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What is a pinball machine that you enjoy but everyone else doesn't?

By PinDog00

4 years ago

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#151 4 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

Punchy the Clown.
A more challenging game to get a high score than most people believe.
Especially, if you use a powerball.
Best played in a private residence, not a location, with the ticket dispenser off.

Any tips to making punchy a fun game? I debated getting it, but everything I read says get mushroom world if you want a 3/4 pin.

#152 4 years ago
Quoted from Bohdi:

I know no one in general likes the Bally KISS, but in the few years I owned it, I enjoyed it, but NO ONE else ever did. I'm a KISS fan so to speak still, so that might be one reason why I liked it, but, I just enjoy the SS Ballys as a whole.

IMO a better layout than Lost World, 6M$M, Playboy, Supersonic or Star Trek, some contemporary Ballys that make the same basic sounds. Art package as good as any of those. An interesting bonus points scheme, four pop bumpers, no saucer to slow down the action, and the big K-I-S-S backglass letters that follow the playfield action. I like it a lot, just not enough to pay a big premium for the theme.

#153 4 years ago

I have no idea why I should like it since everything on this forum tells me I should have zero respect for the machine: Mr & Ms Pacman Pinball. I got it for the kids because it was $500, but they don't actually play it (or any of my EMs). They only like Dr Who. I actually like it and will put more money into making it look nice. Skill shot will drive you nuts. I can never hit the kick outs when I want to. Get a good game going and it's every bit as fun as my other machines.

#154 4 years ago

mr. mrs. pac isn't a bad game at all. 20X's better than SF2 or Xfiles. But this would be more fun than either of those 2 dmds.

sf2 pinball (resized).jpg

#155 4 years ago


Seriously, everyone who comes over and plays loathes it. 1 game = about 1.5 minutes for them and that's it. Straight to TAF/AFM for them.

I still love it though .

And of course, my better half totally loves the game - not playing it - but the mood, the music, the "dread" and the serious tone of it. She is VERY pleased that I brought it home again, this time to stay for good.

#156 4 years ago

Hurricane. I love that game even though it gets poor ratings. The amusement park theme and sounds are very appealing to me, and I love the way the lights are arranged on the clown's face and hat.

#157 4 years ago

Junkyard doesn't get played much at parties but I think it's a top 25 pin.

#158 4 years ago

popeye and X men

#159 4 years ago

I still enjoy my '68 Gottlieb wedge head royal guard..it's a lil beat up cosmetically, but it's a hard challenging game to put up a consistent high score..simple layout..allows for nudging w the huge outlanes..

#160 4 years ago

Wheel of Fortune and Nascar... WOF is just unique in may ways and enjoy the diversity of it... Nascar I just like the simple modes...

#161 4 years ago

Street Fighter 2. Yep, I'm serious. I honestly think it is fun.

The pin everyone seems to love that I don't like is Attack From Mars.

#162 4 years ago

The two games that get no love from my family are America's Most Haunted and Bally Playboy. It's my wife that doesn't like AMH (doesn't like the humor or the kick out) - the girls like it. But everyone thinks Playboy is boring and uninteresting. They aren't put off by the theme or artwork - they just don't like to play it. They like EBD and Steikes and Spares from the same era, but just don't get Playboy.

And my wife doesn't like any of the EMs.

#163 4 years ago

I never understood the hate for X-Files really. I think it's a decent and challenging game. Trying to get the jackpots during multiball is pretty difficult but satisfying if you can pull it off. Sometimes you'll get a ball captured on the magnet, and you have to combo it in the file cabinet with another ball for the jackpot. The modes are fun too.

Sure it doesn't have the depth of some of the newer games, but try putting up 20 million on that game. You'll come to find that even putting up 12 million is hard to do.

1 week later
#164 4 years ago

I'm probably the only one in the world that like Atari pins.

I love the art, the late 70s vibe, and even their ridiculous design choices enough to overlook the slow, repetitive play. Luckily, I've got a lot of local collector friends with more mainstream taste...I can enjoy their stuff while indulging my fetish.

I'm a vid guy but I'd sacrifice an arcade cabinet to make room for a Time 2000.

20170112_183314 (resized).jpg

#165 4 years ago

Those Ataris look fantastic!

2 months later
#166 4 years ago
Quoted from fuseholder:

Gilligan's Island. I had never played one until expo. Heard some "Meh" comments about it. I thought it was a blast to play.

You are now my best friend, I loove this game so much " BEST GAME EVER"
and I don't know why?

#167 4 years ago
Quoted from RobKnapp:

The Avengers L.E. Excellent music . Each character has there own sound track . Hard pinball . But can be rewarding . Four skill shots . The best is plunging the pinball all the way around the machine . Similar to LOTR 'Flipper ' Skill shot. But the goal is to hit the Blackwidow ramp . It is my favorite skill shot . Lighting on the LE changes for all modes . Voice overs are good. Cool art on playfield. Real glass back glass with awesome art. Art on the Pinball machine its self is awesome. It is underrated in my opinion .

I totally agree!

#168 4 years ago

I really liked Waterworld, it was my first DMD game. The kids really liked it and were sad when I sold it. I wish I had that game again.

I like STTNG but the rest of my family thinks it sucks. My wife won't even play a 2 player game with me.

#169 4 years ago

Stunningly, nobody ever plays IJ in my house except for me. And that's okay...it cuts down on the wear and tear.

#170 4 years ago

Gilligan's Island was my second pin. Still one of my favs and keepers.
GI just doesnt get alot of love. It will also probably never see a colordmd.

1 week later
#171 4 years ago
Quoted from GreenMachine19:

I like STTNG but the rest of my family thinks it sucks. My wife won't even play a 2 player game with me.

The guy i sold my STTNG too only had it for a few months, he loved it, his wife hated it. I guess selling the wife wasn't an option

#172 4 years ago

I have owned and still own a lot of games.
These two will never leave!

Elvis-Stern #1
Austin Powers #2

#173 4 years ago


Though game, lots of drain, people don't get the rules. Short games.

#174 4 years ago

Most people hate Austin powers but I always enjoyed it. I finally got one and freaking love it. Its a great game next to my drac.

elvis is good fun, with one of my favorite mini playfields

another I've liked after playing and learning it was popeye

I personally love a lot of hated pins, but at least it keeps the prices down. Plus most triple A games are on location by me so I can get my fill of those games.

#175 4 years ago
Quoted from racer_x:

Atari pins.
I love the art, the late 70s vibe, and even their ridiculous design choices enough to overlook the slow, repetitive play.

If Airborne Avenger wasn't a widebody, I think it'd get a lot more love ... I kind of wish it had Atari POKEY sounds/music too.

Some games that come to mind that I like but the general population seems to dislike :

Millionaire (simple layout, decent multiball, simple and fun)
Jokerz (Similar to Millionaire's positive qualities)
Hollywood Heat (if I ever find a cheap one, I am going to do what I can to swap in the sounds from "Night Moves")
Arena (that million point shot really ruins Arena ... this game would be awesome to retheme into "Gyruss" given that skill shot ).

#176 4 years ago

Love my Baywatch & Popeye. FT & IM do nothing for me.

#177 4 years ago

Mousin around.....NASCAR....

#178 4 years ago

Another fan of hollywood heat. I'd add a miami vice translight.

1 week later
#179 4 years ago

So...after MGC the wife asked for a South Park. Not my choice of machine but what the hell...the little lady asks for a pin I'm not going to ask questions.

It gets no love here on Pinside but there's fun to be had. Yeah, it's repetitive but the Stan shot through the pops keeps things interesting. Guests love it, the kids love it and it keeps the missus happy, so...win.

#180 4 years ago

I had one of the South Parks at the MGC. It is the pin I keep going back to play in my collection.

#181 4 years ago

I sometimes think I'm the only person on the planet that enjoys playing Asteroid Annie And The Aliens.

#182 4 years ago

Maverick for me. Fast game, lots of targets, interesting dots, sounds and rules for a 1994 Sega. The rules were designed by Lonnie and Lyman, not too bad.

#183 4 years ago
Quoted from Reality_Studio:

I sometimes think I'm the only person on the planet that enjoys playing Asteroid Annie And The Aliens.

No, there is another...love Annie.

And I think Jokerz is much better than most give it credit for...

#184 4 years ago

Jokerz, WWR, and Secret Service are all games I enjoying playing

#185 4 years ago

Popeye gets a lot of play in my game room by my son and his friends. I had planned on selling it after getting it all fixed up but after learning the rules I find myself playing it somewhat regularly in a 10 game line up.

My dogs like it too!

IMG_3715 (resized).JPG

#186 4 years ago

I like:

Wheel of Fortune
Stern IJ

All at the bottom of ratings. Then again, I love pinball period so I like almost anything. The ones that ruin it for me are the ones with terrible call outs like Diner or Hook. I have a Rocky & Bullwinkle that I like but the callouts are going to grate on me over time. That's why I got rid of my Junk Yard.

Oh, and I can't stand Avatar. That one's just a boring stinker. Also I think CV and ToM are okay but don't get the hype that puts them at the top of the ratings.

#187 4 years ago

Avatar, I love the game and have 1 of only 2 LEs in the UK

10 months later
#188 3 years ago

Stern Rolling Stones ........... Yes ..Mick on a Stick is kind of ridiculous but it's fast, furious fun and it is *tough* to get to that Encore Multiball mode. Guests love it when they come to play.

2 weeks later
#189 3 years ago

Of the games I own, Catacomb seems to get the least play from friends and family. I love the game. It's difficult to explain the rules to people and they usually forget about the bagatelle after each ball.

#190 3 years ago

I get so much crap for my love of TFLE
And I love the mini playfield that sounds like an EM when you go into it's mode.
Now that I said that I will go hide like a witch during the dark times of Salem

#191 3 years ago

South Park

On the flip side, I just can't get into Dialed In.

#192 3 years ago

Bram Stoker's Dracula. Everyone in my group of friends and family hates it with a passion.

#193 3 years ago

Avengers LE Hulk...great game with a bad reputation. You just have to know how to get the game dialed in.

#194 3 years ago

Riverboat Gambler.....I like its non-tradional pinball feel and roulette wheel.

#195 3 years ago

Screenshot_20180330-002526 (resized).png

#196 3 years ago

Hook is a good fun game but it definitely doesn't get much love from most people.

#197 3 years ago
Quoted from mcclad:

Bram Stoker's Dracula. Everyone in my group of friends and family hates it with a passion.

That might be because it is a brutal game for pinball and non pinball people alike. It is well loved by most pinball enthusiasts, but still always said to be a brutal game!

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