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What is for sale in Michigan now (non-scammer edition)

By aalucero

7 years ago

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#167 7 years ago

Any one in mi have a Dr dude or another good 90s system 11 for sale?

#169 7 years ago

Ya I'm thinking about that one, but I'm not sure how I feel about the yellow rails and legs for that price.

#174 7 years ago

I haven't dealt with bay city but that's who has the Dr dude. Its priced a few hundred high, but is full led and powder coated. Anyone dealt with them?

#177 7 years ago

Thanks for the info. They are definitely priced high at 1800 for a Dr dude, and aren't willing to come down from it. Between that and the yellow powder coat I'm just not sure. I think it may be tri city pinball but I don't know. He said they just got rid of the shop and are selling out of a house. Really on the fence but love the pin and its hard to come by. System 11 early 90's nastalgia I guess. Plus its a 5 hour round trip

#179 7 years ago

Great advice. Thank you. Ya its the "I just sold some stuff to buy a new pin and really want one now!" Thing. I'd like to find a good one at auction or a class of 1812, but I may just wait and see what comes up for sale soon. Thanks wario

#201 7 years ago

Taxi hmmm..... When its ready for sale let me know price/pics. I may be interested

3 weeks later
#261 7 years ago

Bax1, they are definitely fake. A tales of Arabian nights for a grand? Or an Indiana Jones for a grand? Waaay too good to be true! Those fake ads and the "I buy pinball machines" posted 15 times a day really get old! Hard to find a real machine for a decent price anymore

1 month later
#320 7 years ago

Looking to trade a pair of project pins in southeast mi near Toledo. Number one is a silver ball mania. The playfield is shot. The back glass is nowhere near perfect, it had some bubbeling that looks like it was repaired somewhat. It has a new mpu board and several pinscore displays though, and everything seems to work. The other game is a Williams contact widebody. Game works and plays as it should, but the display is messed up. Im not sure if its the power board or the main display board, but all displays are garbled. Back glass has some flaking and minor planking on playfield. I am just out of time for repairs right now. Open to offers, but would like to trade + cash for a 90s or newer working game. Pm me if there's any interest and I can send pics

#324 7 years ago

For that price I may have to think about keeping it and put a new playfield/back glass/display on it. Fun game just no time. Do you ship?

1 week later
#346 7 years ago

Kruzman- email sent about the contact now playfield

#378 7 years ago

Anyone have a data east Simpsons they want to sell?

2 weeks later
#406 7 years ago

Does anyone have any playfield in bad shape they are willing to sell? Condition doesn't matter much, I just want to try my hand at playfield touchups and have a project I'd like to use some for (bartop). Please let me know. Located in southeast mi

3 weeks later
#492 7 years ago

Anyone have a rocky and Bullwinkle? I think that's going to be the next one I'm after.

#494 7 years ago

Awesome. Thanks for the info, I just emailed them, but the ad said 2 months old. My brother lives in grand rapids and can send him to check it out. Thanks a lot for the offer though. I've been wanting this pin for a whole 3 days now, so its time to pull the trigger!

#496 7 years ago

Depending on price and condition I would drive that far. Pm me if he is willing. Thanks a lot

#497 7 years ago

And if he's looking for a trade I think I'm ready to trade a decent shape hook

#500 7 years ago

Not a problem, I've got a few leads on one. Thanks for letting me know

#506 7 years ago

I have a Williams contact that I'd like to sell, has a number out on player 1 and 3, I think its a resistor, playfield has very slight planking and back glass has a bit of flaking. Pm for details

2 weeks later
#553 7 years ago

Anyone happen to have a class of 1812? I know its hard to find up here but ya never know

#572 7 years ago

Half assedly (is that a word)? Looking for a bone busters or Stargate if anyone has one they are thinking of parting with please let me know. Thanks!

1 week later
#623 7 years ago

Thanks Aaron, already enjoying the bone busters! Next time hopefully I'll be able to join you for league!

#634 7 years ago

The people i have dealt with on here are great and honest. Luckily I have never had to deal with choggard!

1 month later
#786 6 years ago

Whysnow, I know in Toledo, Dr Scotts pinball has a rock (with encore mod though) for 1500. Last time I was there I saw it but I didn't really look to closely at it. Website is pinballstore.com he is kinda pricey, but maybe he is willing to come down. Good luck on your search!

#788 6 years ago

I agree completely. Didn't know what one was worth until I researched it a bit after I posted. Good luck with the search!

1 week later
#821 6 years ago

Anyone have a radical! Or stargate That they would want to trade? Anything I have +cash except gladiators

1 week later
#875 6 years ago

Would be interested in a Stargate, de time machine, de WWF, radical!, or something else at a decent price at either MPE, patz, or vfw

1 week later
#895 6 years ago

Anyone have a strange science, Dr dude, Stargate, radical, or south park that they are selling at any of the upcoming shows?

#912 6 years ago

Did anyone from here pick up that Zaccaria pinball champ on cl? Just curious what kind of shape it was in

1 week later
#979 6 years ago

Does anyone have a Stargate they are willing to sell? Played one yesterday at patz and it was awesome, just not for sale.

3 weeks later
#1135 6 years ago

Thanks again gravitar, it was nice meeting you and buying from you. The Ann arbor show was AWESOME!

#1136 6 years ago

PS, Todd is a great guy to buy from

#1153 6 years ago

Listed a Williams contact for sale in the market. Needs a master display which I just ordered so that should be here within a few days hopefully

4 weeks later
#1303 6 years ago

I'm selling my high speed on Tuesday and kinda looking for a data east time machine if anyone has one

#1312 6 years ago

High speed sold. Now there's a pinball shaped hole in my lineup. Still want a time machine or a Stargate if the price is right

#1331 6 years ago

Waddle, if you do end up heading there, let me know, I still have that oddessey for you if you want it

#1358 6 years ago

Waddle, any interest in a big hurt?

#1362 6 years ago

Ya, depth and big hurt probably don't go together!

#1383 6 years ago

Just picked this up today, needs a new playfield (if anyone has one) and some other work too, but the main ramp is flawless and brand new. So I may be looking for cyclone parts soonIMG_20150701_210009503.jpg

#1385 6 years ago

I'm always last in line, first time I ever got there quick enough! Needs a lot of work, but the ramps alone are almost worth the price. Good guy to deal with too

1 week later
#1417 6 years ago

Those didn't last long! Congrats!

4 weeks later
#1547 6 years ago

May have to put a game up for sale to get that de time machine!

#1551 6 years ago

Hopefully someday I can get one. Always seem the games I want pop up as soon as I spend my pinball funds! Anyone interested in a players condition big hurt? Haven't thought of a price yet, needs a shop job, but need to raise funds!

#1553 6 years ago

Ya I haven't figured out a price yet. I know I'll lose money on it, but it may be time for a change. Really want a time machine, but doubt I can get a trade on that. Open to other trades

3 weeks later
#1626 6 years ago
Quoted from RCA1:

Just assuming this LOTR listing from Kazoo CL is long gone.
Was it real? Anyone here get it?
Lord of the Rings Pinball Game (Three Rivers)
For Sale: Modern (Like New) Lord of the Rings (Stern) Pin Ball Machine. Our research says retail value is $5000.....we are asking $2500 or best offer. Part of an Estate Sale to open on Friday Sept.4. at 10404 Kings Point - Three Rivers.
do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

I was wondering that too. I was going to send my brother there to check it out, but it sounded a little like a scam. If it wasn't though someone got an amazing deal!

1 week later
#1693 6 years ago

It sounds like I may be moving soon into a new game room. Bigger room, but I don't like the prospect of moving all of my arcade game projects down there. Is anyone interested in a bunch of arcade games? (Most work just fine but the cab may need art or t molding). I currently have: great 1000 mile rally, area 51, wrestle war, blood bros, martial champs, centipede, space invaders deluxe, and possibly a Sega turbo cockpit. Open to offers on one or all, or trade for pinball. Will post in market as well.

#1694 6 years ago

****also invasion the abductors

1 week later
#1735 6 years ago

Anyone in need of random parts off of a gottlieb torch? Also have a ramp assembly for a high speed. All 5 pieces, no rust, diverter has a crack in it. Pm if interested

1 week later
#1755 6 years ago

Considering putting my bone busters up for trade. I may be moving soon to a basement whose ceiling is too low for it. Prefer trade, would add cash on my end for a time machine or a Stargate.

#1757 6 years ago

There's 2 we are looking at, both with walkouts, one has low ceiling, the other is a 10 ft ceiling but has multiple offers in on it so we will see. Did you get yours?

#1760 6 years ago

If you need help testing your games out after you move, let me know!! Ha-ha. One we are looking at is in green hills, sterns and summerfield so right around the corner from you

#1761 6 years ago

Whysnow, make the trip over and check it out! Or just trade me with never playing it!

#1763 6 years ago

Ha-ha, that was definitely a joke. If you find one to play and are interested, let me know. We can make something work.

#1781 6 years ago

Thanks Colin, next time you're down this way youll have to stay a little longer and play a few games on it!

Wariodolby-mike, I sent you a pm to see if you still wanted to sell your time machine. Let me know!

1 month later
#1891 6 years ago

Price of who dunnit? Fun game. Would love to own one once I move!

#1910 6 years ago

I would guess skirting the headline ad would be fine as long as the game is still listed in the marketplace? I use this thread a lot more than the marketplace so I too hope it's still acceptable

3 weeks later
#1942 6 years ago

Looking for a new game. Looking for a stargate, bally atlantis, champion pub, junkyard, DE time machine, royal rumble, or a very nice wedgehead, or pretty much anything on my wishlist

1 month later
#2039 6 years ago

Does anyone know a good source for finding em gun and submarine games? When my gameroom is done id like to add one or two

#2041 6 years ago

No game in particular, just something in de ent shape that works. I would prefer a rifle game, but speedway looks interesting. Pm me with details and price when its nearly ready. Itll be a month or 2 before im able to put games in the gameroom, so im in no hurry!

1 month later
#2353 5 years ago

Wish i was closer on that wipeout!

#2398 5 years ago

Gladiators has a shaker and it seems like i just saw one for sale on this thread or chicagoland thread. Although you can always play mine

#2399 5 years ago

It was mioska that has it for sale

#2403 5 years ago

No, i was commenting that you had a gladiators for sale, not lost world. I did always think that was another jp game though!

2 weeks later
#2624 5 years ago
Quoted from lostlumberjacks:

Bally knockout with near mint backglass and nice playfield. Asking $275 pictures here.

Going to the vfw show?

1 month later
#2774 5 years ago

Just listed a sttng in the marketplace. 3800 obo

#2796 5 years ago

Anyone have a wipeout that they would want to part with or trade? Have a taxi, maybe a strange science

#2804 5 years ago

Just saw a radical listed on detroit cl. Wish i had the cash, those dont come up often

1 month later
#2914 5 years ago

Congrats on the sale bob. Thanks again for aquarius

2 months later
#3083 5 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I have a good condition 1977 Cleopatra for sale. Game comes with all new plastics, new rubbers and has had its original boards replaced with the far more reliable Flipp PI-1/X4 all in one Gottlieb System 1 board ($300 new from Flipp). Also included is the original manual, coin box, original boards (not sure if they work or not) and original plastics (new ones on the game look much better, haha). Game plays great, all displays function, only issue is that the the right pop solenoid is kinda weak and should be replaced. New glass was also just installed on the game. Outlane posts are in the coinbox, I just removed them to make the game play more difficult.
Price is $525 firm which is what I have into the game.
Flipp PI-1/X4 board link: http://www.flippp.fr/boards.php?lg=en

Really wish i had the cash right now! Nice looking game

#3098 5 years ago

Anyone interested in pro lighting equipment? I just picked up a bunch and 93% of it is probably for sale



2 weeks later
#3132 5 years ago

Looking at the chicago thread, i believe there are no pics allowed in the regional threads at all any more

3 weeks later
#3180 5 years ago

Anyone have a gottlieb wipeout they would want to trade? Debating putting up my taxi, strange science, maybe speakeasy, maybe another game or 2. I want a wipeout and also thought about selling to raise cash for a met. Pm me if you have one that youre looking to trade!

#3184 5 years ago

Anyone have a wipeout for sale? If no trades i can probably sell something to raise the cash

#3186 5 years ago

Thanks. I played a very nice one at the ohio show, im not the best player, but i like that style game, hell, gladiators is my favorite game and that would look great next to it

#3187 5 years ago

Taxi up for sale

Archived after 12 days
Sold for $ 1,500
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Looking for a quick sale on my taxi. Its players condition, some small wear spots and ball swirl. 2 broken plastics, game plays 100%, pm me if you need more pics”
Toledo, OH
1,600 (OBO)

#3207 5 years ago

How many different trims are there for met? Pro pre le, then road case, dirty donny, and master of puppets?

#3208 5 years ago

I only ask because i am really considering selling 4 or so games and buying one

#3211 5 years ago

Difference between premium and pro besides the hammer and leds? Worth the cost difference?

#3214 5 years ago

Ok. Looking it up theres very little info on the diff trim packages. Thanks for the info!

#3215 5 years ago
Quoted from Leachdude:

Sure the pro has LED's but not the color changing inserts or the colored G.I. effect. You also have the moving cross, the snake jaw close's, fuel target bar (not that big a deal), spinners. IMO it is worth is.

Worth that much of a price difference? Ive only played the premium once so i really dont know. The color change leds are big for me, but it can be done aftermarket too right?

#3217 5 years ago
Quoted from KillerQ:

You guys are fighting over elite versions of one of the best modern games.... And I'm over here scraping to get my first SS which will probably end up having to be from the mid 80's because of budget restrictions...

Trust me, this is a huge investment for me. I have to sell a quarter at least of what took me years to get for this. If i do it, i want what will make me have no regrets. I worked very hard to get the games i have, buy fix sell repeat. But even still, i dont know if i can do it. On a side note, i may have games for sale soon if you want to buy one!

#3218 5 years ago

And as far as the downvotes go, i am honestly interested. I cant find much info on all the diff trim levels, and really curious if the le is worth the cost over pro. Im willing to sacrifice a lot of my collection, i want to know as much as possible

#3221 5 years ago

I have no passport so i cant cross the border!

#3224 5 years ago
Quoted from Boiler415:

I sent you a PM listing out the differences between the different models. I was in the market for one recently but ended up going a different direction. Still, it's a great game!

Thanks boiler, that helped a lot, very informative

#3227 5 years ago
Quoted from Wariodolby:

After all my research for a Met, really the ONLY way to go is get a Refinery Edition.Most bang for the Buck.
Should be picking one up soon will post pics.

Awesome mike. Definately post pics!

1 week later
#3259 5 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

No way Popeye is ever in that price range anymore. Gottliebs and Data Easts only, Big Hurt, Shaq Attack, Lethal Weapon 3, something along those lines.

Even most gottliebs have gone up in price it seems. Not a lot of 1200 dollar dmd out there at all

#3287 5 years ago

I buy in bulk from marco. I have about 50 on hand, but youre not really local

1 month later
#3462 5 years ago

Has anyone been to marvins recently? Curious what games they have now, i am taking my son up tuesday for his birthday

#3474 5 years ago
Quoted from tmontana:

From memory
WOZ (ticket software)
Stern Kiss
Tron (ticket software)
Stern ST
Bally Wizard
I'm pretty sure I'm missing something.
Was up there last Friday for league night, I don't remember any major issues with any of the games but then again I didn't play them all.

cool, thanks. i havent been up there in quite awhile. cant wait!

3 weeks later
#3537 5 years ago

Wish i had the cash right now. Good price with the topper still there. Any interest in trades?

#3539 5 years ago

Good luck with the sale. Im sure it wont last long at that price! Hope all is ok

4 months later
#3827 4 years ago
Quoted from Kingsley73:

So I've got to ask, who snagged the BOP in Howell for 1200 bucks today? I responded an hour after it posted to Craigslist and I was already too late....someone scored quite well

I called about an hour after it posted and the phone went straight to voicemail. Someone got a great deal

#3838 4 years ago

Ive been the first caller before on a good deal for less than an hour drive. Left immediately. 10 miles away i get texts that someones offering more after he said it was definately mine. I went back and forth offering a tad more, then a half mile away he said it was spoken for, someone had sent a deposit. I went off on him for saying its mine and wasting 2 hour round trip. If he was going to go auction style, tell me so i dont waste my time!

2 months later
#4011 4 years ago

Ill probably have a secret service up for sale soon that i just picked up. Its missing a power board and needs shopped bad, has a few other issues i have to deal with. Playfield is full mylar and looks great under the dirt. Details and price to come!

#4013 4 years ago

Pro techs- first choice is champion amusements in sylvania oh, dr scotts pinball in maumee oh

1 month later
#4131 4 years ago
Quoted from mc8045:

Owners can bid i believe, probibly won it trying to drive price up

If owners can bid, that is garbage. Got a few goos deals on redemption games from biddergy, but now its mostly garbage you see over and over since theres either shill bidding or high reserve

2 months later
#4311 4 years ago

I may sell some games to fund a different game, bally atlantis 1600, pinbot 1300, speakeasy 1400, maybe time machine 1800, sing along 700, odds and evens 650, aquarius 650. Not selling all, just enough to cover the next game. Pm if interested. Donation to pinside per game that sells

#4313 4 years ago

3 people in line on pinbot, others are available. Atlantis is full led, speakeasy is a very nice example, nos plastics, backglass, flyaway targets

#4318 4 years ago

Pinbot and sing along are gone, donation made

#4327 4 years ago

Still have bally atlantis and speakeasy available

2 months later
#4487 4 years ago

Possibly looking to sell a beautiful wipeout to fund a gb. Or maybe my gladiators

#4491 4 years ago

Still looking to sell a couple games. Wipeout, speakeasy, gladiators, pretty much anything but metallica and abra ca dabra. Really want a new stern!

1 week later
#4507 4 years ago

It would be mine this weekend if i didnt short out rollergames taking pics! No idea what i did! (Well, i know what i did, just not the damage or how to fix it)

2 months later
#4638 3 years ago

Man john, i just saw you have a houdini now. Awesome! Im gunna have to play it some day!

#4641 3 years ago
Quoted from Hogey:

Any time Andy...it's been too long...come on down!!

Soon we all need to get together. Toledo pincrawl

1 week later
#4676 3 years ago
Quoted from bob_e:

go READ my ad in marketplace

What happened to the dracula? Swap out the playfield or is this a differant one?

#4697 3 years ago
Quoted from cfh:

All sold except
1976 Midway Duck Hunt EM gun game
1958 Williams 3-D pinball
lower price on both to $400.

The duck hunt looks cool. If i could fit it id probably take it but i learned the hard way a rifle game wont fit in a traverse!

#4700 3 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

So many people looking for GOTG tempting me with amazing trades. Love STTNG and Whirlwind but not ready to give up GOTG either. Ugghhhh haha.

Wipeout and gladiators?

#4705 3 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

Metallica's one of the last things I'd eye up out of your collection, but I know you're intending to keep that one

Yes sir, thats staying!

#4706 3 years ago
Quoted from cfh:

Only game left is the EM gun game midway duck hunt

Email sent on duck hunt. Just need to know if the gun can come off somewhat easily for transport

#4717 3 years ago
Quoted from cfh:

Midway gun games don't allow the gun to come off easily, compared to say CCM or williams. Not that you can't do it, just it's not as easy as i would like it to be. I'm sure it can be done though...

Damn. Well if i can think of an easy way to grab it ill email you

#4722 3 years ago
Quoted from cfh:

The gun deck does not come off easily on midway games. Compared to Chicago coin or Williams where it does, the deck doesn’t flip or come off on the midway gun games
And the game is sold too

That stinks. Anyone have a chicago coin speedway for sale?

1 week later
#4755 3 years ago

Toying with selling or trading my gottlieb wipeout and gladiators. Would trade towards a gotg, as, irn maiden, gb, etc. +/- cash as needed

1 week later
#4789 3 years ago

I hope hes ok. Hes a good man and a real asset to the community. Prayers for him and his family

4 weeks later
#4858 3 years ago

Thinking about putting my bbh pro up for trade. Id like to trade for almost any newer stern, imdn, as pro, gb pre, im, avatar, gotg, got, etc. +/- cash as needed. Also have a gladiators and a wipeout that i would trade for a stern as well. Bbh has led, shaker, deer speaker grills, lighted speakers

3 weeks later
#4879 3 years ago

Still looking to trade my bbh pro for a different stern. Would love a maiden, but that probably wont happen. Maybe as, gotg, gb, etc. +/- cash

#4891 3 years ago
Quoted from attitude05:

Pics? Have a GB pro

Pm sent

#4903 3 years ago

Still interested in trading bbh pro

1 month later
#5000 3 years ago

Going to list a gottlieb operation thunder soon. Needs shopped (have a rubber kit), and missing an outlane post, but looks like it will clean up very nice 1600

1 month later
#5092 3 years ago

Congrats howie. Hope to see you at the show

2 months later
#5168 3 years ago

Going to be listing a simpsons, rocky and bullwinkle and a gladiators as soon as i take some pics, let me know if interested. Quarter mile from michigan

2 weeks later
#5190 3 years ago

Howoe, i was just up your way on sunday. Stopped at poppas place for breakfast (best breakfast around) i forgot you moved up there or i would have gotten ahold of you! Glwts

#5192 3 years ago

Just opened, no sign yet. Its a second location, the other is in brooklyn. Its in the plaza with busch grocery store. Easy to miss.

1 week later
#5204 3 years ago

Anyone interested in trading my gb pro for their deadpool pro? A little cash on my end. Mine is routed, but its still nice and ill be shopping it out this weekend.

2 weeks later
#5234 3 years ago

Gb pro probably for sale. Routed but clean. Shaker and some mods

#5243 3 years ago

Have a ghostbusters pro for sale if thats something he would want

2 months later
#5359 2 years ago

Thinking of trading my huo munsters pro. Shaker and spot spotlight are the only mods. Looking for a newer stern, as pro, gotg pro, maybe lotr, im open. +/- cash

#5365 2 years ago
Quoted from cocomonkeh:

Taking a few games to patz for trade (possible sale)
Gotg pro
Jack Bot
Maybe one more?!?

If i can get it up there, any interest in a munsters pro for gotg pro?

2 weeks later
#5394 2 years ago

Looking for a huo gotg pro

#5403 2 years ago

Considering selling the last of my lower end games and just keeping 6 sterns for awhile.
Abra ca dabra $1600
Aquarius $600
Williams world cup $500
Zacc soccer kings light project $1000
Pro football $750
Chicago coin mini baseball $300
A chicago coin shuffle bowler $300
Sea raider arcade game (restored) $1000
Exhibit supply coed project (pre flipper) $150

#5404 2 years ago

Can bring something to vfw on sat if theres interest

#5406 2 years ago

World cup is spoken for

#5408 2 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Do you have the base for mini baseball?
Is it working?

Mini baseball works (most of the time) there is no base for it though. It seems to work better with tje back door cracked open, i have no idea why

#5412 2 years ago

Coed is spoken for.

#5413 2 years ago

Still have room to bring any of the above to vfw on sat

#5415 2 years ago

World cup is gone. Still have abra ca dabra, aquarius, and zacc soccer kings. I can still bring one to vfw

#5419 2 years ago

Have a free english mark dart board. Its pretty much for parts. Coin door looks good, thats about it. Just want it gone and figured id see if anyone wants it.

#5421 2 years ago

Ya, it has the boards and coin door, hoping someone wants it but i want it out of my basement!

3 weeks later
#5464 2 years ago

Munsters pro back up for sale in the market.

#5469 2 years ago
Quoted from RonPac:

I am new to pinside & basically so out of playing pinball that you could consider me a beginner. You can look at "my story" post once it is reviewed and released, but I played "back in the 'EM' day when I was a kid. I am now looking for a working EM for the man-cave. At least, that is what I think I want.
I've been "lurking" and learning. I read the "what would you but for $1,500" thread"
Here is what I think I will do for now, buy a older, working EM, like a classic Gottlieb Wedgehead (even though I didn't particularly like the smaller flippers, drains and short play (when I was a paying customer). Or not a Wedge/small flipper (Sell me something else or sell me on a different approach.)
My idea is that this approach not only allows me to limit my investment in the hobby, for now, as I grow into it. I plan on going to an arcade or venue that has a SS, DMD machine and work on my skills, which are poor, for now. (face it, the arcades and bar pins will drain my $$ too.) Once "get bored" with the machine I buy, I will then sell it (If I can sell it, lower investment could lower my potential loss too) I will then upgrade to the next "level"/mode/era of pinball machine, and repeat until my skills and interest build more which will justify a killer contemporary contraption.
Besides, I currently only have room for one machine.
So, does anyone have a older EM that fits the bill in their collection that they could sell off to the new guy?? What "non-scammer" Michigan machine someone might part with to a potential buyer?
For example, I saw a post a little ways back where pinsider amkoefer had some pins they were thinking of selling (an Atlantis) but, it isn't listed in the Marketplace. There is a local "Groovy" Gottlieb pin I am going to look at soon.
Just throwing it out there. Maybe I will change my mind and just go for a different pin. There is a Aztec on Craigslist over in Kimball, MI by John at Pops Coin Op, has anyone dealt with that seller before?
Thanks for your time and attention

The atlantis was the bally version, not the gottlieb em. Keep an eye on the michigan thread and any for sale ads. If youre going for an em, find one you love. I can see an em getting old in a single pin collection. Abra ca dabra is a good one if you can find one (just sold mine). Im sure there are plenty of em people that can help you out. I currently have 2, both for sale, but both are projects. Find a solid working one, and play the hell out of it!

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Just picked up 2 time machines. Container fresh. One is back to 110v, the other is still 220. Both are incredibly dirty but complete. 1 cab is very bad, other is ok. All boards are there, 1 mpu had the batteries explode it looks like. I would sell as a pair if anyone is interested. Didnt want them, just wanted to get them to someone that would appreciate them. Could make 1 good players game and a rough but functional game. Pm if interested.

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Sorry. Data east

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Traverse City, MI to Temperance, MI - 4:30 hours
Pittsburgh, PA to Temperance, MI - 3:45 hours

I live .2 miles from temperance. You can meet at my place

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Went to college at Toledo and lived in Temperance for a bit. You could tell when you crossed over the state line back into Toledo just from feel as your car started violently shaking from the shitty roads.

Opposite now. Toledo streets are better taken care of, and always plowed in the winter. Cross into mi and it gets worse. Im back and forth across the border constantly since my house is about a quarter mile into ohio. Kid goes to school in mi, family is in mi, for some reason we crossed the border

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Quoted from RyThom:

Players games for sale!
F-14 Tomcat: $1600
Breakshot (crummy repro bg, rebuilt head, line out on DMD, plays 100%): $1600
Sing Along: $700

Sing along is beautiful.

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Quoted from TheLaw:

Always got cash burning in my pocket for Catacomb, Big Game, Cheetah

A friend of mine has a catacomb, but he is retail

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And ohio

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Its a ticket redemption game, was going to upload an image but cant on the subforum

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Thinking of trading my oktoberfest for something i habent owned like tron or lotr, probably place an ad soon though

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