optional, because running at a lower fuse rating doesn't hurt anything. But the fuse may blow due to it being under valued.

3) change MOV inside power box from 260 volts to 130 volts. MOVs are available at radio shack.
Most people don't do this. It's not really a big issue if you don't. the MOV shorts itself if it sees a voltage above it's rating. It's a power surge device. So at 260 volts, it's not a huge deal (instead of 130 volts.) Because most power surges are far far above 260 volts! so either way, it will blow.

4) change the coin door and/or mechs.
this is fully optional for most people. Only needed if you're operating the game, or you're just anal about these sorts of things.

Note there are some countries were re-imports tend to be more problematic. For example, south america. my experience has shown these people had very limited access to proper parts, so games tend to be more creatively repaired. I've had great experience with German games. The large german distributor (Novus) had a good parts distribution network. So German games tend to be in decent condition. UK games also seem to be pretty good. Holland/Belgium games are usually pretty darn nice too.

#197 7 years ago

if any of us U.S. guys tries to cross the border with so much as a screwdriver, you'll be stripped searched and probed by Canadian border dudes for at least 3 hours. I'm not kidding about this. A work visa is required to work in CA. if you get caught and say "working" in any way shape or form, or you have any tools in your car, you are absolutely screwed. Personally i don't even like emailing canadians about repairs.

1 month later
#270 7 years ago

I am about 5 miles from south Lyon. Have him email me at [email protected]

1 month later
#383 6 years ago

I have a high speed and Pinbot up for trade. Looking for dataeast titles and some not so loved sys11 titles. Near ann arbor.

#384 6 years ago

I should have been more specific with trading the High Speed and Pinbot.
Looking to trade (plus or minus cash) for any of the following titles:

1987 Dataeast Laser War pinball
1988 Dataeast Secret Service pinball
1989 Dataeast Monday Night Football pinball
1989 Dataeast Robocop pinball
1990 Dataeast Back to the Future pinball
1990 Dataeast Simpsons pinball
1992 Dataeast Star Wars pinball
1993 Dataeast Last Action Hero pinball
1995 Capcom Pinball Magic pinball
1992 Alvin G. USA Football or A.G. Soccerball pinball
1980 Bally Rolling Stones pinball
1982 Bally BMX pinball
1985 Bally Cybernaut pinball
1980 Bally Frontier pinball
1980 Bally Skateball pinball
1981 Williams Barracora pinball
1982 Williams Defender pinball
1982 Williams Cosmic Gunfight pinball
1987 Williams Big Guns pinball
1989 Williams Bad Cats pinball
1990 Williams Dr. Dude pinball
1990 Bally Radical pinball
1990 Bally Riverboat Gambler pinball
1991 Bally Harley Davidson pinball
1991 Bally Black Rose pinball
1994 Williams Red & Ted Roadshow pinball
1995 Bally Who Dunnit pinball
1995 Bally Indianapolis 500 pinball
1995 Williams Dirty Harry pinball
1996 Williams Junk Yard pinball



3 weeks later
#422 6 years ago

I have to agree with the above comment, with new tempered glass being $20 and PDI being $300. Also with "bent plastic" being like $5, that solves all my reflection issues for the most part, and at a price i can afford. (All the DMD games at the Ann Arbor pinball museum have a bent plastic glare guard.)

1 month later
#676 6 years ago

I have a decent and fully working Funhouse for sale in the brighton area $3200.

#679 6 years ago

on the funhouse thing, this particular game was a sorry story case. A boys/girls' club in royal oak had the game, and they were short on money. they have a nice facility but the city owns it, they just rent half the facility. they saw the funhouse on ebay for $5k and they wanted $4k. i told them it was just too much. but i ended up giving them near what they were asking because i looked at it as a sort of donation to their cause. So i'm just trying to not loose my butt too badly on this. Hence the pricing is, where it is.

They bought the game in 2000 from Big Toys. A wire came off the side scoop kickout coil, so basically the game was dead in the water from shortly after being purchased to now. So with some minor repairs and clean up the game was up and working. There was a second game too but it's an "off" title and really not worth much. i haven't even looked at that one yet.

#681 6 years ago
2 weeks later
#752 6 years ago

I find it interesting that Rob is moving towards "cheese games", with his current favorite being Torpedo Alley.

#767 6 years ago

Note to self... get a shaq attack for the vfw and make it the vfw league finals game!!
(and make cancer rob shop it out too.) and for the semi-finals require head-to-head play on the PAIR of nba fastbreaks!

next thing you'll know, cancer will have a shaq attack and a laser wars at his house. look i made him play all the EMs and now he OWNS one. so i think if i make him play all the gottlieb system3 and early dataeast games, sooner or later, he'll come around...

does anyone have a Last Action Zero for sale?? i feel the need to torture rob even more...
Rob you will be happy to hear "come again!" will be at the vfw (DE simpsons) for your playing pleasure.

1 week later
#797 6 years ago

I have a DE phantom of the opera would like to trade for DE back to the future, Wms Dirty Harry, Bly doc dude, or something else? Email [email protected] (please no PMs).

1 week later
#826 6 years ago

Do t forget the Ann Arbor show may 15-17. there will be 250 machines to play!

2 months later
#1132 6 years ago

Working Stuff at the vfw show for sale.
Williams swinger $300
Gtb the games $525
Terminator 3 $2500
Rescue 911 $1700
Starship trooper $2300
Terminator 2 $2000
Airbourne avenger

3 weeks later
#1275 6 years ago

Have a project black hole for $500. complete except for the CPU board which is missing. brighton mi. email directly to [email protected] (no PM please).

Update can add a Working CPU board for 100 more.

#1277 6 years ago

Update on black hole can add a working mpu board for 100 more



#1280 6 years ago

This Gottlieb $400 works good, Brighton. Email [email protected] please no pm.


#1282 6 years ago

Have a nice and working stern flight 2000 for sale, $1000. Brighton Michigan.
Plug and play condition, ready to play.




#1293 6 years ago

Have a nice fully working black hole for sale. Mods done, cleaned up new rubber. LEDs installed for most lighting. Heck spinning backglass even works. Nice game. $1300 Brighton. No pm please email [email protected]



#1295 6 years ago

Sorry fat fingered the price it's 1300 on black hole.

#1313 6 years ago

I have a 1987 Williams system11 F-14 Tomcat up for trade or sale. Works very nice, just plug it in and play. Looking to trade, plus or minus money, for the following titles. Direct emails please only to [email protected]

Bally Radical
Bally Dr. Dude
Bally BMX
Bally Frontier
Williams Big Guns
Williams Cosmic Gunfight
Williams Barracora
Williams Alien Poker
Williams Rollergames
Williams Bad Cats
DE Back to the future

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1 month later
#1498 6 years ago

I have a Bally lost world for sale for $700 in Brighton.
Condition is pretty nice. Just plug it in and play. Playfield is very good.


#1506 6 years ago

Price reduction on the bally lost world that's just north of Ann Arbor. The price is now $550. This is a plug-and-play nice condition lost world. [email protected] only please no pm.

1 month later
#1707 6 years ago

I have a decent Stern world poker tour available for $2500 (brighton mi).

#1713 6 years ago

Wpt 2500 Brighton




#1726 6 years ago

WPT in brighton is sold. thank you.

2 weeks later
#1782 6 years ago

have a nice ready to go No Good Gofers for sale at $3350, plug and play, Brighton.
Direct email please to [email protected]. SOLD



1 week later
#1804 6 years ago

I have a fully working Bally Rolling Stones in decent condition $1200 (brighton).



#1808 6 years ago

Got a boatload of Zaccaria today. Three farfallas, three time machines, a clown, pool champ. $900 each as is. Direct email to [email protected]


1 week later
#1840 6 years ago

Have a Zaccaria Clown for sale $550 brighton MI. it runs and plays, but needs work.





1 month later
#1937 5 years ago

I have a cleaned and fully working No Fear for sale in Brighton, $2350. Has cabinet fade but otherwise nice.
Direct email please to [email protected]



2 weeks later
#1977 5 years ago

Personally I would rather have the standard fire. I don't like the champagne edition, it's ugly.

3 weeks later
#2042 5 years ago

I have a 1996 Sega goldeneye pinball machine in working condition that's pretty decent for trade. I am looking for any of these following games in trade, plus or minus money:

(Direct email please no PM use [email protected] )

1992 Alvin G. USA Football or A.G. Soccerball pinball
1989 Dataeast Monday Night Football pinball
1990 Dataeast Back to the Future pinball
1992 Dataeast Star Wars pinball
1998 Sega Lost in Space pinball
1989 Gottlieb/premier Lights Camera Action
1991 Gottlieb/Premier Class of 1812 pinball
1979 Bally Voltan Escapes Cosmic Doom pinball
1979 Bally HotDoggin pinball
1982 Bally Mr & Mrs Pacman pinball
1980 Williams Alien Poker pinball
1982 Williams Defender pinball
1982 Williams Cosmic Gunfight pinball
1987 Williams Big Guns pinball
1989 Williams Bad Cats pinball
1990 Williams Dr. Dude pinball
1990 Williams/Bally Radical pinball
1991 Williams/Bally Black Rose pinball



3 weeks later
#2199 5 years ago

Anybody have a bad cats for sale?

1 week later
#2295 5 years ago

End of stroke switch improperly adjusted. basically really can't be anything else. aside from a stray loose wire, but that's doubtful and unlikely. most people don't really know how to properly adjust EOS switches and make a common mistake, which results in a blown fuse (or smoked coil.) we're running 300 games so i'm pretty in-tune with what constitutes upkeep too....

1 week later
#2383 5 years ago

Anita does the shop work at Prestige. It's hit and miss with her. Sometimes she does a great job, other times not so much. If she's doing a more common bally/wms 1990s game she's generally pretty good. and the common dataeast stuff. but outside of the box, not as good. she's not a "pinball person", it's just a job for her. keep that in mind. it's not like having someone that really loves and lives pinball shop a game. but she does have years and years of experience. she can tear apart an Addams family, clean, re-assemble in record time for example, and does a decent job of it. i do not suggest her for playfield touchups though. she does decent cabinet work, at least most times. but a lot of this has to do with what other work pressures she has at the shop too. there's a lot of variables. she's generally paid per game not by hour (not always but usually), and this can influence how well she does on the work.

#2404 5 years ago

If you were going to use either prestige in walled Lake, or big toy in Sterling Heights, prestige is going to win hands down. The people at big toys are really screwing people as far as service and general work. I don't have much faith in them anymore now that Jeff Moore has left that business.

#2416 5 years ago

they are nice guys but their service rates are out of control. i repaired a high speed for a guy at his house. he had it first to Big Toys and the repair bill was $800 !! And they replaced rubber and put in LEDs, that's about all they did. I've been doing in home service for a long time and i've never gave anyone a $800 repair bill (or even $400 !) Heck i did a complete shop job for a guy with a Twilight Zone that was submerged in a flood, complete playfield stripped down and cleaned, new parts and rubber rebuilt flippers, and it wasn't even $400 (though he did tip). Big Toys may be nice guys but you will get screwed. At least with Games we Play the person they have doing the work (Anita) has been there for probably 10 years doing this job. At Big Toys, you get the "yonkle of the week".

#2445 5 years ago

I had a picture of the $800 repair bill but i can't find it. i'm not kidding about this. it was crazy. this isn't the only data point either with the new guys at Big Toys. i've had some other people i've done work for with similar experiences, though not $800 bad.

#2453 5 years ago

OK I found the invoice. I have another one somewhere that is $850 worth of repairs or something crazy like this too. I don't mean to throw anybody under the bus, but I thought that this was just nuts. Something just doesn't seem right over there now that Jeff or has left the store

#2458 5 years ago

Oh right you are I left his name on there. I deleted the graphic. In my opinion that was what I would call a sucker shop job. Where they maybe took off a few plastics to get it some lightbulbs and put new Rubber, but it was not what I would consider shop job in anyway shape or form. And $800 for this work seems nuts to me. But I had the advantage of standing there seeing the game in person. So it was easier for me to qualify the work.

#2477 5 years ago

I have a done up, cleaned stargate for sale. On CL but just ask for the pinside discount for a better rate.
[email protected] (no pm please just direct email)

#2482 5 years ago

To each their own. Frankly that simpsons makes me want to throw up.

#2491 5 years ago

We have pinball magic at the Ann Arbor site. It was a really hard game to find. Not fun to shop either.

1 week later
#2559 5 years ago

Kruzman if you tell Shazzam that delamination happened on the backglass, he will replace the glass for free. That's a gen2 glass too, his newer glasses are much better.

#2584 5 years ago
#2589 5 years ago
#2602 5 years ago
#2614 5 years ago
#2618 5 years ago

no on the why snow question. it needs to be gone now.

2 weeks later
#2721 5 years ago

Ann Arbor show may 13-15. Saturday getting close to sold out, only 90 tickets left. Tournament sold out. 300+ games to play.

#2729 5 years ago

steve (bgresto) only had a booth once about 3 years ago at kZoo. he hasn't done that show since then. He does come to the Ann Arbor show every year though, you can find him there.

Of course his former business partner "randy" lives in just outside zkoo. but beware when dealing with him. he will take your money, and you probably won't get a glass. even if you remove the 'alcohol issue' factor, he's just not able to make glasses right now from what i have seen. His heat press unit has a bad pump and needs to be replaced (expensive). also steve took back his printer and his computer. So i'm not entirely sure randy could even make a glass if his life depended on it. add to that randy can't do the cuts on the masks to make a decent glass due to his issues with alcohol. and randy doesn't use the right thickness glass, nor does he use tempered glass. (he gets plate glass from the local hardware store.) So just beware.

you're far far better off dealing with steve. he can bring your glass to the Ann Arbor show and you'll save significant money on shipping. Randy did bring "seconds" to kzoo a couple years ago and put them in the kzoo auction. but they were pretty bad quality compared to what Bgresto (steve) makes.

#2735 5 years ago

i think the stuff that randy brought to the kzoo auction was fine for wall hanging too. you couldn't put any of it in a game though. but for the wall OK. Randy keeps trying to kill himself... goes to ER... they "fix" him, and then he comes out and does the same thing again. it's an endless cycle. in the 3 years i've known him he's just gone from bad to worse to where he is now (which is beyond worse.) Frankly i don't know how he's even alive. Drinking a pint of vodka for breakfast does not prolong your life. last trip to ER was the worst, they didn't think he would live. But here here is still alive. If you ever met the guy you wouldn't understand how he's even vertical.

#2743 5 years ago
Quoted from SirScott:

Do you have his number?

you can't really call randy. he uses those throw away phones you can buy at party stores. he used to have a real phone, but it kept dying due to lack of funds. the only way to really get a hold of him consistently is to drop by his place. and frankly that's just scary.

3 weeks later
#2848 5 years ago

Have a Fishtales and a Shadow for sale, brighton mi.
ft is SOLD, shadow is SOLD.
Email only please no p.m.
[email protected]

#2849 5 years ago

shadow pics...

#2850 5 years ago

Also have an IGT double diamond slot machine and a cougar dart machine with nine buttons both are working well. Both SOLD. Direct email only please no p.m.
Update: shadow and ft sold.
[email protected]

#2851 5 years ago

Scared stiff pinball for sale. Pretty nice condition cleaned up ready to play. Brighton area. SOLD.
Direct email please to [email protected]

#2852 5 years ago

everything has been sold or spoken for, including the Attack from Mars and Addams Family.
Thanks to everyone for their interest.

2 weeks later
#2892 5 years ago

Games for sale have started to appear at the vfw for sale. there's a starship troopers, a volcano, a magnatron, and a trizone so far.

1 week later
#2932 5 years ago

Have a stern Star Trek pro for sale. It is stock. It is also in as new condition. Never operated. Brighton Michigan. $4450. Direct email please, no p.m., [email protected]




2 months later
#3141 5 years ago

Have a free Bobby Orr powerplay cabinet. doesn't have a lot of parts but would be good to cut up and use the side panels as wall decorations. coin door present and in decent condition. direct email [email protected] if you want it.


1 month later
#3280 5 years ago

I have a stern/sega harley davidson for sale all working, brighton mi.
direct email only please [email protected]

2 months later
#3512 4 years ago

you can play a rob zombie at the 2017 ann arbor pinball show. well in theory. we have a very high number, but it should be delivered by the show in May.

1 week later
#3548 4 years ago

hey on that fun fest. are you coming to the VFW tiltin' for tots charity event this saturday night? if so can you bring the fun fest? i have a friend that wants to turn that into a custom game. please email me [email protected]

#3550 4 years ago

the fun fest is actually for Duncan Brown. he wants to use it to make another "lost harry williams game" designed in the 1970s but never made by Williams. He did the Cyclone game at Chicago Expo shown last month, a harry williams design, and I supplied him the "Honey" game to use as the base for the conversion. Would love to get him another core so he can make another lost Harry Williams game.

#3553 4 years ago

Mark shaker in wixom has a nice CP for sale

On the fun fest... Thank you.... But Is no one coming down state any time soon by chance?

#3556 4 years ago

there's no tickets for "tilting for tots". just show up with a $15 (or greater) value toy for entry (per person). saturday dec 10 from 8pm to midnight. we collect the toys and give them to Toys for Tots.

#3561 4 years ago

Fun fest is an EM so it's not very big. i mean i fit two EMs in the Ford Escape. I'm not familiar with a Forester but i would think an EM would go in there no problem. thanks! [email protected]

#3565 4 years ago

Awesome cool thanks for coming. And thanks to the guys on the funfest. Duncan will turn this into another one of those unmade Williams games from the early 70s

2 weeks later
#3592 4 years ago

I have a zaccaria Pool Champ/Clown project for $200 (no boards). It has a pool champ body/playfield, and a clown head. The layout of the head is the same in pool champ/clown. So if you want a project or a playfield for parts, this is something. Direct email only please (no PM) [email protected] Location is brighton mi.

1 month later
#3686 4 years ago

Does anyone want a Rob Zombie? i have one on order. It's a really high number, so probably won't get built until early summer. Have a $1000 deposit on it. If you want it NIB, email me [email protected] and can transfer the ownership to you (you'll owe the $5000 balance to Spooky when the game is complete.)

4 weeks later
#3759 4 years ago

I have a Rob Zombie, which is scheduled to be made in the next few weeks. If anyone wants this game please email me [email protected]

I have $1000 desposit on the game, with the balance due when the game is completed. If you want the "spot" we can transfer it to you. And then you can tell Spooky if you want the game built any differently. Need to do this ASAP. You'll owe me my deposit. I'm willing to take a loss on this. Give me $800 and the spot is yours.

1 month later
#3915 4 years ago

there should be about 30 games for sale at the vfw show and about 30 semi-populated playfields. so i hear at least...

1 week later
#3964 4 years ago

Ron the jackbot is still at the VFW i believe. so i'm assuming it did not sell.

2 months later
#4097 4 years ago

Novus2 is available at any Harley Davidson dealer in the parts department.

#4104 4 years ago

I do in-home service in Lansing.
email [email protected]

#4108 4 years ago

Sorry do not work on jukes

1 month later
#4201 4 years ago

that hulk was in a fire. missing power supply and CPU board (and inter-connectors). i bet that sound board is toast too, which sucks, because those are difficult to find. just saying, but your price is rather hopeful at best.

2 months later
#4387 3 years ago

We used to pay $12 a sheet for playfield glass. Now we pay $25. It's crazy, it was only about 4 or 5 years ago it was half the price. There are some ohio places you can get it cheaper, but then you have to transport it. The place we've always gotten it from is in Wixom, which is really close. But it's just gotten so expensive. At the last show we had it for sale at $40 a sheet and people were pissed. I don't know what to tell them. Glass is awful to handle and store. to give it away at $25 a sheet (which is what we sold it for 1.5 years ago) is just crazy in my eye, it's just not worth it. And it seems like a piece always gets broken in the process too, which kills the minimal profit involved. I would sell it at cost as a service, but the stuff is just so hard to move and transport and store, it's just not worth it.

1 week later
#4416 3 years ago

Star Trek next gen 4500. Baywatch 2000. Brighton mi. Direct email only please to [email protected]

2 weeks later
#4440 3 years ago

Got that Star Trek next gen all cleaned and new rubber and rebuilt flippers. really nice example. brighton mi.
direct email please [email protected]

3 weeks later
#4474 3 years ago

Have a home use only about 500 total plays Wheel of Fortune for sale and a Bally/Williams Star Wars Episode 1 for sale. location is Brighton MI. Direct email please [email protected]

#4475 3 years ago

The star wars E1 is sold. Set up the Wheel of Fortune, darn, that game is brand new condition. It's the cleanest things i've seen short of new in the box. It's crazy nice. Direct eail me if you are interested or want pictures. [email protected]

1 week later
#4481 3 years ago

On the HUO Wheel of Fortune... yes the coin box is here, it's on the bar. Forgot to give it to you...

3 months later
#4679 3 years ago

1969 Sega Duck Hunt gun game $550.
1976 Midway Duck Hunt EM gun game $550.
1952 Williams Paratrooper pinball $600.
1954 Gottlieb Hawaiian Beauty pinball $850.
1970 Gottlieb Aquarius pinball $400.
1962 Gottlieb Tropic Isle pinball $450.
1977 Staal Ben Hur pinball $150.
1958 Williams 3-D pinball $500.
Location is Brighton MI.
Please direct email only to [email protected]

#4694 3 years ago

All sold except
1976 Midway Duck Hunt EM gun game
1958 Williams 3-D pinball

lower price on both to $400.

Quoted from cfh:

1969 Sega Duck Hunt gun game $550.
1976 Midway Duck Hunt EM gun game $550.
1952 Williams Paratrooper pinball $600.
1954 Gottlieb Hawaiian Beauty pinball $850.
1970 Gottlieb Aquarius pinball $400.
1962 Gottlieb Tropic Isle pinball $450.
1977 Staal Ben Hur pinball $150.
1958 Williams 3-D pinball $500.
Location is Brighton MI.
Please direct email only to [email protected]

#4704 3 years ago

Only game left is the EM gun game midway duck hunt

Quoted from cfh:

All sold except
1976 Midway Duck Hunt EM gun game
1958 Williams 3-D pinball
lower price on both to $400.

#4714 3 years ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

Email sent on duck hunt. Just need to know if the gun can come off somewhat easily for transport

Midway gun games don't allow the gun to come off easily, compared to say CCM or williams. Not that you can't do it, just it's not as easy as i would like it to be. I'm sure it can be done though...

#4721 3 years ago

The gun deck does not come off easily on midway games. Compared to Chicago coin or Williams where it does, the deck doesn’t flip or come off on the midway gun games

And the game is sold too

2 months later
#4892 3 years ago

have a 1947 woodrail Williams Torchy for sale. Has playfield magnets which makes for nice game play. Game is fully working and in decent condition. Plug and play. $300 in Brighton MI. Direct email only please: [email protected]

2 weeks later
#4925 3 years ago

I have a 1965 Chicago Coin CCM Par Golf pitch and bat for sale $1500 in brighton MI. Works and plays well and is in very nice original condition. Direct email please to [email protected]

1 month later
#5095 3 years ago

Have a Bally Playboy for sale, fulling working plug and play condition. It's had some creative edits to the playfield. brighton MI. Direct email please [email protected]
detroit.craigslist.org link

#5102 3 years ago
Quoted from kruzman:

If that is the playboy that you have had for several years, it is very cool, and nice. Of course plays great

Yup. Need it out of here. Someone is threatening to come tonight to buy for $1000 off of craigslist. but if anyone wants it for that and can get it ASAP email me [email protected]

2 weeks later
#5134 3 years ago

I have a Roadshow for sale in Brighton. pictures on craigslist. Ready to play.
detroit.craigslist.org link

5 months later
#5342 2 years ago

Have a Gottlieb Top Card wedgehead EM pinball for sale (brighton mi). Fully working and cleaned. Nice looking and playing game. Asking $650. Direct email only please: [email protected]

#5348 2 years ago

Gottlieb Top card gone

#5354 2 years ago

have a 16 foot ball bowler for sale. Ccm Royal Crown 1962. brighton mi. working and pretty nice condition. $2500. direct email only please [email protected]

9 months later
#5974 1 year ago

Have a working and nice condition Williams Satin Doll EM for sale, brighton mi. $575
[email protected] (direct email, no PMs please)

4 months later
#6303 1 year ago

I have a Gottlieb Haunted House for sale. Working very nicely, playfields are nice, backglass and cabinet nice. It's a good solid game. Owned it quite a while and it has generally worked pretty darn well. All the usual modifications have been made. Location Brighton MI. price is $2250. Direct email best. thank you. [email protected]

Added 16 months ago:

game is gone

4 months later
#6568 1 year ago

I have a decent bally Williams 1994 who dunnit for sale fully working, Brighton Michigan, 2950. Direct email please only [email protected]

1 month later
#6691 10 months ago

have a 1971 Gottlieb Dimension pinball for sale, brighton mi. ready to play. low production add a ball. $1500. direct email please [email protected]

1 month later
#6777 9 months ago

We are shooting for a VFW show at the end of September. but a lot has to do with how the virus does over the next 6 months. it's too hard to predict, so i don't want to go through what we did last year again (and frankly people that had paid for reservations don't want that either.) It was a crap load of work (i mean more than a regular one weekend show.) But tentatively the dates are October 2/3, 2021 (also have to look at the Michigan football schedule too, so can't make the date firm just yet... we don't want to be the same weekend as a football game.)

1 month later
#6886 7 months ago

I would love to sell you a new pair of shoes. And probably a pair of pants and a coat also

#6896 7 months ago

i need to know Scott's shoe size. those f*cking crocks MUST GO, especially in the snow! who the hell wears crocks?
A N Y T I M E of the year!!! and while moving pinball machines? what the .....????
at least Jarad got new pants and shoes....

#6903 7 months ago

Scott i have a nice pair of sneakers for you size 11.5 if you want them. they are name brand NOS.

2 weeks later
#6923 7 months ago

I have a Gottlieb Lawman for sale all working in brighton MI direct email please [email protected]

3 months later
#7177 3 months ago

I have two bally bingos. easy pick up, ground level. they are supposed to work. but i did not put them together to try. Brighton MI. $100 each. Bally Wall Street and Bally Tahiti. direct email best [email protected]

#7180 3 months ago

Bally Bingos are free now. come get them. easy pickup. brighton mi.
[email protected]

2 weeks later
#7213 3 months ago

have a nice fishtales for sale (brighton mi) for $4500. or better yet, trade for a newer Stern Pro (i'll add money.) direct email please [email protected]

4 weeks later
#7325 70 days ago

Looking for a 1978 Stern "Pinball" backglass. Need the solidstate version, but would buy either EM or SS version. direct email best. thanks!
[email protected]

#7327 69 days ago

I have a nicely working Xenon for sale in Brighton MI for $2200. ready to play. direct email please [email protected]

#7357 63 days ago

i end up fixing a lot of his games that were sold (to mostly newbies.) he's good for my repair business. if you're pinball educated he's absolutely no problem, you'll see what a game needs. but newbies often buy and don't see the potential issues. but that's pretty much how it is... every body was a newbie at one time, and education is not free. Now if a game purchase is done over long distance and there's issues, that's a different story. but for us locals, i don't see what he does (or doesn't do) as an issue. it's no different than buying from say an operator.

#7362 62 days ago

Williams Grand Prix 1976 for sale working and pretty decent condition. Brighton MI. 850. direct email best
[email protected]

#7371 60 days ago

How much are the MPU daughter boards for stars, trident, meteor?

#7385 56 days ago

Does anyone have a Gottlieb system1 "L" prom (Genie) from an old abandoned cpu board that would be willing to sell me? thanks!
direct email best: [email protected]

#7400 54 days ago

Have a 1974 CCM Turf Club EM arcade game for sale. Working game but missing the 8track player. $500 brighton mi.

2 weeks later
#7444 37 days ago

I have a nice working Bally paragon for sale brighton Mi for 2950. direct email best thank you... [email protected]

1 week later
#7465 28 days ago

on the slot you need to provide more info (or a picture). a lot of slots fall into "vintage". heck IGTs from the 1990s are now "vintage." i do some slot repairs, but you have to be more specific (or send me an email [email protected] )

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